Top 10 Women’s Fitness Affiliate Programmes To Strengthen Your Affiliate Portfolios

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The best women’s fitness affiliate programmes cover everything from leggings and running skirts to yoga and ballet classes.

Nearly 30% of the adult population in America is inactive, and about the same amount are obese. However, there are several options to help women increase their fitness and health.

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Walking, running, and jogging are some of the most popular ways to get fit in America, and they can be done both outdoors and indoors on a treadmill. However, many women are looking for new ways to get fit. They also want to look good while they work out, so the women’s fitness industry includes fashion fitness clothing as well as the workouts themselves.

Monetarily speaking, fitness is a big industry, with more than $10 billion spent on fitness equipment in the United States every year. Affiliates can earn a good income while helping women achieve their fitness goals by helping them connect with the best women’s fitness affiliate programmes.

If this sounds like an interesting option for you, read through this list of the top 10 women’s fitness affiliate programmes. At the end of the list, I’ll share some niche website ideas with you that could help you get started.

Women’s Fitness Affiliate Programmes


1. Skirt Sports

This screenshot of the home page for Skirt Sports has three women in feminine workout clothing, including tee shirts and running skirts, standing in front of a painted backdrop of purple mountains, and white text that announces free U.S. shipping with a $100 minimum purchase.

Skirt Sports was created to help women athletes feel pretty while they work out.

  • URL:
  • Commission: 8%
  • Cookie: Unknown

Skirt Sports is a women’s fitness clothing company that was created in 2004 by professional athlete Nicole DeBoom, who wanted to create a clothing line to help women athletes feel pretty while they work out. She wore the prototype of the first running skirt when she won the Wisconsin Ironman competition that year. Since then, the company has grown to include hundreds of stores across the nation.

Products include a variety of running skirts, as well as bras, tank tops, tees, long-sleeved shirts, jackets, shorts, capris, tights, and pants. Besides full-priced items, the website has a sale tab, an outlet tab, and a tab for shopping for used workout clothing in excellent condition.

Reasons To Promote Skirt Sports: The clothing is high quality and built for female bodies, and there are a number of options to fit different budgets.

2. Get Fit. Go Figure!

This screenshot of the home page for Get Fit. Go Figure! Has a white and black header and a white background with black text above a photo of a woman with dark hair in blue and black workout clothing side-planking on the floor of a hardwood living room while she smiles.

Get Fit. Go Figure! is the website of a wellness coach named Heather Owen.

Get Fit. Go Figure! is the website of a wellness coach named Heather Owen, who offers online coaching, personal training sessions, and help with posing and contest preparation. This coach is an ISSA-certified fitness professional, Precision Nutrition certified sports nutrition specialist, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach and bodybuilding competitor, and a blogger and speaker.

Besides coaching and training, this company offers a handful of digital products such as diet guides, strength training plans, and e-book bundles.

The minimum payout is $80, and affiliates receive their payments through PayPal. Information on how to use the links and creatives is included on the affiliate information page, so it’s super easy to get started with this company.

Reasons To Promote Get Fit. Go Figure!: The 20% commission rate is nice. The affiliate information page is a little vague, but it appears that affiliates can earn commissions on everything sold through the website, including e-books and online training sessions.

3. Royal Lioness

This screenshot of the active wear page for Royal Lioness has a white background and navigation bar with gray and black text above a row of four photos showing new arrivals, including thermal neoprene shorts, black compression leggings, black and white compression leggings, and black mesh breathable leggings, all modeled by fit women standing in a room with light hardwood floors, a large window, and light-colored walls and trim.

Royal Lioness works to help women overcome their body image issues.

  • URL:
  • Commission: 20%
  • Cookie: Unknown

Royal Lioness works to help women overcome their body image issues. The company sells women’s fitness products such as compression leggings, shorts, bodysuits, and sports bras. This company also specialises in waist trainers that increase perspiration around the waist to help customers lose inches.

Other products include body shapers and hair products such as wigs and hair bundles.

The affiliate programme for Royal Lioness is administered by PostAffiliatePro. Affiliates from all over the world are welcome to join this programme. Payments come through PayPal.

