Top 10 Precious Metals Affiliate Programmes For Any Investing, Finance And Money Related Websites

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Precious metals are rare, naturally occurring metals like gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. They are commonly known for their importance in a currency like a coin but are also used as investments outside of the traditional banking system. Precious metals often retain their value even in economic downturns which allow investors to safeguard their assets. Here are 10 great precious metals affiliate programmes to help you cash in on this growing market.

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We’ve also got a bullion affiliate list too!

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Precious Metals Affiliate Programmes

Money Metals Exchange

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Money Metals Exchange

Money Metals Exchange is one of the fastest-growing precious metals dealers in the US

Money Metals Exchange is a trusted source for buying and selling precious metals. Their inventory includes a great variety of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum products. They offer exceptional customer service, educational content, and some of the industry’s lowest premiums.

They’ve partnered with ShareASale to manage their affiliate programme. Money Metals Exchange is investing in strong, long term affiliate relationships with their high per-transaction commissions to reward their affiliates. They understand the long term value of recruiting new precious metals customers who are very likely to become repeat customers.

Reasons To Promote Money Metals Exchange: $750 million in trusted transactions, very generous flat-rate commissions and state-of-the-art affiliate tools.

Bonus: Affiliates earn a $23 commission for each customer that completes a purchase regardless of the total sales amount.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for GMRgold

GMRgold is a precious metals investment firm that specialises in rare and exceptional bullion

GMRgold is an industry-leading precious metals IRA company. They make it easy to find and purchase bullion coins including rare products in their extensive inventory of highly sought after products. All of their products are closely inspected to guarantee their condition, weight, and purity.

They use ShareASale to manage their affiliate programme. GMRgold provides their affiliates with all the creatives and reporting tools they need to get started. Affiliates can also check out their educational resources for more ideas on promotional content.

Reasons To Promote GMRgold: Incredible selection of popular and rare gold coins, competitive prices and great commission rates for affiliates to profit from.

Bonus: Their precious metals experts are available online or on the phone to answer any questions like investing in a Precious Metals IRA.

Liberty Gold and Silver

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Liberty Gold and Silver

Liberty Gold and Silver has one of the largest inventories of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum

Liberty Gold and Silver is a top online precious metals source for great prices, financing, foreign storage, fast shipping, and gold IRAs. They have an incredible inventory of gold, silver, and other precious metals coins and bars. They’re a no-pressure business that will happily provide a list of personal references and trade lines to all investors.

They offer one of the most generous affiliate programmes in the industry. The Liberty Gold and Silver affiliate programme is managed in-house to give their affiliates the highest commissions possible. To make referrals, affiliates need to call or email with their name along with the name of the customer and their email address. Affiliates are notified of all new orders by email.

Reasons To Promote Liberty Gold and Silver: No pressure precious metals dealer, referrals linked to your account for life, commissions earned on all purchase of $1000+

Bonus: Their commission scale is based on the number of ounces of precious metals purchased. The more ounces your referral buys, the higher the percentage you earn.

Golden Eagle Coins

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Golden Eagle Coins

Golden Eagle Coins lets their customers buy precious metals online 24/7 with up to the second pricing

Golden Eagle Coins is a family-owned and operated online coin and bullion dealer that was founded in 1974. They offer fast, friendly service on their great selection of gold and silver bars, coins, and other precious metals. Their live-pricing feature ensures their prices are up to date to the second.

Their average sale is approximately $1,200 with razor-thin margins of 1-2%. Which means affiliates earn 50% of their fees on average. Golden Eagle Coins uses ShareASale to run their affiliate programme. They look forward to partnering with affiliates who want to grow with them and share their investment alternatives.

Reasons To Promote Golden Eagle Coins: Established coin and precious metals dealer, over 5000 products and affiliate bonuses to benefit from.

Bonus: Affiliates earn a $15 flat commission per sale. They can also earn a $5 bounty for signing up other affiliates and a $50 bonus on orders over $5000.

Forex Gold Investor

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Forex Gold Investor

Forex Gold Investor offers stable and consistent results with Forex gold investments

Forex Gold Investor is the top-rated trading system for serious precious metal investors. It is the most advanced expert advisor they have ever created. Their 100% automated trading system is guaranteed to scientifically extract profits from the gold market.

Affiliates can sign up for the Forex Gold Investor affiliate programme with ClickBank or Avangate. They have been providing their affiliates with profitable, no-hassle products for almost 10 years. Affiliates can use their tested promotional banners on their website, blog, email communications and social media pages.

Reasons To Promote Forex Gold Investor: 100% automated trading, extremely high commission cut and a promotional toolbox for affiliates to take advantage of.

Bonus: Affiliates earn 50% on all sales with the main sell of $397 and the upsell of $347, which means up to $372 commission per sale.

