Can You Really Make Money With Online Verdict?

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We’ve been looking at a lot of different ‘mock jury’ websites lately, in an attempt to find new and better ways to earn cash online… and that is how we found this one. But can you really make money with Online Verdict?

  • My Impressions Of Making Money With Online Verdict
    • Getting Started With
    • Are There Any Real Online Verdict Reviews At All?
      • Is Online Verdict Legit?
    • Taking A Look At The FAQ Page On Online Verdict
    • Ejury VS Online Verdict
    • My Personal Feelings About Online Verdict
    • Our Final Opinion Of Online Verdict

My Impressions Of Making Money With Online Verdict

My first impression of the website was actually very good. However, after digging through the content and reading about how they actually pay, it was obvious this would only ever be a “side gig” at most and would not produce a full time online income.

That being said, Online Verdict was a lot more professional than previous “mock juror” websites I’ve tested before. There are also other similar sites that you can look at, like Jury Talk and Virtual Jury. From my very first look at the website, I was impressed with the general design. It was clean and professional. The graphics were laid out nicely, and the lettering was easy to read and modern-looking.

I was also impressed with the amount of information provided right from the beginning. I will admit that I am a stickler for this. I am not a big fan of websites that want me to sign up for things without giving me enough information to go on. I do realize that a lot of these sites pay out for your time—but at the same time, I’m not a beggar.

I am not ‘desperately’ in need of extra cash. Rather, I want to earn extra cash so that I can better my situation, put more in my savings, and invest more into my other side hustles. In other words, I want a quality, reliable side-hustle that I can use to make extra cash in my spare time.

But can Online Verdict really offer that to me, or is it going to fall a bit short of this mark?

I will also admit that I am picky about my side hustles. I already have a few of them that pay pretty well, so if I am going to spend time on something, it is going to have to be pretty profitable to get my attention.

So that is another reason I sometimes approach extra-money-type sites with a bit of skepticism.

But would prove to meet (or exceed) my expectations?

Getting Started With

The first thing I did was to look at the ‘Benefits’ page on the official Online Verdict website. The headline on this page was ‘Get paid to review and respond to legal cases,’ and it outlined some of the main benefits of joining the site for jurors.

(Note: There was also a benefits page for attorneys, but I was far more interested in the juror part of things, for obvious reasons… I’m looking for a side hustle!)

Just to clarify, mock trial sites like this are basically websites that pay people to look at legal cases and give their feedback about them. Lawyers and law firms use this information to test legal cases, in order to see how it may fair in a trial. It is almost like legal market research, and there is actually quite a demand for it nowadays.

As far as the benefits went, here is what the site claims to provide.

  • An intellectually stimulated opportunity to look at real cases and provide feedback
  • An opportunity to earn money from home
  • Easy qualification (just be a U.S. citizen over the age of 18)
  • You get to choose which cases you review
  • You do not have to ‘commit’ to anything long-term

I actually quite liked how this was all laid out. But I was still not done looking. There was also a ‘How It Works’ page provided, so I clicked on that next.

Here is what I learned on that page.

First of all, you have to sign up (which is kind of a no-brainer). Then, when an attorney posts a case that you are eligible for (which is mostly based on your country or federal district), you get an email invitation.

You will need to respond to the email to actually take part in the study, but keep in mind that it is first-come, first-serve, as they only need so many responses (usually 25 or 50) before they will close the case to other users.

After accepting the case, you will be asked to agree to a confidentiality policy, and you will then review the case materials and answer the provided questions about them. All you have to do is answer honestly. There are no right or wrong answers.

If you complete any cases, you get paid once per month via a check.

There was also a pretty awesome FAQ page provided, so I browsed over that next, just to see what I could learn.

Make Money Online Verdict

Are There Any Real Online Verdict Reviews At All?

In doing research for side hustles, I always check other reviews to see what people are saying. As of April, 2020, I could not find a single review of Online Verdict. I check the first three pages of Google and there simply were not any reviews at all!

There were plenty of websites like mine, evaluating the concept and the company, but nobody I could find that actually tried the product and came back with results.

What that says to me is that you should proceed with caution! There are folks who can make a little money from online jury gigs, but the money isn’t consistent. With no “success stories” out there, Online Verdict doesn’t seem like that promising of a side hustle.

