Top 10 Mattress Affiliate Programmes To Make Money In Your Sleep

matress affiliate programme to earn money on your niche affiliate website

Mattress manufacturing is a 9 billion dollar industry in the US. It is recommended that you replace your mattress every 10 years. However new technology is creating superior mattresses that help improve sleeping conditions, which is helping convince people to replace their mattresses even if they aren’t due for an upgrade.

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Starting an affiliate website about mattresses might sound like a long shot, but if you consider how much research people will do before dropping a few hundred bucks on a mattress, you’ll understand how powerful this top 10 mattress affiliate programs list can be. Many people, particularly milennials tend to mostly shop online– I’ve always bought online, and you can bet hundreds of thousands of people will continue to do the same in the future. Since sleep is very important, the mattress is definitely one of the worthwhile affiliate niches this year.

Mattress Affiliate Programmes

IDLE Sleep

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for IDLE Sleep

IDLE Sleep offers luxury 2 sided beds to their customers and 5% commissions on all sale for their affiliates

IDLE Sleep set out to offer a mattress line unlike any other in the industry. They offer high end 2 sided mattresses that are built to last in the US. They are double-sided for longer lasting longevity. There are 4 different beds to choose from with features like Thermocool™ fabric that is designed to work your body’s natural thermal capabilities and IDLE™ Cooling Buoyancy Foam with up to 4 times better pressure relief than memory foam or traditional bedding foams.

Affiliates receive 5% commissions on all sales. The average sale is $1430 with an average commission of $190. The cookie life is 45 days. IDLE Sleep uses ShareASale to manage their affiliate programme.

Reasons To Promote IDLE Sleep: Generous commission rate, luxury 2 sided mattresses and 45-day cookie duration.

IDLE Sleep offers their affiliates a generous 5% commission rate with an average commission of $190.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Nectar

NECTAR offers $50-100 commissions with a cookie life up to one year

NECTAR is called “the best mattress money can buy” by customers and rated #1 by reviewers. They make a better bed at the best price. NECTAR was developed for every type of sleeper. They offer a full comfort guarantee and a forever warranty. Their premium materials and construction hold exclusive Certi-Pur and Oeko-Tek certifications.

Affiliates receive $50 per sale to start with and up to $100 per sale when you bring in over 55 sales per month. Financed sales receive a $50 commission. They also offer a $100 first sale bonus. The cookie life starts at 180 day and is increased to 365 days upon confirmed link placement. NECTAR uses ShareASale to manage their affiliate programme. They have lots of creativity and tools to help you sell and a dedicated programme management team to answer any questions.

Reasons To Promote NECTAR: High commission range, extremely long cookie life and first sale bonus for affiliates to profit from.

Bonus: Affiliates can earn up to $100 per sale with a cookie life of between 180 and 365 days long. NECTAR also offers a $100 bonus for your first sale.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Nolah

Affiliates earn commissions of $105-160 with a 180-day cookie life

Nolah is the only 100% temperature neutral foam mattress guaranteed to sleep cooler than any Memory Foam mattress. It provides 4x better pressure relief and is more durable than Latex. They’ve sold more than 1,000,000 mattresses and sleep products over the last 10 years. They are one of the fastest-growing bed-in-box companies in the market. The Nolah mattress is sold exclusively online at ⅓ of the retail price which saves shoppers more than $3000. They are also 100% made in the USA.

Affiliates have a starting commission of $105 with the potential to earn up to $160 per sale you bring in more than 70 sales per month. New affiliates get a $100 bonus for their first sale. The cookie life is very long 180 days. Nolah uses ShareASale to manage their affiliate programme. Affiliates get access to lots of creative including banners, text links, newsletters, and discount codes along with sales support and much more.

Reasons To Promote Nolah: One third the price of retail, very high commission rates and a long cookie life for affiliates to benefit from.

Bonus: Nolah offers their affiliates a high commission range, a first sale bonus, and a long half a year cookie life.

