I’ve talked to a lot of network marketers over

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I’ve talked to a lot of network marketers over the past 10 years, and there’s one thing that’s a very clear hurdle that stops them from going from the average direct sales rep, to a full-time self-employed business owner or even one of those team-building rockstars.

What’s that single thing holding them back?

They don’t know how to generate leads for their network marketing business.

Even if they land a couple, they can’t get a consistent system going that allows them to grow their income to where they want it.

Lead generation is very difficult for any business, but it’s absolutely, 100% THE most difficult thing about network marketing.

The good news is that there’s actually a pretty easy answer to getting more leads for your business, no matter what brand or product you represent.

Most network marketers are not doing this right now, so your new leads are going to be like shooting fish in a barrel.

You’ll be able to access untapped markets with some pretty easy techniques I’ll show in the next few minutes.

When I tell you what it is, you’re going to think to yourself, “Oh, duh! Of course that makes sense!”. But the fact of the matter is that 1) People are not doing this thing despite the fact that it’s super obvious they should, and 2) Even if they know this will help, they simply don’t know what the first step to implementing this strategy is.

So what is this super obvious thing to collect leads that no one is actually doing?


Some people actually do take that first step and get their website online, but even the vast majority of those individuals will not actually generate leads or sales from their website.

I’ll show you how to build an effective website that will rake in the leads, but let’s take a look at why building a website is necessary in today’s network marketing business, and why 99% of people that have a website are doing it 100% wrong.

I’ve got 8+ years experience in online marketing, so this is some legit, powerful knowledge that will change your life right now so keep reading.

Network Marketing In The Modern World

Let’s just be honest here for a second and admit to ourselves that “parties” suck. In a pre-internet world, they were a great way for the ladies of the local town to get together, chat, trade recipes and tips, oh, and maybe make a little cash on the side promoting some Amway products.

Nowadays, ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

On top of simply not having time, parties are just boring, and ineffective. They can also put a strain on your personal relationships. It’s very common for friends to stop talking to friends because they just won’t stop trying to sell MLM products. Amway and Herbalife have been around for decades now, and some people simply are not receptive to network marketing, no matter what you’re selling. “NO JENNA. I don’t want your essential oils!”

Yeah, you can call them haters, but it’s fair enough to assume that friends and family will only support your business so far. They can jumpstart you, but they can’t sustain you forever. To be a successful, independent business owner you need leads from outside your network of friends and family.

Many new IBOs turn to the internet as answer.

Now we’re getting warmer….

But these newbies…and I’m assuming you’re in this category…get stuck in the same old grooves as everyone else: promoting on Facebook and Instagram.

Reality check: selling to friends and family on social media is annoying. It’s a great way to get blocked.

Sorry Not Sorry.

I just want to build a picture of what you’re up against so you can stop doing things that don’t work.

What Actually Works (And How To Do It)

So if we can’t sell to friends and family in real life, or on social media, who do we get in our “team” and where do we find them?

We need to find people that are already interested in your products before you start selling to them.

Here’s a great example.

Let’s say you’re going shopping at Target for some pajamas because Autumn is coming soon. Someone stops you at the door and tries to sell some jewelry from a company you never heard of. Your mind is thinking about buying pajamas, so this jewelry salesperson is just an annoying person is in your way. You just ignore them and keep walking.

Now let’s say you’re going shopping at Target but this time you are actually going shopping for some new jewelry for a wedding next week. Someone stops you at the door selling jewelry. Though you haven’t heard of the brand, you will probably at least give them the time of day and see what they have to offer.

See how you’re a lot more receptive to being sold to in the second scenario?

The idea to understand here is that we want to use the internet to find people that are already interested in what we’re offering, so we don’t have “sell” at all.

This technique works for any product or brand, and can absolutely work for your business, no matter what company you’re representing.

A website is exactly the tool we need to accomplish this.

How To Use A Website The Right Way To Get Leads & Sales

Some folks do figure out that a website can be a pretty powerful way boost your network marketing business. However, they don’t know how to use a website properly to get leads and sales, and this is exactly what I’m going to show you right now.

Most people, when they think of selling online, they think of an “online shopping mall” where they list products you can buy.

This is NOT what we want to do.

Those websites can be useful if you already have a client base that buys from you, but remember, we need to generate new clients. We gotta find ’em first!

The best way to do this is with a blog-style website that talks about a topic related to whatever you’re selling.

Let’s use essential oils as an example, since they’re super popular right now.

Instead of creating a website called buyessentialoils.com, you create a website called naturalhealingathome.com

In your website, you don’t just “sell” essential oils. You talk about all of the strategies that someone could use to cure or remedy common ailments.

Are you catching on yet?

Sometimes the answer is just to take more Vitamin C. Sometimes, the solution is going to be to use essential oils.

When the solution is essential oils, then you can promote the brand you represent.

For example, you can write an article on your website called “10 Ways To Naturally Cure Anxiety”. With #10 on the list being lavender extract essential oils, you can link to the sales page of your brand, or set up an ecommerce shop right in your website and ship the product yourself.

How about one more example.

Let’s say you’re promoting an anti-aging cream from a makeup company. You can make a website that writes about makeup solutions for busy working moms. You can call your site makeupforbusymoms.com.

Not only can you embed YouTube video makeup tutorials, but you can also write articles on related topics. One article could be called “Does anti-aging cream really work or are they all a scam?”. When someone lands on your article, they’ll read whatever you researched and wrote.

At the end of the article, if you conclude that while some creams are a scam, some are not, you can promote the brand of cream you think is best.

Of course, the next step after finding clients to buy your products is to figure out which ones would be interested in selling them. There are many ways to do that, including with an email list, but I don’t want to bog you down with too many details at this point. Baby steps!

