6 Ways To Make With The Axie Infinity NFT Game


axie infinity tokens virtual render showing stacks of blue tokens. AXS is the main cryptocurrency associated with axie infinity

The Axie Infinity ecosystem is gigantic. Both in terms of depth and breadth. It’s a highly complex and vast system offering multiple avenues of opportunity to make money with this NFT game.

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Actual gameplay is one route however there are a couple of other very interesting and potentially more lucrative paths. One of these is flipping Axie’s and another is breeding them.

There are a couple of other ways to make money with Axie Infinity involving the tokens associated with the game. Depending on your prior or existing knowledge of cryptocurrency this could be a great, quick way to get involved with Axie Infinity and begin exploring and learning more about it.

An important aspect of making money with the Axie Infinity ecosystem is the initial investment required. This can vary depending on the route you take. Of course, combining more than one strategy will improve your return. With that said, there is absolutely a time investment with all the ways to getting cash with Axie.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the exciting world of Axie Infinity, the ways you can earn money and how much you can expect to earn with each of the different approaches.

  • 6 Ways To Make Money Playing Axie Infinity
    • 1. Buying and HODLing SLP and AXS Token
    • 2. Trading SLP & AXS Token on a Crypto Exchange
    • 3. Staking AXS to make Money with Axie Infinity
    • 4. Making Money Through Axie Infinity Gameplay
    • 5. Making Money Through Flipping Axies
    • 6. Breeding Axies
      • How to BREED on AXIE INFINITY for Beginners
      • How to Breed Axies in Axie Infinity! (Ultimate Breeding Guide)
  • Final Thoughts About Making Money With Axie Infinity

6 Ways To Make Money Playing Axie Infinity

1. Buying and HODLing SLP and AXS Token

Axie Infinity has the Smooth Love Potion token utilized for breeding new Axie creatures. The SLP token is also awarded to players through gameplay. SLP is a standard ERC-20 token so it’s also available on many of the major crypto exchanges.

The easiest and most straightforward way to make money with Axie Infinity is by simply buying the Axie Infinity SLP and AXS tokens. This can be accomplished by visiting one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance or Coinbase and buying the SLP and AXS tokens.

If you’re still totally new to crypto there will be a learning curve for any of the methods discussed in this article. Setting up an account on an exchange is pretty painless. It does involve providing your ID and a real address so be prepared for that. Other than that, it’s really quite easy. Once you have an account created it’s usually just a matter of linking a credit card or bank account to the exchange and then purchasing the cryptocurrency you would like. In this case you’d search the crypto exchange for SLP or AXS and then select to buy a specific amount of the token.

Setting up the account on an exchange and then buying the SLP and AXS tokens is the easy part. If you want to trade the tokens to make money then there is more learning to do.

There is the path of buying and holding the tokens though and that’s really probably the simplest way to make money with Axie Infinity. The things to remember in this approach are, it’s going to take time and do not invest any money that you will not need for a long duration of time. Most importantly, only invest money that you can afford to lose completely. The crypto world in general is very volatile and there are absolutely no guarantees!

2. Trading SLP & AXS Token on a Crypto Exchange

gold coin with AXS cryptocurrency logo on rising candle chart background

Any cryptocurrency can be traded and SLP and AXS are no exception. The exact steps for each exchange are different so refer to each exchange’s documentation and support pages for technical help. The core underlying concepts are identical across exchanges though so let’s focus on those. These concepts are Axie Infinity centric but can loosely be applied to other cryptocurrencies.

When we’re talking about trading cryptocurrency we’re interested in making a good entry and then making a good exit. The current overall price of the asset isn’t all that important. Paying attention to the market conditions and also all of the information available in detail about the particular asset you’re trading are two crucial ingredients to successful trading.

An entry is the point where you decide to buy the asset, in this case SLP and AXS. The exit is when you decide to sell the asset. The goal is to exit and make a profit off of the trade. Buy at the low and sell at the high.

But how do you know when these lows and highs will happen?

The price of an asset can be driven to the upside or downside by a number of different factors. In the case of Axie Infinity this can be related to a new release or the rumors of a new release. It can be related to the current satisfaction of the players of a game at any given time.

This is where making an investment into the larger Axie Infinity space is very important. Equally important are understanding core trading fundamentals and how to understand and read the overall crypto market.

Keeping updated with information in the Axie Infinity Discord is an excellent place to start. Staying on top of overall market news as well as Axie Infinity specific news is critical. Using the Tools tab in Google search and limiting the results of your News search to the last week and 24 hour period are great ways to stay up to date.