Sweet Zzz

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Sweet Zzz

Sweet Zzz offers their affiliate a commission range of 7-11% and one-year cookie duration period

The Sweet Zzz collection includes 4 mattresses that have been tested for years in stores to perfect the correct feel and comfort. All their mattresses are CertiPUR Certified and made with the highest quality materials. Their prices make them the best value in the industry. Each mattress comes with a Lifetime warranty and a 100-day risk-free money-back guarantee. They also offer free shipping and returns in 48 states.

Affiliates earn between 7-11% commissions which could mean up to $200 per referral sale. The cookie life is an amazing 365 days. Sweet Zzz uses ShareASale to manage their affiliate programme. They have frequent promotions and offers for affiliates and dedicated affiliate management team.

Reasons To Promote Sweet Zzz: Great commission rates, frequent affiliate promotions and a year-long cookie duration for affiliate to benefit from.

Bonus: Affiliates get a one-year cookie duration to earn commission rates of 7-11% on sales. Sweet Zzz also offers frequent promotions and offers just for affiliates.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Solay

Affiliates receive an incredible $350 commission with 45-day cookie life

Solay is on a mission to help people rest well so they can live well. Their premium hybrid mattress combines the support of hundreds of full-sized springs and the comfort of breathable foam layers to create an unmatched sleep experience. They offer a 101-night trial, easy returns, and free shipping. Also, for every mattress they sell, they give a mattress and box spring to a child in need through their partnership with Beds For Kids.

Affiliates receive an incredible flat $350 sale commission rate for every mattress sold. The cookie life is 45 days. Solay uses ShareASale to manage their affiliate programme. They offer lots of marketing materials including banners, text links, and coupons, and promotions.

Reasons To Promote Solay: Extremely high commission rate, long cookie life and a donation programme for giving mattresses to kids in need is a really nice touch.

Bonus: Solay offers an incredibly high commission rate and donates one mattress for every mattress purchased.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Keetsa

Keetsa offers their affiliates 10% commission with VIP terms available. The cookie life is a very long 120 days.

Keetsa is on a mission to offer a line of sleep products that has a minimum impact on your wallet and the environment. They made changes to their products to make them more eco-friendly. Their products are packed in 100% recyclable boxes and biodegradable plastic bags. The smaller packaging means they can ship with a free ground ship and don’t require special delivery trucks. This results in a lower carbon footprint on each mattress shipment.

The commission rate is 10% of sales with VIP terms available. The cookie life is very long at 120 days. The average order size is over $650. Keetsa uses Commission Junction to manage their affiliate programme. You can sign up by searching for them in the Advertisers section. You can also sign up for their affiliate programme with ShareASale but the commission rate there is 7.5% with a 90-day cookie.

Reasons To Promote Keetsa: Competitive commission rate, large average order size and a long cookie life for affiliates to benefit from.

Take Note: You can sign up for Keetsa’s affiliate programme with Commission Junction or ShareASale but CJ offers a better commission rate and cookie life.

Latex For Less

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Latex For Less

Affiliates earn 10% commissions with an average sale amount of $1273 and a 90-day cookie duration

Latex For Less is an online retailer of 2 sided 100% natural latex mattresses. They sell mattresses that are as affordable as they are comfortable. The mattresses are covered with an organic cotton cover with natural wool. They are 2 sided to provide you with two firmness levels: one side is firm and the other side is medium. They have a 120-day free trial on their handcrafted mattress made in the US.

Affiliates receive 10% commissions on sales. The cookie duration is 90 days. The average sale is $1273 with an average commission of $152. Latex For Less uses ShareASale to manage their affiliate programme and track sales, provide marketing materials, and issue affiliate payouts.

Reasons To Promote Latex For Less: 120-day free trial, great commission rate and a long cookie life for affiliates to benefit from.

Bonus: Latex For Less offers their affiliate a high 10% commission rate with a 90-day cookie life.

