Hostinger Review: A Great Option For New Online Business Owners

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Hostinger has several advantages, including the cheapest domain names. Keep reading to learn more about Hostinger.

  • About Hostinger
  • What Makes Hostinger Unique?
  • Hostinger Online Reputation
  • Shared Hosting (From $2.15/mo.)
  • Free Website Builder
  • Cheap Domain Names (From $0.99/year)
  • VPS Hosting (From $4.95/mo.)
  • Hosting Customer Support Review
  • Cancellation and Free Trial
  • Who is the Ideal Customer Hostinger?
  • Hostinger Final Review

About Hostinger

Hostinger was voted one of the top ten WordPress hosts for 2017. It is then no surprise that they have over 29 million users in 178 countries. Hostinger has a solid online reputation, along with WordPress optimized servers that can deliver five times the speed of standard WordPress hosting. They also offer award-winning technical support and a variety of additional features to help you grow your website.

Another advantage of choosing Hostinger for your web hosting needs is access to one of the best drag-and-drop website builders, with terrific templates that will help you create a professional website in under one hour.

The VPS hosting comes with a user-friendly control panel and the shared hosting starts at just $2.15 per month. You’ll also enjoy quality customer support and a user-friendly environment that is perfect for novice WordPress users.

What Makes Hostinger Unique?

Most hosting companies will overcharge for added extras, such as domain names or SSL Certificates, which is not the case with Hostinger. Everything is priced fairly and there are no hidden fees. I have seen some website hosts insist customers buy SSL certificates for $40 per year. Hostinger supplies lifetime SSL security certificates for just $9.99, which is a very raesonable price. You can also purchase “.com” domain names for as little as $8.99 per year, which is about half the price charged by some other budget hosts like Godaddy.

Hostinger offers some of the cheapest website hosting you will find. What makes Hostinger unique is the fact they have not cut any corners. You get reliable hosting and access to some wonderful features, including a free website builder. This is one of the world’s top WordPress hosts, offering shared hosting at a very affordable price.

is wealthy affiliate a scam or can i actually make a six figure income online as an affiliate marketer

Along with affordable prices, Hostinger has amazing customer support. Most issues are resolved in a matter of hours.

Hostinger Online Reputation

As mentioned, Hostinger was voted as one of the best WordPress hosts for 2017. Along with being voted one of the best WordPress hosts for 2017, Hostinger scored 10 out of 10 on various review sites. The site gave a score of 9 out of 10, with very few customer problems being reported. and gave maximum scores for reliability, features, customer support, and overall value. Most independent reviews show support issues being solved in just a few hours.

If you are looking for a hosting company with a solid online reputation, you need to look no further. Hostinger has consistently great reviews from both new website owners and established webmasters.

Shared Hosting (From $2.15/mo.)

With optimized WordPress hosting offering speeds up to five times faster than their competitors, Hostinger provides some of the fastest and cheapest shared hosting you will find. The only restriction you will find is on the Single Hosting plan. All other plans offer unlimited everything and a selection of additional extras.

  • Single Hosting ($2.15/mo.) 1 Website, 10GB Storage, 100GB Bandwidth, Easy Website Builder
  • Premium Hosting ($3.49/mo.) Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited email, WordPress Optimized x 3, Free SSL Security Certificate, Free Domain Name
  • Business Hosting ($7.95/mo.) Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited email, WordPress Optimized x 5, Free SSL Security Certificate, Free Domain Name

Normally, I’d say opt for the middle tier plan, but their Business Hosting level is such an attractive price, that I think if you are building affiliate websites, it’s worth it to start out at this level. Unlimited website and email will come in handy as you experiment with different niches.

Free Website Builder

If you are new to WordPress and have not been able to learn the tricks involved in getting a website live, a free website builder is the best place to start. Hostinger has one of the best drag-and-drop website builders you will find. In fact, their website builder was voted the best for 2017.

The Easy Website Builder from Hostinger is everything the name would suggest. It’s easy to use and provides dozens of professional-looking templates that require nothing more than dragging and dropping various elements.

Using the provided website builder, you can have a simple website live in just minutes. You can also build your own blog or eCommerce store without any difficulty. All the tools are there to develop and promote your website.

is wealthy affiliate a scam or can i actually make a six figure income online as an affiliate marketer

You can get “.com” domain names for as little as $8.99 per year. These low prices add to the value offered by Hostinger.

