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Yes, we have all heard the rumors. Not long ago, there was a post going around on social media claiming that willing couples could make $35,000 a year uploading their intimate videos to the world’s largest free porn site.

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But is it true? Can you really make $35,000 just from uploading your own personal videos? And if not, how much can you make? Can you really make money with Let’s get into it.

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Note: Though the topic of this article is about pornography, there are no NSFW images on this page. Some might count as PG-13 though. There are no links to pornographic content, but there are a couple links that lead to documentation about starting a creator account on Pornhub’s official website.

Can You Make Money As An Amateur Pornstar Online?

Yes. A Lot. And you might not even have to fuck anybody.

There are actually a lot of ways that you can make money as an Amateur Pornstar these days, and the opportunities are growing fast. Long gone are the days where you had to actually make a movie and have it distributed to the naughty video store.

Now, you can run your entire business from your phone or laptop. No need for agents. No need for contracts. You could literally start making money today from anywhere in the world. You have a broadcasting and recording device in your pocket 24/7.

(Let’s be honest though. The biggest opportunities are for young women. If you’re a dude reading this page, unless you have a massive dong, you’re out of luck. That’s why I highly recommend most people invest time into something that could actually make money. )

To make consistent money you can rely on to pay the bills with erotic content online, you need a real plan though. Boobs will only get you so far. Pictures of boobs are free online. In fact, you can see a lot more for free.

So how are people getting paid an insane amount of money for this type of work? More importantly, how do you grab a piece of that for yourself?

  • Making Money With
    • What Is Pornhub?
    • Can You Really Make Money On
  • How To Make Money on Pornhub
    • How Much Can You Make With Pornhub?
    • How To Get Paid On Pornhub
    • How Much Does Pornhub Pay
      • How Can Uploading Videos To Actually Be Profitable?
      • Do You Need To Post Erotic Content To Make Money With Pornhub?
      • Does It Cost Anything To Join Pornhub As A Model/Actress?
    • My Personal Feelings About Making Money With Pornhub
  • Going Beyond Pornhub – Developing Your Own Online Brand
    • More Image and Video Income Stream Options
      • Snapchat “Premium”
      • Patreon & OnlyFans
      • Cam Sites
    • Massive Opportunities in Adult Affiliate Marketing
  • What’s Next For You?

pornhub menu displayed on mobile phone

Making Money With

What Is Pornhub?

If you claim not to know what Pornhub is, you are either doing a little bit of fibbing, or you (God bless your heart) are legitimately a wholesome person who has never before visited the world’s largest free porn site. is a Canadian website that was launched back in 2007. Since then, it has garnered a top spot for itself in the online pornography market and is probably most well-known for giving users the ability to make their own accounts, upload their own videos, and earn money on those videos if they rack up enough views.

In a broader sense, it is almost more like a porn-focused social media website… where users can interact with each other, leave comments on videos, build their profiles, compile lists of their favorite videos, and so on. And of course, users can upload their own content.

As it turns out, there are a lot of memes going around telling couples that they can earn fat stacks of cash by uploading their intimate videos online… but these memes are mostly embellishments and are not necessarily factual.

The truth is that you can earn money on PornHub, but it is a lot like trying to earn money on YouTube. It takes consistent work, a lot of time, and the ability to create content that people will want to watch and follow you for.

Here is what the actual facts are.

Can You Really Make Money On

You can, but it is not as easy as a lot of people think. There’s a lot of porn out there, so you’re going to have to get serious about your business. That means dealing with competition, and coming up with creative ideas for your videos.

Here is a screenshot from their blog about their content partner program, which is basically the process by which amateur adult filmmakers can earn money through their views on the site. It gives us some pretty standard information on the subject.

Pornhub Program

This program has a global reach of over 100 million daily users, and they bring in world-leading, high quality traffic for content producers. I also found out that there are a number of different ways for filmmakers to earn on this site. You can…

  • Apply for the Pornhub Network Content Partner Program
  • Earn additional revenue through the Pornhub Premium Viewshare Program
  • Join the Model Payment Program to upload videos and get paid

There is a bit of overlap here, but it is obvious that Pornhub is trying to make it easy for users to upload videos, get views, and get paid for them. As I said before, this is pretty much what YouTube does… it is just a little bit different.

