Top 10 Farming Affiliate Programmes For Growing A Great Crop

farming affiliate programmes to make money on your niche affiliate website

The best farming affiliate programmes include farming equipment and supplies that can be purchased online.

While agriculture and related industries only provide about 11% of the employment in the United States, America’s farms provide around $132.8 billion of the gross domestic products.

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Farming can be an expensive industry to participate in. Farm equipment and supplies often cost in the thousands of dollars, so finding ways to make ends meet can be difficult for small family farms. Affiliate marketers can help by providing them with connections to the supplies they need.

When farmers can enjoy the convenience of shopping from home, they can often find products their local stores don’t carry, and they save time, which allows them to get more work done and make more money themselves.

If you’re interested in promoting farming-related products, read through this list of the top 10 farming affiliate programmes. I’ll share some ideas at the end of this article that could help you incorporate some of these ideas into your affiliate websites. If you’re farming at home, you might also like these homesteading and hydroponics products to promote as well.

farming affiliate programmes to create wealth for your niche affiliate website

Farming Affiliate Programmes


1. Bootstrap Farmer

This screenshot of the home page for Bootstrap Farer has a black header and navigation bar, an orange and green logo, and a large photo of cucumber vines hanging from black wire fencing.

Bootstrap Farmer is a greenhouse store that sells products such as seed trays, greenhouse kits, and greenhouse parts.

Bootstrap Farmer is a greenhouse store that sells products meant to help urban farmers and others get their crops started and grow food during unfavorable weather. Products include seed trays, greenhouse kits, wiggle wire, grow bags, melon cradles, and greenhouse parts.

The average sale order value is $120 or more. However, the base kits for full greenhouse kits start at around $500 for a six-foot-wide, 20-foot long greenhouse. A 20-foot wide, 100-foot long greenhouse kit is currently priced at $1,840. Customers can build their own DIY kits on the website, and they can also buy tools such as pole benders to help ease the setting-up process.

Bootstrap Farmer runs its affiliate programme through ShareASale. All orders of $25 or more are shipped for free.

Reasons To Promote Bootstrap Farmer: Besides the 10% commission rate, this company provides affiliates with bonus commissions.

2. Valley Farm Supply

This screenshot of the home page for Valley Farm Supply has an orange background surrounding a white main section with orange and blue text announcing Valley Farm Supply and various products, some of which have video demonstrations above their links, including electrical fencing supplies and scale systems, as well as smaller black text telling more about the company.

Valley Farm Supply sells animal management systems in the United States for farmers who keep livestock.

Valley Farm Supply sells animal management systems in the United States for farmers who keep livestock. This company sells items such as electric fences, electric fence energisers, grazing supplies, cattle scales, wildlife fences, horse fences, gates, solar panels, seeds, livestock water systems, and other farming supplies.

Some products receive free shipping in the United States. The prices per product vary, but they can come with high price tags. For example, electric fence chargers can be $1,000 or more, and livestock watering systems start at around $540 each. Customers who spend $1,000 or more get free shipping on the entire order.

Reasons To Promote Valley Farm Supply: For affiliate marketers, the relatively high price tags could mean more affiliate earnings per sale. Customers can enjoy the convenience of online shopping with free shipping options, which gives them more time to invest in actual farming.

3. Ace Hardware

This screenshot of the home page for Ace Hardware has a white search bar and navigation bar with a red and black logo above a red store-finder bar and a photo of three snowblowers in the middle of a snowy yard, with black text describing the best snowblowers and a red call-to-action button, above three smaller product boxes with photos and text announcing sheds, bird feed, and grills.

Ace Hardware is a general hardware store with an online store as well as several brick-and-mortar stores across the country.

Ace Hardware is a general hardware store with an online store as well as several brick-and-mortar stores across the country. Farmers can browse the website or search for products they need, including items like animal feeders and waterers, beekeeping supplies, fencing, shovels, heaters, chicken coops, animal feed, and more.

This company provides a few different shipping options. Some items can be shipped directly from the warehouse to the customer’s home. The customer can also choose to have items delivered from a nearby store. Customers can pick up their orders for free at a local Ace Hardware store or warehouse.