The Online Lead Generation Process In Review

Now that you’ve seen a couple examples of how this is done, let’s go back to the beginning and remember what we’re trying to accomplish.

  • We want to reach people who are already interested in our products
  • We don’t want to annoy friends and family
  • We want more leads to get into our downline.
  • We want to help people with our business

A website helps us do all of that, no matter where we live, no matter what brand we represent.

Best yet, a website is online 24/7/365, and can instantly reach millions of people, yet we never have to leave the home.

In fact, you can access your entire business from any computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

The whole point of joining a network marketing company was to have freedom right?

==> Create Your First Lead Generation Website Right Now!

Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?

The internet is full of untapped potential for your business, but if it’s so easy, why isn’t everyone else doing it?

There are three simple reasons.

  1. They simply don’t take action
  2. Most people are scared of building a website. They think they have to code, or that they are not tech-savvy.
  3. If they have a website, they don’t know how to use it to generate leads

Reason #1 is obvious – if you aren’t doing something, you aren’t going to get results.

The good news is that you shouldn’t worry about reason #2 either. Building a website is pretty easy these days. Lots of stuff is drag-n-drop, or at least visual. Guess what! I don’t know any code at all, and I made this website you’re on right now. Crazy, right?!

Regarding reason #3, well, let’s look at the next steps after you build your website.

Although I laid out the broad concepts of what you need to do, the actual step by step process is probably still a little fuzzy in your mind. Am I right?

Well, there’s an amazing training course you can take that will teach you everything you need to know to grow your business, no matter what you promote or sell.

This is the same training course that I used to build my six-figure online business inside of two years.

The same training that allowed me to quit my job and work from home full time.

The training course that can teach you:

  1. How to pick a topic for your website that fits the brand you represent
  2. How to generate ideas to write about that will drive traffic to your website
  3. How to write content that promotes your products and grows your downline effectively

You really have no excuse at this point! You now have a key to the door that the vast majority of network marketers will step through.

==> Start Building Your Brand Website Today!

If you really want to separate yourself from the 99% of network marketers out there, now’s your chance to take action.

What’s pretty unbelievable is that this training center is free to join right now. You’ll get 10 lessons and you’ll be able to build a free website, plus, you can chat with all the other members of the community (there are thousands) and get help live help from them as you go through the lessons.

Just so we’re on the same page here – the full training is not free. It’s $49/month for a membership, and that will include the rest of the lessons, plus continued support. They also host weekly webinars, and there’s thousands of member-created training modules that focus on more specific topics related to building your website.

However, the Starter Membership is 100% free, and you don’t even have to submit a credit card to get inside the members area. This is a great way to test drive the training and community. I’ve been a member for 8+ years, and it’s been worth every penny. The $49/month membership fee has helped me generate 10,000% more revenue that it cost (Yes, that’s an actual number, about 500 grand).

Still, since you’re a newbie, they understand that you’d want to do your own investigation, so it’s free to join.

==> Create Your Free Account Here!

What’s The Deal With This Training Center?

The training center’s name is Wealthy Affiliate. From the name, you can probably guess that it’s designed to help you make money, and it’s targeted towards affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing is a different way to make money that’s not exactly like network marketing.

Basically, affiliate marketing is like network marketing, but without the recruiting aspect.

You promote products and services, then get paid a commission for each sale you make.

Not exactly the same as network marketing, but kind of similar. (Actually, I prefer the affiliate stuff because I hate recruiting.)

The main thing to understand is that Wealthy Affiliate is teaching you how to build a traffic-generating website that you can use to promote whatever you want.

You can use your website to get leads for your downline, to make sales for your team, or you can do a combination of selling MLM and affiliate products (this is a great idea IMO!).

Remember, owning a website is very powerful because it’s your brand. You aren’t just “selling Amway” or “recruiting for Herbalife”. You are helping people with the information you post on your website and the products and services you promote are just one element of your larger brand that you are growing over time.

  • Instead of being the “Tupperware lady”, you are helping someone get fit by meal prepping.
  • Rather than pushing diet pills, you’re helping busy moms maintain energy and eat healthy throughout the day.
  • Your website isn’t just another clone sales page selling stuff. It’s an information hub that people trust.

Best of all, you’re not tied to just one brand. Sometimes MLM companies go out of business, get a bad rap, or even ban IBOs for unfair reasons. If you own your website, you own your company.

==> Start Building Your Brand Through A Website

Building this type of business not only takes patience – it’s going to take a solid support group, and a clear path of which steps to take. That’s exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

People are building all types of businesses inside the community, including affiliate, MLM, Amazon, eCommerce, local, and service-based business.

What do they all have in common?

They need a website with traffic to generate leads and sales.

Just like you!

==> Build Your Website And Start Your Online Business Training!

Remember that first reason most people don’t succeed in starting their own business? (They don’t take action)

Now’s your chance to not not take action. (That means take action!)

If you’re ready to transform your business from a boring old party-based recruiting club, into a 21st century, tech-savvy information hub accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, then click the link below to start your first website with the help of thousands of other internet entrepreneurs (including myself!)

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  1. I used to work for a multilevel marketing company, so know exactly what you mean about selling to family and friends, and people sometimes avoiding you, because they think you are going to give them the sales talk, or even worse, try and recruit them. 

    Building your own website and earning through affiliate marketing, is a more realistic way of building a business. And one is not limited to selling just one brand. If you like essential oils (as you mentioned) then compare five or more brands and promote them all. 

    Getting the training and building your website with Wealthy Affiliate, has been the best scenario for me. Thanks for a great review and helpful information. 


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