A little further down on the screen, you can find this handy little chart that shows you how the process essentially works.

How To Earn On Pornhub

How To Make Money on Pornhub

Pornhub is definitely the most well-known porn website online, and it’s also one of the main ways you can earn money by publishing your own adult content (NSFW).

It’s not the only way, but it’s one of the more straightforward ways to get started making money publishing your own adult content.

How Much Can You Make With Pornhub?

Straight up – you can make as much as you want. Making money on the internet is not like a traditional job where you are set a specific wage per hour or per year. How much you earn depends on how good you are at getting eyeballs on your content.

There’s literally no limit to how much you can earn.

I wish I could give you some specific numbers of high earners, but nobody seems to be sharing this information. Why would they? It’ll just bring out the haters, and it’s really nobody’s business how much you earn.

If you develop a brand, and strategically grow your business over time, I’m very confident you can make well past a six figure income.

Think of it like YouTube stars. How much do they earn? Most earn near zero, but the most popular ones can earn millions.

How To Get Paid On Pornhub

In terms of the actual payment method of how you get your money, you have a couple choices.

  • Paxum
  • Check
  • Verge Cryptocurrency
  • Direct Deposit
  • USDT
  • CosmoPayment

For folks not in the USA, direct deposit might not be available, or could even cause social issues if your government tracks data like that. In that case, cryptocurrency like Verge or USDT would be viable, though I hazard people to avoid Verge. Stick with USDT and the buy Bitcoin with it.

How Much Does Pornhub Pay

There are actually a bunch of ways you can make money uploading videos too Pornhub. You can choose to focus on one that works for you, or create multiple streams of income.

  • Ad Revenue – $0.64 per 1000 views (free videos)
  • Video Sales – 65% Sale Price
  • Custom Videos – 65% Sale Price
  • Tips & Fan Club – 80% recurring
  • Model Referrals – $50 per model
  • Pornhub Premium – Unknown revshare
  • Downloads – You set the price
  • Export to Partners – Unknown revshare
  • Contest Prizes

So what should be obvious by now is that you are not paid per video uploaded. You are paid based on how well you can get views. Just like YouTube, but better. With Pornhub at least you can charge money for your own private subscription, and even get paid per video if you choose.

It’s funny, but Pornhub is known for having a business model much more favorable for creators than YouTube! They’ve even got an extensive guide to help you get started earning.

How Can Uploading Videos To Actually Be Profitable?

In the website FAQs, it says that you can join their amateur program if you are interested in trying to earn money as an adult film model. They say that the way this works is that you basically earn a percentage of the ad revenue that your videos make.

This basically means that the more plays you get, the more money you will make—though the payouts do not seem based on plays. They are actually based on ad revenue.

In fact, they go into quite a bit of detail about this in another part of their FAQ, which is actually really awesome. They say that the percentage of your payout is dependent on the performance of your video, which means views and ratings.

They say that the average RPM, or ‘Revenue Per Mille,’ which is per 1000 views, was $0.69 in 2017. As of 2018, that number dropped to $0.64. So per 1,000 views, you could expect to earn about $0.64. This may not seem like much, but some of the most popular videos on the site rack up millions of views! You can easily find videos with over 3 million views on them in the ‘Hottest Videos’ section. And when you do the math on a video with 3 million views, you are actually looking at about $2,070.

Your first videos might not make much, but over time, you’ll grow the number of videos in your profile, and have more loyal fans as well. One video making a couple dollars isn’t impressive. But three hundred videos making just a dollar a day is, well, $300 per day. Not a bad income!

As you can see, there is obviously money to be made on this site. But the people who make the most money are the people who are working the hardest at it. They are uploading content regularly, gaining followers, racking up subscribers, and making a name for themselves. Some of them even go on to become more professional, and buy extra gear to help make their videos even better!

