9 Canadian Network Marketing Companies

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The most well-known network marketing companies are large international entities, with distributors in many different countries. These often started in the United States, and many have spread into Canada. Still, there is something powerful about finding Canadian network marketing companies.

After all, many customers want to support a home-grown business. Such businesses may also be less well-known than the American and international MLMs. This isn’t entirely a bad thing, as a relatively obscure company can have more growth potential than a large entity that has tapped out its marketing.

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When researching this list, we noticed that many Canadian-born network marketing companies haven’t lasted. However, there are still some that continue to be successful. These are the companies that we’re featuring today.

For each of these companies, we’re highlighting their main products, along with the income approaches. Some of them are up-front about exactly how distributors make money, while others keep this information hidden. Nevertheless, there’s normally enough information out there to get a general sense of the company.

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Canadian Network Marketing Companies

  1. Fifth Avenue Collection
  2. Gel Moment
  3. Ice N Fire
  4. Silver Icing
  5. Fantasia
  6. Tiber River Naturals
  7. Tocara
  8. Truth Niagara
  9. Igniting Passion

1. Fifth Avenue Collection

Fifth Avenue Collection Website Screenshot showing a Christmas tree

  • Focus: Jewelry
  • Minimum Cost: $199

Product Overview: Fifth Avenue Collection is a jewelry MLM that operates in Canada, Australia, the United States and South Africa. We’re featuring them in this list, as the company was originally started in Canada and continues to have a strong Canadian presence.

The jewelry types offered by Fifth Avenue Collection include earrings, neckpieces, pendants, bracelets, belts, men’s pieces and more. There are many individual products in each category, along with various styles, metals and sizes.

The large product selection means that the prices vary too. For example, bracelets range from $19 to $200, while neckpieces range from $19 to $250.

As for the jewelry itself, some pieces are interesting and some not so much. Jewelry tends to look the same after a while anyway, especially with so many companies out there. In one sense, whether the pieces from Fifth Avenue Collection are any good will depend on the person looking at them.

While much of the jewelry isn’t cheap, the prices appear fairly typical for the type of materials used. This should help the pieces sell to the right audience.

All-in-all, the large range of products is the company’s biggest advantage. This should help customers to find pieces that they want.

Commission Quick View: Fifth Avenue Collection doesn’t provide a full compensation plan, but they do state that you can make 50% commission on every sale. If this claim is accurate, it’s pretty impressive. Most MLMs start at the 20% or 30% mark. Earning 50% commission is very unusual.

That being said, it isn’t clear how you’ll be making sales. The company has a high start-up costs, which suggests that you may be buying jewelry and then reselling it. Hopefully that’s not the case, as there are so many products to choose from.

Members do also receive a website that they can presumably make sales from. This is an appealing feature and helps you to target an online audience.

However, it isn’t clear whether the commission rate is the same from the website. Distributors could easily earn less for website sales, especially if the company prefers their distributors to purchase and then resell products.

There is a team-based aspect to the plan too, as I’ve seen distributors try to recruit others online. No details are provided about this aspect at all. You would need to talk to a distributor directly to find out what to expect.

While compensation plans vary, MLMs tend to follow the same general patterns for team building. Your goal is to build a large team of multiple levels. The amount you earn tends to be based on the performance of your team, which means that team members need to be good at sales and recruitment too.

There may be ongoing sales requirements as well. For example, you might need to sell a certain amount of jewelry every month to earn from your team. You might even need to do so simply to remain a member.

Final Thoughts: Fifth Avenue Collection has a long history and many products from customers to choose from. The biggest limitation is that this is yet another jewelry MLM.

There are so many of these companies out there already, not to mention countless other places where people can buy jewelry. It’s hard to imagine customers getting excited about what Fifth Avenue Collection has to offer.

2. Gel Moment

Gel Moment Website Screenshot showing nails, polish and girls

  • Focus: Nail polish and other nail products
  • Minimum Cost: $129

Product Overview: Gem Moment gets its name from the gel polish that the company sells. The polish costs $25 per bottle and comes in a wide selection of colors. There are other products for nails as well, including nail art items, nail care products, accessories and lamps to help with nail drying. It kind of reminds me of Color Street (USA).

Some of the products aren’t as well-connected to the idea of doing your nails. In particular, there is a selection of teas, along with tea bag filters and a tea mug. A selection of skincare products is sold as well.

Most of the products are reasonably priced. This is especially true for the collections, which include various products.

