Top 10 Business Loan Affiliate Programmes To Help Fund Business

make money with business loan affiliate programmes

Around 400,000 new businesses start-up in the United States every year. In the first year of business, 20% of them fail, and 30% fail in the second year. After five years, 50% of them fail, and 70% fail in the tenth year.

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There are a lot of reasons why businesses fail. Having no market for the goods or services that the small business is trying to sell is the top reason, but right behind it is the fact that many small businesses simply run out of funding before they gain momentum. In fact, 29% of small businesses fail because of a lack of funding.

When small business owners can’t get loans from the bank, they can turn to non-traditional lending methods like P2P loans to keep their businesses afloat and become prosperous. Affiliate marketers can play a key part in connecting small business owners with the lending companies that can help them, and they can earn great affiliate commissions as they do.

Whether you are looking to help new businesses just getting started, or established businesses who need an influx of cash, these 10 business loan affiliate programmes will help you to find out more and to see how you could use them in your niche marketing efforts.

can I make money with business loan affiliate programmes

The best business loan affiliate programmes can help small businesses that might not be able to get traditional bank loans.

Business Loan Affiliate Programmes


1. OnDeck

This screenshot of the home page for OnDeck includes a photo of a short-haired woman working at a desk with a notebook and pen and a cup of coffee, behind blue lettering announcing OnDeck loans as a way to purchase inventory and a blue call-to-action button for applying.

OnDeck is a capital and business loan company that has funded more than $12 billion so far to small businesses across the world.

OnDeck is a capital and business loan company that has funded more than $12 billion so far to small businesses across the world. This company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and 9.7/10 customer ratings on TrustPilot.

There are two types of financing that OnDeck provides: term loans of up to $500,000 and lines of credit of up to $100,000. Customers who apply will hear back from the company within minutes about whether or not their loan is approved. Applying doesn’t affect a customer’s credit score, either.

Impact run the OnDeck affiliate programme.

For affiliates, one sale equals $800. Affiliates who refer one sale a day can make around $24,000 in one month.

Reasons To Promote OnDeck: The potential for affiliate earning is enormous, and the cookie length is nice, too. Beyond that, this company has an impeccable reputation, and that could help convert some potential customers.

2. Commercial Loan Direct

This screenshot of the home page for Commercial Loan Direct has a white background an orange section in the middle that contains white text answering the question

Commercial Loan Direct provides both apartment loans and commercial loans.

Commercial Loan Direct provides both apartment loans and commercial loans. Several different loan formats are available, including conventional loans, conduit, USDA, SBA, FHA, construction, commercial loan refinancing, and more. Affiliates can promote all of the products that Commercial Loan Direct offers.

For every closed transaction that comes through an affiliate website, Commercial Loan Direct pays a flat affiliate fee of $1,250. Affiliates are notified by email when the company receives a referral through their website and then again when the loan transaction closes.

Reasons To Promote Commercial Loan Direct: The high flat-rate affiliate commission is nice. This company also offers a $250 bonus commission to affiliates who refer other affiliates. The bonus goes through when the referred affiliates make sales.

3. National Business Capital

screenshot of National Business Capital homepage with white header bearing the website's name and main navigation menu, also showcasing an image showing a doctor, an engineer, and a baker

National Business Capital offers loans starting at $10,000 and topping out around $3 million.

National Business Capital offers loans starting at $10,000 and topping out around $3 million, and the company works in all 50 of the United States. Initial applications take about one minute to complete. Decisions on whether or not funding is approved take about one day and all loans for all industries are considered. There’s also no minimum FICO requirement, so the likelihood of loans being approved is relatively high.

Affiliates receive their commission within 24 hours when one of their referrals closes on a loan.

Reasons To Promote National Business Capital: National Business Capital works with a handful of charities, including Feeding America, Make-a-Wish, Habitat for Humanity, and the American Red Cross.

However, without knowing what the commission rate is, affiliate marketers can’t get a good feel for how much they can make with this company.

4. GoKapital

This screenshot of the home page for GoKapital shows a smiling woman in what appears to be a clothing store hanging up an

GoKapital offers both real estate and business loans.

GoKapital offers both real estate and business loans. The affiliate programme is designed for marketers who are already working with small business owners. The affiliate marketers get a commission for helping their clients find the funding they need for their work projects.

This company provides a lot of different types of loans. Customers can chat with GoKapital representatives about revenue-based loans, merchant cash advances, business lines of credit, unsecured business term loans, financing for equipment, SBA loans, commercial real estate loans, and commercial mortgage loans.

Reasons To Promote GoKapital: If you’re already working with small business owners, GoKapital could be a good fit for you. However, the cookie length and commission rate aren’t listed on this site, so it’s hard to tell how much money you could make with this company.

5. Upstart

screenshot of Upstart homepage with white header bearing the website's name and main navigation menu, main image features a couple and their child seated on the floor

Upstart is one of the first to apply AI to the multi-trillion dollar credit industry.

Upstart-powered banks can offer higher approval rates and experience lower loss rates because they use Upstart’s AI platform – an artificial intelligence lending platform that is designed to improve access to affordable credit while reducing the risk and costs of lending. Their online application process is secure and simple. Applicants can receive rates in just 2 minutes with funds available the next business day.

