Can You Really Make Money With GoodLife USA?

is wealthy affiliate a scam or can i actually make a living online as an affiliate marketer

GoodLife USA Review

Company Name: GoodLife USA

Costs: $79 then $39.50/year

Rating: 15/100

Do I Recommend GoodLife USA?

Personally, I don’t suggest even attempting to make money with GoodLife USA. The entire service is concerning and there are far too many issues at play. Besides that, there are many better ways to make money with travel, including affiliate marketing.

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What Products Does GoodLife USA Sell?

GoodLife USA is unusual because it doesn’t sell products per se. Instead, it is basically selling a membership, one that gives people discounts on travel-related purchases.

Travel Hype

As the marketing suggests, there are discounts and ‘best prices’ in key areas that travelers may use. The most appealing for many people would probably be the price benefits for hotels. After all, everyone needs to stay somewhere.

But, the information is vague. It’s hard to know whether the best prices on offer are actually all that good. All customers really have to go off is the marketing. And yes, the site looks professional and high quality. But, is that enough?

There are three versions of the membership on offer: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. In each case, the membership has a monthly cost. The higher tiers also have a setup fee as well.

Membership Options

Each membership offers deals and discounts in extra areas. For example, the Gold membership includes hand-selected getaways, while the Platinum also offers a Resort Condo Booking Engine. But, even the cheapest version of the membership is fairly expensive, coming to around $143 per year.

Paying an expensive monthly membership may be worth it if the discounts were good enough. But, this isn’t something that you can see from the outside. The company only offers vague information about what you can expect. There aren’t even specifics about the locations where discounts are available.

One interesting aspect is $200 VIP Club Cards. These are cards that distributors are provided with as a way to promote the company. They sound good on paper and suggest that you can save $200 by simply providing your email address.

But, they don’t seem to actually work like that in practice. For one thing, the discounts only apply to a select number of hotels. If you get lucky and are in the right place at the right time, you might save money. If not, you might end up with nothing at all.

One distributor mentioned that they gave out more than 600 of the cards and got an incredibly poor response. Many users didn’t seem able to find any good discounts at all. The distributor also mentioned that many smaller towns aren’t featured at all anymore.

This issue just refers to the free cards that distributors give out, not the actual paid service that GoodLife USA offers. Even so, it’s a concerning pattern. It makes me wonder how amazing the discounts from GoodLife USA actually are.

Those cards are also the main way that distributors are meant to be promoting the company. If these tend to work poorly (or not at all), you’re not likely to end up with many people actually joining.

Is GoodLife USA A Good Business Opportunity?

The first thing to mention is that you don’t actually need to buy a membership to make money from GoodLife USA. Instead, the company offers four tiers that you can choose from. The first has a $79.00 setup fee and then a $39.50 annually. But, there’s no monthly fee.

Alternatively, you can join as a Silver, Gold, or Platinum member. Each of those gives you all of the membership bonuses you would get normally for a similar monthly price.

Which one you choose also impacts how much money you can earn. As you go up the membership levels, the number of bonuses increase. Of course, the amount you’re paying does too. So, you would have to carefully weigh up whether the higher tiers are worth it.

The Compensation Plan

GoodLife USA operates through what it calls a 2 x 20 Shared Social Network structure. The company calls this revolutionary and a game-changer for the industry – although the basic system is depicted like this:

Visually, the style seems identical from other MLMs. However, there are some differences. One is that the layers fill in based on an order, rather than who recruits who. This means someone you enroll may end up multiple levels below you.

GoodLife USA just requires members to enroll in two others. Anyone above and beyond this gets added to the network automatically and doesn’t affect the overall structure. This means that you don’t have to focus on recruitment specifically. Instead, the main goal is to simply make sales.

From here, the basic idea is that the positions fill based on the company’s algorithm. You don’t get to decide who goes where. Some people in your structure may even have been recruited by people above you. The structure can be filled up to 20 layers deep, with the commission rate decreasing as you go further down.

All Generations

The company illustrates it simply but there is more complexity as you go along. In fact, GoodLife USA has multiple detailed pages dedicated to simply describing the system and how you make money from it.

For example, one component is the Commissionable Value (CV). This comes from the monthly payments that other members and customers make. A person’s CV and their position in your structure determine how much money you will make from them.

There are also other factors and complexities present. This can be seen in the image below, where the company is describing ways that the commission can end up split.

GoodLife USA Compensation Split

Despite the claim of simplicity, understanding every element of the plan would take considerable time and energy. That’s always a problem, especially for people actively involved in the company.