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for makes pawning and selling assets like precious metals and jewelry quick and easy is a reliable online pawnshop that is transparent and beneficial like a bank. Customers can sell or pawn their precious metals, scrap metals, coins, jewelry, and other valuable possessions. They are well-known for paying the highest prices on your assets with a quick selling or pawning process that can be done in less than 48 hours.

They manage their affiliate programme in-house. offers a transparent programme with generous features like monthly payouts with no minimums. Their marketing team is available to offer advice and provide advertising materials like banners and widgets. Affiliates can also utilise their database of over 10,000 stock photos of gold, silver, coins, bullion, jewelry, and more to help with promotion.

Reasons ToPromote Pay the highest prices for your assets, no hidden fees and lifetime commissions for affiliates to profit from.

Bonus: Affiliates earn a $50 bonus on their first transaction and 30% of proceeds for the life of their customers.

Augusta Precious Metals

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals’ team of experts will help you create a customized precious metals portfolio

Augusta Precious Metals is committed to helping people protect their retirement and savings by making it affordable and easy to buy gold and silver. They offer physical precious metal IRAs, secure storage, and IRA delivery. Their retirement specialists will help you evaluate and rebalance your holdings.

They use an in-house CRM software to manage their affiliate programme. Affiliates can sign up in 5 simple steps. Augusta Precious Metals allows their affiliates to refer friends, family, colleagues, or just about everyone else they think will benefit from retirement protection. They provide access to all the marketing materials needed to get started.

Reasons To Promote Augusta Precious Metals: Simplified precious metals buying process, no hidden fees and lifetime commissions for affiliates to profit from.

Bonus: Affiliates earn commissions anytime they referral a new customer with their referral link or they are mentioned by name.

Destination Gold Detectors

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Destination Gold Detectors

Destination Gold Detectors provides the best prices and quality on metal and gold detectors

Destination Gold Detectors offers a large selection of metal and gold detectors for any budget. All metal detectors respond to gold, but specialised gold detectors are extremely sensitive to small gold nuggets to help you find more gold. They are so confident they offer the best prices online that they will refund you the difference if you find a lower price within 1 month of your order.

They’ve partnered with Refersion to run their affiliate programme. They provide all the creatives and reporting tools needed to start promoting right away. Affiliates can also promote their free shipping on all metal detectors and 100% best price guarantee.

Reasons To Promote Destination Gold Detectors: Specialised gold detectors, best prices online and high ticket items for affiliates to promote.

Bonus: They offer a generous 10% commission rate which can lead to great commissions on their high-end metal detectors.

Gold Rush Trading Post

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Gold Rush Trading Post

Gold Rush Trading Post sells all the tools and equipment you need to find your own gold

Gold Rush Trading Post is the online destination for gold mining equipment. They sell over 800 high-quality products for all your gold prospecting needs all at great prices. Customers can also browse their resources with information and tips about the gold rush, prospecting, and gold detecting.

They use ShareASale to oversee their affiliate programme. Gold Rush Trading Post is looking to partner with websites, blogs, forums, and social media pages that target treasure hunters, gold prospectors, and metal detector enthusiasts in the US. Affiliates can access a great selection of banners, text links, and tracking tools within their easy to use affiliate dashboard.

Reasons To Promote Gold Rush Trading Post: Wide variety of gold prospecting equipment, affordable prices and lots of tips and resources for affiliates to take advantage of.

Take Note: Be sure to check out their terms and conditions to find the shortlist of items not eligible for commissions.

Silver Gold Bull

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Silver Gold Bull

Silver Gold Bull provides an easy, fast, and safe way to buy precious metals

Silver Gold Bull offers up-to-the-minute pricing on their selection of popular and 999+ bullion bars, coins, rounds, and wafers. Their easy to use website allows customers to quickly and securely checkout with four convenient payment options. They also offer a return market to give customers good value when they wish to sell.

Their conversion rates range from 1-3.5%. Silver Gold Bull has partnered with Commission Junction to run their affiliate programme. They are constantly improving their affiliate programme to provide their affiliates with the best affiliate tools and resources. Affiliates also take advantage of their open and unrestricted search policy.

Reasons To Promote Silver Gold Bull: Trusted precious metals dealer, high conversion rates and commissions on new and returning customers is a bonus.

Take Note: Affiliates can promote customers in the US and Canada but are paid out in CAD so US-based affiliates will have to convert their earnings to USD.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve read about 10 great precious metals affiliate programmes, you should start thinking about a niche to target. You could focus on precious metals IRAs, or retirement strategies that involve precious metals. GMRgold is an industry-leading precious metals IRA company. They offer their affiliates $20 per sale.

Precious metal coins are another niche idea. Golden Eagle Coins offers a great selection of over 5,000 coins, bars, and other precious metals products. Affiliate earn $15 per sale. This would also cross well with numismatic coins or coin collecting.

You could also target gold detectors for people looking to prospect for gold. Destination Gold Detectors provide great prices on their high-quality metal and gold detectors. They offer a generous 10% commission rate.

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