44 Food Subscription Box Affiliate Programmes To Live It Up At Home With Your Affiliate Earnings

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i earn a six figure income online as an affiliate marketing blogger

Subscription boxes have become an immensely popular type of service. 18.5 million Americans looked at subscription box sites in the first quarter of 2018 alone. Around 15% of people who shop online have signed up for at least one such box and some may be receiving several. Clearly, the sales potential is massive.

The idea is hardly surprising. Subscription boxes give customers the convenience that they’re looking for, along with the chance to try out new products. The boxes often feel like a little self-indulgence every month, especially as the components are often a surprise.

Subscription boxes are also fantastic for affiliate marketers. The novelty makes them easy to promote and customers are often looking for something new and unusual. Some programmes will even pay commissions for each month that customers are members. Even those that don’t can become reliable sources of income.

With so many boxes on the market, we can’t hope to cover them all in a list. So, we’re focusing on the most interesting food-based programmes in various categories. There are also meal kit affiliate programmes, which we’ve covered elsewhere. That style is similar to a subscription box but offers more control over what you receive.

Chocolate and Candy

Candy Club

Candy Club website screenshot showing a selection of various sweets in jars.

Candy Club is on the expensive side, but has high commissions and focuses on quality.

Candy Club doesn’t offer boxes with candy from various brands. Instead, their boxes contain individual Candy Cups (3 or 6, depending on the subscription). Each of the cups is filled with high-quality candy. Users get to choose their preferences and the site provides details about the various candies that may be included.

Affiliates earn $15 per sale, which is an impressive amount. Candy Club also offers some bonuses, so effective affiliates have the chance to earn more. The commission rate is partly due to cost. A 3 Candy Cup subscription costs $29.99/month, while a 6 Candy Cup subscription is $59.99/month. While the club appears to be worth the price, it is still on the expensive side.


Chococurb website screenshot showing a selection of milk and white chocolate.

With just $1 commission per subscriber, this isn’t the greatest choice. Still, chocolate is always appealing.

Chococurb doesn’t have an amazing affiliate programme, just giving you $1 per referral. Still, the box itself is very appealing, with an emphasis on high-quality and unusual chocolate products. Customers can choose between a mini box ($20/month, 3 chocolate items) and a classic box ($35/month, 5-7 chocolate items).

Chocolate of the Month Club

Chocolate of the Month Club website screenshot showing a handful of chocolate pieces with details about the club.

This club focuses on the nuances of chocolate, making it perfect for people who want to learn more.

This club has a strong focus on enjoying and understanding the complexities of chocolate. Users get a selection of chocolates each month, along with tasting notes. Some of the chocolates will use unusual ingredients, creating an interesting experience all around.

The company has 6 individual clubs. The others are beer, wine, cheese, cigars and flowers. Each follows a similar style and the same affiliate programme covers them all.


Bocandy Website Screenshot showing the box and a selection of candy.

This candy and snack box has a lower commission rate, but also offers plenty of interesting products.

Bocandy boxes include candy and snacks, with an emphasis on unusual and imported products. Subscribers can choose from various subscriptions including The Bocandy Big Box, The International Candy Taste Box, The Asian Snack Box and The Premium Box. Subscriptions start at $9.99 per month.

The affiliate programme has more requirements than most, including the need to post Bocandy ads on your site and to visibly share the link. You can also lose your affiliate account if you don’t get traffic to Bocandy in a 21-day period.



Graze website screenshot showing a box with four of the snacks.

Graze provides healthy snacks that you won’t find at the store, although the base commission is only $2 per order.

Graze is a snack subscription company with a difference. The box contains 8 different snacks and is sent out every 2 months. Each snack is in an individual container. This is perfect for portion control. Subscribers can also choose the types of snacks that they are looking for.

The commission of $2 per order isn’t the best in the business, but it would still add up. Graze is open to negotiation about the rate if you have valuable exposure to offer them.


