44 Beauty Affiliate Programs To Beautify Your Monthly Income

The beauty and cosmetic market in 2016 was a 62 billion industry in the US with skincare products making up almost 37% of the market. Other product categories include hair care, makeup, perfumes, and toiletries. While only a handful of companies have controlled the industry for the last couple of centuries, the rise of e-commerce … Read more

How Much Do Beauty Bloggers Make?

Do you have a passion for beauty? Do you enjoy creating unique makeup video tutorials or connecting to brands and businesses who represent you and your values? Becoming a beauty blogger is so much more than what most see on the outside It takes a lot of work to become a well-known resource for beauty … Read more

The Top Ten Makeup Affiliate Programs To Modify Your Affiliate Income

Some years back, there was a television commercial about a shy young woman who transformed her image and her life by wearing hot pink mascara. About the same time, there was a black and white commercial promoting a classic brand of luxury foundation. Those were the days when almost all of the girls I knew … Read more