Can You Really Make Money With Smiley360?

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I discovered this site online, but at first I was not completely sure what it was. It was introduced as a website that gave away free products, but I was curious if you could make any cash using it.

So I took a closer look, and discovered some things about it.

Can you really make money with Smiley360? What is it all about? Can you get free products with it? If so, what types of products?

These were the questions that I had on my mind as I began my research.

  • Making Money With Smiley360
    • Reading About Smiley360
    • Reading Reviews Of Smiley360
    • My Personal Feelings About The Smiley360 Website
    • Our Final Thoughts About Smiley360

Making Money With Smiley360

To talk about making money, we need to take a look at the Smiley360 website itself and how the whole process works.

The home page was actually pretty attractive, and included a nice image set as the backdrop, along with some pretty trendy messaging on the left-hand side of the screen. On the landing page, it says that you can ‘Sign up, connect, and join over 900,000 Smiley members to try products for free, build relationships with brands, and influence the market.’

So far, it sounded a lot like a survey/review site. But I was very interested in the fact that they give you the option to try products for free.

I was still curious about whether or not you could actually earn cash with it, because that is what my end-game goal is. But I wasn’t sure at this point, so I decided to continue onward.

Note: You can find the official website here:

In viewing the landing screen, I discovered a small menu tab that had a few different options on it. This was located at the bottom of the page, and had the following options…

  • Terms
  • Privacy
  • Disclosure
  • About Us
  • Contact Us

There were also ‘Login’ and ‘Create Account’ buttons located on this screen as well. But before signing up, I decided to read the ‘About Us’ page, just to see what I could learn.

I wanted to find out if I could legitimately earn side-hustle cash with this site, or if it was just another gimmicky site intended to make money off of my efforts. A lot of websites that claim to offer rewards don’t really offer that much for your time, so I was interested in finding out if Smiley360 was different.

I love the idea of getting free products to try, but I wasn’t exactly sure how the whole thing functioned.

Here is what I found.

Reading About Smiley360

I was able to learn quite a bit about Smiley360 by reading this page. First of all, I learned that they call themselves ‘an online community of influential consumers who try products and experiences for free and share their opinions with others.’

I also learned that the company was started in 2009 and that they started it with one purpose. They wanted to help create more communication between consumers and the brands that they wanted to buy.

I also found out how the site works. There are three basic steps to it. These steps are…

  1. You qualify to try products and services. Qualifying members are able to take part in Missions, which means that they send you something to try out. You can either accept or decline missions when you receive them, though they try to match every member with missions that suit their lifestyle.
  2. You share feedback about what you are trying with friends, fellow Smiley members, and the company who created the product.
  3. You earn points and badges to improve your community status. They reward sharers with more missions, so the more missions you complete, and the more feedback you share, the more you will be able to try free products in the future.

They also make it a point to say that their members never have to pay anything to take part in activities on the site. This seems to be a very important part of what they are offering and is part of their core value as a company.

Next, I decided to take a look at some online reviews of Smiley360, to see if I could figure out what other people had to say about them. Thus far, I had formulated the beginnings of an opinion about the company, but I was still interested in seeing what other people had to say about it as well.

Here is what I found in some third party reviews of the site.

Reading Reviews Of Smiley360

First of all, I learned that my assessment of the site had, thus far, been correct. And the other reviews that I checked out seemed to mirror my own feelings about it, for the most part.

This is a site that will send you free stuff, but if you want to continue to get free stuff and/or wish to earn more rewards, you need to complete the missions as specified and give quality feedback.

And the better you do, the more free stuff you can get. The company doesn’t pay you for your feedback, as I first thought. So the free products are the incentive.

To start the entire process, you take surveys. Once you have completed enough of them to qualify for a mission, you will be notified and given the details. If you wish to accept, you will start your first mission and get started.

Providing feedback for the product usually consists of filling out a survey about it. As long as you answer it honestly and do your best, you should have no trouble getting it all figured out.

You even get to keep the product that you reviewed as a bonus, so that’s pretty awesome!

There are, however, a few complaints about the site circulating around out there. For one, you don’t actually get paid with cash, so some people are not into that. Second, the company sometimes only sends out sample-sizes of products, which sometimes makes them not worth the effort.

Now, with that being said, the reviews I looked at certainly made it a point to say that this only happens sometimes. You sometimes also get full-sized versions of products to try, so that makes it a much better deal.

And finally, some people don’t like that you do not always qualify for missions at all. Just like with many survey sites, there will be a certain percentage of people who might not qualify for many (or any) missions, and there may not be anything that you can do about this problem.

There is a similar site, called Influenster, that some people seem to like more. We’ve reviewed that site as well, and while it is a larger site, I am not sure that either one of these is necessarily better. I think that both of them could be worth the time.

As it is, I don’t have much of a problem with Smiley360. I mean, they send you free stuff in exchange for you giving feedback about it—and that, to me, seems like a cool concept.

I do hope that they send out more full-sized products than samples, as samples actually might not be worth it—but once you start doing missions, it sounds like you will get more than one opportunity, so you will probably experience all kinds of new products if you keep up with it all.

My Personal Feelings About The Smiley360 Website

Personally, I like the idea of a site that sends you free samples in exchange for asking your opinions about them. I also love the fact that you get to keep the samples as payment. This, to me, sounds like a site that I would be interested in, and I will likely be giving it a try.

However, I will also say that this site doesn’t necessarily meet my qualifications for a side hustle. You will not make any money using it, so that kind of puts it into a different category. This could be a fun site to use, and a fun way to get some free stuff, but it is not going to put any cash into your pocket.

So as a side hustle, this one doesn’t really cut it.

If you like to try new products, enjoy getting things in the mail, and wouldn’t mind giving feedback, then this may be a perfect website for you to try. As for whether or not it is better than Influenster (or PINCHme) which is very similar in some ways but different in others… that is more of a matter of personal preference, I think, than of one being ‘better.’

I think that this site does offer a lot of upsides for people who might want to try new things. I was a bit disappointed that you couldn’t earn cash on it, because that’s what I’m looking for… but oh well. Not every website pays out in cash, and not every site can fill that side-hustle role.

So I will just keep looking for that in different places.

Our Final Thoughts About Smiley360

Should you sign up for it and use it to get some free stuff?

There are a lot of ways to make money online. Some are good, some not, but ALL of them are still just trading hours for dollars.

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