Brentwood Home

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Brentwood Home

Brentwood Home offers their affiliates a very high 15% commission rate on all sales

Brentwood Home is an online store that specialises in mattresses and handcrafted, eco-friendly home products. Their mattress is compressed and shipped right to your door. They make every one of their products in their factory in California. This allows them to manufacture high-quality products at very affordable prices. Some of their other product lines include bedding, pillows, babies and kids, and pet beds.

Exclusive and invited affiliates receive 15% commissions on the sale. The average sale is $1156 with an average commission of $146. The cookie life is 30 days. Brentwood Home uses ShareASale to manage their affiliate programme. They offer lots of helpful tips and tools for successful marketing campaigns.

Reasons To Promote Brentwood Home: High commission rate, lots of marketing tips and tool and a month-long cookie life for affiliate to benefit from.

Take Note: Brentwood Home is an exclusive affiliate programme so make sure your blog or website fits with their brand before you apply.


screenshot of EcoTerra Affiliate Program page

Each mattress carries a commission of 10%, which is paid within 90 days after delivery.

Eco Terra Beds is all about high-quality mattresses. Made from exceptionally comfortable all-natural latex, pure organic cotton, and fabric encased coils, their mattresses are designed with affordability and comfortability in mind. They also offer a 90-night money-back guarantee with every mattress for a full refund.

Eco Terra Beds’ affiliate programme is run by ShareASale. The commission is at 10% per sale with a 90-day cookie life.

Reasons To Promote EcoTerra: Globally known brand, generous commission rate and a 90 days cookie life for affiliates to benefit from.

Bonus: Eco Terra sets a new standard in affordable and natural sleep. Their offer of a 90-night money-back guarantee allows for a hassle-free trial without having to visit and spend time in a showroom.


screenshot of Puffy Affiliate Program page

Puffy Affiliate Program offers up to $400 per sale, plus bonus commission, 180-day cookie life, and monthly newsletters.

Puffy prides itself with their patent-pending Cooling Cloud™ Technology earning the title of “America’s Most Comfortable Mattress.” They also offer other products to give you the best and sleeping experience as possible – from mattress pad to body pillow. The money-back-guarantee of a 101-night risk-free sleep trial is also a feat. Their mattress has been featured on the Ellen de Generes show, not that’s quite a big promo there.

Puffy as it turns out has the highest payout of any other mattress company listed on ShareASale, boasting a commission that starts from $300 to $400 per sale, depending of course, on the type of mattress sold. A 180-day cookie life, dedicated programme manager, bonuses, and hassle-free payout makes Puffy affiliate programmes one of the best out there.

Reasons To Promote Puffy: Very high commission, long cookie life and promo and offers for affiliates to take advantage of.

Bonus: Affiliates can earn up to $400 per sale plus bonus commission, 180-day cookie life, and monthly newsletters with exclusive promo and offers.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that’s you’ve checked out these 10 great Mattress affiliate programmes, it’s time to decide what kind of niche you want to target. With the rise of online mattress shops, there are more kinds of mattresses to choose from than ever before. You could just stick with a “mattress reviews” style website, or you can focus on a specific type of mattress like natural latex mattresses. Latex for Less who be a good affiliate programme for this. They offer affordable natural latex mattresses and a generous 10% commission rate with a 90-day cookie life for their affiliates.

Eco-friendly mattresses are another niche you choose to use. Keetsa offers 10% commissions with a 120 cookie duration. Brentwood Home offers 15% commissions but with a shorter 30-day cookie life. Both companies are committed to selling eco-friendly products. One alternative is to, instead of focusing on the mattresses themselves, you could make your niche site be about improving your sleep quality, Feng Shui, or just designing an eco-friendly bedroom.

Considering that companies like Solay offer their affiliates an incredible $350 commission rate with a 45-day cookie life, these large commissions could get you earning a full-time income in a very short period of time.

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