MunchPak website screenshot showing images of many different snacks, along with details about the box.

MunchPak offers unusual and interesting snacks from many different countries.

MunchPak has a global focus, offering snacks from around the world. As a result, the boxes will often contain snacks that customers won’t have seen or heard of previously.

While the individual snacks cannot be specified, users are able to provide information about preferred and non-preferred types of snacks. This includes options like meat, nuts, gummy and salty. A drink (coffee or tea) can also be added on.

Boxes can include 5+, 10+ or 20+ snacks and can be delivered weekly, every 2 weeks or every month. Prepaying provides better prices, but the boxes can also be ordered month-to-month. Many of the customisations add to the price, which is perfect when you’re earning a 10% commission. MunchPak also provides an additional 10% to affiliates with subscription revenue of $2,500 or above.

Love with Food

Love with Food website screenshot showing a mother and her daughter unboxing in the kitchen.

Love with Food has one of the best commission rates in this field, especially as you can earn from individual products and boxes.

Love with Food offers an impressive 20% commission rate and boasts an average order value of $90+. The company offers three different boxes. These range from $7.99 to $24.99 per box and include from 7 to 15+ snacks. There is also an emphasis on organic and all-natural snacks.

This is one of the few subscription services that can be shipped overseas at a relatively low cost. Affiliates also earn the 20% commission on all sales (not just the boxes), which includes various individual snacks and drinks.


Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club

Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club website screenshot showing a small selection of cheeses.

This club would appeal to cheese lovers. It’s also good for affiliate marketing, as you can promote other clubs by the same brand too.

With this cheese club, customers receive 3 blocks of artisanal cheese (0.5 lbs each) each month. Tasting notes are provided, giving members more details about the cheese that they are tasting. The company behind the club is MonthlyClubs.com, which also runs the affiliate programme. Affiliates can promote any of the 6 clubs that MonthlyClubs.com offers, earning $12 commission on any memberships.

Di Bruno Bros

Di Bruno Bros website screenshot showing three cheeses on a dark background.

The Di Bruno Bros affiliate programme allows you to earn from all their quality products and clubs.

Di Bruno Bros is a well-known culinary brand, with 75 years of history. They focus strongly on craftsmanship, ensuring that their products and clubs are always well-received. There are 5 monthly clubs to choose from, ranging from $150 to $210 for 3 months. This includes multiple cheese-related clubs, the Mighty Breads & Spreads Club and The Pioneers Club (which sends new flavors and products.).

Cheesy Place

Cheesy Place website screenshot showing a top-down image of a cheese sampler.

Cheesy Place allows you to earn from individual sales, with special rates for the longer club memberships.

  • URL:
  • Commission: 10% per sale, with higher percentages for club memberships
  • Cookie: 30 days

With a name like Cheesy Place, the focus of this company is clear. The online store sells various cheese products and related items, such as cheese samplers, individual cheeses, honey, meats and accessories.

Their Cheese of the Month Club provides 3 cheeses (1.5 lbs each) along with 1-3 extra items and details about the each type of cheese. The plan can be ordered month-to-month or on lengths of 3, 6 or 12 months. The longer subscriptions offer commission rates of 15%, 30% and 45%, respectively. In each case, the percentage is based on the first payment that customers make.

Murray’s Cheese of the Month Clubs

Murray’s Cheese of the Month Clubs website screenshot showing a collection of various cheeses on a board.

The 3 clubs on offer here are all appealing. You earn commission from other orders made on the site too.

Murray’s Cheese offers a range of different cheeses, meats and related products. They also have 3 distinct clubs: Cheese of the Month, Meat & Cheese of the Month and Pair of the Month. The cheese club can be ordered month-to-month, while members need to commit to the others for at least 4 months.

The 6% commission rate mightn’t sound great, but the cheese club starts at $75 per month. This means your actual commission is still decent. You can also earn from any of the other products on the site. These are well presented and it’s easy to imagine visitors spending upwards of $100 on the site.