As with anything, effort pays off in a medium like this! You can engage with people on the website in the comment section, start an Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or Twitter account to grow your audience.

You can even start your own website to drive traffic to your webcamming videos. Some hosts place restrictions on adult content, so make sure your host supports the type of content you plan to create!

Do You Need To Post Erotic Content To Make Money With Pornhub?

Actually, no! I found a couple of joke accounts on Pornhub which are getting a decent amount of views. BellDelphine posted a couple of prank videos as part of a publicity stunt, with suggestive titles, like “Belle Delphine gets stuffed”, then she eats a sandwich. Funny stuff.

Even funnier is the guy Ryan Creamer who posts “wholesome pornography”, where he does things like cloud watching with famous pornstars, or invites a couple of shirtless black guys over to watch a football game. Nice.

Does It Cost Anything To Join Pornhub As A Model/Actress?

Joining the site is completely free of charge. Obviously, if you try to sign up for a Premium membership on the viewer side you will have to pay—but it is free to create and upload content (even premium content).

Aside from this, there are still some monetary requirements to keep in mind. You will obviously need an internet connection and some basic video equipment if you want to upload videos and try to earn money on Pornhub.

And these things cost money. But… the good thing about this style of videography is that some actors and actresses make decent money using nothing but their cell phone camera! Obviously, better equipment will equal better-quality videos, but there is a market for quality across the board… that is for sure.

For more details on ID requirements and account management stuff, go here.

cam girl (SFW)

My Personal Feelings About Making Money With Pornhub

Personally, I feel like this could be an awesome opportunity for some people. But at the same time, it may not even be a decent option for others. Some people may simply have no desire for their intimate moments to be broadcasted online, regardless of how much money they could make doing it. And to those people, I would say that this is obviously not a good side-hustle option.

With that being said, some people love this kind of work. They find it not only fun and thrilling, but also profitable. I have even heard of people quitting their full-time jobs to do it regularly.

It is not a good gig for everyone. But if adult video work sounds like your cup of tea, is probably the site that you want to go to first, as they are definitely the biggest name in the game.

They also pay out well, and offer really awesome tools to make the process as easy as possible. You can then branch out into Snapchat and Instagram, which are very popular for things like premium nude photos, live shows, and other paid services.

Some adult film stars do run their own websites—but with Pornhub, you have an opportunity to get started without having to worry about all of that at first, because they offer you pretty much everything you need to get started.

It may not be for everyone, but it is most definitely an opportunity that those with a passion or interest in adult video could utilize to dip their toes in the water. You will probably not get rich… and even if you do, it will take you a while to accomplish. But if you are willing to stick with it, put in the work, and hustle—you could actually make some decent money on

Going Beyond Pornhub – Developing Your Own Online Brand

woman recording her own adult video (SFW)

The dangerous part of building your revenue stream on a service like Pornhub is that ultimately, you are not in control of your business. They could change the rules at any point, and you have pretty much zero recourse.

Though there are no famous cases with this video host yet, YouTube is well-known for destroying channels overnight for policy violations. While you might think that won’t happen because PH is “so cool and would never do anything like that”, it might not be their choice.

In very recent history, California tried to force porn actors to wear condoms.

More recently, Commie-fornia considered requiring porn actors to be licensed. Imagine that!

Who knows what these bills might have on a video hosting website like PH. The lesson here is that you need to have your own website. The basic ingredients to build a website are going to be hosting and a domain. The domain you can buy from any registrar, but if you’re posting adult content, you need a host which specifically allows that.

Having your own website also gives you the chance to attract niche clients, meaning you can do content you enjoy more. For example, you could specialize in furry content, or even sell feet pics to earn money.

More Image and Video Income Stream Options

There are actually a lot of way to earn money posting adult content beyond what you can o with Pornhub. This not only helps to diversify your income, but it could become a serious source of revenue for you.

It also helps strengthen your business and expand your brand awareness.