The biggest limitation with the products is that you’re mostly focusing on nails. You will need customers who are passionate about their names and who tend to want lots of options. Customers who want one bottle of nail polish every so often won’t do you much good.

Commission Quick View: Distributors start out by earning 15% on their personal sales. This increases to 25% once the distributor gets to $500 in lifetime volume. This is a one-time volume requirement, so the distributor won’t drop back down to 15%.

The commission rate can be increased further, all the way up to 50%, by progressing up through the ranks of the company. Rank requirements are based on your team, so you’ll need to be recruiting to get your commission rate above 25%.

The first team rank requires $250 in PRV, along with $450 in wholesale sales across your team. If you hit this goal, you would earn 3% residual commission on the first and second levels of your downline.

Gel Moment follows a basic unilevel design. This means that your team is structured based on who each person recruited. The highest income potential comes from having many different levels in your downline.

Gel Moment does have some ongoing requirements. Anyone who is focusing on sales only must make $200 PRV every three months. This isn’t too bad as a requirement. Just remember that the products are mostly inexpensive. It would take quite a few sales to hit the $200 target, unless you sold some of the packages.

If you’re focusing on team building, then you’d need to hit the personal sales requirement for your rank. This starts out at $250 per month and would increase from there.

Final Thoughts: Gel Moment has some positive aspects. Not only are their products interesting, but the pricing is also reasonable. The compensation plan isn’t stunning, but it avoids many key issues.

3. Ice N Fire

Ice N Fire Website Screenshot showing various candles and a Boxing Day sale banner

  • Focus: Candles, melts and bath products that contain rings
  • Minimum Cost: $19.99

Product Overview: Ice N Fire sells soy candles, soy wax melts, body care items, diffusers, warmer soils and essential oils, along with related items. The most notable feature is that many of these items contain rings.

For example, Sterling Ring Soy Candles contain a 925 sterling silver ring. Customers can also win bonus rings by using the codes that come in the candles.

Ice N Fire isn’t the only company to take this approach. Some other MLMs do as well, along with various local stores. Still, including jewelry in candles and bath products seems to be a popular idea.

Customers often enjoy the surprise, as there is no way of knowing what ring is going to be present. There’s even the chance to get a ring that is worth more than the price of the product.

Now, the products aren’t cheap. For example, most of the Sterling Ring Soy Candles have a base price of $39.99 CAD. The candles sound pretty cool, with flavors like Chocolate N Cranberry, Peppermint Bark and Sensational Sherbet. Still, almost $40 is a lot to pay for a single candle.

Similar patterns are present across other products too, such as bath bombs that cost $19.99 CAD and wax melts for $29.99 CAD.

While some passionate scent-lovers might still pay these prices, it’s a good bet that many other people won’t. This means that you need to seriously weigh up your audience.

Commission Quick View: Ice N Fire uses an online sales approach, so there’s no need to worry about buying and showcasing products. Distributors are given a replicated online store for sales and get 20% commission on sales.

This rate can increase to 25% or perhaps more. Ice N Fire also mentions that distributors can earn more by building a team.

However, no other information is provided. As such, it isn’t clear whether you can hit 25% commission from sales alone, or whether you need to focus on team building too.

The team structure will probably be similar to other companies. This means that distributors will need to move up through the ranks to access residual team commissions and to access bonuses.

Each rank tends to involve additional requirements. These often relate to personal sales, team sales and the structure of your team. There may also be monthly sales requirements. If so, you’ll need to meet these to earn from your team.

Final Thoughts: While 20% isn’t a great starting rate, it isn’t unheard of either. A bigger issue is the pricing of Ice N Fire’s products. The high prices would discourage regular purchases.

You might find that people buy the products occasionally as a treat, but not on a regular basis. If this is the case, you’d need a considerable audience to ensure that you made regular sales.

4. Silver Icing

Silver Icing Website Screenshot showing a well-dressed woman

  • Focus: Clothing
  • Minimum Cost: Unknown

Product Overview: Silver Icing is a clothing company that sells products in retail stores across Canada and the United States.

The pieces from Silver Clothing aren’t unusual – at all. Many are simple designs and colors that you’ll see in plenty of other places. The pieces aren’t absurdly expensive, but they’re certainly not cheap either. For example, some cardis cost $64.95, while sweatshirts are often $79.

Whether the products are worth the price really depends on the audience.

Still, there are some advantages. One is the selection. Silver Icing has a lot of clothing, more so than most similar companies.