Reasons To Promote Ace Hardware: Although the company doesn’t list its commission rate, the great selection of farming supplies and other hardware could convert shoppers and bring up the total order value.

4. Farm And Rancher

This screenshot of the home page for Farm And Rancher has a transparent navigation bar layered over an artistic drawing of a farmer and his wife carrying baskets of fruit and veggies, a tractor, trees, fields, a river, and orange mesas in the background, along with a white search bar and blue call-to-action button for finding farms for sale.

Farm And Rancher is an online directory service for all things related to farming.

  • URL:
  • Commission: Unlisted
  • Cookie: 30 days

Farm And Rancher is an online directory service for all things related to farming. The website allows customers to shop online for farmland that’s available to purchase or rent, and they can narrow their search by the type of farms they want, such as a cattle ranch or a vineyard.

Website visitors can also look for opportunities or services for agritourism, farm supply services, trucking, fuel, farm equipment, auctions, and more.

It’s a little unclear what the store sells, and the tracking process is tricky. Not only do customers need to go through an affiliate’s special link to generate a commission for the affiliate, but they also need to enter a discount code provided by the affiliate when they check out.

The discount code gives customers a $12 discount on their orders. Affiliates only receive commissions from sales using the discount code.

Reasons To Promote Farm And Rancher: This website provides a great directory for several farming-related services, and the ability to search for farms for sale is nice, too. However, it’s unclear how sales are made, the commission rate isn’t listed, and the tracking process for earning an affiliate commission is complicated.

5. Tractor Supply

This screenshot of the home page for Tractor Supply has a black header and navigation bar above a red announcement for spring chicks and a light blue main section with white and blue text discussing proper pet foods, along with small product pictures of cat food and dog food.

Tractor Supply is the nation’s largest farm and ranch supply retailer.

Tractor Supply is the nation’s largest farm and ranch supply retailer. This company sells a wide range of farming supplies both online and in local stores, including tractors and attachments, fencing, farming equipment, beekeeping supplies, chicken coops, live poultry, dairy supplies and equipment, and other farming necessities.

The affiliate programme is administered through Pepperjam. Affiliates are provided with promotional materials such as ads, as well as marketing strategies and a monthly newsletter.

Reasons To Promote Tractor Supply: The store is well-known, and that could help convert some shoppers. The enormous product selection could increase shopping cart totals, too.

6. Bee Built

This screenshot of the home page for Bee Built has a gray header announcing free shipping and returns, a white navigation bar, and a white main section showing some wooden beekeeping equipment, along with red text announcing a 70% discount and a 50% discount.

Bee Built is a professional beekeeping supply store.

Bee Built is a professional beekeeping supply store. Bee farmers can purchase items such as beehives, protective gear, tools, bee feeders, harvesting equipment, and necessities for processing beeswax. The website also has an educational component where visitors can learn about beekeeping and shop for books.

One primary product section is for hives. A basic beehive kit costs around $110 and a full starter set that includes protective gear and tools could cost around $758.

Affiliate marketers are given a coupon code that they pass on to potential customers. When the customer uses the coupon code, they get a discount, and the affiliate makes a commission on this customer’s first sale.

Reasons To Promote Bee Built: The educational component, the pre-built hives, and the coupon code could help convert customers who are wondering about adding beekeeping to their farms. The 15% commission rate is nice, too.

7. Arbico Organics

This screenshot of the home page for Arbico Organics has a pale green background on the left and right sides of the page, with a middle section that includes a white background, dark green text in a white navigation bar with red and green elements in a white header, above a tan 10% discount bar, a photo of several bottles of natural pesticides in front of a crop of ripening tomatoes, and an aqua sales bar announcing the new spring catalog.

Arbico Organics is an organic pest control company that can help farmers, pet owners, and others take care of insect pest problems such as flies or fleas.

Arbico Organics is an organic pest control company that can help farmers, pet owners, and others take care of insect pest problems such as flies or fleas. This company carries special products for horses and livestock. Besides natural insecticides and insect repellents, Arbico Organics provides beneficial insects that can help control crop-destroying or livestock-annoying pests.

