Top 10 Antivirus Affiliate Programmes To Keep Your Wallet Safe and Full

anti-virus affiliate programmes

You might not believe me, but every day, 80,000 new malware or internet virus threats happen. You may or may not be surprised to learn that most people over the age of 40 do not know how to accurately avoid the virus, or clean their computer once an attack happens. Antivirus software makes it easy for people to secure their computer and their private information. It not only protects your computer, but it also protects the sensitive personal information stored on your device.

I’m sure you heard about iCloud getting hacked for several celebrities in previous years. The same could happen to “normal” folks like you and me, especially as more and more people gain an online presence.antivirus software

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Many antivirus affiliate programmes deliver high payout per lead or recurring affiliate commissions. It’s can be a lot easier to get people to part with their cash when looking at these products as software is bought online so customers don’t have the option to just close out the window and go buy it from Walmart for cheaper! Antivirus software is one extremely lucrative affiliate niche and one that I plan to get into myself in the future. Check out these 10 great antivirus affiliate programmes to get you started if you think it’s a niche that you fancy.

Antivirus Affiliate Programmes

Avast Software

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Avast Software

Avast Software blocks 66 million threats a month to keep your devices safe

Avast Software makes the world’s most trusted PC and mobile security software. They were a pioneer in the computer security industry and have protected 400 million customers around the world. They block 66 million threats a month to help keep the internet, your computer, and mobile devices safe.

ShareASale run the Avast affiliate programme. However, you can also join the programme through Commission Junction if this is your preferred affiliate network. As an affiliate, you will be provided with access to a great selection of banner ads, text links, and tracking tools. Affiliates can also enjoy affiliate only offers, promotions, and campaigns to help them increase their conversion rates.

Reasons To Promote Avast Software: Over 400 million users, affiliate-only offers and affiliate rewards.

Bonus: Top affiliates can earn special rewards to thank them for their hard work.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for BullGuard

BullGuard provides their customers with award-winning comprehensive internet security products

BullGuard started in 2002 and is one of the fastest-growing antivirus and internet security companies. Their award-winning products provide their customers with comprehensive protection from all internet risks and secure their valuable data. Their products include BullGuard Antivirus, Mobile Security, Internet Security, and Premium Protection.

Both Commission Junction and LinkConnector run the Bull Guard affiliate programme. They have high earnings per click and free trials to help convert leads into customers. As an affiliate, you will be provided with all the banner ads, text links and localised landing pages that you’ll need to start marketing their products. They will even create custom marketing materials upon request.

Reasons To Promote BullGuard: Fastest growing antivirus brand, award-winning products and performance incentives for affiliates.

Bonus: Affiliates with 15-60+ sales receive increased commissions rates between 40-50% depending on their sales volume

Heimdal Security

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Heimdal Security

Heimdal Security’s software keeps your device secure and protects your personal and financial data

Heimdal Security protects your memories, personal, and financial data by filtering all your incoming and outgoing internet traffic. Heimdal Pro protects users against attacks that other antivirus products can’t block. Their protection suite includes 3 layers of protection against ransomware, data-stealing malware, financial Trojans, and other threats.

ShareASale run and manage the Heimdal affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you will be provided with a great selection of marketing materials including their regularly updated blog for reliable product-related content. They also have evergreen 50% discounts on their products and special offers.

Reasons To Promote Heimdal Security: Protects personal and financial data, 3 layers of internet protection and extremely high commission rates.

Bonus: Affiliates with 10 or more Heimdal Pro sales earn 50% commissions and can earn up to 75% commissions for 100+ sales per month.

Zone Alarm

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Zone Alarm

Zone Alarm is an award-winning industry-leading online security company with almost 100 million downloads

Zone Alarm is supported by the world’s leading cloud-based security vendor, Check Point, and is an industry-leading online security company. One hundred percent of Fortune 100 companies use Check Point security solutions. They’ve had almost 100 million downloads of their award-winning security software.

Commission Junction run and manage the Zone Alarm affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you will be provided with high converting banner ads, landing pages, text links, and real-time reporting. They even have optimised marketing materials in German, Spanish, French, and Italian for non-English traffic. Affiliates can also use their exclusive offers and promotions to increase their earnings.

Reasons To Promote Zone Alarm: Award-winning products, optimized marketing materials, very high commission rates

Bonus: Total sales amount equal to or greater than $5000 receive increased commission rates of 30-50% based on sales volume.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for McAfee

McAfee creates internet security and antivirus products to protect your digital lifestyle

McAfee is one of the top independent cybersecurity companies in the world. They create business and consumer solutions to secure your digital lifestyle. Their internet security and antivirus products help keep you safe from viruses and malware so you can safely shop and browse websites online.

Impact Radius run the McAfee affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you will have access to their product catalog, unique promo code tracking, and reporting tools. McAfee’s affiliate management team is available to help assist affiliates and answer any questions.