Is Online Verdict Legit?

It’s difficult to say if Online Verdict is “legit” or not. At a glance, the website seems clean and fast, and they are not asking for money or making incredible claims about getting rich. That’s a good sign! However, I thought it was odd that their home page was filled with affiliate links to paid survey sites. If they are offering a legitimate service about being an online juror, why are they sending people away to other companies to earn commissions?

online verdict affiliate links

Even so, I don’t believe that online verdict is a scam. At worst, I think it might be a waste of your time. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find an complaints about Online Verdict either, so perhaps it’s just fake website which is used to get money from affiliate clicks, and they never actually send any jobs at all.

Taking A Look At The FAQ Page On Online Verdict

I was pretty impressed with the FAQ page, mostly because it offered quite a bit of helpful information.

First of all, I learned that you need to complete a juror profile before you can start looking at cases on the site. This consists of you answering a series of demographic questions. You must also agree to the terms of service.

This is not so unusual though. Pretty much all mock jury sites will ask you to do this.

As for what you can expect as a juror, you can expect to receive email invitations when you qualify for cases. You must then choose to participate in those cases by responding to the email. If you do not wish to take part in a particular case, you need only ignore the email… so there is no obligation to be part of any cases that you don’t wish to be involved in.

Next, I learned that there are no fees associated with joining Online Verdict. They pay you to review cases… not the other way around.

As for how much you get paid, I was happy that I was able to find quite a bit of information about this. According to the FAQ page, case reviews take about 20 to 60 minutes. With this in mind, juror payments can range from $20 to $60, depending on how big of a case it is and on how long it will likely take to review it.

This was impressive to me, actually. A lot of mock trial sites don’t seem to offer this much in terms of payment—so yeah, I definitely didn’t have any issues here.

Even a minimum of $20 is not bad for a case that won’t take an hour to review. That’s $20 an hour, at the very least—or even as much as $50-$60 an hour for the more complex cases.

That is just about side-hustle worthy, actually!

As far as how many cases you can expect to be invited to, this will depend mostly on your demographic. For example, people who live in metropolitan areas will probably see more cases come through their email than people who live in rural areas. You may also be more likely to get cases if you live in the Midwest United States, but of course, you could receive cases wherever you live.

One thing that does sound like a bit of a problem is that I am not sure you can expect to be invited to many different cases. So while this side hustle does pay pretty well, you may not always be able to rely on having enough work to make the kind of money that you might like to make.

This makes it very situational, and a little bit less consistent—but it is probably honestly still worth the money if you don’t mind just waiting for cases to come through.

Another thing that I learned is that you cannot actually view cases that are not in your county or area. This is because attorneys need realistic feedback provided by people in the actual demographic of the area where jurors are going to be chosen.

Occasionally there are national surveys, but those are not super common.

After having looked over all of this information, I decided that I had learned enough to give my official feedback. So here is what I ended up thinking about Online Verdict after my research.

Ejury VS Online Verdict

Another popular mock jury website is Ejury. Though the concept is the same, Ejury has more going for it in my opinion. It has a history of users with real experiences with the company, and although not all reviews are positive, they actually exist!

The main complaint, which is common with all jury side gigs (and surveys for that matter), is that the opportunities to participate don’t come often. Plus, the “big payouts” which are advertised on the home page to draw you in are even rarer.

Most people won’t qualify for most juries, most of the time.

My Personal Feelings About Online Verdict

Personally, I liked this site, but it was clear to me that this isn’t going to be any kind of consistent income. For now I’ll continue to focus on my online affiliate business because I can rely on the consistent income.

If they could guarantee more steady work, then this might actually qualify as a legitimate, consistent, profitable side hustle. But as it is, it will have to fit into the category of ‘take what you can get’ side hustles. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is what it is.

Our Final Opinion Of Online Verdict

Should you sign up and use it to make some extra money?

There are a lot of ways to make money online. Some are good, some not, but ALL of them are still just trading hours for dollars.

Starting your own affiliate website really is the best way to build passive income and “make money while you sleep”. Affiliate websites earn income in every timezone, and can be instantly accessed by billions of smartphones across the globe!

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