Top 10 Real Estate Affiliate Programmes To Write Home About

how to make money with real estate affiliate programmes

Nowadays, millennials make up 33% of home buyers followed by baby boomers at 30%. Around 56% of people 36 years old or younger and 50% of people between 37-51 found their house online.

This shows exactly just how tech-savvy home buyers have become and there is undoubtedly a huge marketing opportunity for people looking for real estate information online before buying their next home. Below are 10 fantastic real estate affiliate programmes to check out. If you are already in the real estate game or you fancy trying it out as niche then these will give you a head start on your journey to creating a Real Estate niche sit that is of value to your customers.

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how to make money with real estate affiliate programmes


Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Real Estate Express

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is an industry leader in real estate education with over 20 years of experience

Real Estate Express is an industry leader in the real estate education industry. They help tens of thousands of people launch a successful real estate career each year. Along with pre-license real estate courses, they also offer post-license courses on their nationally accredited platform. They have been perfecting their courses for over 20 years and have trained 200,000+ professionals in over 30 states.

Affiliates earn money by sharing Real Estate Express with their network. As an affiliate, you will have access to logos and banners to add to your website and other marketing tools. Their secure partner portal allows you to track your sales and earnings in real-time 24/7. Real Estate Express maintain the courses and certificates and take care of all the technical problems. Therefore, all you have to do is promote their website.

Reasons To Promote Real Estate Express: Industry leader in online real estate education, nationally accredited platform and a long cookie life.

Bonus: Affiliates receive a generous 25% commission with a very long 100-day cookie life to give more time to convert and increase commissions.

All Things Real Estate

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for All Things Real Estate

All Things Real Estate provides real estate agents with modern real estate marketing materials

All Things Real Estate provides real estate agents with all the tools they need for marketing their business. They believe that real estate marketing materials don’t have to be generic and boring. Their online store carries everything from the open house and yard signs, homebuyers guides, listing and selling stickers, personalized gifts, and more all with fresh modern designs.

Refersion run and manage the All Things Real Estate. As an affiliate, you will have access to beautiful ad banners, text links, brand books, logos, and more. Their affiliate dashboard allows you to track sales and commission, download creatives, and view payment history.

Reasons To Promote All Things Real Estate: Modern twist on real estate marketing, beautiful banners, lots of products to promote

Bonus: Affiliates have access to their wide selection of modern real estate marketing materials and promotional tools that they can market to real estate agents or brokers.

Property M.O.B.

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Property M.O.B.

Property M.O.B. offers real estate investors a great selection of tools, courses, and advice from their real estate community

Property M.O.B. is a resourceful community for real estate investors. They offer everything from training courses, virtual coaching, trained virtual assistants, to advice from their community of real estate investors. They also offer the #1 best-selling CRM platform for real estate investors.

InfusionSoft run the M.O.B affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you can earn money by referring to fellow real estate investors, colleagues, or viewers who you think would benefit from their tools. You will also have access to pre-designed banner ads and text links. You can also track clicks and sales in your own affiliate portal.

Reasons To Promote Property M.O.B.: Great tools and services for real estate investors, high commission rates and monthly recurring commissions available.

Bonus: Affiliates earn 25% commissions on sales and recurring monthly commissions for membership plans.

Lex Levinrad

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Lex Levinrad

Lex Levinrad helps real estate investors learn on how to buy, flip, and rent properties.

Lex Levinrad has been investing in real estate since 2003 and has purchased, flipped, and rented over 1,000 single-family homes. He is the founder and CEO of Distressed Real Estate Institute that helps investors learn how to buy, fix, flop, rent, and wholesale properties. Their programs have taught thousands of students from all over the world how to make money with real estate. They also have one of the lowest return rates in the real estate industry.

Owners of real estate websites, blogs, or real estate investment clubs are welcome to apply to their affiliate program. Their affiliate program provides you banners, email copy, affiliate support, and more. It also tracks all sales and commissions that can be paid via PayPal, check, or wire transfer. They work with their affiliate partners to help them promote their products and make more money.

Why Should You Promote Lex Levinrad: Incredibly high commission rate, high-quality products, and information, very low return rates

Bonus: Affiliates receive a very high 50% commission rate on all products except coaching.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Builium

Buildium helps property managers and owners manage their properties and become more efficient

Buildium’s software helps property managers and real estate investors to be more efficient and scale their portfolio. Their property management software can do everything from track budgets, manage rental listings, pay vendors, run comprehensive tenant screenings, communicate with tenants, vendors, and owners, and much more.

Impact run the Buildium Affiliate Programme. This affiliate programme gives you access to all the marketing and tracking tools you need to start earning commissions. Real estate-related websites and blogs are encouraged to apply.

Reasons To Promote Buildium: Real estate property management software, two affiliate programmes and recurring commissions.

Bonus: Affiliates can earn recurring monthly commissions on their real estate property management software.