Products From Other Countries

German Food Box

German Food Box website screenshot showing an image of a large pretzel and details about the box.

This box offers food and sweets, while providing a flat $5 commission per sale.

This subscription box sends 6 to 8 different German products each month, along with recipes. The items can include sweet and savory. They’re included in a gift box. The box costs $39 each month, so the $5 per sale commission isn’t too bad.

Nonna Box

Nonna Box website screenshot showing a blue wooden background with some food images around the edge.

Nonna Box is designed for those who love Italian food, particularly imported items.

Nonna Box features 5-7 imported Italian products each month, along with authentic recipes. The box for each month is themed around a specific region in Italy. This provides an ever-changing experience.

The site also sells individual products and gift baskets. While these are often out of stock, affiliates can earn commission on them as well.

Snack Fever

Snack Fever website screenshot showing various Korean snacks and merchandise.

Snack Fever doesn’t just offer snacks, there are collectible items included too.

  • URL:
  • Commission: $5 per qualified referral
  • Cookie: Not stated

Snack Fever delivers Korean snacks throughout the world, specialising in products that are often hard to find locally. The boxes for each month are themed and there are two types to choose from.

The Original box costs $28 per month. This contains 8-10 food products and 1-2 related items, like collectibles or socks. The Deluxe box costs $45/month. It contains 10-13 snacks, 1 easy-prep meal or ramen, 2 goodies and 1 piece of K-Pop swag.


TopMunch website screenshot showing various food products and an image of the box.

While the commission rate and cookie duration aren’t the best for TopMunch, the boxes are appealing and contain more than just food.

TopMunch is a monthly box that focuses on experiences from throughout the world. Each week is themed around a different culture. Members don’t just receive food either. The boxes also contain local music, along with information about the language and history of the region.

Try the World

Try the World website screenshot showing images of various products, along with an image of the box.

Try the World is ideal for anyone who wants unusual products, although affiliates only earn once for each subscriber.

Try the World Provides a Country and a Snack box. The Country box starts at $39 per month and contains 7-8 products from throughout the world. There is a strong focus on high-quality and gourmet products, ones that you mightn’t find elsewhere.

The Snack box starts at $19 per month. It contains 6 snacks, each from a different company. Many of these are unusual as well.

Meat and Fish

Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club website screenshot showing a white wooden background, the box and various cured meats.

It’s hard to lose with a club focused on meat, just be aware that commission rate is low if you promote through coupons.

Carnivore Club offers a Snack Box (4-6 meat snacks) and a Classic Box (4-6 cured meats). Individual months are often themed, with Carnivore club releasing details beforehand. The 8% commission rate is appealing, but this can be as low as 1% if you use a coupon-based approach.

Butcher Box

Butcher Box website screenshot showing a mother, daughter and grandmother cooking in the kitchen.

Butcher Box is a practical subscription and offers a flat $20 commission for new customers.

With Butcher Box, members get a box of fresh meat monthly (or every two months). The most popular style is the Mixed Box, but there are meat-specific options too, like All Beef and Beef & Pork. There are two sizes to choose from: 24 meals ($129) and 48 meals ($238). Add-ons can also be included for extra versatility.

The box is more practical than most. It is especially well-suited to sites that focus on health or nutrition.

Vital Choice

Vital Choice website screenshot showing a meal with freshly cooked salmon.

Vital Choice allows you to earn from boxes and purchases of seafood and organic foods.

Vital Choice is a wild seafood and organic foods company, focusing on high-quality and sustainable products. The company is an appealing one, as customers often become loyal and make repeat orders.

There are three monthly subscriptions to choose from. The Wild Salmon Box (14+ servings, $129/box), the Wild Fish Box (15+ servings, $169/box) and the Wild Seafood Box (17+ servings, $199/box). The price of the boxes helps ensure that you get decent income per purchase, even at the 5% rate.

