Can You Really Make Money With SimplyFun?

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SimplyFun is an unusual MLM that is focused on families. It relies on the idea that fun is a powerful way for family members to engage with one another and a way for kids to learn.

The concept is very appealing. Many families are frustrated by the way that kids get hooked into devices and don’t spend that much time engaging with their parents or siblings. Board games are a good way around this issue, especially if the games are also educational.

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An equally important aspect is that SimplyFun offers unusual games. Some of them seem to be unique to the company, while others may not be. Either way, it’s great to see a less common selection of products. This angle alone should be useful for sales.

    Two Ways To Make Money With SimplyFun

    The selection of products should mean that members can make some money simply from product sales. Of course, this is an MLM, so team building is also promoted as part of the income strategy.

    SimplyFun has some interesting features in both of these areas. There is even the potential to make consistent income with the company.

    Make Money From Product Sales

    SimplyFun is based on the concept that play is critical for learning and development. Based on that premise, the company offers a range of different toys, which are designed to teach various life skills and problem-solving.

    Additionally, most of the games are designed to be playable in around 30 minutes, which makes them realistic for busy families. After all, many people aren’t going to have a few hours to put into a game.

    The company also has a wide selection, with almost 150 individual products currently. These are clearly marked with player numbers, time, and ages, making it easy for people to choose what interests them.

    Games from SimplyFun

    Now, there is no shortage of games currently on the market and some of the products from SimplyFun aren’t that unusual. But, other ones are more interesting and the selection is large enough that many people would find something that works for their needs.

    Most companies also create games for entertainment first and may not focus on education at all. So, for parents who want to focus on learning, the products here make sense.

    As a general rule, the games also seem to be reasonably priced. So, many are in the $20 to $30 range, along with some that are less expensive again. The more complex games do have a higher price tag, like the example below at $38. Even then, the prices aren’t that unreasonable.

    Do You Know Shakespeare

    The company also has a much greater focus on the products than on the opportunity. To me, that’s a huge advantage and suggests that the company does actually care about the products that it promotes.

    All-in-all, it seems like the products would work well for the right audience. In particular, you would want to be promoting them to families with kids and cases where the parents do strongly focus on education. For that audience, the products are likely to be popular, especially as they seem to be of decent quality.

    Selling The Games

    To begin with, the simplest way to earn money is sales. Members (called Playologists) earn 25% commission on any sales they make. If that sale is made in-person by cash or check, then the member gets the income instantly. Otherwise, they get it monthly.

    Additionally, members can earn bonuses simply from their sales, as the image below shows. The percentages here are for the lowest rank within the company – and they become higher as people progress through the ranks. But, even at the beginning, you can earn bonuses from sales alone. This offers a way to increase your income without having to build a team at all.

    Sales Bonuses

    SimplyFun also relies primarily on customers ordering. So, distributors can buy products and resell them but they don’t have to. Instead, the main goal is to get customers to order products at events or online, and then the distributor earns a percentage.

    If you’re going to join a direct sales company, this is the best style. It means that you don’t have to keep an inventory yourself and don’t need to guess what people are going to buy. Companies where you have to do that (like LuLaRoe) are harder to get ahead in and there is a greater risk that you’ll lose money.

    So far so good then. A 25% commission may not be an amazing amount per sale but it’s decent enough, especially if you can make consistent sales. The bonuses from sales are also nice – and many companies don’t offer this. Nevertheless, sales are only one aspect of making money.

    Make Money Building A Team

    The other component is team building. As with every MLM, there is more income potential here. The general concept is that you need to recruit others, who then need to do the same. Additionally, both you and your team members should be making regular sales.

    Most companies operate through a rank-based system – and this is true for SimplyFun as well. The ranks are like promotions. So, the higher up you go, the more income potential. But, SimplyFun is a little different, as their plan is simplified, with just four different ranks on offer.

    Individuals start at the first rank (Builder), which just involves purchasing a starter kit. Subsequent ranks come with their own requirements. This includes levels of personal sales that you need to meet, along with sales in your team. For example, the image below shows the requirements at the highest rank.