Reasons To Promote McAfee: Top cybersecurity company, well-known and respected brand and great commission rate for affiliates.

Bonus: Affiliates can utilise McAfee’s brand recognition to help convert leads and earn great commissions.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for ESET

ESET has over 100 million users and is the #1 consumer recommend antivirus company

ESET offers consumer security software with one of the lightest system footprints and highest virus detection rates in the industry. Their products provide protection against the latest cyber-attacks and threats. They are the #1 consumer recommended antivirus company and protect over 100 million users worldwide.

Affiliates can market ESET products and special offers using any of their approved methods and marketing resources. Commission Junction run the ESET affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you will be provided with tracking links, banners, reporting tools, and issues commission payouts. They also run special holiday discount codes and long term promotions to help improve their affiliates’ performance.

Reasons To Promote ESET: Highest virus detection rates, 30 years of experience in cyber protection and special affiliate offers.

Bonus: Affiliates earn 20% commissions on all sales except Xopero Back and Recovery, which earns a $4 flat fee.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes protects millions of people and businesses from dangerous internet threats

Malwarebytes is a next-generation cybersecurity company that proactively protects millions of people and businesses. Their CEO set out to create the best disinfection and protection solutions to fight against dangerous internet threats. Their newest software, Malwarebytes 3, is the most powerful security product they have ever released.

Commission Junction run the Malwarebytes affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you will be provided with marketing promotions, banners, creatives, and tracking tools. Affiliates must have their own domain and their website should be related to computers, software, or malware to be accepted into the program.

Reasons To Promote Malwarebytes: Powerful internet security, award-winning software, marketing promotions available for affiliates.

Bonus: Malwarebytes has high conversion rates which means more commissions for their affiliates.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Sucuri

Sucuri protects website owners with their all in one antivirus and firewall software

Sucuri provides website owners protection with their comprehensive website antivirus and firewall solution. Their all in one solution helps clean websites when they are hacked, protect them from future attacks, and provides performance optimization. They have trusted security vendor to GoDaddy, WPEngine, SiteGround, and more.

Impact Radius run the Sucuri affiliate programme since they tried to build their own custom affiliate system and that didn’t work out. Sucuri has a fast approval process to help you generate new revenue as quickly as possible. As an affiliate, you will be able to access all marketing materials and tools on Impact Radius.

Reasons to Promote Sucuri: Antivirus security for website owners, all in one solution and lots of marketing help for affiliates.

Bonus: Sucuri’s goal is to help their affiliates start earning commissions as soon as possible.

Norton by Symantec

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Norton by Symantec

Norton by Symantec has been protecting their customers’ data for the past 25 years

Norton by Symantec has been protecting their customers and their data for 25 years. Their software provides real-time protection against existing and future threats on your PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. They are easy to download and use so you can start protecting your devices right away.

Norton by Symantec affiliate programme gives access to creatives, reporting tools, and issue payouts. They provide their affiliates with regular discounts and exclusive coupons. They’re easy to download software helps increase conversion rates.

Reasons To Promote Norton by Symantec: Recognised brand name, exclusive coupons, dedicated affiliate team

Bonus: Affiliates receive lots of discounts and coupons they can use to help increase commissions.

AVG Technologies

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for AVG Technologies

AVG Technologies provide the most comprehensive internet security threat protection

AVG Technologies was founded in 1991 and provides the most comprehensive and proactive protection against computer security threats. Their cutting edge internet technology allows people to safely browse, shop, bank, and more without worry. They have more than 200 million active users that use their products for online protection, privacy, and performance.

Commission Junction run the AVG Technologies affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you will have access to a great selection of banner ads, text links, and their product catalog to help promote their products. They also receive affiliate only offers, promotions, regular incentives, and bonuses.

Reasons To Promote AVG Technologies: Cutting edge technology, rewards to top-performing affiliates and lots of marketing materials.

Bonus: Affiliates can also promote AVG Technologies’ VPN services and receive 35-60% commissions.

Affiliate Website Ideas

So, that’s 10 great antivirus affiliate programmes, you are now fully equipped to launch a niche webite once you have decided your target market. The focus of you niche could be antivirus security for website owners. Sucuri offers comprehensive antivirus and firewall solutions. Affiliates earn 25% commissions on sales with a 30-day cookie.

Alternatively, a great niche idea could be business antivirus solutions for boomers and grandparents. Let’s face it– computing isn’t the easiest thing for older generations. A website about how to help your parents (or yourself, as a boomer) maintain a secure, virus-free computer could be an interesting way to help people online! Malwarebytes helps millions of people protect their devices from dangerous internet threats. Affiliates earn 20% commissions on sales with a 45-day cookie life.

Mobile phone antivirus apps could also be a lucrative earner. Avast Software has one of the top mobile apps and gives their affiliates 35% commissions on sales.

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