Bacon Freak

Bacon Freak website screenshot showing a close-up image of bacon.

While the commission rate for Bacon Freak is low (just 4%), the popularity of bacon should help to boost sales.

A glance at the Bacon Freak site shows that they really care about all things bacon. There are various Bacon of the Month Clubs, which differ slightly from one another. This includes a gluten-free, a no nitrate and a no pepper club. There is also a wedding one (oddly enough), along with a set of Swine & Wine clubs, which pair alcohol and bacon.

The 4% commission rate is lower than most other programmes. Thankfully, you’re not just limited to promoting club membership. You can also earn the commission on any of the bacon products that the site sells (they have a ton to choose from!).

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks website screenshot showing an image of a bowl of stew.

With 5% commission on all sales and a wide product selection, Omaha Steaks has a powerful affiliate programme.

Omaha Steaks provides a wide range of top-quality meats, including burgers, poultry and pork, along with a considerable selection of steaks. They have various subscription plans, which often provide one shipment every 3 months. Most of the plans are marketed as gifts, however, visitors could easily sign up for themselves as well.

Manly Foods


Mantry website screenshot showing a background image of various pieces of food and soda.

Mantry is perfect for hard-to-please males. The 10% commission doesn’t hurt either.

Boxes from Mantry are focused on the modern man. Each box contains 5-6 food products, along with recipes and editorial stories. The products are typically full-sized and arrive in a crate. The subscription is bi-monthly, with each box focusing on a specific theme. Previous themes include Bourbon BBQ and Bacon Nation.

The subscription costs $49 every two months when paid month-to-month or $294 for 12 months. The latter includes a free jerky kit. Boxes can also be purchased individually as gifts. The 10% commission rate is a key reason to promote this company, along with the unusual products that are included in the crates.

Grill Masters Club

Grill Masters Club website screenshot showing a foreground image of the box with a fire of some type blurred out in the background.

This box would be perfect for grill lovers. The commission rate and long cookie are key advantages too.

The name Grill Masters Club says it all. The boxes contain grill-related products, including BBQ sauce, BBQ rub, wood chips, recipes and a Chef’s Choice item. Prices range from $27.95/month to $32.95/month, depending on the plan.


SumoJerky website screenshot showing a white wall and blue background, along with text about the jerky.

SumoJerky is perfect for a meat lover, but the company doesn’t provide details about their affiliate programme.

SumoJerky is one of the few programmes that provide no details about the commission rate. Users need to be a member of the relevant network to be able to see that information. Even so, the product choice makes this a great box to promote. SumoJerky looks for unusual and small batch jerky products to ensure that members get different jerky each time.

Health and Fitness

Healthy Surprise

Healthy Surprise website screenshot showing one of their boxes and the various products, against a two-tone green background.

With 3 different box types, Healthy Surprise should have something for everyone.

Healthy Surprise offers 3 main subscription boxes: Classic Box (15 snacks), Big Box (21 snacks) and Paleo Box (17 snacks). The first 2 boxes are vegan-friendly. The site also carries various individual products, but affiliates only earn from subscription signups, not from sales.


FitSnack website screenshot showing a foreground image of the box and its components, along with a background image of a woman doing yoga.

The boxes from FitSnack focus on health and may appeal to people who don’t like candy or processed snacks.

Fit Snack focuses on healthy snacks. Any snacks need to meet at least two of their criteria, which include being high in protein, organic, raw, low in sugar, gluten-free and/or all natural. As a result, the snacks are often less processed than other boxes and some are unusual. Each box also contains exclusive workouts, making this box stand out a little more.

With a commission rate of $8 per subscriber, you’re only getting paid once per referral. While that isn’t ideal, the unusual nature of the boxes is an advantage for sales.


Clean.Fit website screenshot showing a background image of white boards, along with various snacks.

Clean. Fit works well for anyone focused on their health.

