23 Side Hustles For Extroverts That Allow Your Personality To Shine

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Extroverts have an advantage when it comes to making money. They can often reach out to more people and find opportunities that are less obvious. The best side hustles for extroverts are the ones that take full advantage of an extrovert’s skills. This typically means that you’re working in some type of social situation.

This list takes a close look at some of the side hustles that best suit an extrovert’s skillset. Some of these are purely side hustles, where you’ll be making a little bit of money here and there.

Others have the potential to be so much more. You might even be able to turn them into a full-time source of income with the right energy and planning.

Of course, there are no free meal tickets. Even the best side hustles require work. You need to put the time into making them succeed.

This is why it’s so important to find a side hustle that fits your interests and personality. Having passion for how you’re earning money makes the whole process much more enjoyable. This is critical for helping you to stick to your side hustle as it grows.

Actually, another list you might love is these pet-related side hustles where you can make money pet sitting, walking, washing, or even just managing playdates. What better way to make money than to spend time with animals. It’s good for the soul!

    Side Hustles For Extroverts By Category


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    • Creative Side Hustles
    • Side Hustles That Help People
    • Other Approaches

    Online Side Hustles

    Being an extrovert means you love connecting with other people, and there’s no better place to do that, than the burgeoning sharing economy.

    1. As A YouTube Personality

    Making money on YouTube might sound like a task for introverts, as you’re earning through the online world. But, even though in-person interaction may be limited, extroverts tend to make better income than introverts through YouTube.

    Many YouTubers make money through the YouTube Partnership program. This is where you are actually earning from YouTube itself, rather than from your viewers.

    YouTube has various rules and restrictions around this process, including the type of content that you can create and even the types of things that you can say on camera. Some YouTubers are incredibly successful in this field, making a ton of cash with entertaining or informative videos.

    The catch is that you have to stand out, which is why extroverts are often more successful. Don’t be afraid to play up for the camera and to let your personality shine. Of course, success on YouTube doesn’t happen overnight. Many YouTubers worked years before they saw any real traction.

    Also remember that YouTube retains ultimate control over your channel. This means that they can ban you entirely or stop paying you for videos. Some people have experienced that problem first-hand.

    A second way to earn is by promoting products. Many YouTubers do this by including a link in their description. You can also send people across to your website and use your website as your main source of revenue.

    Regardless of how you go about earning, don’t expect overnight success. YouTube is a popular platform and there are many people competing for attention.

    2. As A Streamer

    Live streaming is another way to earn with your online presence. This time, the emphasis is on gaming. Live streamers allow other people to watch them game, mostly through YouTube or Twitch.

    The idea is extremely popular, but playing games is just one part of the process. Successful streamers have an appealing online personality. They’re able to hold the attention of viewers, often for hours at a time.

    You don’t need to be a good gamer to earn as a streamer. The emphasis is on being interesting. Some streamers do take the approach of being good, showing off what they can do to a large audience. Others try a different angle, like teaching viewers secrets in a game or relying on humor.

    Being an extrovert can help in the process, as you may be less hesitant in front of a digital audience. But, this isn’t the only requirement. You might be streaming for hours at a time and could easily end up with more than 100 different streaming episodes.

    To be successful, you have to find a way to still be interesting every time. Some people will find this process easy. Others certainly won’t.

    3. Be A Podcaster

    Podcasting is another online side hustle that takes full advantage of your personality. Starting a podcast is pretty simple these days, even with just basic equipment. The approach can be more appealing than working with YouTube too, as there is no video component to worry about.

    There are a few different ways to earn with podcasting. One is through sponsorships. The style is similar to affiliate marketing and there are many companies out there that pay podcasters to promote their product or services.

    It is also possible to charge for your work in some way. Of course, you need to develop interest in your content. This may mean offering some free episodes or a free show and a paid one.

    Some podcasters turn to Patreon, which provides the chance to earn regularly by providing people with extra content or other bonuses.

    There are other angles too and you can easily get more creative with income as you go. Of course, finding success will take time. It’s also important to do your research first. Work out which topics are likely to be popular and how you can stand out from the crowd.

    Creative Side Hustles

    4. Professional Photography

    Even though everyone seems to have a camera on their phone these days, being a professional photographer is still a viable way to make money. It’s an ideal choice for extroverts, as you need to be out there making a name for yourself and drumming up business.

    You also get to be part of some amazing social occasions, like weddings and anniversaries.

    In a sense, photography works best as a side hustle, not a full-time business approach. Jobs are often too sporadic for reliable income, but the odd photography job or even money from photo apps can be a good way to supplement your income.

    5. Being An Event DJ

    DJs aren’t as popular as they once were, but there are still plenty of occasions where they are needed. Some people choose to focus on being a local DJ, where they may mostly play at bars.