There are several approaches to trading well beyond the scope of this article. Something to learn and always keep in mind is to decide what kind of trader you’re going to be. Choose a timeframe, such as a day trade and stick to it. Don’t decide half way through a trade you’re going to switch it to a long to suit what is happening in the market. Trade wise and make sure you’re really making good entries and always have a planned exit strategy set within the type of trade you’re doing.

At the time of this writing the overall feeling about the game isn’t the best. The price of both tokens associated with the game is quite low. Some people are starting to look other places for a good Play to Earn crypto opportunity in the Metaverse. There are many and many more on the way.

For a long term holder and supporter of the game, its vision, the Axie ecosystem and future, now would be a good time to accumulate tokens and even Axie NFTs. Who knows, this could be the lowest the prices are. Strange things happen in crypto and for the most part Axie Infinity has really been a massive movement. These are all things to consider when buying, holding, trading and selling any crypto or NFTs.

3. Staking AXS to make Money with Axie Infinity

Another way you can make money with Axie Infinity without investing a significant amount of time is through staking the AXS token.

Many cryptocurrencies offer staking programs so this isn’t specific to Axie Infinity. Most of the time crypto staking can have some differences from one token to another.

A few other major crypto assets that involve staking are: SOL, ADA, LUNA, AVAX, BNB and ALGO.

Something to mention about AXS staking is that in the Axie Infinity ecosystem there is a level of expectation for individuals to participate in the governance of the platform. If an individual holds and stakes a lot of AXS then they essentially get an opportunity to shape the decisions made surrounding the future of Axie Infinity.

At the time of writing current market conditions combined with sentiment about the overall view of the longevity of Axie Infinity have the price of SLP and AXS on a downward trend. There were also scheduled changes to the staking rewards payout distribution model that caused a downward trend of AXS and associated APR.

The overall APR for staking AXS is variable, meaning it will change over time. It changes due to different aspects of the game, sentiment about the game and so on.

Staking requires the AXS are on this Blockchain rather than the Ethereum Main Network or Binance Smart Chain.

If you acquire your AXS on one of the other Blockchains you can bridge the AXS tokens to the Ronin Blockchain. Axie Infinity is built on the Ronin Blockchain so the tokens for the game are also on the Ronin Blockchain.

The tokens are available on other blockchains however to use SLP and AXS with the Axie Infinity ecosystem the tokens must be on the Ronin Blockchain. If they are purchased on other blockchains they can be bridged to Ronin to work with the Axie ecosystem for gameplay and breeding. To further expand there is also a Ronin token that can be bought and sold along the other cryptocurrencies.

The actual staking process itself is pretty easy. The easiest arrangement is to work with native AXS tokens on the Ron network. In this scenario you’ll visit the AXS Staking Dashboard in your web browser and connect it to your Ronnin wallet. Set the amount of AXS you want to stake and click the button to begin the staking process.

It’s key to remember that when you’re staking the AXS, or any token, it will not be available to you to trade or sell. There is also the chance, like with most things crypto, that you may never get the tokens you stake back. It’s not the norm, but it does happen, so again only use money you can afford to lose into crypto of any kind.

One way to look at making money with Axie Infinity is that holding and staking are the longer term but less time and attention strategies while gameplay, perhaps through a Scholarship, would be the quickest path to making money. Keep in mind gameplay does require a financial and time investment up front before you’ll see an ROI. With staking the time and financial cost can be significantly lower but it can take a year to begin to see a decent ROI.

4. Making Money Through Axie Infinity Gameplay

mobile phone playing axie infinity game with laptop axie infinity gameplay in background

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT games that you can actually play right now. There are two modes of gameplay in Axie Infinity; the reward for both modes is the SLP token.

One key component of successful gameplay is understanding the Axies and their capabilities. To play the game you need to own three Axies. These three are known as a team.

Building a team is crucial to playing the game, winning battles and making money. Understanding the characteristics of Axie genetics is very important. Health, Morale, Ability and Speed are the defining factors and should be taken into careful consideration when choosing an Axie.

Axie Class is another very important factor to take into consideration when choosing an Axie and when constructing a team. There are several different classes of Axie: Reptile, Plant, Bug, Bird, Beast, Aquatic and Secret. Secret is broken down even further into: Mech/Nut, Dawn/Star, Dusk/Luna.

There are also six body parts that an Axie can have: Eyes, Ears, Horns, Mouth, Back and Tail. Each body part has its own advantages and disadvantages and should be taken into consideration when selecting an Axie and building a team.

Two typical team structures are Plant, Bird, Beast or Plant, Aqua, Beast. Plant is an example of one type of Axie. Team structure is important to take into consideration when selecting each Axie.