The Clean.Fit box contains 5 to 7 products that are focused on healthy living. This often includes protein powders, jerky, superfoods and energy bars. There are 3 versions to choose from: Original, Gluten-free and Vegetarian. The company focuses on items that are as natural as they can be. As such, you won’t find any high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, GMOs or trans fats in the products.

Bulu Box

Bulu Box website screenshot showing the box surrounded by a few samples and snacks.

Bulu Box is a health-focused subscription that offers an appealing commission rate.

Bulu Box offers two subscriptions, which are both focused on health. The Original Bulu box includes products like vitamins, healthy snacks and supplements, while The Weight Loss Box has various weight loss related products, including meal replacements. The products are mostly samples, but the box is inexpensive, so customers aren’t likely to mind.


JackedPack website screenshot showing an open box, with the various supplements arranged in it.

JackedPack follows an unusual style, one that would appeal to the target audience.

JackedPack is a subscription box for anyone concerned about athletic performance. Each month’s box contains at least 5 different supplement samples, often from a well-known brand. Types of products include BCAA supplements, protein powders and post-workout supplements.

The idea will be attractive to many in the field, as athletic supplements are often expensive. People want to know that the supplement helps them before they invest any money into it. JackedPack allows them to do just that.



PaleoPax website screenshot showing the open box with snacks on a kitchen counter.

PaleoPax has an appealing box and an impressive commission rate.

  • URL:
  • Commission: 30% on all sales
  • Cookie: Not stated

As the name suggests, PaleoPax offers snacks for people on the Paleo diet. The boxes contain 18 to 20 snacks from various brands. The snack sizes vary, so you may get whole packages of some items and individual bars of others. One unusual aspect is that the boxes tend to contain two versions of each snack, typically in different flavors.

The 30% commission is impressive, especially as the boxes cost $49 each. This means you’re earning roughly $20 for each person you get to subscribe.

Paleo by Maileo

Paleo by Maileo website screenshot showing a white wall as a background with some information about the store and snacks.

Paleo by Maileo may have a silly name, but the box itself would be appealing to paleo dieters.

  • URL: paleobymaileo.com
  • Commission: 6% on all sales
  • Cookie: 15 days

There aren’t many paleo subscription services, which makes this company an appealing choice. All of the items included in the boxes are entirely paleo-compliant, so they’re dairy-free, grain-free, additive-free and free from refined sugars. The monthly box includes between 5 and 8 components, which consist of snacks, sweets and/or ingredients.


Vegan Cuts

Vegan Cuts website screenshot showing the open box with various snacks, along with menu items.

Vegan Cuts offers plenty of things to promote, including 3 types of boxes and a marketplace of products.

Vegan Cuts offers three types of monthly boxes, one for snacks, one for beauty and one for makeup. The snack box contains at least 10 individual vegan snack items. This can include food and drink, such as cookies, protein shakes, popcorn and chips. Some of the items are full-sized, while others are samples.

The emphasis is on healthy food, which often means minimal processing and few artificial ingredients. The payment of $3 per box is more powerful than it seems, as the snack and beauty boxes can cost between $18.50 and $22.95 per month.

All Around Vegan

All Around Vegan website screenshot showing an image of the box and some of its components.

The unusual combination of products should make All Around Vegan easy to promote.

This 60-day cookie and 10% commission rate makes All Around Vegan an attractive choice. The subscription box itself is also pretty cool. It contains four types of vegan products: Food, Bath & Body, Activism and Lifestyle. The activism part is particularly interesting, as other companies don’t have this type of component.

The four different product types mean few items of any one type, which isn’t always appealing. Still, there is more variation than most other brands. That’s a key sales point.


UrthBox website screenshot showing two closed boxes from the company on steps, along with an image of the snacks inside it.

UrthBox is interesting for the selection of snacks and their $17 per sale commission.

