Can You Really Make Money With First Fitness Nutrition?

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Like many other companies, First Fitness Nutrition focuses on health and wellness, including joining the trend of hemp & CBD products. You may have guessed that much from the nutrition part of the company’s name.

With so many such companies out there, getting ahead in this niche can seem very difficult. However, First Fitness Nutrition does have some advantages, including a wider product range than normal and an established reputation in the weight loss field.

These areas could make it easier for distributors to be successful – especially with the right audience. Of course, the products are just one factor that influences your income potential.

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Despite the competition, health and wellness is an interesting field to make sales in. The products from one company to the next tend to have slight differences, so customers cannot easily weigh up which items are of better value.An image from the First Fitness Nutrition website showing a young woman and hemp oil

The results from most health products are difficult to measure. How do you know when a supplement gave you more energy? Energy levels naturally vary anyway. Your energy might also increase simply because you expected it to (that’s the placebo effect). The same is true for many other potential benefits.

At a personal level, these aspects can be frustrating. From a sales perspective, they can be useful. Plus, you’re selling consumable products. If some customers see convincing benefits, they may end up buying products regularly.

Two Ways To Make Money With First Fitness Nutrition

The first way to make money is to sell the products that First Fitness Nutrition offers. Doing so will earn you a commission on sales. You can also work on building a team. You don’t make money directly from recruitment, but from the sales that your team members make.

These two earning methods can sound powerful. So, how do they stack up for First Fitness Nutrition? We examine that question at the end of the post.

Make Money From Product Sales

First Fitness Nutrition has an interesting combination of products. These fall into the following categories:

  • CBD-Rich Hemp Oil
  • Weight Loss
  • Wellness
  • Herbal Cleansing
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Skin & Body Care

Most of these categories are fairly common in the health field, as are the products within them. Even so, there are some interesting aspects to the product line.

One is the inclusion of a CBD oil. This is promoted as being ‘unlike anything else in the market’, due to its purity. The only two ingredients are hemp extract and cold processed hemp oil. There is also 750 mg of CBD per 30 ml bottle.

While First Fitness Nutrition isn’t the only company to offer CBD oil of this quality, many others offer lower concentrations. Third-party testing details are included too.

The oil can be ordered one bottle at a time or as a case. Either way, the price works out to around $99.95 per bottle. This price actually isn’t too bad for the quality of the oil.

Another interesting area is the herbal cleansing products. I’m not a fan of cleansing products myself and I don’t think they’re very healthy. Regardless, some people use them regularly and most health MLMs don’t carry this type of product.

Body Renewal from First Fitness Nutrition

The final area that I want to highlight is the weight loss side of First Fitness Nutrition, particularly the Suddenly Slim weight loss program.

The program itself isn’t unusual. First Fitness Nutrition offers three different versions: Boost, Accelerate, and Transformation. These provide roughly a month’s worth of products each and cost $89.95, $126.95, and $195.95, respectively.

Three weight loss packs and descriptions

While the products in the packs are unique to First Fitness Nutrition, similar types of products can be found in many places. The main items include three supplements (one for weight loss, one for cleansing and one that contains fiber), a meal replacement shake, and a weight loss book.

That’s it. The shakes aren’t very good either. They sell separately for $38.95 and contain just 14 servings.

The shakes just have 13 grams of protein each, which is very low for a meal replacement shake. They also have an appalling 16 grams of sugar. How can this possibly be a weight loss product if it has more sugar than protein?

Examinations of the program itself aren’t especially positive. Some people do experience weight loss, but the same is true for any weight loss program that includes a protein shake. Honestly, just the goal of losing weight is sometimes enough to get people heading down the right track.

Income From Sales

Distributors for First Fitness Nutrition can make sales via a replicated website or in-person. There is a clear focus on making physical sales, suggesting that the website is meant to supplement selling in-person – not replace that style.

In-person sales follow a purchase-first model. Distributors purchase the products at a discount of 20% to 40%. If the products are sold at full retail price, then a distributor’s discount also represents their profit margin.

Distributors can reach higher discount levels by progressing through the ranks or by buying one of the starter packs from First Fitness Nutrition. These cost $100, $279 or $549.

Starter Packs from First Fitness Nutrition

The packs could be worth it for the discount, especially as you would be reselling the products anyway. Even so, this type of pay-to-win style is manipulative. It also means that some distributors may buy the most expensive packs before knowing whether they could make enough sales.

Make Money Building A Team

The team aspect of First Fitness Nutrition is similar to other companies. There is a variety of bonuses that can provide income. Some of these follow a unilevel design, while others are based on a binary model.

As is often the case, the unilevel plan is the main way for you to earn from your team. This basically means that your team is structured below you like a pyramid.

The people who you directly recruit go on the first generation below you. Their recruits make up the next generation and so on. If a team is highly successful, each generation should be larger than the previous one (as there are more members who can make sales and recruit).

That ideal goal often doesn’t happen, as recruits end up targeting similar groups of people. The pool of potential customers and recruits tends to run dry quickly.

The image below shows the structure of residual commissions from First Fitness Nutrition.

Commission Scheme from First Fitness Nutrition

There are some good aspects. Distributors can earn from three generations even at the earliest team rank. The commissions also start off at 6% for the 1st generation. This is pretty high. Finally, at the higher ranks, members can earn decent commissions right the way down to the 5th generation.

Getting these higher team commissions involves progressing up the ranks. This will involve meeting various requirements that are linked to team performance and team structure.

First Fitness Nutrition doesn’t provide details about the requirements. Information about ongoing sales goals isn’t given either. However, it’s likely that you’ll need to make some sales every month to earn from your team.

Can You Generate Reliable Income With First Fitness Nutrition?

The First Fitness Nutrition Review


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Final Review

It is possible to make consistent income with First Fitness Nutrition. The wide selection of products could help you to make sales, especially as there are some interesting items in the mix. You might even be able to reduce your risk by focusing on a replicated website for sales.

Even so, it’s important to weigh up the risks and rewards carefully. First Fitness Nutrition does operate through a purchase-first model, so you’ll be out of pocket if you make fewer sales than you expect.

It’s also worth thinking about the products and your audience. Do you know people who would buy some of the products regularly? After all, similar health and nutrition products are widely available. Some people may not be willing to buy products every, even if those items might help to improve their health.

For that matter, do you have what it takes to sell in person? What about recruiting people and finding leads to expand your network? Those processes aren’t simple. Some people are skilled in the right areas, while others aren’t.

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