Winning battles in both modes of gameplay is how SLP is earned. The difference is who is operating the opponent. In adventure mode you play against computer controlled Axie enemies and in Arena mode you play against other humans controlling their Axies.

In Adventure Mode there are no time limits. This is great because it provides an opportunity to explore the game and the user interface. A good approach is to spend time playing in Adventure Mode before you begin battling other human controlled opponents.

Battle order is used to determine which players play and in what order. Battle order is associated with the speed of each Axie. Speeds above 110 are high speed. Speed is an important attribute of an Axie as you can see.

Energy, cards and rounds are core to gameplay functionality. At the beginning of a game each player is given a certain amount of energy and also six cards. After round one you receive two energy and three new cards.

Keeping track of the current round, your energy amount and the cards are all fundamental elements of successful gameplay.

Each card has an energy cost associated with its play. The amount of energy on the card will be subtracted from your current energy amount.

Two other important aspects of a card are damage and shielding. These are both assigned number values and displayed on the cards. Some cards have a higher damage to shielding ratio than others and can be strategically used depending on your need in the game.

Each card also contains a description indicating what it does exactly. Take a moment to review this information. It can help you make decisions about gameplay and your strategy.

A good game strategy is to take a good look at the cards you have and then also study your opponents cards. This will help you develop a strategy and guide your moves through the game at hand. It’s important to take a moment to read through the descriptions, attack levels and shield levels of your enemy as well as your own. This can help you know what cards to play and in what order.

When the game begins look at the health of the first enemy and then take a look through the attack levels on your cards. Play one or more cards to equal the current amount of health of the enemy. After playing the cards end your turn to kick off the battle.

The game battle is an animated sequence of your strategy and then the opponents rendered to the screen as all of the appropriate players’ energy levels are updated. The steps of the sequence and aspects of the gameplay strategy are also printed to screen. This enables you to begin strategizing your next move.

The next round is played again through the cards you have available. There are many different kinds of cards with different abilities including healing. Healing can be used at this stage to bring your energy levels back up if it took a lot of damage in the previous round for example.

There are three total rounds played in a battle with one winner who is awarded SLP. The winner also gets Matchmaking Rating or MMR. Losers of battles do not lose SLP but they do lose MMR.

Adventure Mode has a cap of 50 SLP per day as a reward. Completing the daily quest will yield another 25 SLP. On top of that the more battles you can win against other players the higher your rank will get. Higher ranks are above 2000. With some experience and a decent team expect to earn around 80 SLP per day. At the time of this writing that’s roughly $1.50 give or take. The amount of time in this case is around three hours per day.

As you learn effective gameplay and strategy you can increase your rank and the amount of money you can make.

This is a top level look at gameplay in Axie Infinity. It gets even deeper than this so expect to spend a good chunk of time learning the terminology and all aspects of the game and ecosystem to really make a decent amount of money. The key component here is strategy and that is developed through an understanding of each Axie and what it can and can’t do and how that relates to battle.

5. Making Money Through Flipping Axies

four axies from the game axie infinity with different colors

What does flipping even mean? Flipping means buying and then reselling for a higher value. In this case Axie Infinity NFTs that are used for battles in gameplay.

Flipping takes place in the Axie Infinity Marketplace. You can buy and sell an Axie with ETH using a crypto wallet such as MetaMask.

From a purely technical perspective it’s pretty easy to flip an Axie. Some reading, clicking and installing. Then searching through the eBay style Axie shop and finding one to buy. Then you sell it for more than you bought it for. Pretty simple really.

So why doesn’t everyone do it? Successfully making money flipping Axies has a lot to do with knowing and understanding the different aspects of what makes one Axie more valuable than another. This value is ascribed by what an Axie can do, what it can’t do, what it does well, how many times it’s been bred and many other factors beyond the scope of this article.

So, the price of an Axie is basically determined by its capabilities, traits and genetics. Understanding the different classes, body parts and traits of the Axie Infinity ecosystem is critical to profitable flipping.

There is a definite bottom line, the better an Axie is in battle, the more the Axie is going to be worth. This opens opportunities in the Axie marketplace for people to find an Axie at a low price that has good characteristics and then resell it for a higher value. This is basically the foundational concept of flipping. In a way, it’s a bit like trading.

And, like with trading, market conditions and current aspects of the game contribute to the prices of an Axie at any given time. In addition to the aspects that make up an Axie it’s important to understand and stay updated with what the developers are doing with the larger game ecosystem and game design and gameplay. Everything is constantly changing and evolving and has an impact on Axie price.

