Turning Traffic Into Sales With Affiliate Funnels & Money Pages

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Getting traffic to your website is a very basic first step. Once you have some traffic coming in, you’ll start wondering, “Why aren’t these bozos buying anything?!”.

There’s a lot of reasons why that may be, but tweaking and optimizing is part of the process of being a successful affiliate marketer. In this post, I want to share some money making strategies I use on my affiliate websites. These are the basics I like to work with, and there’s no need to get more complicated!

  • How To Turn Traffic Into Sales By “Funneling” Visitors To Your Money Pages With 3 Methods
    • Method#1: Simple Product Review
    • Method #2: Problem/Solution
    • Method #3: Main Money Page

How To Turn Traffic Into Sales By “Funneling” Visitors To Your Money Pages With 3 Methods

Method#1: Simple Product Review

Product reviews are the most basic way to earn money online.

  1. Find a product you like
  2. Look for competitors in search
  3. Write a 1200 word review
  4. Share on social media
  5. Move on to next review

You may think this is oversimplified, but it works. There is no guarantee of rank, and it will certainly take time to gain authority.

My view is this: I could spend an hour trying to artificially boost rank to one review, or I could spend an hour writing another review and now have two reviews! Some will rank, some won’t. I can just use other content to drive traffic to the stuff that doesn’t rank (see funnel #2 below).

We aren’t losing money by writing reviews, and doing more of them can only increase our chance of ranking though internal linking.

With one of the many reviews I have written, I am currently ranked on Page 1 Spot #2 after about 3 months, with no backlinking. It’s very low searches, and almost no competition.

Do 100 of these over the next year and you now have 100 page 1 rankings. Do you think Google will look favorably on a site with 100 page 1 rankings, regardless of the traffic they get? Of course. This will not only increase you chances of sales, but also of ranking for related keywords on your site.

Method #2: Problem/Solution

Now that we have some good product reviews on our site, we need to drive traffic to them. Some reviews won’t rank, and some just won’t get a ton of clicks from search engines.

Here’s what I do: Brainstorm 10 problems people may have related to a review you do.

Let’s say I write a review called “Yeast Wrangling Tool Kit Review” (this is a method of collecting wild yeast for brewing sour beer). Now I need to think of 5-10 problems related to people that want to harvest and grow their own yeast for brewing beer at home:

  • How To Harvest Yeast In Your Backyard
  • Can I Brew With Yeast From My Fruit Trees?
  • Is My Beer Infected With Wild Yeast?
  • How Do I Brew A Sour Beer?
  • 10 Rustic Saison Beer Recipes

Within each of those articles, I will look for an opportunity to link back to my yeast wrangling kit review. Traffic from solution content will send people to the review-content I did.

Now, instead of 1-2 visits a day to my product review, I have 10-20 visits a day going to my review (assuming a tiny trickle of traffic for each blog post). Some keyword-focused content will really bring in a lot of traffic, and if you optimize the post to funnel traffic to your money page, you can really boost conversions. Rinse. Repeat.

I never said building a business was fast or easy! Success snowballs, so your painstaking work in the beginning will pay off later.

Method #3: Main Money Page

I have found a lot of success with having just a few main products I promote. You do not have to review and promote hundreds of products to make money online (in fact, you don’t even need multiple websites, like a lot of folks assume).

This can be a really simple way to set up your funnel: All routes lead to your main money page

This could be a review of your top ranked product, or a “Top 3 post” where you review your top 3 picks in a range of products.

Let’s say you made a website about antivirus software. Create a chart with your top three choices for software, and why each one is good. Every single product review or relevant piece of content can send traffic to your chart.

You can also do a “main product review” where you send all your traffic. For example, if you have a loan consolidation review website, you might have one company you recommend above all. Instead of making things confusing by comparing and contrasting ten different companies, you can just send people to your #1 recommendation.

This is a great way to monetize your site because it makes conversion optimization easy. Rather than work with 10-50 different product review pages, you just funnel all traffic to one page, and work on your conversions there.

The added bonus is that you aren’t splitting traffic to different areas of the site. More traffic to a single pages means you have more data to work with, and can run tests in shorter periods of time. A single day with 1000 visits to a page means you can test out new graphics on Monday, then adjust something for Tuesday.

If you had 10 pages with 100 visits for each page, the story would be different You may only have time on Monday to edit one page, then you have to leave it sit for a week while you gather data. There’s still 9 more pages that need to be tweaked, but you’re waiting on the results of your first test before you can proceed!

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!

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