They provide personal loans from $1,000 to $50,000 for credit card refinancing, large purchases, debt consolidation, and others. Upstart also offers competitive loans starting at 5.67% with no prepayment penalties or hidden fees.

FlexOffers administer the Upstart affiliate programme.

Reasons To Promote Upstart: Upstart goes beyond the FICO score. They use non-conventional variables at scale to provide superior loan performance and improve consumers’ access to credit.

6. National Funding

screenshot of National Funding homepage, with white header bearing the website's name and main navigation menu, showcasing a couple shaking hands to someone outside of the frame

National Funding is a pioneer in alternative lending and an ally for small business owners.

National Funding is a small business loan company and also an equipment leasing company. They are fully committed to helping small business owners. They offer a range of financial services and products – from working capital loans and equipment financing, to merchant cash advance and credit card processing.

For more than 20 years, National Funding has been helping small business owners in many industries across the United States. They have funded over $3 billion for more than 50,000 business owners – from mom and pop shops to medical practices and manufacturers.

FlexOffers administer the National Funding affiliate programme.

Reasons To Promote National Funding: Aside from their years of experience in the industry, they also offer a wide range of lending solutions and excellent customer reviews in TrustPilot.

7. FundingPilot

screenshot of FundingPilot homepage with white header bearing the website's name and main navigation menu, with a featured top view image of hands joined together

FundingPilot is making waves in the alternative lending arena.

FundingPilot offers unique business lending programmes for each business type for immediate access to business capital needed. They provide an easy, fast, and efficient funding process so that business owners can simply focus on the business itself.

They offer fast funding with absolutely no collateral required. Their Business Loans are mainly focused on the monthly revenue generated by your business. Their minimum qualification is 6 months time in business, monthly revenue of $10k, and credit score of 500.

Their Partner Programme is available in 2 options; Referral Partner and Broker Partner.

Reasons To Promote FundingPilot: They treat clients as partners and handle their funding requests with respect and confidentiality.

8. Next Financing

This screenshot of the home page for Next Financing has a light blue filtered photo of a man's hands holding a tablet that shows some sales charts and white text announcing capital to grow businesses and increase sales.

Next Financing can fund projects of up to $500,000 in just two or three days.

Next Financing offers several types of loan products. These include business loans, but there are also funding options for personal loans, patient financing, auto loans, student loans, debt consolidation, and more. This company can fund projects of up to $500,000 in just two or three days.

The affiliate programme is a little bit different than a normal affiliate marketing programme. Next Financing affiliates are generally business owners who work with other small business owners. Affiliates bring their own customers to the company to help them get the funding they need, and the affiliates make a commission on those sales.

Next Financing also offers a business opportunity that allows partners to offer their own loan solutions through this company.

Reasons To Promote Next Financing: The high loan amount means a nice affiliate commission even at 1-2% commission.

9. Credit Suite

This screenshot of the home page for Credit Suite shows a pair of hands working at a laptop, behind an opt-in box with a blue call-to-action button for getting a free guide to business loans and credit lines.

Credit Suite works with affiliates to bring in small businesses who need loans as well as people who want to sell credit to small businesses themselves.

Credit Suite partners with affiliate marketers that refer customers who need business credit and financing. Affiliates can also refer customers who want to sell those services to other people, and they’re provided with all of the promotional materials they need.

The business financing solutions this company provides are for EINs that aren’t linked to a social security number. The credit lines and loans have low payments and good interest rates, and there are hundreds of lenders and investors who help make this happen.

Reasons To Promote Credit Suite: The ability to draw in customers who want to sell business credit as well as those who want to use it expands the possibility for affiliate earnings.

10. Business Credit And Capital

This screenshot of the home page for Credit And Capital shows a man in a dark suit with his arms folded, near white text that reads

Business Credit And Capital specializes in financing solutions for retail, restaurant, and service businesses.

Business Credit And Capital usually funds business deals within 48 hours and offers creative solutions that go beyond what banks can offer, including cash advances.

This company specialises in financing solutions for retail, restaurant, and service businesses, and this sets it apart from many of the other business loan affiliate programmes. There aren’t restrictions on how the loans or cash advances must be used, so small business owners can purchase inventory, pay bills, make repairs, or hire new employees.

Reasons To Promote Business Credit And Capital: The commission rate for affiliates is higher with this company than with many of the other best business loan affiliate programmes that are available.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve caught up with these top 10 business loan affiliate programmes, you should consider how you can use them in your niche marketing efforts?

A website specifically for software developers working with business owners could be a good place to start. Besides information on how to scale a growing company, a website like this one could promote business loans, project management software, and outsourced services such as customer service or sales teams.

What about a website for restaurant owners? The best business loan affiliate programmes, including Business Credit And Capital, could be promoted here. Affiliates could also feature restaurant equipment, catering supplies, temp agencies for hiring employees, and business management software.

Another idea is a website to help Etsy and other small online shops sell things they’ve made or collected. Besides small business loans, a niche site like this one could promote wholesale craft supplies, online sales funnel packages, and social media advertising agencies.

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