Top 5 Landing Page Builder Plugins To Increase Conversions

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When visitors “land” on your pages, will they be convert into $$$? These landing page builders can help out

Landing pages are the ultimate call to action tool that any website has to utilize in order to properly make use of its traffic. Usually, landing pages are accessed via pay-per-click ads, internal links, sidebar ads, etc., and the purpose of these pages is to bring users to take a certain action, be it a purchase, a subscription, or a free trial for a certain service that you provide.

Though any page on your website can be a “landing page” in the sense that if you end up on a page, you landed on it, typically, in the world of online marketing, a landing page is also a money page.

I’m sure you can infer that a money page is where you intend to make money from your visitors.

In order to get users to effectively respond to your message, thus raising your conversion rates, you need to make your landing page appealing enough to keep them hooked on your message. The attention span of an internet user is about 3 seconds (literally), so you really need to keep them engaged all the down the page.

What’s more, you need to make your landing page accessible to every device type and screen size. There are 7 billion people in the world, on thousands of different styles of devices. Will your landing page convert someone on an iPhone 5c in China and someone on a tablet running Android Nougat USA?

A bonus for landing page builders in WordPress is that they make designing beautiful websites even easier. Though you don’t necessarily need a fancy web design to convert (content is king), it can help with that last step when a person is on the fence.

For industry veterans, you can just outsource design at whatever the cost. You know it’ll be worth it. For newbies on a shoestring budget, all-in-one builders can make the difference between becoming a success in their niche, or not.

Here are 5 awesome WordPress plugins that will let you create the beautiful landing pages that will help you achieve your objectives, no matter what they are


Best Landing Page Builder Plugins

  1. Thrive Architect
  2. Beaver Builder
  3. OptimizePress
  4. Instapage
  5. Elementor

1. Thrive Architect

  • Price: Individual ($19/month) – Agency ($49/month)

As usual, the Thrive Themes club lead the scene when it comes to managing your website’s performance.

Thrive Themes, the creators of the Thrive Architect plugin, have proven time and time again that when it comes to boosting conversion rates and helping websites grow, they are experts at creating the tools just for that without making the process seem like rocket science for you as a site operator.

All you need is a robust business idea and Thrive Architect can help you with absolute ease to turn that into an attractive website with a sky-high degree of web presence if you just put in the time to get the hang of this amazing tool.

The design of your landing page is the first and foremost detail to grab a user’s attention, and the Thrive Architect drag-and-drop editor will allow you to handle this part with a lot of excellence yet without that much expertise on your part. If you have any idea for a design, you can try it out right on the spot, and you can benefit from the editor’s easy manipulation of the landing page’s different elements.

If you don’t have the idea, you can just as well use any of the plugin’s 226 ready-made templates which are top-tier, catchy, and focused on conversion. All of the plugin’s designs include animation features and are made to give your landing page a nice and glossy look.

After all, that’s the first thing visitors will get to see on your website. You want the first impression to keep them coming.

The elements that the plugin handles include everything from images to headers, background sections, column layout, dividers, and menus of all sorts. You can even embed videos from various outlets, WordPress content, Google Maps grids, and data tables.

Landing pages produced using this plugin are also designed to be interactive, and to that end, they support your social sharing buttons, a twitter section with a tweeting slot where you can encourage your visitors to spread the word about your website, as well as Disqus and Facebook comments.

Finally, you can add a star rating system to your page so you can feel your visitors’ pulse before they leave. All of these elements ultimately make for higher conversion rates.

Here’s the hot stuff! If you look at most landing page builders, you will find that their main or sometimes only use is landing page design. To actually manage that page, you would need a bunch of other plugins, each for a particular function. That’s not the case with Thrive Architect. This plugin can be your sole landing page tool in that you can use it to customize any page on your website, including regular content pages on your blog!

You can customize your buttons, include a testimonials section, add a countdown timer, and even create your lead generation forms that in and of themselves usually need advanced plugins if you are to manage them successfully. On top of all of this, the plugin is easy to integrate with some of the leading e-mail marketing tools, including MailChimp, GetResponse, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Web Services, ReCaptcha, just to name a few.

In the end, I want to point out that the plugin is 100% mobile-friendly. If you want to accommodate all of your users, you shouldn’t forget that today the majority of internet users (80% according to some estimates) use smartphones.

If you want to be accessible to everyone at all times, give at least your landing page a mobile-friendly design. And you’re in luck, because the same features that Thrive Architect provides for desktop designs, it makes available for mobile designs.

And after all that, let’s not forget that the company that makes Thrive Architect, Thrive Themes, has a ton of other cool stuff. You don’t have to grab everything at one time, but if you are enthusiastic about building your business as beautifully and efficiently as possible, you may want to consider their other products like AB Testing (Optimize), Countdown Timer (Ultimatum), Smart Links, Clever Widgets, and they also make a bunch of WordPress Themes as well.

You can get all of them with the Thrive Membership, though it’s a monthly fee instead of a one-time cost.

thrive themes product lists and membership options

2. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is probably the most popular landing page building plugin on the market.

Here’s another star on our list of land page plugins. Beaver Builder is perhaps even more popular than Thrive Architect, and you have some huge WordPress-based websites, like GoDaddy and Crowd Favorite, that have made it public that they use the plugin to run their pages. It’s particularly adaptable to WordPress and will let you tap certain areas on the WordPress platform that you maybe didn’t even know existed.

With some simple programming knowledge, you can unlock a gold mine of tricks that you can use to boost your website, although it’s not necessary in order to utilize the plugin. Beaver Builder allows for front-editing anyway, and even if you want to implement certain features, there are shortcodes that any amateur can use.

The plugin comes with a fairly big collection of templates that can suit a wide array of themes, so you wouldn’t be stuck with the choice of either changing your theme or using a subpar design for your page.

