Can You Really Make Money With The KidzEyes Survey Website?

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Not too long ago, I took a look at a survey site called ParentSpeak. That site was run by the same company that runs this one, but it was dedicated to parents. This site, on the other hand, is dedicated to kids. But can you really make money with the KidzEyes survey website

To begin with, let me just start out by saying that this survey site is more intended as a medium through which kids can give their opinions on different things… and in-so-doing, earn a bit of extra cash at the same time.

Obviously, adults will not be able to make use of this site, beyond helping their kids to participate.

But… I am all about side-hustles, and I know that there are also a lot of kids out there who are also entrepreneurially minded and who would love to bring in some extra cash for themselves (one of my kids is actually a lot like this).

So, with that being said, I decided to check this survey site out, and join it as I would if I were helping my own kid to fill out surveys and make extra cash.

So, just to reiterate, this site does not seem like the kind of site an adult could use to make extra money. But for kids… it could be awesome.

We will see.

    Making Money With The KidzEyes Survey Website

    KidzEyes is, according to the About Page, “an online research panel composed of kids’ ages 6-12 years old that live in the United States.” is a division of C+R Research, which is a marketing firm that has been in business since 1959.

    On the home page of the website, there were tabs to an About page, a Help page, a Poll of the Week page, a Games page, and a Kids Corner page… but what I was most interested in was the ‘Join Now’ button.

    So I clicked on it, decided that I would go ahead and create a profile. Here is what happened.

    Creating A Profile On KidzEyes

    To start with, I was taken to this page… which looked almost exactly like the first page I was taken to on the ParentSpeak survey site as well. It is easy to see that these sites were created by the same company.

    I clicked continue and was taken to a page where I needed to enter-in my birth-date. There was also a message on this page about safety. Here is what it said…

    “Before we begin, we’d like to take a moment to point out that KidzEyes takes the online safety of our members very seriously.”

    This was nice to see. I mean, when talking about a site that is designed for kids, safety is always the first thing that comes to mind. Everyone wants to know that their kids are going to be safe from any sort of online nonsense of any kind… so it is nice that this site addressed these fears right out of the gate.

    I clicked forward, and came to this page… which took all of this to another level.

    Ok, so on this page, the site really takes a step forward with the safety issue… which is awesome. I mean, let’s not forget that this is a site for kids… So making sure that your kids are going to be safe is of paramount importance.

    Now, on the following pages, I had to give out quite a bit of personal information. I needed to give out my phone number, name, address, email address, and even the last four digits of my social security number.

    But this process actually got even more in-depth when the site asked me for the real names of any of my kids who were going to be participating. The site also wanted me to create usernames for any children who would be participating and wanted me to create passwords for each one as well.

    From how I understood it, I could access my children’s profiles from my profile and sort of ‘supervise’ their activity, while also allowing them to have their own logins and profiles.

    But, since my kids were not actually signing up to take surveys, I was a bit uneasy giving out their names and such. I do not doubt that this website has plenty of safety protocols in place… I just don’t want to give out such sensitive information about my kids unless it is for a very good reason.

    So I decided to abort this part of the mission, and go back to the home page and see what else I could learn.

    Taking A Closer Look At KidzEyes

    Ok, so after taking a closer look at the About section of the website, I learned a few things. First of all, I learned that this site sends out about 1 to 2 surveys per month.

    I also found out that you can cash in your points for a prize as soon as you reach 1,000 points, which is very cool. I was not able to learn how much the site pays per survey, but I didn’t even feel like this was an important detail at this point.

    I had already learned enough to know what I thought about KidzEyes, and here is my take on it.

    My Personal Opinion Of The KidzEyes Survey Website

    Personally, I liked the idea of this site… but maybe not for the usual reasons.

    I love the idea of encouraging kids to be better with money. I love giving kids the opportunity to expand their minds and make some of their own cash. I think that we all-too-often fail our children in this sense.

    We teach them to line up at school, to be followers, and how to work for someone else. But we do not spend enough time teaching them that they can make their own way, as well. As businessmen, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors, etc.

    So websites like this, which are intended to give children the means to earn some extra money, are awesome.

    So as a tool that kids could use to learn more about money, this is a pretty awesome website. It is also awesome as an opportunity for allowing kids to learn more about earning their own extra cash, which could really help to give them a better foundation for handling their own monetary business as an adult later on in life.

    But will I be using KidzEyes at any point in the future? Here is my answer.

    Will I Be Using KidzEyes At Any Point In The Future?

    KidzEyes definitely doesn’t qualify as a side hustle, for many reasons. For one, it only offers one to two surveys per month. So it would not even be able to give you the kind of survey material that you would need to be able to generate any real meaningful amounts of cash.

    Also, let’s not forget that this survey site is specifically designed for kids. In other words… unless you are a kid, between the ages of 5 and 13, you are not even going to be able to take surveys on this site and get paid for them.

    But… this is also part of what makes the site really cool.

    No, I will not be using this website as a side hustle for myself. I am much, much older than 12 years old (back when I was 12, I’m not even sure that I remember if I had access to dial-up internet or not). But… that is not why I would be interested in this site anyway.

    I would be interested in this site as a tool to help teach my kids about work, side-hustle mentality, what it means to do extra work to make extra cash, etc. All of those things are important.

    Plus, I think that my kids would rather enjoy giving their opinions and taking surveys anyway. Kids are pretty opinionated, after all (especially mine)… so it seems like that would be right down their alley!

    Do I feel like you could generate much cash with this site? Probably not. It would honestly probably take quite a while to build up enough to cash out.

    But it could make a fun project for the kids. They would learn a lot about work, how much their time is worth, and what it would mean to not have as much work as they might like to have.

    This could transition into a discussion about the importance of having side-hustles to sustain you during monetary dry seasons in life. But it could also teach kids the importance of a positive work ethic—and that the effort they put into their projects can translate to real-world rewards.

    It is nice to give kids that kind of positive reinforcement, and I think that this site could help if the kids in-question liked the idea of taking surveys to earn a little bit of extra spending money.

    Our Final Thoughts About The KidzEyes Survey Website

    Should you sign up and try to use it to make some extra money??

    The KidzEyes Survey Website Review

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