They also have more sizes than you’ll normally see. Their products go from XXS all the way up to 4XL. The larger sizes aren’t just limited to simple and boring pieces either. There are some appealing ones in the mix.

Finally, there are some less common product categories, like shoes, underlayers and men’s clothing (although there are only a few pieces of men’s clothing). These areas help to widen your potential audience pool.

Commission Quick View: Most clothing MLMs require distributors to purchase the clothing and resell it. When this isn’t the case, distributors need to have stock for people to try on. Neither of these approaches seem to apply to Silver Icing. Instead, the company focuses entirely on online sales.

Distributors earn a base commission rate of 20% for regular sales and 25% for Kenzley Makeup sales. Silver Icing doesn’t provide many details, so it’s not clear whether the commission rate ever decreases.

But, they say 20% commission, rather than ‘up to’ a certain percentage, so I would guess that 20% is as high as it gets.

There are also additional discounts of up to 50% on personal purchases. This could be useful if you plan to buy Silver Icing clothing for yourself. Still, the idea isn’t helpful for earning money.

While Silver Icing does have a team-based aspect, they don’t provide details of this. The main indication is just that the company talks about team leader coaching on their website.

Final Thoughts: The online focus of Silver Icing is nice, as this reduces your risk and allows you to target a larger audience. The problem is that you’re competing against physical stores that sell the products, plus the Silver Icing site and other distributors.

That’s a lot of competition for clothing that really isn’t that amazing to begin with,

5. Fantasia

Fantasia Website screenshot showing three girls

  • Focus: Adult toys
  • Minimum Cost: Unknown

Product Overview: Fantasia is an adult-focused company. Specifically, they offer products like dildos, vibrators, lotions, bondage gear and lingerie.

The product selection is pretty decent. For example, there are almost 80 female sex toys to choose from. Some of these are simply different colors or slight variations of the same item, but others are completely different products.

To have a sense of pricing, you’d need to compare products from Fantasia to similar items from other companies. I suspect the ones that Fantasia offers are more expensive, especially as they have many that are around the $79.95 mark, or above.

The idea is that distributors will promote the products at parties. Sex toy parties are often themed, with the goal of making the whole topic less scary and a bit of fun.

While parties can end up working well, they can just as easily be awkward experiences for everyone involved. Even in this day and age, sex is a difficult topic. Even people who embrace their own sexual life may be unwilling to go to an event where sex is discussed so openly.

Finding the right audience ends up being a large challenge with companies like Fantasia. Many potential attendees will find the topic too much and may be unwilling to go along with it.

People who are more comfortable with the topic may not see the point. After all, sex toys can easily be ordered online with much more discretion. Some online companies will have a larger selection of products and better prices.

Commission Quick View: Few details are provided about earning money through Fantasia. The main piece of information is that consultants can choose between joining Fantasia consignment and Fantasia express.

The consignment approach follows a purchase and resell model. This means that you have products on hand that customers can buy and take home immediately. The style is appealing for customers, but it is more difficult for you, as you need to purchase the products with your own money first.

As a result, consignment models always come with more risk. The style gets even trickier when the company has a large product selection, as Fantasia does.

With the express approach, customers will be ordering through you. They have to wait for their orders to be shipped and you don’t need to keep stock on hand. Fantasia recommends this approach for beginners and I’d tend to agree.

Most companies provide more commission for consignment sales than other approaches. I expect this is true for Fantasia, although the company doesn’t even hint at the commission rate.

Final Thoughts: If you’re considering Fantasia, the first step would be to learn more about the compensation plan. This would involve talking to a distributor or possibly contacting the company directly.

Keep an eye out for monthly sales requirements and make sure the commission rate is decent. Sex toys are going to be difficult to sell at the best of times, so be certain that you have the right audience before you make any commitments.

6. Tiber River Naturals

Tiber River Website Screenshot showing a green background with soap

  • Focus: Eco-friendly products for the bath, body and home
  • Minimum Cost: Unknown

Product Overview: Tiber River Naturals focuses on items that are eco-friendly, made in Canada, use naturally derived ingredients, are free from controversial chemicals and are not tested on animals. These approaches do raise the prices of the products, but such products are also in high demand.

Their website includes the sections Head to Toe, Bath, Home, Essential Oils, Mother & Child, Men and Specialty. Prices range from $6 (for lip balms) to $45 (for various skincare items).

These prices aren’t too bad for an MLM. There are also some interesting items in the mix, like Honey Beer Shampoo and Vodka on the Locks Shampoo. Oh, and these products do contain real beer and real vodka (respectively), just to make things interesting.

