Can You Really Make Money As A Dating Coach?

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Dating coaches might seem like a romantic-comedy-movie trope. But… they are actually real, and some of them make really good money. But can you really make money as a dating coach? Is this an opportunity that you may be able to tap into, either as a side hustle, or even as a full-fledged career move?

If you love dating, and love helping people to have a better experience with it, then it may just be a good fit!

Let’s talk about it!

    Making Money As A Dating Coach

    An important starting point is to think about what you can expect from this side hustle.

    A popular misconception about dating coaches is that they teach you how to seduce people. But, this is actually very detached from the truth. You may be thinking of pick-up artists… but dating coaches are an entirely different breed.

    Dating coaches basically help people find love… but they do it through personal self-development, coaching, and motivation.

    Dating coaches may offer products, services, counseling, and/or events/seminars to help people with their goal of finding a life-partner, attracting them, and building an intimate relationship that lasts.

    Some people also think of life coaches as match-makers… but that isn’t necessarily the right way to describe it either.

    At the very core of it, the goal of any real dating coach is to help you find fulfillment through dating… empowering you to find true love that brings you happiness and satisfaction. But they do so through self-help and self-development… assisting you in overcoming your own personal challenges that are keeping you from having positive dating experiences.

    But with that being said, there is a wide range of tools that dating coaches may use to help you do that. They may provide counseling in an attempt to help you identify your weaknesses and strengthen them. They may help you to clarify what you are actually looking for in a partner, and empower you to verbalize this to potential dating partners.

    They may help you to decipher cryptic dating texts, navigate dating apps, build an attractive profile, and spot ‘red flag behavior’ before you let it into your life.

    They may also give you pep talks and motivational confidence-boosts after bad flings or unsavory dating app experiences!

    But how do you become a dating coach? And perhaps even more importantly… can you actually make money doing it?

    Is this a side-hustle? Or is it more of a full-fledged business?

    Here is what you need to know.

    How To Become A Dating Coach

    Contrary to what many people might think, you don’t actually need to have any sort of degree or certification to be a dating coach. But still, with that being said, there are some certifications available that could help you in becoming more successful at it… and it definitely helps to have some kind of related degree if you wish to have an easier time attracting clients.

    The most popular types of degrees for dating coaches are usually based around social work, psychology, or counseling. Anything even remotely related to relationships and/or human psychology could give you a huge boost in the industry, as this will help to give you credibility and show others that you are educated and know what you are doing.

    There are also some dating coach certifications offered by different schools and companies… though many of them are quite simple, and are more centered around running a successful coaching business than helping people to find love.

    Some dating coaches write a book to help give them credibility… so that is also something to consider.

    At the end of the day, people are going to wonder why they should trust you to give them dating advice. Why trust you over someone else? Why trust you more than the articles they read online?

    Why should they pay you to help them find love? What makes you an expert?

    Answering these types of questions will give you a foot in the door. You will also need to advertise your services and network with other people.

    The good news, however, is that if you truly have a passion for this type of thing, you can learn about it and build it as a side hustle over time.

    But passion might be a key-word here. If you don’t have a passion for helping other people to find love, then this may simply not be the gig for you. It really all depends on what you love doing and care about.

    This is also not a side hustle that you can build overnight. Dating coaches can coach either online, in person, or both. But either way, you are going to have your work cut out for you if you want to compete with the many other dating coaches who are currently making waves on the internet.

    You will likely need to build a social media strategy, put together a website, and also figure out how you are going to build credibility for yourself.

    But is it all worth it? Let’s talk about the money for a moment.

    How Much Does A Dating Coach Make?

    At first, not very much. A lot of dating coaches out there had to start by working for free until they built up enough credibility to bring some ‘money’ to their hustle.

    In a lot of ways, being a dating coach is similar to being a motivational speaker. The highest earners make big bucks, but starting at the bottom doesn’t necessarily pay very well.

    There are dating coaches who charge $100 an hour for their services, or even more. There are dating coaches who charge $1,000 or more for a seat at one of their seminars. There truly is a wide range of different prices represented in this hustle… but the key to all of it is credibility.

    If people think that you’re worth it, they will pay you to do it. This is true with almost anything… including being a dating coach.

    You probably won’t start off making a grand an hour, but there are ways to build up to that point. For example, you could start a dating affiliate website offering advice and promoting dating affiliate programs until you have enough clout to charge premium fees for your advice.

    Many online dating coaches have websites to promote their services as well as featured products! It’s a great way to grow your brand.

    How To Get Started In This Side Hustle

    There are a lot of ways to get started with this side hustle. You could start by writing a book to gain some credibility. You could also form a small group and teach locally to get your feet wet.

    You can use apps like Meetup and Facebook to advertise and start a local group, and then buy materials at the local book store to teach with until you get your own book finished or design your own curriculum.

    It seems important to understand that passion is one of the keys to this hustle. If you have a passion for dating and helping people to find love, then you can absolutely make money as a dating coach. You just have to have patience and stay motivated.

    In a lot of ways, staying consistent is a huge part of hustles like this. They aren’t going to take off in a week or two. You need to put several years’ worth of effort into it to start seeing decent rewards for your work.

    And even then, your efforts will need to continue into the future to keep building it up.

    It will not necessarily be an easy climb… but this is a job that could definitely be worth it in the long run if it suits your passions and provides you enjoyment while you earn.

    My Personal Feelings About Becoming A Dating Coach As A Side Hustle

    I feel like this could be an awesome side hustle idea for you if you…

    1. Are passionate about dating and helping people to find love
    2. Are patient and willing to pay your dues
    3. Don’t mind working for free for a while to get the side-hustle off the ground
    4. Are willing to stick with it for the long-haul
    5. Are good with people, outgoing, and find it easy to talk, network, and build relationships

    This is not the best side hustle idea for everyone. And if you can’t provide any credibility for yourself in the field, you will need to work on that before you will be able to gain serious traction.

    But at the end of the day, there are plenty of dating coaches out there who make pretty awesome money doing what they do. They counsel, they give seminars, they give good advice, and they help people to find love by working on themselves.

    All in all, it sounds like a pretty fun side-hustle that could, absolutely, turn into a full-fledged job/business in the future.

    The main thing to remember is to just keep working toward it, spending a bit of time on it every day. The going may seem slow, but forward momentum is the key… even if it is a bit on the slow side at first.

    Our Final Opinion Of Becoming A Dating Coach

    Should you become a dating coach to earn some extra money?

    There are a lot of ways to make money online. Some are good, some not, but ALL of them are still just trading hours for dollars.

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