Even if you don’t find what satisfies your peculiar taste, you can try your hand with the plugin’s drag-and-drop editor. It’s amazingly easy to use, with a layout that is divided in a way to give you more clarity and allow you to better play with the elements on your landing page.

The perks of its WordPress integration capability include that any of the designs you will build using this plugin can then easily be modified using the native WordPress editor.

It’s also worth noting that the content you add into your landing page is separated from the Beaver Builder theme so that if you decide to change the theme or even quit using the plugin altogether, your content is still made available on your WordPress editor (this is very important when picking a drag/drop page builder).

That’s a level of control over your content that you frankly won’t find with that many plugins (Thrive Architect does offer this too).

The plugin is also mobile-friendly, so you’ll be able to stay accessible to mobile users who, as we agreed, constitute a great portion of internet users today. It’s also tuned for SEO, so you’ll be even more exposed by making it to higher search engine rankings.

If your website is an e-commerce outlet, you should know that Beaver Builder supports the WooCommerce platform with its various applications, and you would be simply blown away with what you can achieve by combining both platforms.

In all cases, if you go with Beaver Builder, you can guarantee that you will be given all the assistance you need to make full use of it. The plugin has a powerful customer support team that in a few hours can answer you on any question you might have.

3. OptimizePress

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OptimizePress is a perfect tool for creating an interactive, effective, and exclusive (if you want) website.

This plugin is not exclusive to landing page creation. You can use it to set up multiple types of pages including sales and marketing pages, educational pages, blogs, and webinar registration pages, in addition to our concern in this article which are landing pages.

The plugin comes with a live drag-and-drop editor that will let you view any changes you make to any page on your website in real-time exactly how it would appear to anyone visiting your website. That even saves you the time you would normally waste on switching to preview mode. The designs you make using OptimizePress are automatically adapted to fit any screen or device, from mobiles to desktops to tablets.

OptimizePress works perfectly with WordPress, and in case you want to keep your WordPress theme, you are free to do so while benefiting from the plugin’s bundle of features. You are also given 30 templates to choose from, all of which are designed to effectively raise conversion rates and engage your users with your website.

Although 30 templates do not exactly make up a huge library, each of these templates can be freely edited using the plugin’s visual editors, so in actuality, these 30 templates are just plain grounds to build on and can take an unlimited number of modifications per template. That is unless you choose to use them as they are, and you should know that their designs are of a very high caliber, to begin with.

The plugin’s designs do not merely consist of nice images and amusing animations. Of course, these are important factors for the design of a proper landing page (or any page for that matter), but OptimizePress is actually more focused on functionality than on appearance.

The plugin supports more than 40 different custom elements, including order boxes, testimonial sections, countdown timers, video and audio embedment, along with many other functions. The plugin also allows you to make use of things that it might itself lack by being capable of integration with many platforms, like AWeber, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, and Facebook, again just to name a few.

Using OptimizePress, you can limit access to your website’s content to members by utilizing its Membership Portal function. That can give your website a touch of exclusivity. Also, conversion rates and engagement might be a desire, but they are only a means to an end, the end usually being actual profit or perhaps donations.

OptimizePress can be tied to shopping carts from a number of platforms, as well as payment channels like PayPal and ClickBank. This plugin basically has the hallmarks of a comprehensive business ecosystem that has the potential to transform your website’s overall performance.

4. Instapage

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Instapage is the master of landing page design, with countless templates, font options, and animation features, as well as a massive image library.

If your main focus when designing your landing page is visual beauty, Instapage should be one of your top choices. Besides its easy code editing features that allow you to modify the website’s Javascript and HTML/CSS functionality, the plugin also includes an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor that works with whole pages and separate widgets/columns alike, with an excellent edge measurement feature that will ensure that your pages are symmetrical and well-balanced.

Instapage also supports the fonts provided by Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit, which are perhaps the largest and most popular online font libraries available today. In addition to that, the plugin allows you access to the Bigstock image library that includes more than 33 million high-resolution images.

There’s a unique feature in this plugin that makes it almost like a design assistant for you. That is because besides allowing you to test and compare your designs, it provides you with real-time feedback and recommends certain modifications to better the performance of these designs.

Instapage also keeps an archive with your design history, which means that if you want to return to an old design that you were using, you will easily find it without having to rebuild it from scratch.

Finally, although Instapage is primarily design-oriented, it still places a huge emphasis on performance, which is why the plugin gives you constant feedback and stats for your conversion rates, subscriptions, etc. That’s all you need to create an effective landing page.

5. Elementor

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Elementor lets you do all your editing on the front-end, without any design or programming experience required on your part.

This plugin was specifically designed for WordPress-based websites and has introduced to the platform a wholly new scope of design capabilities. The plugin operates on a live drag-and-drop page builder that impressively combines time-efficiency and high business performance together with alluring design and freedom for creativity.

With Elementor, you don’t need to come near any back-end or code editors. You can do all your work on the front-end. WordPress requiring you to work in the back end then “preview” the results is one of the main complaints I hear from newbies trying to get their page just right.

As an experienced WordPress user, I’m used to it and don’t mind, but as a newbie, I can remember how confusing it was to try to line up images and text a certain way, then be disappointed with the results.

In this way, even total newbies can end up with some truly advanced designs for your landing pages, similar to the sophisticated and detail-oriented results as any professional designer would offer you. As a matter of fact, Elementor has more than 100 designers working to produce its templates and who you would practically have working for you by using the plugin.

The plugin also enables you to add a vast range of functions to your designs, like counters, progress bars, icons, tabs, and accordions, etc. And let’s not forget, the Elementor plugin has mobile designs too, which is an element forgotten by many professional web designers, even to this day.

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