The reasonable(ish) prices could help encourage sales. The presence of some unusual items is appealing too.

Still, for the most part, Tiber River Naturals is simply selling eco-friendly bath, body and home products. There are many other companies doing the same. Distributors would need to convince potential customers that the products are better than competing options.

Commission Quick View: Tiber River Naturals offers 30% commission right from the beginning, which isn’t too shabby. Building a team also allows you to earn residual commissions from sales.

Exactly what this looks like isn’t clear, as Tiber River Naturals provides few specifics.

The company’s site does mention that there are no sales quotas. This is ideal for anyone wanting to earn from product sales. However, there are probably still requirements for moving up ranks and earning from your team.

As is often the case, Tiber River Naturals follows a party model. The goal is to hold events where you show people the products in a social setting. Parties can work well, some of the time. Other times, they can be frustrating, time-consuming and get you few sales.

Final Thoughts: The chance to make 30% commission from the beginning is decent, especially if there truly are no sales quotas. You’re also promoting interesting products that are good for the environment.

The catch is that you’d need the right audience. Products like these are still more expensive than regular body and home items. Some people will be willing to spend the extra money. Others won’t.

7. Tocara

Tocara Website Screenshot showing a woman with jewelry

  • Focus: Jewelry
  • Minimum Cost: $89

Product Overview: In essence, Tocara is a jewelry company. They focus on items made using stainless steel and Rhodium plated sterling silver. Most of the items are for women, but there is a small selection for men as well.

It’s tough to give an opinion on the jewelry itself, as personal preferences vary so much. However, the pieces do tend towards simple and classic styles. With relatively few exceptions, most of the pieces aren’t going to make people stop and look.

The pieces aren’t exactly cheap. For example, most of the necklaces cost more than $50 and some are upwards of $100. Likewise, customers are often paying more than $30 for a single pair of earrings.

That being said, Tocara seems to be focusing on quality pieces and semi-precious stones, rather than low-quality costume jewelry. As such, the jewelry may be worth the price.

The big challenge is simply that the jewelry isn’t that special. There are countless jewelry companies out there and many will have similar products. Would you be able to convince people that they should buy from Tocara?

To make matters worse, there are barely any reviews about Tocara’s jewelry. I’ve seen a few people talking about the MLM aspect of the company, but that’s it. Patterns like this are deeply concerning. If Tocara’s jewelry is good, why aren’t people talking about it?

Commission Quick View: Tocara follows a classic party model, where you’re promoting the jewelry at events. This style can work well enough some of the time. But honestly, customers are getting a little sick of jewelry parties by now.

Thankfully, Tocara does also allow customers to shop online, which is something. You need to pay $8.99 a month for access to a replicated site for sales. This is a required fee, even if you don’t plan to use the site.

As for compensation, you can earn between 25% and 40% on sales. There is a Fast Start Bonus in place, where your early commission rate is based on your sales. But, this only seems to apply to your first 70 days.

Tocara provides little information about what happens for the rest of the compensation plan. It seems likely that your commission rate is linked to your sales within each month, but there could be a different structure in place.

Final Thoughts: With a base compensation rate of 25% and an evergreen product type, Tocara isn’t too bad as an MLM. Still, there are many similar companies out there, some of which are better for income.

While jewelry is considered an evergreen field, I’d still be very hesitant about basing your entire business on one line of jewelry. Customers have so many products to choose from these days, which could make sales difficult.

8. Truth Niagara

Truth Nigara Website Screenshot showing bath bombs in a basket

  • Focus: Homemade bath products
  • Minimum Cost: $31

Product Overview: Truth Niagara is a relatively small Canadian company that focuses on luxury bath products. They create handmade items, using small batch processes. The emphasis is on creating quality items using simple and pure ingredients.

Interestingly, Truth Niagara makes products daily. This should make the items fresher than many items that are sold by large companies. The most notable products are large bath bombs. These tend to sell for around $6. Other items include body oil, body scrub and body bars.

While the product selection isn’t large, this aspect isn’t too surprising for the nature of the company. There are still enough items to keep customers interested.

Product packaging is very minimalistic. For example, the bath bombs are just wrapped in clear plastic, while other products are in plastic containers or bags with a simple label.

The packaging approach is a little unappealing, but it does emphasize the idea that the items are all handmade. There is also a craft market-type feel to the products, which isn’t necessarily bad.

Commission Quick View: Truth Niagara provides full compensation plan details, which is a nice touch. Commission from sales starts at 20% and can increase up to 30%, by moving through the ranks.

