Zurvita Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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Zurvita Review

Company Name: Zurvita

Costs: $35 to enroll

Rating: 47/100

What Is It

Welcome to yet another health and wellness-based MLM. Zurvita is a company strongly focused on the idea of health, specifically through a range that it refers to as Zeal.

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Short Review

The products from Zurvita aren’t too bad, but there are a lot of similar products on the market, so distributors face a whole lot of competition. At the same time, the commission scheme for the company has many requirements and is difficult to progress through. All of this means that the chance of making money through the MLM is much lower than the company and its distributors imply.

Product Breakdown

The product range for the company is relatively small. The company largely focuses on protein products, including protein shakes and protein powders. Additionally, they offer a few dietary supplements, one focusing on burning fact and the other focusing on cleansing the body (i.e. a detox product). They also offer a nutritional shake that contains a significant number of vitamins and minerals.

Weight Management Kit

The basic idea of the range is that combined the products form an effective way of losing weight and maintaining health overall.

This type of product is one that bugs me. There is a lot of hype here, but not much substance.

Reviews And Comparisons

For the most part, the products that Zurvita sells probably do make people feel better and lose weight. Part of this is because when people start programs like this, they are often coming away from a particularly unhealthy way of eating – so they see positive changes pretty fast.

For example, if you replace one meal every day with a protein shake, you will probably lose weight. Likewise, if you increase your vitamins and minerals, you may well see a health benefit, especially if you were deficient in anything beforehand.

Despite this, I’m not sold on the hype that surrounds these products. Most of the potential benefits from Zurvita’s range are also present in so many similar products from different brands.

An example of this is protein powders. I always go back to this one because I use protein powders fairly regularly as a meal replacement and yes, they can help with weight loss. There are literally hundreds of different options for this type of powder on the market and some are much better than others.

The nutritional information for Zurvita’s range is a bit better than what many MLMs offer. For example, the product is low is sugar (3g per serving), relatively high in protein (14g per serving) and has a decent amount of fiber (5g per serving). At the same time though, the product has a lot of artificial ingredients, so it’s nowhere near as ‘natural’ as the company claims.

Ingredients List

It reads just like a book

A secondary issue with the product is that it contains both whey protein and soy – and this information isn’t easy to find out. Both of these are good ingredients for a protein shake, but there are people allergic to them. The company really does need to be clearer about this.

There is also the issue of taste. If you are going to be having any type of powder, it really needs to taste good. The reviews for this powder and the nutritional one vary considerably.

Don't Recommend It


“mix of vitamins and nutrients is helping”. Yawn. Clearly placebo.

Does It Work?

More than anything, the question with this type of product is, does it work?

In the case of the protein shakes, yes, they probably do. However, there are many protein shakes out there that work – and a lot of them are easier to get than the ones from a MLM.

In the case of the other products, it’s hard to know. For example, nutritional supplements really can boost health if you are deficient in nutrients. But if you aren’t, then they don’t really do a lot. There will always be some people that swear by this type of supplement, but often this comes from convincing themselves that it works.

In general, the reviews for their products are largely positive, such as these ones for the Berry version of their wellness drink:

Product Reviews

In fact, many of the negative reviews were because people didn’t get quite what they ordered, or they were from reps for the company complaining about it being for sale on Amazon.

This does suggest that the products are decent, but I’d still recommend being cautious. At the end of the day, people taking this type of product have few ways to tell whether it is actually working well for them or not.

Opportunity Breakdown

On its site, Zurvita promotes itself and its opportunity with three principles:


These are a little different than most MLMs, but at the same time they are also similar. One of the patterns that occurs across MLMs is this is idea of us versus them. You can see this in the very inclusive nature of MLMs and the hype they place around their programs and benefits.


Conferences like these are just plain…gross.

This approach means that members of MLMs often have a cult-like mentality and tend not to question anything the company says. I’ve seen this in members of MLMs who aggressively promote products as being wonderful and better than anything else out there, even when they don’t know what makes the products better.

For example, this is the type of rhetoric that you often see from distributors for the company:

Distributor Hype

The approach is clever one for companies to take. In the hype above, the distributor is making a lot of claims about the product that there isn’t any evidence for. In fact, it would be illegal for the company itself to make those claims. By using distributors, they can get away with hyped and inaccurate claims because they can turn around and say that the distributor was wrong.

If you’ve ever been approached by someone promoting this company or any similar MLM, you’ve probably heard the extreme rhetoric. But, the question is, how realistic is it?