    Highest Rank

    The general pattern is what you see in other companies. So, higher ranks are harder to reach and more difficult to stay in. But, if you can, there are also more bonuses and more potential for income overall.

    You even earn increases in personal sales commissions as you go up the ranks. While this feature isn’t unheard of, it is unusual.

    Personal Bonuses

    The emphasis on team building certainly isn’t as large as in other companies. The presence of only four ranks is one indication of this. Additionally, you can only earn income from up to three generations. Many companies let you earn from five or even more. There seem to be fewer bonuses with team building as well.

    That being said, there is still considerable work involved in reaching the highest ranks in the company – and those ranks do offer the most income potential. This suggests that you should consider what you want to do with the company. For example, do you plan to focus primarily on just sales or would you want to try and reach the higher ranks?

    I’m personally impressed with the overall style. The team-building component is the most difficult part of any MLM and companies often present it as an amazing opportunity. It’s nice to see that SimplyFun is more realistic. Their whole design also means that you could focus more on selling the products and less on team building and management.

    Hidden Costs And Challenges

    One other aspect to mention is the cost. The main initial fee is $129, which gets members a starter kit that contains some of the products, along with business tools. There also seems to be no requirement to make purchases yourself.

    Even so, there is a sales requirement. You need to hit $500 in sales every six months to stay active in the company. The total here is high but it is spread across six months, rather than being a lower monthly requirement.

    That pattern actually works well. It gives you more flexibility and means that you can have a few low sales months without it being an issue. And realistically, if you can’t make $500 of sales within six months, direct sales probably isn’t the best field for you.

    Nevertheless, this pattern can create pressure to purchase for some people. For example, if you fall just under that amount, you might choose to buy yourself to push the total over the required margin. Doing so may not be a major issue but it can be easy to end up spending more than you’re earning.

    Additionally, there are extra requirements if you go into the higher ranks of the company.

    One other area is the parties. Distributors for SimplyFun use a party-based model, which means that they’re showing off and introducing people to the products. This type of design is popular and can be a powerful way to promote sales.

    Nevertheless, the parties can sometimes pressure distributors into purchases. After all, being able to demonstrate a product is one of the best ways to promote sales – but you have to own that particular item first. It can also be beneficial to offer gifts or prizes, which comes out of your pocket as well.

    If you’re getting enough sales at a party, then such costs are simply business expenses. But if your sales are on the low end, then the costs could outweigh your profits. If nothing else, it’s important to pay attention to any outgoings and make sure the balance is right.

    Can You Generate Reliable Income With SimplyFun?

    The SimplyFun Review


    Business Opportunity

    Final Review

    In some ways, SimplyFun could work well as a method of earning money. For one thing, you are earning 25% commission on sales, even if you do no team building whatsoever. There are companies out there that offer higher but 25% isn’t horrible. In fact, you would typically earn less per sale from affiliate programs.

    With that in mind, if you could drive enough sales, it would be possible to turn a decent profit through SimplyFun – even if you never choose to build a team.

    But, as you can probably guess, getting those sales is the challenge. With this type of company, you’re primarily promoting to a warm market, which consists of people you know, including friends and family members. In practice, many of them simply won’t be interested in the games provided or might not be able to afford them.

    Additionally, much of the early interest you get maybe because of the novelty of the company and products. If that’s the case, then you could find that sales become harder to make as time goes on.

    Most people probably don’t have the audience needed to make a decent income from sales alone. For that matter, many won’t have the connections to build a successful team either, especially as being a team member requires much more commitment than buying products.

    One way around this is to take advantage of the internet. You have access to a much wider audience online, including many people you simply wouldn’t meet personally. SimplyFun gives members a website that they can use to make sales as well, which is the first step.

    However, those websites are exactly the same for each member. This means that you’d need to take extra steps to find leads and get traffic to the site. Doing so is entirely achievable, but it will involve more work than SimplyFun implies in their marketing.

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