There are seven different ranks to move through. The requirements focus on personal sales, group sales, and the number of active consultants in your downline.

Commission from your group sales is a little interesting. The first team rank, Motivate, earns 1.5% residual commission on the sales of their first, second and third level, then 1% from all other levels.

The commission for first, second and third levels increases with rank, all the way up to 5%, while the residual commission for all other levels is always 1%. This creates a simpler team plan than is found with many other companies.

But, the plan is also less powerful. It’s unusual to see percentages as low as these for downline commissions.

There are ongoing requirements too. To stay active, consultants need to make at least $250 in sales every three months. The sales requirements become monthly if you want to earn from your team, ranging from $250 to $1,000 per month.

These requirements highlight an important point – the price of products from Truth Niagara. While the low prices should make sales easier, you also end up needing to sell a lot of items to hit even the $250 sales goal.

Final Thoughts: I love some parts of Truth Niagara, but I’m less convinced about others. While the low prices and the homemade approaches are good for sales, it might be difficult to hit even the lowest sales requirement.

After all, products like bath bombs and body bars aren’t something that many people buy regularly. They often end up being treat items instead.

9. Igniting Passion

Igniting Passion Website Screenshot showing various pieces of text about passion and sex

  • Focus: Sex toys and related items
  • Minimum Cost: Unknown

Product Overview: As the name might suggest, Igniting Passion is an adult company, one that focuses on products like sex toys, lingerie, lubricant and bondage gear.

Most of the items are pretty typical for the industry, so we won’t go into them in detail. The prices seem average for an MLM in this field. In particular, the items are more expensive than what you might find in an online adult toy store and there are fewer discounts available.

While the product selection is less than many non-MLM companies, it is still pretty good for this type of MLM. There is also a stronger focus on toys for couples and for men, which is nice.

Igniting Passion also offers a rekindle subscription box. This is shipped out every three months and costs $49.99. Subscription boxes are an unusual choice for an MLM. For that matter, it’s rare to see any sexually oriented company with subscription boxes.

This type of box can be appealing. There’s something fun about getting an unknown present every month (or every three months, in this case).

Igniting Passion also provides different box types to choose from. The options help ensure that the box type matches the recipient. These options are: Single F, Single M, Couples M/F, Couples M/M and Couples F/F.

Commission Quick View: Igniting Passion distributors make sales entirely through a replicated site. Hosting parties is still encouraged, but there is no need to purchase products and resell them.

In fact, Igniting Passion even pays for any hostess rewards. Those rewards act as an incentive to get potential customers involved in parties. Your profit margin is always better when the company is responsible for the rewards.

The base commission rate is 30%. This increases to 35% if you can make more than $501 of sales in a month and to 40% if you can make more than $2,001 of sales.

The team side of the plan is simpler than normal. There are just four ranks: Consultant, Team Leader, Team Manager and Executive Director. Rank requirements are just based on the number of active consultants in your downline. You become a Team Leader with 6 consultants, a Team Manager with 11 consultants and an Executive Director with 16.

Residual commissions can be earned from your first second and third downline level. This starts out at 1% for Level 1 and 1% for Level 2. At the highest ranks, the percentages are 4%, 3% and 2%.

Igniting Passion ends up being one of the few MLMs where your team commission and personal sales are not related to one another at all. It really is possible to just focus on one or the other, which is rarely ever the case.

Final Thoughts: The compensation plan from Igniting Passion is actually pretty good. The team potential isn’t as high as with some other companies but honestly, most distributors will never develop a large team anyway.

The biggest issue is that you’re selling sex toys and related items. These tend to be tough to sell, even in a sex positive environment. Being able to make sales online should help, but even then, regular sales seem unlikely.

Top Pick

Of all the companies on this list, the most powerful has to be Igniting Passion. It feels strange to recommend an adult company, as this type of product is normally difficult to sell in a home party situation.

Nevertheless, Igniting Passion has an appealing compensation plan. Not only does it start out at 30% commission, but the commission rate can be increased to 40% through sales alone. The team aspect is also simplistic compared to most other companies.

The inclusion of a subscription box is also pretty cool. It’s rare to see such an approach in an MLM, but subscription boxes do tend to keep people interested in a way that product catalogs simply don’t.

Finally, it’s nice to see a company that keeps the personal sales and the team aspects of the compensation plan completely distinct from one another.

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I have to be honest though. I’m not a big fan of MLM. Tried it. Hated it.

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