    Being an event DJ is a slightly different angle, although many of the same approaches apply. First, you will need to have the equipment, music and skills to make this gig work. You should be good at what you’re doing too.

    Breaking into the music industry takes time and DJing is no exception to that rule. Expect to spend time promoting yourself. You might need to do some gigs at a discount (or for free!) to get your name out there.

    Anything that makes you unique could help you to get ahead of the competition with DJing. For example, if you just focus on a single type of event (like weddings), you could become an expert at knowing what people are likely to want and ways to meet their needs.

    6. As A Musician

    Being a musician is a popular idea for anyone passionate about music. And, why not? In one sense, being an indie musician has never been easier. The internet gives you chances to be discovered that never existed before.

    There are even plenty of new ways to earn as a musician, beyond the obvious approach of playing gigs (which still has its place, of course). Some musicians expand outward by selling their own band merch or with a recording studio.

    Others might turn to services like Spotify, where they are able to earn a little bit of money each time someone streams one of their songs. Spotify pays very little per listen, but this is a passive way to earn and income will add up over time.

    Side Hustles That Help People

    For extroverts, making money helping people shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Gigs where you can interact with others and be social is where you thrive. Any business, side hustle or not, that focuses on helping people first, and making money second, is absolutely going to do well.

    7. Personal Stylist

    A personal stylist helps people to develop their own style. This might include providing advice on a person’s clothing, shoes, haircut and perhaps even makeup.

    Personal stylists don’t just focus on what is currently in fashion. Instead, their advice is tailored towards the individual’s personality, style and goals. After all, the best style will be different for a business environment versus someone who wants to look good around the town.

    You don’t have to look at all of these areas either. I knew a personal stylist who kept things very simple and simply provided advice about the best colors for a person. She did an amazing job at it, providing professional advice and even a take-home booklet that showcased the person’s ideal colors.

    Having a specific angle like this is a powerful way to market yourself and to stay ahead of your competition. It also gives you the chance to hone your skills.

    Regardless of your approach, you’ll need to keep up with current fashion trends and market yourself well. Make sure your own style shines too, as this will speak volumes about what you can offer as a personal stylist.

    8. Being A Wedding Officiant

    If you love being in front of people, a wedding officiant could be an appealing way to earn. You get the chance to help create someone’s special day too, which might make the hustle even more appealing.

    Some wedding officiants make around $300 to $500 per ceremony. People tend to make less when they first get started, of course, while popular officiants with a very specific niche could earn much more.

    The type of wedding that you focus on is a very important aspect of this niche. There are already many traditional wedding officiants out there, but demand is increasing for non-traditional styles.

    These days wedding officiants don’t need to follow a specific religion and many people are looking to remove religion from their wedding ceremony entirely. Targeting people with non-traditional goals like this is where some of the best money is to be had.

    You do need to become a wedding officiant first. This often involves being a justice of the peace or an ordained clergyman (the requirements vary from state-to-state). Thankfully, the process isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

    9. Wedding Coordinating

    Being a wedding coordinator is a job in its own right, one that it often stressful and heavily involved. But, not everyone can afford a wedding coordinator – making the role ripe for a side hustle.

    You would get to choose exactly what areas you focus on. For example, you might act more as a wedding coach. That role could involve helping the couple to make decisions, showing them areas where they can save money and generally making the wedding much less stressful.

    Alternatively, you might be able to focus on coordinating one aspect of the wedding, rather than the entire event. The approach that you take is up to you.

    If you’re passionate about weddings, why not? The wedding industry is huge and you could easily get a slice of the action.

    10. Being A Dating Coach

    If you’re confident about your interpersonal skills, how about teaching other people? This is exactly what dating coaches do.

    The role is an interesting one. As the name suggests, a dating coach helps people to be successful with dating. But, we’re not just talking about the initial date or teaching seduction techniques.

    A dating coach is a more comprehensive role, one that focuses on personal growth and overcoming challenges. As a dating coach, you would be helping clients to navigate the complex world of dating. You would also teach them how to interact with their dates, how to interpret responses and how to develop a satisfying relationship.

    There are many specific areas that you can focus on and plenty of tools to rely on, but you’ll still want to be confident in your abilities and passionate about helping people to find romance.

    After all, any type of coaching can be intense. You might spend a lot of time with each client, which could easily get overwhelming. The initial marketing process may take a while too, as many people don’t even know that dating coaches are a thing.

    11. As A Consultant

    Consultant is a vague title, where the basic idea is that you are providing advice and support to other people. You can be a consultant in countless different areas.

    The first step is to think about your skills. What fields are you knowledgeable in? You don’t need to be a complete expect, but you do need to know enough that people would pay for your advice.

    For example, a consulting business could focus on teaching people how to earn online. You might provide one-on-one support, along with suggestions and guidance about the best strategies. Focusing on small businesses in your local area could be another angle to consider.