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for is the most complete residential foreclosure property listing site in the US is the largest provider of distressed properties in the US. They deliver the most complete residential foreclosure property listing in an easy to use format. They are regarded as the national expert on reporting the status of defaulted real estate. Their website and plans generate one of the highest conversion rates in the industry.

They have streamlined their entire affiliate process to make it as easy as possible to start earning commissions. All you have to do is share your affiliate link and receive credit when an order is placed with your cookie. They supply their affiliates with all the tools needed to start referring customers in as little as five minutes.

Reasons To Promote High conversion rates, monthly recurring commissions and higher commissions for top affiliates.

Bonus: Affiliates receive a monthly recurring commission each month the user remains a paid subscriber. Affiliates with high sales volumes can earn even higher commissions.

House Plan Gallery

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for House Plan Gallery

House Plan Gallery has won national awards for their home design plans that have been built over 13,000 times

House Plan Gallery is one of the top home designers in the US. Their plans have been built over 13,000 times in the US and Canada. They’ve won national awards for their beautiful, highly functional floor plan layouts and cost-effective build-ability. They take great pride in designing floor plans and features that actually fit the way families live day to day.

Their affiliate programme is awesome for real estate agents, investors, or real estate related blogs who can recommend their house plans to their clients and viewers. All you need to do as an affiliate is place a link on their website or email promotions to start earning commissions.

Reasons To Promote House Plan Gallery: Award-winning floor plan design, extremely long cookie life and high average orders which will benefit affiliates.

Bonus: Affiliates earn 15% on every purchase with average sales earning over $100 in commission.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for LeadsBridge

LeadsBridge’s software helps real estate agents collect more leads and improve their business

LeadsBridge is the leading lead generation suite that helps businesses collect more leads and close more sales. They are integrated with over 330 CRMs and email marketing software to help streamline your business and make it run more smoothly. They also have software and tools just for real estate like Real Estate Webmaster which offers a complete solution to realtors looking to improve their business and generate new leads.

Affiliates can see live stats of their clicks, commissions, and get access to pre-built banners, affiliate links, social posts, videos, and more in the member area. Payments are processed via Paypal, platform discounts, or wire transfers with a minimum of $100 in commissions is reached.

Reasons To Promote LeadsBridge: Leading lead generating suite, software just for real estate agents, lots of marketing material.

Bonus: LeadsBridge provides their affiliates with lots of marketing and promotional tools to help marketing their large selection of lead generation tools and software

Corporate Housing by Owner

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Corporate Housing By Owner

Corporate Housing By Owner lets property managers marketing their rental properties to business professionals

Corporate Housing by Owner is an advertising outlet for property managers and rental property owners to market their rental properties to traveling professionals and companies. They advertise worldwide to travelers looking for short term housing. CHBO guarantees that you will rent your property within 30 days from the time you purchase the listing or they will extend your annual listing an additional six months for free.

ShareASale run and manage the CHBO affiliate programme. Their bronze listing package starts at $339 and the average sale is around $455. CHBO is in high demand for more inventory worldwide and is looking for affiliates to help attract more property owners and managers looking to advertise their rental for corporate housing. As an affiliate, you will have access to a great selection of banner ads and text links, along with tracking and reporting tools.

Reasons To Promote Corporate Housing by Owner: Corporate housing rental listing site, high average orders, lots of marketing materials.

Take Note: CHBO would be a great service to promote for real estate agents to looking to rent out their properties or recommend to their clients coming in from out of town.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for LendingTree

LendingTree helps home buyers find the perfect mortgage

LendingTree was founded in 1996 and has grown into the leading online loan marketplace. They have the largest network of lenders in the nation. Users can receive multiple loans offers just by filling out a simple form from the comfort of their home. Their services are free to use and include credit score tracking and updates on savings opportunities.

Affiliates can sign up with Commission Junction or Impact Radius. Both programs give affiliates access to marketing materials and tracking tools. They designed their program for marketers who want to place ads on their websites. Affiliates are compensated every time a visitor from their site fills out a LendingTree form.

Reasons To Promote LendingTree: Online mortgage industry leader, high conversion rates and lots of ways for affiliates to earn commissions.

Bonus: Affiliates get paid per lead which can range from $1 to $70 depending on what form their visitor fills out.

Affiliate Website Ideas

There you have it, 10 great real estate affiliate programmes to write home about. So it’s now up to you to decide on a niche to market. You could target people looking to get their real estate license. Real Estate is an industry-leading real estate education provider. They offer their affiliates a very high 25% commissions on sales.

Real estate investors could definitely be a profitable niche. Lex Levinrad has taught thousands of people how to make money with real estate investments. Affiliate earns an incredible 50% on all products except coaching.

There is also the possibility of targeting real estate agents looking for real estate marketing materials like open house signs. All Things Real Estate offers a great selection of modern marketing materials for real estate agents. Affiliates earn 20% commissions on all sales.

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