My Favorite Affiliate Program

Not all affiliate programs are created equal. Let me tell you what’s so great about my favorite affiliate program after three years of working for myself as a full time internet marketer. You certainly don’t have to promote this program, but it’s a good example of what to look for when you start promoting products … Read more

Choosing A Domain & Hosting For Your Affiliate Blog

The domains & hosting for your affiliate website are essential to getting your business on the internet and ready to make money. The “domain” is the web address. It’s what you type into your browser to find a website. My domain is You buy a domain from a “registrar”, and then point it to … Read more

Does Schema Actually Improve Your Rank in Search Engines?

Schema is integral to SEO today but does schema actually improve your rank in search engines? Schema is simply structured data (e.g. information with labels or within a table). Build An Income-Generating Website That Lasts Decades! Earn online income for a lifetime. >>Start Now