Can You Really Make Money With BeautyCounter?

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Beauty Counter Review

Company Name: BeautyCounter

Costs: $85

Rating: 46/100

Do I Recommend BeautyCounter?

Trying to make money with BeautyCounter can be appealing, especially as the company looks high-quality. But, while the products seem to be good, you are trying to earn through a complex model in a highly competitive industry. Because of this, I don’t recommend it as a way to make money. Most people would find more success focusing on an online option, like affiliate marketing, rather than what BeautyCounter offers.

What Products Does BeautyCounter Sell?

The name BeautyCounter sums up the company well. The various products mostly promote beauty in some way, with the emphasis being items like skincare and makeup.

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Most (or all) of the products seem to be made by the company itself and the types of items are about what you would expect for a cosmetics company. The cost of many items is fairly reasonable for makeup, although prices on the market can vary dramatically.

Product Selection 2

The prices and product styles do vary across the site, so some are more expensive than others. Even so, the prices aren’t horrible and I’ve certainly seen worse from companies in this field.

Product Selection 1

There are also standard related items that most cosmetics companies seem to offer. This includes products for the family and holiday gifts.

Family Products

The main problem I have is the selection. There are many different categories to choose from, which is great for sales. But, those individual categories often have relatively few items.

For example, there are just 10 products it the eye selection for makeup. Most companies will offer more than this, especially as customers are often looking for variation in product types and shades. In the same way, there are just 6 items in the lips selection and most of these are sets.

Now, in fairness, many of the products do come in multiple shades – so the options aren’t as limited as they first appear. Even with that, some customers may feel that there aren’t enough options to choose from.

The company does also focuses on quality and transparency. The quality focus is evident simply by looking at the site and the products. The company goes to considerable lengths to make sure everything looks clean and attractive – while also providing all the information customers are likely to need.

The site also focuses mostly on the products, not the opportunity. That suggests they do care about their products and work to make sure they are as good as possible.

Emphasizing that aspect sounds a little silly. All products should care about their products, right? But, many don’t. I’ve seen dozens of sites for MLMs where the income opportunity is the main emphasis and the products almost seem like an afterthought.

As part of their transparency, BeautyCounter offers information about the various ingredients and formulas that their products use. They also promote a Never List, which is described as follows.

The Never List

The general concept is that BeautyCounter bans a wide range of controversial compounds. Now, many of these won’t be common in cosmetics anyway, although some may be. This approach makes BeautyCounter seem more reliable and trustworthy. That’s always powerful from a sales perspective.

In a similar way, the company mentions it received the top score in a survey by the Chemical Footprint Project. I don’t personally know how amazing or not that score is, especially as there are only 24 companies that participate. But again, the style helps make the company look more appealing.

These aspects and the general transparency of the BeautyCounter are things that most other cosmetics companies don’t focus on at all. So, they are powerful. The concepts will be particularly relevant to customers that are concerned about the compounds in traditional makeup.

Is BeautyCounter A Good Business Opportunity?

From a product perspective, BeautyCounter is appealing. But, that’s only one consideration. We also have to look at making money.

First of all, BeautyCounter is an MLM. This means there are two distinct methods of making money. The first is simply selling the products. The second is building a team. The system is designed so that you need to do both to have the most income potential.

You could, theoretically, make money just by making sales, without doing anything else. If you take this route, the base rate is 25% of the retail price of the product.

The company does also offers bonuses if you hit certain levels with sales. You do need to hit $750 in sales (per month) to get even the first bonus – so it won’t apply to everyone. But honestly, many MLMs don’t even offer sales bonuses, and some of the ones that do require more sales to get the first tier.

Sales Bonuses

Beyond this, the idea is typical for MLMs. Basically, you’re meant to build a team and then earn from their success, which looks like this:

Business Volume

As you can see, you need to progress through ranks to get the extra income. The percentages you earn are higher than most other companies that I’ve seen, which is useful. There are also additional bonuses and ways to earn more money but this gets complicated fast.

The general concept is simply to grow a team and increase their sales. If you can get high enough sales across your business, then there is significant income potential.

This much isn’t unusual and the same general style exists across most MLMs. But, I do like that BeautyCounter has a simpler plan than most (at the early levels, at least). Plus, there are bonuses for sales to consider.

Making Money With BeautyCounter

Cosmetics companies are incredibly common and people have countless different options for buying makeup. Many of those options will be of high quality and might be less expensive than BeautyCounter offers. This means that you’re faced with considerable competition.

