Can You Really Make Money With ItWorks?

can i really make money online as an affiliate marketer or is wealthy affiliate a scam

ItWorks is a health and wellness network marketing company that does surprisingly well for itself. Much of the company’s initial popularity came from a body wrap that is meant to help with weight loss and body contouring.

The company has continued to expand into other areas, refining both its marketing and product selection. They now offer a variety of different beauty, nutrition and lifestyle products. Some of these are more popular than others, but there are certainly enough different options to keep customers interested.

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ItWorks even manages to tap into recent trends, including the keto diet. This gives them an edge over many other companies.

Another advantage is the industry. As a health and wellness company, ItWorks is operating in a field that has plenty of demand. People are often looking for ways to look and feel better. This often means that they’ll try many different products and companies in the effort to find something that is effective.

    Two Ways To Make Money With ItWorks

    ItWorks is a classic MLM and there are two distinct ways to earn. The first is the most basic – you’re selling the products. In the case of ItWorks, most of the sales that you make are online.

    You can increase your income potential further by building a team as well. While you still need to make sales, either way, team building allows you to earn from the success of others. The process makes everything more complex but can potentially increase your income as well.

    With multiple ways to earn, it can be tough to figure out whether a company like ItWorks is a good choice. That’s why this post looks at the main ways to earn and how the company stacks up overall.

    Make Money From Product Sales

    ItWorks currently offers products in three main areas – beauty, nutrition, and lifestyle. None of these are particularly unusual. Many companies in the health field focusing on similar areas.

    Product Areas

    Even so, ItWorks does have some advantages. One is the marketing. The company has managed to make all of their products appear high quality and refined. Even the products that aren’t especially unusual look appealing.

    Another aspect is that some of their products are unusual. The Ultimate Body Applicator is a key example. This is a body wrap that users can place on any part of the body where they want to lose a few inches.

    Ultimate Body Applicator

    The wrap is also the source of some controversy. For many years the wraps were said to help people lose weight. That’s not entirely true. The wraps work to help people lose inches.

    The ingredients in the wraps — along with a balanced diet and exercise routine — work to supposedly absorb excess water weight that’s held in the body’s fat cells. They don’t assist with ‘weight loss’ in any way.

    This type of wrap was a popular trend at one point, but interest has dropped off since then.

    Google Trends data on body wraps

    The body wrap receives mixed reviews. Some claim the product simply does not work. Others counter, saying that users not experiencing results are most likely misusing the product.

    The Ultimate Body Applicator (the body wrap) sells retail for $99 but available for $59 for customers signed up for the ItWorks loyalty program. That’s a lot to pay for a product that might work and might not.

    Many of the other products are pretty typical, like supplements and metabolism boosters. They do have a variety of gel-based skin skincare items that seem to sell well. The gels, like the wraps, can be applied to any area of the body. They make specific gels and creams for the face and hands. The prices range from about $29 to $99, depending on the product.

    The other product area worth mentioning is the Keto Works range. As the name suggests, these items are all designed for a keto diet. Keto is a popular choice for weight loss right now and there aren’t all that many companies that specialize in related products. There also aren’t many MLMs that offer keto items.

    Total Keto Pack

    While the keto products won’t be suitable for everyone, it’s nice to see a health and wellness company that is thinking for itself.

    Product Sales And Income

    For once, ItWorks doesn’t run on a party-based system. The company focuses on online sales instead. Distributors mostly make use of a replicated website, along with the company’s LifeFit! app. Both areas are designed to keep people engaged and will hopefully help you to get sales.

    That being said, the website isn’t anything special. It’s just a replicated site, which means you’re getting the same basic site as everyone else. Your site isn’t going to rank on search engines and there is nothing that will make it stand out. It seems that distributors who become successful with ItWorks products create their own websites and marketing plans.

    You also need to pay $20 a month for the replicated site from ItWorks. Joining costs too, as you need to purchase a starter kit. The cheapest of these costs $99.