The Compensation Plan

There are a lot of MLMs out there. They all make it challenging to earn money, but some of them are better than others. Generally speaking, the two indicators of the strength of a MLM are the products and the compensation plan. We’ve already talked about the products, so let’s turn to the compensation plan.

The company offers four aspects of their compensation plan. These are:

  1. Personal sales
  2. Builders bonus
  3. Team bonus
  4. Overrides

Personal sales is simply earning commissions from the sales you make, which is pretty standard. So, you can earn money just by selling products. However, all of the bonuses come from recruiting other people into the company. For example, the team bonus refers to money you earn when people you recruit buy starter packs from the company.

As with most MLMs, the bulk of the compensation plan comes from the idea of ranks and developing a team or an organization. Basically, you recruit people into the program who recruit others and so forth.


Pretty typical MLM structure

Everyone below you is considered to be your downline and you can potentially make money off their purchases and sales that they make. The idea is to make your downline large and get high profits. However, it’s much harder to do in practice.

Being successful at this involves progressing up the ranks of the company. As your rank increases, so does how deep you can earn commissions from. At the higher ranks, people can earn commissions an infinite number of layers deep, but you start out only able to earn commissions from yourself and those you recruit directly.

Getting through the ranks is a challenge. Each rank has certain requirements. This includes having to personally purchase a certain amount of product each month and having to sell a certain amount within your downline.

Making Money Realistically

MLMs are attractive because there are a lot of bonuses and many ways to make money. But that doesn’t mean that making money is easy. Maintaining the sales volume you need to be successful takes a lot of work. That includes recruiting new people and finding new people to sell products to, while also helping those in your downline to do the same.

As your business grows, the amount of work increases, as there is more to manage.

There are multiple parts of this system that bug me. But one of the most frustrating is how you are dependent on others. To get to (and stay at) the higher ranks of the company, you have to maintain pretty high sales volumes. You won’t be able to do that on your own.


So, you have to rely on the people who you recruit. Yet, many of these won’t have your passion or simply won’t be any good at making sales or recruiting. This means that you have very little control over how much money you make. Sure, you can support and tutor the people you recruit, but you still can’t make them successful, only they can do that.

A second issue with the set-up is the way it operates on a month-by-month basis. Because of this, you have to meet the qualification criteria for a rank every month. That also means that the people you recruit have to do well each month.

My problem with this is that it leaves no room for life.

Life has a tendency to throw curve balls when we least expect it. Maybe a family member dies, maybe we get sick, maybe we get fired… All of these things could severely compromise a person’s ability to be successful in the company. Yet, even if the impacts were just short-term, the damage to your success in the company would be major and it would take a long time to recover from.

Website Based

Despite these issues, there is one positive aspect to this company specifically. Most MLMs make distributors order products and then sell them. This is a risky approach for the distributor, because they may end up with product that they can’t sell, which gets expensive quickly.

Zurvita doesn’t take this approach, which is a big plus. Instead, it allows distributors to direct people to their website (which is just a clone of Zurvita’s own) and then consumers can make purchases from the site. This does decrease the risk, which is a very nice thing.

However, being successful in the company strongly relies on direct selling, because you have to get people to go to your site in the first place. Potentially you could build your own website and use it to funnel people through to your website with Zurvita, but the company doesn’t offer any training about how to do this.

Other Comments

The products for Zurvita do seem a little better than normal for this type of MLM, but you are still promoting a very common type of product and you face a lot of competition. It’s not impossible to make money through the company, but it is more difficult than the marketing and any distributors imply.

MLM VS Affiliate Marketing

No matter what company you are dealing with, MLMs are complex. There are so many different rules and requirements, which all make the process of making money confusing and challenging.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

MLMs do one thing right. They let you make money by selling other people’s products. But, there is a simpler way of doing the same thing. Affiliate marketing lets you build your own website and earn commissions off sales…without any inventory! Passive income happens when you build organic traffic from Google.

There is no complicated commission scheme to worry about and you don’t even need to directly sell products to people. Best of all, no recruiting is necessary.

Final Review

This company is not my cup of tea.

What is this – the 1950’s selling Tupperware? Gimme a break. It’s 2020. If you want to build a business, you NEED to be online or your business will be dead in less than 10 years.

You can start an affiliate website T O D A Y and promote any products you want from any company. Amazon. Walmart. Apple. Digital products. Subscription services. Groceries. There’s a LOT to choose from!

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I have to be honest though. I’m not a big fan of MLM. Tried it. Hated it.

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