Top 10 Parenting Affiliate Programmes To Nurture Your Affiliate Earnings

Nowadays, moms in the US spend over 200 minutes each day online. The internet has been an important tool and resource for parents to look up information and get advice to help them become better parents. Don’t forget about dads too. Fathers are an important part of the traditional family as well, and guess what – they like to spend money online just as much as moms.

Here are 10 great parenting affiliate programs, and of course we’ve got a list of kids affiliate programs too.

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parenting affiliate programmes

Parenting Affiliate Programmes



screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for connects families to local caregivers and has over 17 million members in 16 countries is the largest online marketplace for families to find and manage care providers including nannies, babysitters, housekeepers, tutors, dog walkers, and more. Premium memberships gain access to references, background checks, and reviews that help make better hiring choices.

Commission Junction run the affiliate programme. Family friendly websites are welcome to sign up for the affiliate program. As an affiliate, you will have access to monthly updated creatives and tracking tools. Customised bonuses are available for top-performing affiliates.

Reasons To Promote Care: They are a well-known care provider service. There are higher payouts for 3 and 12-month sales and they offer affiliate bonuses.

Take Note: Care affiliate programme do not offer commissions on their free memberships or care provider memberships.

Positive Parenting Solutions

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Positive Parenting Solutions

Positive Parenting Solutions offers parents of toddlers to teens online parenting education training

Positive Parenting Solutions is a leader in online positive parenting training. They sell online comprehensive parenting training courses with lifetime access. They have helped over 60,000 parents transform their homes and raise independent respectful children.

Their national media exposure helps earn them credibility and confidence. They have a proven sales funnel with special discounts with complimentary upgrades and have a less than 1% return rate. As an affiliate, you will be provide with banner ads and reporting tools to track sales.

Reasons To Promote Positive Parenting Solutions: National media exposure, special discounts, very long cookie life

Bonus: Affiliates have half a year to convert leads and earn 25% commissions with a product list price of $299.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for OurFamilyWizard

OurFamilyWizard provides divorced parents and separated households with the best tools for better communication and organization.

OurFamilyWizard helps parents who are separated or divorced parents work together to manage parenting schedules, activities, expenses, communication, and other important information. They are an industry leader that has been recommended by courts and family law professionals since 2001.

ShareASale manage and run the OurFamilyWizard affiliate programme. They offer their customers a 30-day money-back guarantee and have a less than 2% return rate. As an affiliate, you will be provided with great analytics, reporting, and tools like payout information, top referring URLs, trend reports, and raw click data.

Reasons To Promote OurFamilyWizard: Court approved co-parenting app, industry leader and they have low return rates.

Bonus: OurFamilyWizard offers their affiliates a very generous 25% commission rate with very low return rates so you get to keep more of your hard-earned commissions.

1-2-3-Magic Parenting

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for 1-2-3 Magic Parenting

1-2-3 Magic Parenting offers easy to learn parenting solutions. They have sold over 1.8 million copies of their child discipline books.

1-2-3 Magic Parenting is dedicated to helping parents raise well-behaved, happy children, and overcome the stress of parenting. They offer parents, grandparents, pediatricians, mental health professionals, and babysitters a gentle but firm approach to manage children’s behavior. The 1-2-3 Magic books have sold over 1.8 million copies and have been translated into more than 20 languages.

ShareASale run and manage the 1-2-3 -Magic Parenting affiliate programme. They offer their affiliates a new publisher offer to help get you to get started and earn more for the first 45 days. As an affiliate, you will have access to special promotions and offers, product giveaways, and more to help increase conversion rates.

Reasons To Promote 1-2-3 Magic Parenting: Top child behavior books, new publisher offer, special promotions and giveaways.

Bonus: VIP affiliates can qualify for exclusive commission rates based on monthly sales.

Urban Sitter

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for UrbanSitter

UrbanSitter helps parents find babysitters through their social connections

UrbanSitter leverages social networks and online booking technology to show you sitters reviewed and rated by parents you know. They are available in over 60 cities with over 150,000 caregivers. Their app makes it easy to book and pay sitters even last minute.

ShareASale run and manage the UrbanSitter’s affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you will be provided with banner ads, text links, tracking, and reporting tools, and issue monthly commission payouts.

Reasons To Promote UrbanSitter: Book and pay sitters on demand, personal recommendations from local parents and high subscriber commission.

Take Note: UrbanSitter is only available in select cities so it limits your audience base. It’s probably best to supplement it by joining a few other affiliate programs.

Net Nanny

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Net Nanny

Net Nanny helps keep kids safe online by filtering out inappropriate content

  • URL:
  • Commission: 25%
  • Cookie: 60 days

Before the age of 11, 82% of children are exposed to inappropriate content online. Net Nanny is the most trusted parental control software that keeps kids safe online. It filters out inappropriate content, manages online time, and protects children from predators. Parents can buy passes per device and save 20% to 25% for multiple devices.