Urthbox offers an impressive 25 different types of boxes, varying in size and product style. This includes vegan, gluten-free and diet boxes, starting at $19.99 per month. Regardless of the type, Urthbox focuses on full-size, healthy and trustworthy products.


The Keto Box

The Keto Box website screenshot showing various keto snacks against a white wooden background.

This box is popular among keto dieters and the 15% commission makes it appealing indeed.

As the name suggests, The Keto Box is designed for keto dieters. It costs $40 a month, with discounts when users prepay for 3, 6 or 12 months. Each box contains between 8 and 11 snacks, which are mostly full-sized.

The 15% commission rate and focus on keto makes this programme a powerful choice. The keto diet has become immensely popular in recent years, with many people following the approach. Finding keto snacks isn’t always easy, so this box could make life simpler for many people. The main limitation is the 1-day cookie.

Keto Delivered

Keto Delivered website screenshot showing the box and selection of snacks on the ground against a white wooden wall.

Keto Delivered is a valuable resource for keto dieters. Their affiliate programme allows you to earn from multiple keto companies.

Keto Delivered provides various low carb snacks, food and ingredients to help anyone on a keto diet. Each box contains between 5 and 7 individual items, along with recipes that take advantage of them. The box costs $39.99 per month and Keto Delivered promises that the items will always be worth at least $40.

The affiliate programme is interesting, as it doesn’t just apply to Keto Delivered. Instead, the programme is for multiple keto companies, giving you the chance to promote any or all of them. This would be perfect for anyone in the keto space and those who talk about nutrition in general.

Onnit Keto Box

Onnit website screenshot showing the box and various components like Kale Chips and MCT Oil.

With a 15% commission on boxes and products, the Onnit affiliate programme has significant profit potential.

Onnit is a fitness website, with a strong emphasis on workouts, food and supplements. They also offer the Onnit Keto Box, which is designed to support keto dieters. The box contains a selection of low-carb snacks and supplements, along with recipes.

The components may also inspire recipients to order products from the Onnit site. This is a powerful effect, as the 15% commission rate applies to all products on the site.

Other Types of Boxes

Farm to People

Farm to People website screenshot showing a selection of the products and some ingredients against a white wooden background.

Farm to People offers a selection of foods and boxes at 7% commission.

Farm to People offers a Fresh Box and a Tasting Box. The Fresh Box is similar to a meal kit service, with an emphasis on seasonal foods. The Tasting Box contains artisanal food products that you probably won’t have seen before. Even the common product types, like ketchup, have their own unusual styles.

There are two variations of the box. The Casual Foodie contains 3-4 items each month, while The Food Critic contains 5-8. The percentage commission rate means that you’re earning each month that people remain a member. You also make money from any individual purchases made on the Farm to People marketplace.


eCreamery website screenshot showing a black background with various Halloween-themed ice cream containers.

eCreamery has a Flavor of the Month Club, along with plenty of ice creams to choose from.

eCreamery is an online ice cream company, with a strong emphasis on gifts. You’ll find ice cream gifts for any occasion you can imagine. The subscription component is their Flavor of the Month club. This club provides members with 4 pints of ice cream each month (a 3-month subscription costs $169).

The ice cream is produced using small batch processing. Members will sometimes receive completely unique flavors, ones that aren’t available to the public. The programme also offers more flexibility than most, which includes telling you the flavors that you’re going to get before they are shipped out.


Tasterie website screenshot showing an overhead view of granola with oats, nuts and fruit.

The emphasis on avoiding allergens means that Tasterie will appeal to many people who wouldn’t buy other boxes.

Tasterie isn’t just another snack box company. The site offers 4 individual boxes, which are focused on meeting the needs of people with allergies. There is also a single-purchase box for people who are just getting started with an allergen-free lifestyle, along with the ability to order products individually. Affiliates receive a commission on any of those orders, as well as from the boxes.

Dana’s Bakery

Dana’s Bakery website screenshot showing their pumpkin cheesecake cookies.

