Learning To Make Money Online Is A Great Hobby


Although I was beginner in affiliate blogging in 2010, I already had some life experiences which made it easier for me to commit to my business despite not earning income for many months after my first website launched. Though it might seem irrelevant, I had learned Eruption from Eddy Van Halen and I became fluent in Czech.

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What do those have to do with making money online?

Though those two experiences, I learned that it’s possible to start at zero, knowing nothing, and become an expert at something if you practice every day. Cool right?

I also learned that spending a lot of time learning useless stuff means that when you stop finding value in a skill, you lose it and are no longer an expert. I stopped playing clarinet after high school and quickly lost the stamina and fluidity to do it. After leaving the France to move to Spain and learn Spanish, I found myself forgetting French words daily and even some of my native English words.

If you don’t use it, you lose it.

So as I asked myself if it was really possible for me to start an online business even though I had never started one before, I had two distinct thoughts.

  1. I can learn anything by dedicating consistent effort over a period of time.
  2. Nobody gets bored of making money, and this will be a useful skill I can leverage for my entire life.

Both ideas ended up being 100% correct. 10 years after starting my first blog, I’m still blogging. I make more money each year, and learn new skills to improve my business.

  • A Blog Business Is Multidisciplinary
  • The Hobby That Pays
  • You Can Make As Much (Or Little) Money As You Want

A Blog Business Is Multidisciplinary

Actually, one very cool thing I learned about affiliate blogging is that as my interest waxes and wanes, I can shift the focus of my business and still grow my income.

Some years, I may want to focus on getting my hands dirty and writing personalized, top-tier content. Other years, I may want to broaden my traffic base and spend a bunch of money outsourcing. I can work on branding, or I can work on building an effective team. There’s no single “build a business” skill, so there’s always something to improve.

Whether it’s learning how to get more traffic, or optimize current sales, or outsource tasks and free up more time to think about high level business strategy, I’m on an “up and to the right” trajectory. If I burn out or get bored of one thing, I can move onto the next and not completely lose all that I’ve built so far.

The shifting, flowing nature of affiliate blogging is what makes it such a great hobby. There’s always something to do. Always something to get better at.

The Hobby That Pays

I’ve found that with other hobbies I hit a wall at some point where the choice is to “go pro”, or forever be disappointed in my skills.

I learned how to play guitar pretty well. I knew lots of cool songs, and could rip some guitar solos too. I never did join a band though. It just seemed like so much time to practice and I really wasn’t that into it. I was good, but not that good, and so I lost interest after a while.

The same with French, and then Spanish. I became fluent in these languages. The level of dedication required to take my skills to the next level required a severe increase in time spent studying – time that I had to be willing to sacrifice to succeed.

With my business, it’s exactly the same.

For one, I can’t not. I’ve got a mortgage. So there’s always that fire lit under my ass to get the work done.

You Can Make As Much (Or Little) Money As You Want

On top of that however, there’s literally no ceiling to the income I could earn, so I can dream all day and work towards those dreams. I’ve got a lifetime to get there.

Want a house? Work hard to get one. Want a Dodge Viper? Work hard to get one. Want a vacation house in the Caribbean? Work hard to get one. Those are within my reach, and they push me to work harder to make my business better.

Building a business that I can rely on to support my family and that allows me to dream of financial freedom and luxury (even if it’s just the luxury of time) is never boring.

I highly recommend adopting making money online as your hobby as well. There will always be a new Netflix movie. There will always be another PS5 game. You can never claw back that time though. You can’t get paid to watch Netflix. The PS5 isn’t going to improve your quality of life.

Contrast that with blogging to make money online, which can help you achieve your life goals of freedom and luxury, and it’s hard to imagine that you just need to spend a few hours per day to become a blogging expert.

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I started my first online business in 2010 promoting computer software and now I help newbies start their own businesses. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!


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