That competition doesn’t just come from local stores either. Instead, makeup can be easily purchased online. People will often decide on brands they like and then try to find them cheaper online as well.

There are also other MLMs in the exact same field, like Bellachase Cosmetics. Other MLMs may offer cosmetics as one of their product ranges, like Avon. This creates an additional problem, as each MLM will have consultants actively trying to push the products.

Even so, success isn’t impossible. For one thing, cosmetics is an evergreen field. This is the same reason there are so many makeup and cosmetics affiliate programs out there. The term evergreen means that the products will always sell.

Cosmetics is also a field of complex decisions.

Most of the time, people won’t be choosing the highest quality product or the best value for money. Instead, they will often find products and brands that work for them and then stick with those options. So, if you can convince people that BeautyCounter’s products fill that need, then you could create loyal customers.

One key way to do this is through the Socials that consultants are meant to hold. The style is also called a party and you’ll see a similar approach with companies like Stella & Dot.

Most of the time, the event will be held at the house of a friend or family member. They are then the host and get various rewards based on the success of the event. The rewards help encourage hosts to get involved.

Social Bonuses

Parties can be frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive, especially as you’ll often provide samples and nibbles. If you don’t make many sales, you could even lose money from hosting the events. Friends may also get frustrated at parties and interest tends to decline over time.

But, there are key advantages too. For one thing, the style lets you show off the different products, convincing people that the items are worth the money. The ability to see and try the products will make a large difference to some people, helping to increase sales.

There is also some social pressure at play. If some people at your party start to buy products, others will tend to as well. Many people will also try to buy something, so they don’t feel rude. That’s especially true the first time that they attend a party.

Additionally, the attendees of a Social will tend to come from friends and family of the Host. This can help you reach a much larger audience than you could otherwise.

BeautyCounter also has a digital component to Socials. This allows people to buy within a Social even if they cannot physically attend it. That helps to increase your sales potential further and is an option that some companies don’t offer.

For that matter, consultants do get a replicated personal website through BeautyCounter. Money can then be earned through sales on that site.

The sites will look identical (or nearly identical) from one member to the next, so you can’t hope to rank yours on Google and gain traffic directly. But, you could focus on social media or your own website and get interested that way.

The company also recommends making sales on a one-on-one basis. This might mean providing individuals with samples and advising them about how to get the most out of BeautyCounter.

The sales potential of this is high and it’s easy to see how you could create customers. But, be wary. You will typically be paying for any samples you offer and the products you use. This type of pitch can also be time-consuming. Plus, there’s no guarantee that you’ll even get a sale at the end of it.

Can You Be Successful?

In theory, BeautyCounter should work well as an income opportunity. The products are appealing enough and people would be willing to buy them. Hosting Socials could also work well and having your own site through the company should make sales easy. Even with the various requirements to meet, the compensation plan does suggest a high potential for income.

But, of course, the theory is just one element. Being successful in practice is an entirely different story and one that needs further consideration.

One of the first things to think about is your audience. To make headway with BeautyCounter, you need to be able to sell and recruit regularly. You may be able to grow your contacts and connections as you go – but you will start off promoting to people you already know.

With that in mind, do you know people who would be interested in buying the various products available? What about hosting the Socials and even becoming consultants themselves? I’m not just talking about a handful of people either. You need enough so that you can make consistent sales. Plus, the more people you can get interested, the more social contacts you have access to.

Some people will also get irritated by the whole concept. After all, there are hundreds of MLMs out there now and many of these use a party model. If your contacts are already getting invited to parties and pitched to regularly, they may be very resistant to anything that BeautyCounter has to offer.

Another thing is the time factor. Even if you’re not interested in team building, making money still involves hosting socials and trying to get people to buy. This takes time and planning.

The requirements increase if you do start to recruit and build a team. In that case, you have to teach the people you recruit, while also supporting and encouraging them along the way. Some team members may need relatively little assistance, others may need a large amount.

None of these issues make BeautyCounter inviable, far from it. Instead, most MLMs have some successful members and passionate advocates.

But, you need to be sure it is a good fit for you first. Otherwise, you may just waste a large amount of time and some money, to get nowhere at all

Can You Generate Reliable Income With BeautyCounter?

The BeautyCounter Review


Business Opportunity


BeautyCounter has some advantages and better products than many other companies. Even so, success would be challenging and the industry is highly competitive. It’s not a style that I recommend – and if you do want to get involved, make sure your audience is a good fit first.

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