The company provides marketing materials, including coupons, content, and images. There’s also a Facebook community for affiliate marketers who promote Royal Lioness products. One other perk is that affiliate marketers receive a free waist trainer when they sign up.

Reasons To Promote Royal Lioness: This company comes at women’s fitness from the angle of dealing with body image issues, which could convert some shoppers. The commission rate and affiliate support are top-notch, too.

4. Healthy Moving

This screenshot of the home page for Healthy Moving has a green logo and log-in button in a white navigation bar, above a photo f a smiling woman with brown hair and white text over a green-filtered photo background inviting customers to join her for a free live class, along with green icons for yoga, Pilates, and tracking success on a tablet.

Healthy Moving is an online personal training programme run by Jen Hoffman, who is a registered yoga instructor and certified personal trainer.

Healthy Moving is an online personal training programme run by Jen Hoffman, who is a registered yoga instructor and certified personal trainer as well as a mom and a wife. Hoffman’s training programmes stand out because she teaches an alignment-based approach to fitness and wellness.

While the programmes aren’t strictly for women, they can be exceptionally helpful for re-aligning your hips and spine after childbirth and for other women’s issues. The products include a la carte workshops, classes, and bundles.

Healthy Moving also offers a coaching-and-challenge programme that includes 30-minute and hour-long one-on-one classes, short practices for starting and ending the day, and five-minute challenges to keep customers active throughout the day.

One other nice thing about this company is that it provides online exercise classes specifically for use with homeschool curriculum.

Reasons To Promote Healthy Moving: The alignment-based workouts, homeschool options, and virtual coaching could all be converting factors. The commission rate is the highest I’ve seen for this industry so far.

5. Sweaty Betty

This screenshot of the home page for Sweaty Betty shows a dark-skinned woman in a pink sports bra and blue sculpting leggings stretching on a yoga mat in front of a white-painted brick wall.

Sweaty Betty is a fitness wear store that’s famous for leggings that sculpt backsides.

Sweaty Betty is a fitness wear store for women. The company is famous for leggings that sculpt backsides. There are around 60 stores around the world, including London and Los Angeles as well as the online store.

This company offers free shipping and returns on all orders. Products include fitness clothing such as bras, running shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Sweaty Betty also carries a selection of dresses and jumpsuits, pants, swimwear, and skiwear. The products are well-made and on the high end as far as pricing goes.

Affiliates are provided with all the marketing materials they need to promote the Sweaty Betty brand and products.

Reasons To Promote Sweaty Betty: The sculpting aspect of the leggings makes this company a good niche market fit. The high average order value could mean higher commission amounts, too.

6. Mighty Buns

This screenshot of the home page for Mighty Buns has a pale green header announcing a sale, above a photo of a candy cane and an aqua-colored fitness accessory on a piece of brown cardboard that has black lettering on it reading

Mighty Buns sells fitness accessories for women interested in strength training and weight lifting.

Mighty Buns sells fitness accessories for women interested in strength training and weight lifting. Products include items such as wrist wraps, knee sleeves, resistance bands, ankle straps, workout gloves, and apparel. All orders ship for free.

The commission rate starts at 5% and can go up to 10%. Affiliates are provided with marketing materials, and the affiliate programme is run through Affiliatly. The company also offers a 10% discount code.

Reasons To Promote Mighty Buns: The cookie length is great, the base commission is decent, and affiliate marketers can earn more than the base pay if they promote the products well.

7. Myprotein

This screenshot of the home page for Myprotein has a gray, white, and blue header with a search bar, navigation bar, and free shipping announcement, above a photo with a gray background and three bottles of dietary supplements, as well as white text announcing a sale on pills and amino acids.

Myprotein is Europe’s #1 sports nutrition company, with more than 350 products available.

Myprotein is Europe’s #1 sports nutrition company, with more than 350 products available, including whey protein, vitamins, fish oils, herb extracts, and amino acids. This company also carries workout clothing and accessories such as backpacks, hats, and gloves. All orders totaling more than $49 ship for free.

Although this company caters to both men and women, the website has a goal-setting section just for female customers. Women can choose to tone up, lose weight, or build muscle. Clicking on any of those options takes customers to a page where they can begin investigating their nutrition needs.

The company is currently expanding its offerings to include more products for women’s fitness, endurance, and core strength. The affiliate programme is administered through Awin.