That being said, I never use website builders. I always go for straight WordPress websites, since they are easy to move between hosts, and I don’t become dependent on software I won’t find anywhere else. It’s really not that hard.

So why do I mention the builder? Well, a lot of people use it, and a lot of people simply want to get their website up. That being said, my advice is to just use WordPress, and if you need customization hire someone for a few dollars per hour, watch some YouTube videos, or get hosting that includes WordPress help, such as DreamPress.

Cheap Domain Names (From $0.99/year)

Most hosting plans will give you a free domain name and then charge more than the going price for renewal. With Hostinger, you will find some of the lowest prices for domain names. New domain names start at just $0.99 per year, with “.com” domains available for $8.99 per year.

VPS Hosting (From $4.95/mo.)

There are two important things to consider with Hostinger VPS. The first consideration is the price and the second is the reliability of the servers. Hostinger has affordable VPS plans and responsive servers for fast loading websites. As with their shared hosting plans, Hostinger offers tremendous value without cutting back on quality.

VPS comes with a dedicated control panel, which is by far one of the most user-friendly control panels I have seen. The 24/7 customer support is great, making VPS hosting from Hostinger an attractive offer. Starting at $4.95 per month, the VPS plans are a good entry point for those that are new to WordPress and VPS.

  • VPS 1 ($4.95/mo.) 2.4 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, 2 GB Burst RAM, 20 GB Storage, and 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • VPS 2 ($15.95/mo.) 4.8 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM, 4 GB Burst RAM, 40 GB Storage, and 2000 GB Bandwidth
  • VPS 3 ($25.95/mo.) 7.2 GHz CPU, 3 GB RAM, 6 GB Burst RAM, 60 GB Storage, and 3000 GB Bandwidth
  • VPS 4 ($35.95/mo.) 9.6 GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM, 8 GB Burst RAM, 80 GB Storage, and 4000 GB Bandwidth
  • VPS 5 ($55.95/mo.) 12 GHz CPU, 6 GB RAM, 12 GB Burst RAM, 120 GB Storage, and 5000 GB Bandwidth
  • VPS 6 ($75.95/mo.) 14.4 GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM, 16 GB Burst RAM, 160 GB Storage, and 6000 GB Bandwidth

Hosting Customer Support Review

The customer support is highly rated, even on the most basic hosting plans. Most issues are resolved quickly and without fuss. The 24/7 chat support is refreshingly efficient when dealing with problems. On higher level hosting plans, you will find express support. Basically, as you move through the levels of shared hosting, the support keeps getting better.

If you are new to website hosting or WordPress, technical support is one of the biggest issues in selecting a hosting plan. Hostinger has a support team that comes highly recommended. You can even get expert support for the free website builder if you run into any problems. Regardless of the plan that you choose, you can count on Hostinger to help resolve your issues.

Hostinger also gets good reviews from other hosting review websites

Cancellation and Free Trial

Hostinger offers a 30-day full money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your hosting you are entitled to a full refund in the first 30 days. The refund does not include any additional extras, such as domain names or domain privacy.

You can also cancel your hosting at any time through your control panel. Hostinger has also made it easy to migrate your website to a new host, without any aggressive billing techniques to try to get you to stay.

Who is the Ideal Customer Hostinger?

Hostinger offers competitively priced hosting that is ideal for those who are new to website hosting and WordPress. The best thing about this hosting, besides the price, is the excellent customer support.

I found Hostinger to offer some of the fastest support I have experienced from a budget host. Though looking at host after host can be confusing because features start to bleed together and one host doesn’t stand out from another, know that most of the time, you’ll do just fine with your choice. If you are looking to build a small to medium sized online business, then Hostinger is great to start out with, especially because it’s cheap. Eventually you may want to move to a more specialized host, but you can wait to do that until you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Hostinger Final Review

Budget hosting can be a minefield and it is not unusual to find hosting companies offering low-cost hosting loaded with additional extras at a premium cost. Hostinger has managed to deliver budget hosting with no nasty surprises. Any additional extras you need, such as domains or security certificates, are offered at very competitive prices.

The WordPress hosting has everything you need to build an empire of highly responsive websites and blogs. There are some wonderful additional features, such as unlimited subdomains, and some very useful SEO tools. Overall, Hostinger offers exceptional value and support with a fantastic online reputation.

My all-time favorite host is Kinsta. They are pricey, but freakin’ fast, fast and the support is rock-solid. The STARTER plan is great for one website, but I recommend the BUSINESS 1 if you want to build multiple websites

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