Google Rankings, Where do I rank?

Check Your Website Ranking in Google. It’s easy.

When you create a website, you will begin to build natural content on that site and it is extremely important to be aware of where your website in ranking in Google. It’s even more essential that you know where individual pages and posts are ranking on Google.

check your website ranking

There are a variety of ways in which you can check your actual ranking in Google. You could do a manual search, however, this is a time-consuming activity to say the least. You could also use one of the automation software packs that are available on the market to show you exactly where you are ranked, and in some cases, this will actually track your rankings over longer periods of time.

I will show you the process of how to check your website rankings in Google and in the other “top” search engines Bing & Yahoo. Once you understand this process then you can spend time studying and tracking your rankings in order to get your website highly ranked in these search engines. This will give you a head start to improve your results and understand your rankings.

Google Ranking, How does it Work.

You’ll want to know how exactly does Google work, and how do they determine why one website or article is worthy of a better rankings than another, very similar piece of content on their website.

Google looks for many variables, in fact there are 1,000’s of contributing factors that go towards their “search ranking algorithm”. These are commonly known as Google Ranking factors. However, as you learn how to build out your website in a way that is “search engine optimised”, rankings will come far easier than you could expect.

This is why it is absolutely imperative that you properly optimise your websites and get proper training. I won’t go into the exact ins and out of ranking metrics, right now but in essence it comes down to the quality of the content that you are creating on your site, your user design, the speed of your website, the engagement you get within your website, and over time, the overall authority and reputation your website has within Google.

Why it is So Important to Rank?

Rankings lead to traffic on your website. It is that simple. The reason you want to rank in Google is that it is going to allow you to capture relevant search traffic, that will then come to your website, and ultimately represents a great deal of opportunity.

No different from the off-line world, where you are trying to get customers to walk by storefront, this is equivalent to that. The more ranking you have under more keywords, will equate to more relevant traffic. There’re many affiliate/internet marketers and large corporations that drive the entirety of their online income through SEO in Google.

Rankings quite simply lead to free, highly relevant traffic. Obviously you will have put the time and effort in to get ranked through creating amazing content, etc, but you are now on your way to creating a long term and sustainable online business.

Where to Go to Quickly Check Your Rank

There are several ways in which you can track your rankings in Google. You can do it manually by heading over to (or your country specific version of Google), do a search, and then come up with……

Simply do a Google search, if I was looking to see if I was ranked under the term “dog training”, I would pop this search into Google (as shown below).

google search dog training

Then you simply scroll down the ranks, through the ads and the image results, to find your are ranking. If you do not find that you are on the first page of the rankings, you would then click to the next page and so on and so forth.

This is an extremely time-consuming and mind-numbing to do it this way, however, and there are far better ways.

Jaaxy SiteRank is what I use and would personally recommend to check rankings in Google, Bing & Yahoo as it super efficient (seconds) and does it automatically. Jaaxy literally scans all the search engines and will inform you of your ranking and also whether your rankings are going up or down!

You have the facility to access SiteRank directly through, even within a free Starter membership. If you don’t already have an account, I highly recommend that you get one here.

With you gain access to an entire research platform and to the best elite affiliate marketing training in the world along with full coaching. However, if it’s just Siterank that you want to use, no problem.

Tracking Your Rankings Long Term

As you begin to establish your website online, you will want to be very aware of your rankings, which rankings are going up, which are going down, and whether your website’s health in general is improving or not.

I am happy when my sites perform well, however, If I were to see a downward trend in my rankings, I would likely want to investigate why the rankings were going down.

There are many factors that can lower rankings on your site, however some of the most common are lack of content creation (little consistency), lack of engagement within your actual content (comments), or trying to “Trick” Google into ranking you through operatives like back linking schemes or black hat techniques that always end up getting punished by Google.

So, how do you…

Drastically Improve Your SEO

As you check where you are ranking in search engines, it is essential that you comprehend how to use and process this information. With Jaaxy SiteRank (Pro/Enterprise), you have the ability to automatically track your rankings of a time frame.

This allows you to create a keyword rank check and set it to daily, twice per week, weekly, twice per month, or monthly. Thus, the more often you scan for rankings, the more specific and detailed your data will be in respect to fluctuation.

Jaaxy Site Rank

Rankings going UP, rankings GOING DOWN, or, rankings FLAT LININGS are the three possible scenarios that you could encounter.

If you have a brand new website, it’s quite normal that you might not actually be ranking at all. If you begin to build out your website properly in a way that it is created for SEO, then it is inevitable that you will begin to see some real progress within the search engines within 3 months – Google, Bing and Yahoo. You will then be able to continue with that positive upward trend.

The key to great rankings is being able to truly understand and also have access to ranking data that will help you with your SEO activities and lead to a lot of traffic. It will identify what has you have done that has led to great traffic, what has hurt your traffic and what has led to no traffic. It is in this way that you can adjust your course of action and drive traffic accordingly. Jaaxy Siterank (a research platform within Wealthy Affiliate) is an excellent platform for helping offer you this bird eye view.

Please leave a comment below or get in touch if you have any questions about site ranking.


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