Reasons To Promote Myprotein: The cookie length and commission rate are decent, and the expansion into women’s fitness could provide further opportunities to promote the products.

8. LadyBoss

This screenshot of the home page for LadyBoss has a black and white header with a navigation bar and a pink and black logo, above a hot pink triangle with white text announcing women's weight loss and a photo of a smiling blonde woman in a pink hat.

LadyBoss is a nutrition and weight loss company dedicated to helping women love their bodies and lose weight.

LadyBoss is a nutrition and weight loss company dedicated to helping women love their bodies and lose weight.

Products include meal plans, workouts, recipes, a web trainer app, and member-only accountability groups. LadyBoss also offers nutrition products to help women burn fat, fuel the body, promote lean muscle mass, recover quickly from workouts, and rest well.

The commission structure varies. The base is an $8.53 earnings-per-click commission rate for nutrition supplement funnels. Affiliates can also earn more than 60% on auto-ship subscriptions, and the commissions are recurring as long as the customers continue receiving shipments. Supplement sales bring in commissions of 30%, and digital products have a 45% commission rate.

Reasons To Promote LadyBoss: LadyBoss is a well-rounded company that offers women plenty of ways to begin working on their health and fitness goals. Along with that, there are several sales funnels with upsells. The commission rates and recurring commissions are hard to beat.

9. Learn Ballet Online

This screenshot of the home page for Learn Ballet Online has a dark filtered photo of two smiling young girls in buns and leotards in a dance studio, along with white text announcing professional online ballet training and a red call-to-action button.

Learn Ballet Online is an internet-based set of courses for learning ballet.

Learn Ballet Online is an internet-based set of courses for learning ballet.

The courses include one-on-one consultations with the company founder, Arsen Serobian. This company stands out both because it offers a ballet-based fitness option, and because it allows affiliate marketers to offer their own courses as well as other courses offered on the company website.

Learn Ballet Online runs its affiliate programme through Commission Junction. There are two commission tiers based on the products sold. Affiliates earn a 5% commission rate for customer membership signups. They can also earn a 20% commission rate on all courses their referrals purchase.

Reasons To Promote Learn Ballet Online: This is definitely a niche market company. Besides the great commission rates, the company allows affiliate marketers the opportunity to get involved further by offering their own courses on the website.

10. MyYogaWorks

This screenshot of the home page for MyYogaWorks shows a smiling brunette woman in black workout clothing sitting on a yoga mat in front of a dark couch with blue, tan, and white pillows, along with an open laptop showing three other women kneeling on yoga mats in a studio with hardwood floors and bright light.

MyYogaWorks is an online yoga website featuring more than 1,300 videos.

  • URL:
  • Commission: $12 per sign-up
  • Cookie: 90 days

MyYogaWorks is an online yoga website featuring more than 1,300 videos. Some of the videos are as short as 5 minutes, while others are full 90-minute workouts. The videos include programmes for beginners, as well as intermediate, and advanced yoga practitioners. While yoga isn’t strictly for women-only, it does draw a mostly female crowd.

This company offers a free trial so that customers can try the classes out risk-free. After the trial period is over, the subscription costs $15 per month.

MyYogaWorks is administered through ShareASale.

Reasons To Promote MyYogaWorks: One converting factor could be the enormous selection of classes. The free trial could help convert shoppers, too.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve read through the top 10 women’s fitness affiliate programmes, do you know how you’d like to implement them in your niche market efforts? I have some inspiration that could help get you started.

A website that focuses on mental health for homeschooling mothers could include programmes like MyYogaWorks and Healthy Moving, which support mental mindsets as well as body fitness. Homeschool curriculum, home, and paperwork organisation systems, and women’s workout clothing could also be featured here.

A website that focuses on bringing out the feminine sides of women could include any of the programmes that promote specialised workout clothing programs, such as running skirts, butt-sculpting leggings, or waist trainers and other activewear. Skincare products, hair care products, and women’s fashion could also be featured on a website like this one.

One other idea is a website that targets wellness issues for postmenopausal women. Besides fitness programmes, this type of website could promote nutritional supplements, mental health programs, retirement systems, and travel options for seniors.

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