How To Flip NFTs – NFT Flipping Fundamentals

  When you’re flipping something you’re basically reselling it; plain and simple. An NFT is purchased at one price and then resold for another, higher price. That’s all there is to flipping NFTs. Getting it done and being profitable is where the challenge arises. —>>Build An Income-Generating Website That Lasts Decades! —>>Watch how I built … Read more

How To Make Money On OpenSea With NFTs

  OpenSea is a web3 based platform and marketplace that allows individuals to buy, sell and create NFTs. The two most common methods of making money on OpenSea are by flipping NFTs or creating and selling NFTs. —>>Build An Income-Generating Website That Lasts Decades! —>>Watch how I built my business step-by-step in a few minutes. … Read more

Top 10 NFTs on Ethereum

  With almost all eyes in the financial world checking out cryptocurrencies and NFTs in recent months, the most popular blockchain for hosting NFT contracts is easily the Ethereum blockchain. Not only is this blockchain home to the most valuable NFTs in the market, but it is also the second-biggest cryptocurrency in the world. —>>Build … Read more

Top 10 NFTs on Solana

  With NFTs on the rise, many of the blockchains deemed alleged “Ethereum killers” have stepped on the scene with a thirst for blood. NFTs, on the surface all look pretty similar. It’s a JPEG or a GIF with artistic value. Underneath, however, there are many different “L1” blockchains competing with Ethereum to be the … Read more

11 Places To Sell NFT Art

  The world of NFT art is exploding! For the last couple of years, NFTs have been picking up traction and gaining a lot of attention. This has left artists scrambling to understand NFTs and get their work available for sale in this new space. —>>Build An Income-Generating Website That Lasts Decades! —>>Watch how I … Read more

Top 10 NFTs on Cardano

As the NFT craze continues to grow, one of the themes that have become apparent is the ability to host NFT projects on different blockchains. For newcomers to the NFT space, an NFT is just an NFT, but as you dig in, you’ll realize that it can be important to choose on which blockchain to … Read more

Can You Really Make Money Minting NFT Music?

NFTs can be a high-dollar, high-risk, lingo-laden world of hype, rug pulls, and vapor projects. When most people think of NFTs, they think of digital images, you can also mint music as an NFT as well. When you understand what an NFT is and how it works (broadly), it makes sense. —>>Build An Income-Generating Website … Read more