Snapchat “Premium”

When people pay money for exclusive snaps, that’s known as “premium Snapchat“. This is a pretty famous way to make money sending personalized sexy pics, nudes, or even straight up porn to your direct fans.

You can charge however much you want. I researched this for hours, and couldn’t find any information on how you actually charge a subscription within Snapchat, but this video was a decent introduction to the concept. Snapcash was suspended a few years back, so I’m not actually sure if you can get paid within Snapchat, but Patreon may be an easier option for managing that.

Private Snapchats are definitely still around because I see Twitter babes promoting them all the time.

Patreon & OnlyFans

Patreon has a an easier way to manage monthly subscription payments, and you can post content direct on there, or I think some people have a Patreon tier where you can get access to nudes etc.

Again, I’m not sure how you’d verify that someone on Patreon is still paying after they already have access to your private snaps. Content on Patreon can be screenshotted, so there’s that issue as well.

There seems to be a real glut of information on how to do this online, so you’ll have to jump in and start trying to figure it out. Seriously ladies. Tell us how to do it. Pretty much every YouTube video or written tutorial I looked up on how to manage this stuff was not very clear or out of date.

The most famous sexy Patreon I could think of was Belle Delphine (the girl who sold her bathwater as a joke). Take some pointers from her because she makes bank and I don’t think she posts much more than sexy outfits.

I don’t subscribe to any OnlyFans accounts, but I’ve heard it described as Patreon for porn. One semi-famous Instagram personality was able to rake in $500 in a week during her first week of joining OnlyFans, so there’s a bunch of money to be made here.

Cam Sites

Chaturbate is probably the most famous cam site, where you can perform to a live audience and interact with them. They can send “tips”, via a token system. You can schedule free live streams to attract an audience, do group streams, or people even pay for private streams.

Massive Opportunities in Adult Affiliate Marketing

woman creating online branded adult website

With your own website, you also have the massive opportunity to make money promoting adult products via affiliate programs. Vendors of all kinds of products and services will pay a “referral fee”, more commonly known as an affiliate commission for referring customers to them. If someone buy a product through your link, you make money.

Here are some general adult affiliate programs you can work with, but finding companies and products to promote is much more effective by searching for specific items you want to promote to your audience. For example, if your audience is into S&M, you could promote leather gear and whips. If your audience is more focused on gamer girls and anime, you might even be able to promote some video games.

These are your fans! With a more personal relationship, you could promote stuff only they would get. A kind of inside baseball promotion. Maybe they can buy their wife some lingerie you wore in your last cam session, or a Real Doll that looks like you. You could probably even have them buy gifts for you through your affiliate links and make money too. You know how men are LOL.

Affiliate marketing is an industry where folks can make six figures a month with a single website. Adult products are some of the most in-demand, and since they are sold almost exclusively online, it’s one of the most lucrative industries to be in.

What’s Next For You?

Personally, creating porn just isn’t for me. I prefer to make money behind the computer instead of in front of the camera. I enjoy the passive income that affiliate marketing provides, and look forward to a solid exit strategy down the road.

I can walk away from the computer for a week at a time and my business runs itself. I don’t need to be on Twitter and Snapchat all day trying to promote. I don’t need to be live on camera at 7PM for a nightly webcam session. It’s a a good amount of work to set up the affiliate sites in the beginning, but then they can kind of run themselves.

Even better, in a few years I can sell the website like any other business. You’ll get about 35x monthly earnings, so a website making $10k/month would return $350,000. That’s a pretty insane number, and it’s even crazier when you consider that you can build a $10k/month business in about a year or two.

You can’t really sell a Premium snapchat account or a Pornhub account? Even if you would, would you want to give someone else rights to your nudes? Probably not.

That’s why I’m grinding these days. Building a couple of affiliate websites until they’ll sell for a couple million and then I’m out. If you want to learn how to start your own affiliate website (any topic. doesn’t have to be adult related), you can see how it works here.

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I started my first online business in 2010 promoting computer software and now I help newbies start their own businesses. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!

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