    Regardless of your field, being an extrovert should help you to sell your services. Don’t be afraid to let people see what you have to offer and showcase how you can help them.

    12. Be A Personal Concierge

    In essence, a personal concierge is a variation on the idea of a personal assistant. This is a person who helps to arrange things in their client’s lives and solve problems. Exactly what this looks like will vary depending on the client and the concierge.

    For example, some concierge-client relationships may focus on scheduling tasks, especially for professionals who have busy and complex lives. Some level of problem solving is often required as well, with concierges often needing to quickly work out the solution to a particular problem.

    You don’t need to be an extrovert to be effective as a personal concierge, but extroverts do have an advantage. After all, the role involves interacting with many different people. You’ll often be making requests and trying to arrange things too.

    Being confident during this process can make things so much easier.

    Extroverts also have an edge when it comes to getting clients to begin with. People tend to respond well to confidence. If potential clients see that you are able to sell yourself well, they’re more likely to trust your ability to solve their problems.

    13. Doing Odd Jobs

    You don’t need to be an extrovert to do odd jobs. Just about anyone can make money by mowing lawns, washing windows or cleaning yards. But, being extroverted gives you the chance to seek out many more opportunities than other people.

    Take yard cleaning as an example. Yards often get especially messy after a storm or a holiday (especially after Thanksgiving). Occasions like this are a great chance to market yourself more heavily. This may even involve going door-to-door in your neighborhood.

    You can think about more unusual tasks to offer too. Taking down holiday decorations and boxing them up is one example. Who has the energy for that? Many people would gladly pay someone else to do the work.

    You don’t need to stop with residential customers either. What about businesses? Some won’t be large enough to hire staff members for tasks like picking up trash.

    14. Teach Some Classes

    Teaching people is always a good way to earn. Teaching classes is even more powerful, as you’re earning from multiple people at once. Customers won’t normally pay as much for a class as they will for a one-on-one lesson, but your income still adds up quickly.

    Teaching a class comes with its challenges, which is why this side hustle is best for extroverts. You need to be able to keep your class engaged, even if they have different skill levels and learning skills.

    Letting your own distinct personality shine can often help to keep people engaged. I’ve seen some fitness instructors do this by being encouraging and regularly offering advice, while others focus on humor instead.

    As for what you can teach – that’s really up to you. The options are almost unlimited. Think about the skills that you have and how you could promote them to an audience. Even just teaching basic cooking skills could be desirable to the right group of people.

    15. Personal Training

    Personal trainers help people to meet their fitness goals. Sometimes you might be working with experienced clients who want to hit a certain target, like running a marathon. Other times you might be working with people who simply want to get fit or lose weight.

    It’s surprisingly easy to do personal training as a side hustle. There is no national certification and the licenses that do exist tend to be optional.

    That being said, if you’re at all serious, it’s worth considering liability insurance. The right insurance is important for any side hustle. Insurance is particularly significant here, as accidents can happen with personal training.

    Aside from this, you’re ready to go. You can promote yourself using local techniques, like flyers and business cards.

    Having an angle can help too. Are you going to focus on exercise machines or exercises that use basic tools and body weight? Who will your clients be? Finding success may be easier if your clients are the type that don’t normally go to the gym.

    Regardless, make sure that you’re clear about what you’re charging and the services that you provide. That way everyone is happy.

    16. As A Rideshare Driver

    Driving for services like Uber and Lyft is one of the most well-known ways to earn in the gig economy. The potential for income is high too. Well, in certain situations, at least.

    For example, you’ll often see figures like $25 or even $50 per hour tossed around. You can hit these rates, but not on a consistent basis. This tends to happen at times where there is high demand and not many drivers around.

    Most of the time you’ll be earning less. You might even make less than the minimum wage, especially if you’re spending a lot of time sitting around and waiting for customers.

    Still, there are ways to optimize your earnings. Working out the best times and places for your area can help a lot. Making sure your customers always get a good experience is worth doing too.

    You could diversity and work with food delivery companies to earn at times when the demand for rideshare drivers is low.

    In all honesty, being a rideshare driver isn’t realistic as a source of full-time income. But, as a side hustle, the idea can work well. Just make sure that driving people around is what you want to be doing.

    Other Approaches

    17. Public Speaking

    Here’s an interesting one – public speaking. The idea is simple. You’re getting paid to talk to a crowd of people. Obviously, this won’t be a great choice for everyone, but some personalities do shine in the limelight.

    To earn from public speaking, you need something to talk about. More specifically, what you’re saying needs to be interesting and important enough for people to want to listen.

    Often this will involve being a relative expert in a field. At the very least, you need to know more than your audience.

