PicMonkey Affiliate Program Review: 25% Recurring Commissions?!


PicMonkey Affiliate Program Review

Those creative types will go crazy over the newest affiliate program that I stumbled upon the other day. While I have used PicMonkey in the past for photo editing, I had no idea it had an affiliate program attached to it.

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While many people spend hundreds of dollars on Photoshop and the other expensive photo editing programs, you can actually get those same great effects in an easy to use PC and mobile app. If you are not familiar with PicMonkey, i’ll go through a bit of it’s offerings below.

Affiliate Program Overview

If you are not that familiar with affiliate programs, lets start with a brief explanation of them. Each company that offers services or products online often startup different affiliate programs to help extend their reach further in the market. They do this by providing tools for you to be able to advertise their products and services.

In the case of PicMonkey that would be their subscription service to use their photo editing service. If you advertise for their services via their affiliate program and customers sign up, you’ll receive a commission on that sale. The more referrals you get the more money.

Below I’ll go over PicMonkey as a company, their products/services, commission structure and how you can utilize it on your website today!


  • What Type Of Products Are Featured?
  • PicMonkey’s Incredible Commission Structure
  • Alternative Affiliate Programs
  • Website Ideas
  • Can You Make Money With The PicMonkey Affiliate Program?
  • Pros/Cons of Working With PicMonkey
  • The Internet’s #1 Affiliate Training

What Type Of Products Are Featured?

PicMonkey Tools

While PicMonkey may seem like a simple photo editing tool, do some digging into what it can really do for you and you will be surprised. While I have used Photoshop in the past, the functionality of PicMonkey seems to run circles around it. Additionally, it’s continually updated to offer you many new and exciting features. Here are some of the great things you can do on PicMonkey:

  • Photo Editing: They offer both basic and advanced editing tools including demonstrations and learning tutorials on how to complete these edits. They also offer great photo effects, filters, textures, graphics, and a creative text tool.
  • Touch Up: Their touch up tool is designed specifically for human faces so it makes sure you look great no matter what the circumstances.
  • Design Tools: Their graphic design tool allows you to create what you want including invites, social media postings and your own company logo.
  • Collage: A simple to use, but powerful collage maker ensures the job of collecting and assembling the photos easy including eye color changers, makeup touch ups, hair color changer, removing blemishes and wrinkles, shine reductions, teeth whitening, and much more!

Along with all of these great tools comes PicMonkey’s incredible blog and tutorials. If you’re a new user simply access their tutorials to learn the basics. Their blog site will help you to learn all of the newest tools so you can keep reinventing your images.

They also offer a mobile PicMonkey app for those quick on the fly photo edits needed.

PicMonkey’s Incredible Commission Structure

Pic Monkey offers a commission based on new customers who make a purchase within 30 days of referral. For each referral you get 50% commission on their first sale. No matter if they purchase a month or a year. Their basic plan is $7.99 per month or $71.99 a year (saving $23.89 for the yearly bundle).

The great thing about PicMonkey is they dont just give you a one-time commission. They offer you a recurring 25% commission on all future sales for that customer. If they only purchase a month to start and then purchase a full year the next time you’ll still receive commission no matter what. Recurring commissions are the most powerful way to “stack” commissions month after month and grow your income exponentially.

Overall the commission for PicMonkey is really great both the first time purchase and the renewal commission as well. In comparison to other companies, their commission is beyond compare. There is a time limit of 30 days for the cookie to remain in the user’s system so if they don’t make a purchase within 30 days of clicking any of your affiliate links, you will no longer receive the commission.

Find PicMonkey at Shareasale. Here’s how to get started!

Alternative Affiliate Programs

In terms of competitor affiliate programs, InPixio is the only one with an affiliate program attached. While InPixio is a decent program as well, both in terms of photo editing abilities and commission are both lower than PicMonkey by far. They offer you a 30% commission on sales with a 60 day cookie. This program is also nice, but Pic Monkey is definitely the best choice!

If you are looking for a great partner affiliate program to use with PicMonkey, I highly suggest using a company like Movavi which is a video editing program. If you’re editing photos, i’m sure you also are editing videos so having great video editing software with an affiliate program attached is very important.

Movavi’s affiliate program offers a 40% commission on each sale and includes many different bonuses and gifts. Having these two as combo affiliate programs both with really incredible commissions will help you in succeeding but first you have to ensure you have great content.

PicMonkey Photo Editing

Website Ideas

Great designs and catchy graphics should be used on every website, so it’s no surprise that this affiliate program can be used in combination with any niche. A great way to really utilize this is to share with your site readers how you utilize pic monkey. If you use it to create catchy info graphics to make advertisements you can write tutorials on how you create those.

Writing your own tutorials is a great way to give ideas to your readers on how they can do the same and it also shows the benefits and usefulness of PicMonkey. Think about starting a whole section on your website which goes through how you create incredible graphics. This not only generates great traffic for your site as a whole it also will draw in potential purchases of the PicMonkey photo editing tool gaining you the commission.

Another great way to both earn money and commission long term is to startup your own website which creates logos for other users. The PicMonkey tool has a really advanced and creative system for creating logos and advertisements. You can offer your services for a low price to create a logo for a potential new company. This is a great way for you to earn back the monthly rate you already pay for PicMonkey. It also shows your visitors how you use PicMonkey which might inspire them to get it too.

Can You Make Money With The PicMonkey Affiliate Program?

PicMonkey Commission

There is so much potential to make money using PicMonkey so lets jump right into how you actually do it. First step is getting signed up, so head over to www.picmonkey.com/sitemap and at the bottom of the page click on “Affiliates”.

In order to sign up with PicMonkey affiliate program you will need a ShareSale account which is a 3rd party that manages the PicMonkey affiliate program. ShareSale is easy to sign up for and has hundreds of other great affiliate programs you can utilize.

Once approved, you’re good to go. You can see above the snapshot of the affiliate portal forPicMonkey. You’ll see an overview of everything here from commission structure, program rules, etc.

To start advertising for PicMonkey on your site, click on “Get Links”. This will bring you to their banners and text links.

  • Banners: Under Banners you’ll see many amazing banners which advertise the tools and services that PicMonkey can offer. They have a variety of shapes and sizes so they will fit in your sidebar, header, and other areas of your site. Banners are great for a natural graphic advertisement on your website.
  • Text Links: The text links are used when you want to provide hyperlinks to your visitors. This can be in the form of creating a hyperlink on specific text, photos, or just sharing the PicMonkey link your social media network.

Both of the above two banners and text links each include your specific affiliate partner ID which is what links that customer back to you for any potential sales commissions.

PicMonkey Banners and Text Links

Pros/Cons of Working With PicMonkey

Pros: There are so many positives on why you should use PicMonkey including: Highest commission on the market, best in services available, and having an easy to use affiliate tool which makes links and banners easy to use.

Cons: The biggest drawback to using PicMonkey for potential customers is the monthly fee for using the program. While the benefits of getting it are great, it can often not outweigh the cost per month considering some of the free alternatives on the market.

If you love PicMonkey as much as I do, give their affiliate program a try on your site as well to share with others this amazing photo editing tool. If you also found a great Photo Editing Affiliate Program that you use today, let me know here so I can give it a try as well!

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