    ItWorks Starter Kit

    You do also make some in-person sales. With these, you’re earning the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price. That difference is theoretically 40%, which isn’t too bad.

    Just be aware that you need to purchase the product first, then resell it. This style sometimes leaves distributors out of pocket, as it can be difficult to predict what items people are going to buy and when.

    There is one other consideration when you earn with ItWorks. The company requires you to hit one of two goals each month. You either need to have an automatic shipment of 80 Bonus Volume (BV) each month or you need to reach 150 BV through your own purchases and sales.

    It’s a tricky system. The ideal is to hit 150 BV in sales each month, but you won’t know whether or not you can ahead of time. Honestly, requirements like this suck. They often mean that you need to pay money every single month, just for the potential to make some. Whether or not you will make any income is an entirely different story.

    Make Money Building A Team

    While you can earn money by selling products, your potential income will always be limited. The MLM system of ItWorks means that most of the income potential comes from building a team.

    Like most MLMs, ItWorks relies on a rank system. In this case, you start out as a Distributor and there are eight more ranks that you can get promoted through. Each new rank increases how much money you can earn. Some of the extra income is based on sales that your team members make, while other aspects come from bonuses.

    For example, the Distributor rank earns 10% from their Level 1 team members (anyone they recruit) and 10% from their Level 2. The next step up, Executive, also earns 5% from their Level 3 members.

    This system means that you need to get a decent team of people underneath you and that those individuals need to be successful. If you can’t achieve this, then the income that you earn from your team is likely to be small.

    Another factor to consider is the process of going up through the ranks. Each new rank has requirements. With ItWorks, these requirements are strongly linked to the overall sales of your team, along with the specific structure. For example, the image below shows the main requirements for three of the early ranks.

    Team Structure

    This type of design means that the size and the performance of your team aren’t the only factors. You also need a specific structure. For the Emerald rank, this means having two Ruby legs and another Qualified leg. So, you need at least two recruits who have reached the Ruby rank.

    These requirements are just the beginning. The team member ranks that you need to get much more significant as you make your way up through the ranks.

    Honestly, this is a frustrating design. Having to perform well yourself makes sense, but it’s another story entirely to try and get other people to do the same. You can’t actually make other people be successful and relying on other people’s success is an awful business strategy.

    One other thing to mention is the level of success. The 2016 income disclosure statement shows that close to 79% of all distributors were in the initial rank. This rank had an average monthly income of just $51. The next rank up had an average monthly income of $219. That’s better but not by a large amount.

    Income Disclosure

    The company isn’t doing well in reputation either. It currently has a C+ rating through the Better Business Bureau and there is a stack of complaints against it.

    Better Business Bureau rating

    In fairness, ItWorks hasn’t always done this poorly. Back when the wraps were still very popular, many distributors did make a significant amount of money through the company.

    This seems to have changed in recent years. Distributors are earning less and the compensation plan seems to be harsher. There is more competition than ever before too, which makes it more difficult to get people to buy products.

    Can You Generate Reliable Income With ItWorks?

    The ItWorks Review


    Business Opportunity

    Final Review

    Making money regularly with ItWorks is still possible. Most of the products seem decent enough, even if many are fairly typical for the health and wellness field.

    For many people, the biggest challenge would be marketing. You would need to reach a wider audience than just your friends and family members. It would also be critical to find sales angles, such as what it is that makes ItWorks special. I can imagine some people relying on the keto angle, as that field continues to be popular.

    ItWorks does state that there is ongoing training provided to members, but this probably isn’t enough to leverage the online environment. It would be important to find customers outside of your immediate connections and to work out ways to promote sales.

    Finally, keep an eye on ongoing costs. The compensation plan for ItWorks means that you need to buy or sell a decent amount of products every single month. This can be quite difficult, as life tends to be unpredictable.

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