The subscription from Dana’s Bakery provides members with an assortment of 12 macarons each month.

Dana’s Bakery has some very cool products, including macarons, stuffed cookies and themed cookies. The site’s Macaron of the Month Club sends members a variety pack of 12 macarons every month. Some of the flavors are pulled from the regular lineup at Dana’s Bakery, while others change from one month to the next.

Piquant Post

Piquant Post website screenshot showing an overhead view of some spices against a blue fabric background.

With a decent commission rate, extended cookie and an unusual product selection, Piquant Post offers a great affiliate programme.

  • URL:
  • Commission: 10% on all sales
  • Cookie: 90 days

Piquant Post is a service that people wouldn’t realise they needed until they heard about it. The monthly subscription box sends small containers of spice blends every month, along with recipes to use them. This gives members a great way to expand their repertoire in the kitchen – and is something entirely different for affiliate marketers to promote.

Broad Sites

Taste Trunk

Taste Trunk website screenshot showing an image of some of the boxes from the company and the items that they contain.

Taste Trunk sells many different items, while having a 15% commission rate and 90-day cookie.

Taste Trunk has a few different components, including gift boxes that users can create themselves and personalised items. There are also 3 subscription boxes to choose from: Gourmet, BBQ and Sweet. Each starts at $99 for a 3-month subscription and contains 4-5 products.

The focus on gifts and the selection of items makes this a particularly good affiliate programme. You might find multiple types of products to promote, regardless of your niche.

Harry & David

Harry & David website screenshot showing various images of products, including cookies, snacks, fruit, cheese and meat.

While the 3% commission rate is very low for this field, Harry & David has an extremely diverse selection of clubs and products that you can promote.

Harry & David is a diverse website that’s associated with the 1800Flowers.com brand. They have many different products, including gift baskets, chocolates, gourmet food and much more. The site also hosts an impressive number of clubs in various categories:

  • Fruit clubs. Includes 6 individual clubs, ranging from $79,99 to $129.00 for a 3-month membership.
  • Dessert clubs. Includes 4 different clubs, costing between $49.99 and $139.99 for 3 months.
  • Gourmet food clubs. Includes 8 different clubs, costing from $74.99 to $349.99 fir 3 months. The more expensive options here are for meat-based clubs.
  • Wine clubs. There are 3 of these, starting at $99 for a Wine & Cheese Club.
  • Plant clubs. This is an unusual style. There are two to choose from, one for $119.99 and the other for $129.99,
  • Cookies clubs. There are 2 here as well, costing either $19.99 or $24 .99 per month.
  • Popcorn Factory Clubs. These 2 clubs start at $10 and $20 per month.


CrateJoy website screenshot showing a young woman holding a Cratejoy box, along with various descriptions and menu items.

CrateJoy is a popular choice, with many different clubs that you can promote.

CrateJoy is an extensive subscription box site. If you can’t find an affiliate programme for a box you want to promote, there’s a good chance that it’s available through CrateJoy. The site works exceptionally well for affiliates, as there are so many types of boxes that you can promote.

The base rate of 10% commission is on par with other companies, which is useful. There are also various monthly bonuses for affiliates. However, CrateJoy only provides vague information in some areas. They don’t specify how the tiered commission works, what the bonuses are or how the commission changes for long subscription plans.

Amazing Clubs

Amazing Clubs website screenshot showing links to the various clubs, along with an image of beer bottles and a mug of beer.

Amazing Clubs offers many clubs that you can promote, although the commission rates aren’t clear.

Amazing Clubs is another site that hosts a range of different clubs. There are around 40 of these in total, including some unusual ones. The Dinner and a Movie of the Month Club is one example.

The affiliate page provides few details about what you can expect. Amazing Clubs does state that you can earn 100% commissions, but there is no indication of what that 100% is based on. You might be earning 100% of the first month’s fee, or it could be something different again.

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