This company also provides naturally sourced fertilisers and promotes holistic growing practices such as indoor growing, organic growing, and chemical-free living.

Reasons To Promote Arbico Organics: Arbico Organics focuses on natural solutions, which could be both effective and socially rewarding. The commission rate is decent, too.

8. Urban Farm U

This screenshot of the home page for Urban Farm U has a blue header, a white navigation bar, and a photo of a white house with a porch and a graphic sign inviting people to grow their own food.

Urban Farm U is dedicated to helping people who live in urban areas begin their own homesteading practices.

While it’s not a traditional farming company, Urban Farm U helps people in urban areas learn gardening and farming techniques they can use to grow their own nutritious food in ways that are sustainable and budget-friendly.

This company is educational in nature, offering several online courses and webinars for urban farming practices such as aquaponics, raising poultry, planting fruit trees, and keeping goats. Courses range from $97-$297 each. They cover a variety of different topics as well as different course lengths, so customers can make purchases based on both time commitments and financial budgets. All courses come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Besides the variety of educational courses, this company offers a fruit tree programme that takes customers all the way to buying and planting fruit trees.

Reasons To Promote Urban Farm U: The commission rate isn’t listed, so it’s difficult to see how much you could make with this company. However, the courses are reasonably priced, and the fruit tree programme is intriguing.

9. Endless Food Systems

This screenshot of the home page for Endless Food System shows several pictures of state-of-the-art aquaponics systems on a white background with an orange footer and header.

Endless Food Systems carries full aquaponics systems, greenhouses, lighting, pumps and accessories, and training materials.

Endless Food Systems focuses on providing information and supplies for eco-friendly growing practices that could benefit small farms as well as backyard gardens. Products include full aquaponics systems, greenhouses, lighting, pumps, accessories, and training materials.

Some of the products are relatively expensive. For example, a full aquaponics system can cost around $7,300. Greenhouses also cost in the thousands of dollars. Many of the products could help small farms seeking to diversify their crops.

Reasons To Promote Endless Food Systems: Although this company doesn’t list its commission rate, the high-ticket items could mean some decent affiliate revenue with each sale.

10. Lehman’s

This screenshot of the home page for Lehman's has an orange header, a white and gray navigation bar, and a large photo showing a row of kerosene lanterns in green, blue, silver, yellow, red, and black, with white text announcing the lanterns.

Lehman’s is a homesteading supply store that carries everything from farm and garden tools to canning supplies and cast-iron pans.

Lehman’s sells homesteading equipment such as canning supplies and cast-iron cooking pots, as well as farming supplies and tools. Some of the products that could appeal most to farmers include beekeeping equipment, tools for cutting and hauling wood, pest control, animal feeders, apple harvesting tools, seeds, and supplies for raising chickens.

Lehman’s has been in business since 1955. Many of the products it sells are made by the Amish community. Lehman’s has a 90-day return policy.

The affiliate programme is administered through Pepperjam. Affiliate marketers have access to exclusive offers they can share with potential shoppers.

Reasons To Promote Lehman’s: The commission rate is decent, the products are of high quality, and the selection is great.

Affiliate Website Ideas

This list of the top 10 farming affiliate programmes has some great ideas that could be incorporated into affiliate websites. Here are some ideas to get you started:

You might like to create a website that focuses on green living could promote programs like Arbico Organics or Endless Food Systems from the list above. This type of website could also feature organic essential oils, gardening tools, natural skincare products, and organic clothing for children.

Alternatively, a website about fine dining and wines could also delve into the ins and outs of winemaking, including the vineyards that produce them. Programmes like Farm And Ranching, listed above, could help, as well as tools and supplies from places like Lehman’s that customers could use to make their own products. Wines, cheeses, chocolates, and fine gourmet foods could also be featured on this type of website.

Finally, a website to help children love the outdoors could incorporate a lot of these types of programmes, as well. Anything relating to homesteading or small family farming could be featured on a website like this one, as well as camping gear, hiking equipment, hunting and fishing supplies, and large-ticket items like kayaks or snowmobiles.

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