Pepperjam run and manage the Net Nanny affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you will be provided with banner ads, text links, suggested keywords, and tracking tools. They allow direct links, PPC and search traffic (not trademark bidding), and email marketing.

Reasons To Promote Net Nanny: Keep kids safe online, trusted software and many affiliate tools to enable affiliates to market the company.

Bonus: Net Nanny has been featured on shows like Good Morning America and Doctor Oz. Affiliate can use their brand recognition to help convert leads.

Snotty Noses

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Snotty Noses

Snotty Noses helps picky eaters learn to love healthy foods

Snotty Noses has tools to help parents improve their children’s diets. Dr. Orlena Kerek has helped 3520 parents feed their toddlers healthier foods. She believes teaching your kids healthy eating habits can be pain-free. She offers personal coaching, online video courses, and 2 e books to help parents.

SendOwl run the Snotty Noses affiliate programme. Their affiliate program is perfect for parenting blogs and websites that help parents with everyday problems. As an affiliate, you will be provided with access to unique links. They offer their affiliates lots of resources and tips on how to maximise sales.

Reasons To Promote Snotty Nose: Tools to help picky eaters, very high commission rates and lots of ways to earn commissions for affiliates.

Bonus: Dr. Orlena Kerek is happy to help her affiliates by writing guest posts and hosting free webinars for your viewers to increase conversion rates.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Lully

Lully is a non-medication solution to stop night terrors

Night terrors affect 1 out of every 5 families in the US. The Lully Sleep Guardian was created by physicians with kids who suffered from night terrors. It is the first non-medication solution to stop night terrors. In over 10,000 nights of testing, it stopped 8 out of 10-night terrors.

ShareASale run and manage the Lully affiliate programme. Their average order value is $130. As an affiliate, you will be provided with marketing, tracking tools, email updates with contests, seasonal updates, and sales opportunities.

Reasons To Promote Lully: Tool to help children sleep better, high average orders, lots of marketing materials

Bonus: Lully sleep products start at $129 so affiliates earn high commissions on all sales.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Bouncie

Bouncie is a tracking tool you plug into your car that can monitor your car anytime, anywhere

Bouncie is a tracking device that plugs into almost any car and allows users to monitor the car in real-time. Users can track locations, speeds, and driving habits. It’s a perfect tool for parents of teen drivers who want to give them some freedom while still being able to check-in for safety.

ShareASale run and manage the Bouncie affiliate programme. Around 40% of their orders are for multiple devices which greatly increases order amounts. Bouncie also gives their affiliate bonus for large orders of $100 or more depending on order size. As an affiliate, you will be able to set up ads and track sales.

Reasons To Promote Bouncie: Teen driving safety tool, high commission rate, they offer affiliate bonuses.

Bonus: Affiliates can earn high commissions on orders with multiple devices along with bonuses on large orders.

Revelae Kids

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Revelae Kids

Revelae Kids makes snack and playtime fun and easy with their problem-solving solutions

Revelae Kids offers parents innovative play and snack time solutions that encourage healthy active lifestyles. They design products to make play, snack, nap, and bath time easier and fun. Their Discovery Boxes and Sudsy Dough moldable soap aid in motor skill development and encourage imaginative play. Their reusable food storage solutions make it easy to take healthy snacks on the go.

Refersion run and manage the Revelae Kids affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you will be provided with banner ads and other creatives to help promote their products. Affiliates can share coupons and discount codes with their viewers to increase conversion rates.

Reasons To Promote Revelae Kids: Play and snack time solutions, help develop motor skills and coupons and discount codes are available.

Bonus: Affiliates can earn great commissions while promoting Revelae Kid’s innovative snack and playtime solutions to help kids live active healthy lifestyles.

Affiliate Website Ideas

There you have it,10 great parenting affiliate programmes. So now it’s time for you to choose your niche. You could focus on parenting training courses. Positive Parenting Solution is a leader in online parenting training. They give their affiliate 25% commissions for a very long 180 days.

Parents are always looking for a babysitter and sometimes family and friends just aren’t an option An affordable babysitter is a great niche for parents looking for affordable and reliable child care. is the largest online care giving marketplace and offers $15 per sale and $1 per lead. This programme could also work into a website about maintaining a healthy marriage (where date-night is important) or even a website for single parents who have a busy entrepreneurial or business lifestyle.

Another idea is parental control software to monitor online activity. Net Nanny keeps kids safe online and protects them from inappropriate content and predators. Affiliates receive 25% commissions on all sales. Home electronic safety stuff would also fit well into a home security system or antivirus software website.

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