    As for topics, your options are pretty much unlimited. For example, health and wellness has become a big area lately. People are interested in ways to live better and longer. If you have some unusual insight into this area, then you can probably find people who want to learn.

    While it is possible to pick up public speaking work without even trying, most people will need to hustle to land their early gigs. Making yourself well-known in your field is a critical aspect. This may include providing information and teaching people for free, especially as you first get started.

    18. Organizing Local Events

    For those who love people and crowds, organizing events is a natural fit. Not only do you get the chance to plan amazing events and even enjoy them yourself, but there is the chance to earn money in the process.

    Surprising as it may seem, the income potential in event organizing is quite high. Many people simply don’t have the skills to do this themselves, so they need someone else to draw in the crowds.

    You can monetize events in a variety of ways. The simplest is to charge people for your event organizing services. Another option is to organize events for yourself and make money through product sales, sponsorships, vendor space or whatever else you can think of.

    There are plenty of other opportunities too. For example, a club might promise you a percentage of the take at the door if you can increase attendance for a gig.

    Regardless of your earning strategy (or strategies), niching down may help you to find success. This means focusing on a specific type of event or clientele. Doing so can help to make you the go-to person for events and makes networking much more powerful.

    For example, I have a friend in a fairly small city who is involved with organizing and supporting a variety of minority cultural events. He tends to be present even for events that he was not involved in, which provides him with fantastic business opportunities.

    19. Start Your Own Professional Networking Group

    Professional network groups are powerful ways to build connections, often providing advantages for everyone involved. They’re not the obvious first choice for a side hustle, as such groups are normally free to join. But, there is money to be made.

    One approach is simply organizing paid events, similar to the previous item on this list.

    You can also earn indirectly, by using the group to grow your current side hustle. While this would be possible as a group member too, you have so much more exposure as the coordinator of your network. After all, you’re the one that people need to come to for connections.

    In a similar vein, a group like this is ideal for selling products, like books and courses. The approach is especially powerful if you’re offering something that might help other members.

    20. Being A Tour Guide

    Showing people the sites of your local city can be an exciting way to earn money, especially as no two audiences are ever the same. The process gives you the chance to help other people to have amazing adventures.

    There are many different types of tours too, like visiting historic buildings, doing a tour of local wineries or even showcasing relatively unknown history from your local region.

    One way to do this is to look for a conventional job. Some tourist companies will hire tour guides. Previous experience helps, but simply being able to sell yourself well could easily be enough too.

    Some sites facilitate the process, helping customers and tour guides find one another. Tours by Locals is one example. The site does the marketing for you and only charges a percentage of the total amount you earn for a tour.

    You could also promote tours yourself. What about creating flyers and placing them at spots where tourists often visit? You could use a website to promote your tours too, especially if you’re offering something a little bit unusual.

    21. Network Marketing

    Network marketing companies are everywhere. They’re often promoted as a fun way to make money, where you earn by simply sharing a product that you love. That idea is entirely inaccurate.

    The failure rate with such companies is high. Many distributors make barely any income at all, while some might even lose money in the process.

    Network marketing also involves much more salesmanship than the companies suggest. You need to convince people to buy products that are often commonplace and/or overpriced.

    That being said, some people do find success with network marketing. Extroverts have an advantage in the field, especially those who already have a large social network.

    If you’re considering network marketing, choose the company carefully. Look for one where the products are appealing in their own right or where the company is offering something unusual.

    I’m not a fan of network marketing personally. You end up relying far too much on a single company and on other people. But, it can be an interesting approach as a side hustle, especially if the company has a decent compensation plan and you’re focusing on sales rather than recruitment.

    22. Perform On The Street

    Extroverts are often successful at making money from crowds, which makes street performing a perfect fit. To do this, you’ll need to have confidence, along with some type of skill that people will be interested in.

    The most obvious approach is to perform music on the street. Choose songs that people are likely to enjoy and don’t be afraid to engage with your audience.

    Entertainment acts can work too, but these may take more practice to get right. You’ll need to find a type of act that is going to interest your audience. Ones that don’t require a large audience are also easier to get off the ground.

    Regardless of your talent, make sure that you check out local laws first. There are often specific rules for street performance. These rules may even prevent you from performing in some locations.

    23. Craigslist Arbitrage

    Sites like Craigslist can be a treasure trove for people who want to make money. Many people price items poorly or even give them away. Sometimes they don’t know what they have, while other times they might just want the item out of their house with minimum hassle.

    The goal of Craigslist arbitrage is simple: buy low, sell high. To do this, you’ll need to keep a keen eye out for bargains and for items that you can improve the value of.

    For example, you might be able to purchase a mixed lot of items and then sell the pieces on individually for more than you paid. Some products could be purchased locally and then sold via eBay, giving you a wider audience pool. With the right marketing, it’s easy to see how you could earn more than you paid for an item.

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