11 Jobs That Make a Difference

Money isn’t everything. For some people, the knowledge that their work contributes to the greater good is more important than compensation. It’s generally not too hard to land in a career that provides you with financial security if you don’t care about what you’ll be doing exactly, and are willing to put some effort toward … Read more

Easy Website Idea #1: Book & Movie Lists

Thinking of a blog idea is a real challenge for newbies. Even with my detailed advice about picking niches, there’s still a lot of doubt in people’s minds. So today, I wanted to start a new series of articles with some easy website ideas you can use to have confidence in your topic choice for your … Read more

Some Thoughts On Content Creation For New Bloggers

Creating and publishing content is the lifeblood of my online business. The world of opportunity online is vast, but I’ve chosen blogging as my focus, and even within the blogging space, I find that there are more opportunities available than I can actively chase down. ===>>Build An Income-Generating Website That Lasts Decades! ===>>Watch how I … Read more

How To Buy Money Online With A Blog

This is a bit of a weird concept, but it helps me look at my business from a different viewpoint, so maybe it will help you rethink your business strategy and take your business to new levels. ===>>Build An Income-Generating Website That Lasts Decades! ===>>Watch how I built my business step-by-step in a few minutes. … Read more

Learning To Make Money Online Is A Great Hobby

Although I was beginner in affiliate blogging in 2010, I already had some life experiences which made it easier for me to commit to my business despite not earning income for many months after my first website launched. Though it might seem irrelevant, I had learned Eruption from Eddy Van Halen and I became fluent … Read more