A good approach is to play the game and also do flipping. It provides a better understanding and game dynamics to assist with the decisions on which Axie is a good candidate for flipping.

A single Axie can be flipped at a time though and you don’t have to play the game or hold three Axies.

It can take time for an Axie to sell, so patience is really important. Knowing the worth of the Axie and pricing appropriately should yield in profits, but it can take time.

Flipping one or two Axies at a time is a good approach because of the volatile nature of the game. Having ten Axies for sale could result in loss if there were a massive swing in game sentiment or gameplay and it’s really just better to diversify anyway.

Studying each Axie used in the Leaderboard is a good way to become familiar with what’s been working for people winning battles. Diving down into the characteristics of the Axies the teams that are winning with is a great way to begin to see what classes, body parts, genetics, traits and capabilities you want to look for when buying.

6. Breeding Axies

Another way to make money with Axie Infinity is by breeding Axies. This is the process of choosing two parents and creating a new Axie. The new Axie can be used for gameplay or sold in the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

Breeding is extremely deep and somewhat secretive. Out of all of the ways to make money with Axie Infinity it’s one of the more complex, time intensive and more difficult.

How to BREED on AXIE INFINITY for Beginners

To really successfully breed Axies it’s best to also either play the game or have a very good understanding of the game. This is because knowing what Axies to breed is linked to how well they perform during battles.

A common approach to breeding is to build a team to play the game with, either the breeder, scholars or a buyer. It’s not unusual to select genetics and traits for different Axies with the overall construction of a team in mind.

One of the most important factors to breeding is the purity of the genetics for each Axie. The purity will dictate the offspring of the Axies that you breed. It’s desirable to breed lines of Axie with the most pure genetics that you can afford.

The typical amount of times an Axie is used to breed is four but this can vary a bit. The cost of breeding increases each time an Axie is used to breed. SLP and AXS are both required to breed Axies.

Technically it’s not difficult to breed Axies. It’s a point and click process with a few caveats. It takes five days for the new Axies to hatch. Once you breed a pair you’ll get an egg. After the five days of incubation you hatch the egg to reveal the new Axie you’ve created.


There is an arsenal of tools that aren’t difficult to locate that assist with breeding Axies. The tools simulate breeding and also show deep information about the traits for Axies you’re looking at to breed with. Parent selection is the most important aspect of breeding Axies.

To take this path to make money with Axie Infinity you should expect to lay down a significant financial investment up front. You need to find high quality, pure Axies that can fetch a lofty price. There is a good likelihood that the new Axies you breed will sell somewhat quickly in the marketplace if you have extremely good genetics. Again, expect to dump a decent chunk of change up front before you breed.

The other significant investment for breeding is time. This is a multi-step learning process and breeding is generally done by people who have studied and played the game quite a bit. The reason it’s important, as mentioned before, is that it’s a wider task than just breeding an Axie to sell. You need to understand what makes a good team in the game and why particular Axies are good for different teams. Beyond that understanding the purity of the Axie and probability of what it’s offspring are is paramount. Finding and utilizing the most current tools is also a critical step in breeding Axies.

For a high up front investment scenario, you could purchase excellent Axie parents and then breed another high purity Axie. That new Axie could sell for roughly the cost of one of the parents. So, there is definitely a good ROI here. And remember, you can breed the parents four times without dirtying the gene pool too much. That’s not a bad overall ROI.

Breeding is a deep subject with a lot of detailed information to examine.

How to Breed Axies in Axie Infinity! (Ultimate Breeding Guide)

Final Thoughts About Making Money With Axie Infinity

Making money with Axie Infinity is not “easy” or “fast” by any means. Earning tokens from the game requires some grinding. Holding tokens for long term profits requires multi-year patience. Trading tokens for profit requires technical trading skills and stone cold confidence. Breeding and flipping Axie NFTs for profit means you need deep knowledge and gameplay experience.

This is not something you should engage in unless you play to go all the way.

Like most types of money making ventures, it seems one way from the outside, but it’s a lot different once you actually get involved.

From the outside, it may appear that you just get to play a video game and sell some cute cartoons to make some quick cash. From the inside, it’s clear that you need experience, knowledge, consistency, and skills to actually make this work.

What’s more, the future of Axie Infinity as a game, and especially the tokens AXS and SLP is not clear. Will these tokens gain value over time? Will the game succeed on an increasingly larger scale? Will playing Axie Infinity remain profitable over time regardless of crypto market conditions? These are all unanswered questions, and long term risks if you are going to invest time and money into learning how to play this game.

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