Plus, if you don’t fully understand the system, you won’t be able to fully take advantage of it. I’ve seen this happen in practice with simpler systems and it would certainly be the case here.

If all of that wasn’t enough, there are also ranks in place. Typically, the requirements increase as you progress up the ranks and the bonuses that you get increase as well. At the time of writing GoodLife USA is currently revising its rank structure and there isn’t any information about what it will end up looking like.

There are two main take-home messages from this compensation plan. First, it’s complicated. There are many different considerations and aspects to consider. You could probably let the company do all the work for you and assume that what you’re paid is always correct. But, the complexity would make it tough to optimize your income and may mean you never understand how much you earn.

The second thing is that your team’s size and success directly impacts your income.

This is true for any MLM and it is a critical factor. There is less focus on recruitment, so there could be less team management. But, even so, you still need a considerable number of customers to be earning a good income.

You’d probably need to manage some of those customers to make sure they’re using the program well and getting the most benefits from it. After all, you need them to stay in GoodLife USA for you to earn money – so it’s important they find the service worthwhile.

Being Successful In Practice

On paper, GoodLife USA seems like it could be powerful. The memberships are fairly expensive and people sign up on an ongoing basis. Plus, the system treats people you enroll and customers roughly the same. This gives you the chance to focus much more on sales, something that isn’t possible with most other MLMs.

Still, there are limitations. For one thing, success with any MLM involves matching the product/services to customers. Many of your initial customers will be friends and family. Even once you start finding new leads, you’ll typically be working within your own social circle. So, take a look at the people around you and think about what they’re likely to buy.

To make consistent sales, you need to be promoting items to people who are actually interested in them. After all, selling weight loss supplements to people who are at their ideal weight would make no sense. In a similar way, you wouldn’t promote expensive health products to people who can barely pay their bills.

With GoodLife USA, you need to be targeting people who have money and who also enjoy traveling. They need to travel often enough to get benefits from the membership. They also must be able to afford traveling and membership.

This is a relatively small audience. Most people probably can’t afford enough travel to be interested in a membership like this.

Another thing is GoodLife USA itself. The company has been around for a while and there are many distributors out there. This would make it much more difficult to get sales. The style of the company may also make some people distrust it automatically.

The site also just offers vague information about discounts – nothing specific. That pattern may be common enough but it doesn’t inspire confidence.

Recruitment Versus Sales

In all honesty, GoodLife USA feels like a chain recruitment system. Under this type of company, most of the sales come from other members, rather than from actual customers.

A key indication is that members get more bonuses from paying for one of the memberships. The higher the membership, the more financial advantages. This is a concerning practice all around and a key indication that the company shouldn’t be trusted. It’s also a bad approach for you. The higher your ongoing costs are, the more sales you need to earn money.

The idea also doesn’t feel trustworthy. This may stop many customers from wanting to get involved. Chain recruitment MLMs are rarely ever successful, especially not in the long-term. Instead, the bulk of your sales need to come from customers.

Making Money With Travel

Travel is an incredibly popular field, one that many people are passionate about. From that angle, GoodLife USA does seem to make sense. But, trying to make money by providing discounts is such an odd strategy. It simply doesn’t seem like it would work, not to any large degree.

Think about it this way, the people who want discounts the most are the ones who are actively trying to save money on their trips. So, why would they shell out for a monthly membership, especially when it’s not clear exactly what you get for the money?

Most people wouldn’t. Instead, they would try to get the best deals they could without paying money – and there are plenty of ways to do just that.

So, where does that leave you? Well, if you’re passionate about travel, there are other angles you can consider. For example, you could turn to affiliate marketing and promote travel-related products and services. There are many affiliate programs in this area. These let you earn off what people spend on products and services. What’s more, you’re promoting things travels actually want, such as luggage, passes, and even flights.

Some people focus on travel writing instead. You might even find a job in this area or you could write about travel on your own website. Either way, you get the chance to talk about travel and you can make some money while doing so. The two approaches can even be combined and many people do just that.

Honestly, this idea is much more powerful than what GoodLife USA offers. Sure, their concept sounds good and their site is impressive. But, I still can’t imagine that you’d ever get that many sales.

Can You Generate Reliable Income With GoodLife USA?

The GoodLife USA Review


Business Opportunity


Despite all their marketing, GoodLife USA isn’t that great. You’re trying to get people to pay for discounts, with no real idea about what they’re getting. The overall style is incredibly unappealing and there are better directions if you want to make money with travel.

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What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I have to be honest though. I’m not a big fan of MLM. Tried it. Hated it.

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