Top 10 Vintage Clothing Affiliate Programmes For A Cool Income

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Vintage clothing lets you step back in time and transform your look into iconic styles for the past. Since authentic vintage pieces are often hard to find, especially in your exact size, vintage-style and vintage-inspired clothing companies have allowed their customers to create the perfect retro outfit based on vintage designs. Check out these 10 great vintage clothing affiliate programmes:

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Vintage Clothing Affiliate Programmes



screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Shpirulina

Shpirulina is an online vintage apparel shop that sells unique, one of kind vintage clothing and accessories

Shpirulina sells one of a kind vintage pieces from the 1950s to the 1990s. It was founded by a vintage clothing collector who wanted to share her finds. Buying vintage clothing also helps preserve nature by recycling new styles instead of creating new ones. Customers can find everything from vintage dresses, skirts, jackets, sweaters, and more.

They have an average sale of $100. Shpirulina’s affiliate programme is managed in-house. Affiliates can use their wide variety of banner ads, text ads, text links, and their daily updated data feed with 500+ products to help them promote.

Reasons To Promote Shpirulina: Unique vintage clothing, free shipping worldwide and over 500 products for affiliates to promote.

Bonus: Their uncomplicated sign-up process allows you to start earning great commissions in just a few minutes.

Unique Vintage

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for UniqueVintage

UniqueVintage carries retro pieces to help you create the perfect vintage-inspired look

UniqueVintage started as an online vintage dress shop which soon expanded to include vintage-inspired apparel for all vintage fashion lovers. They hand-select their great selection of unique vintage and retro clothing and accessories from the 1920s to the 1950s. Along with their in-house styles, they also carry the top vintage-inspired brands like Stop Staring, Hell Bunny, and Bernie Dexter.

They use Impact Radius to manage their affiliate programme. Their campaign creatives include banners, promo codes, media source tracking, and their product catalog. Affiliates can promote on their website, blog, and landing pages.

Reasons To Promote UniqueVintage: Unique retro clothing, top vintage-style brands and affiliate bonuses to benefit from.

Take Note: Affiliate bloggers are encouraged to email with links to their blogs about UniqueVintage to be considered for a bonus flat fee for their effort.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Rosegal

Rosegal is your online destination for classy and chic vintage styles

Rosegal was founded by a group of friends who shared a love of vintage fashion. They offer thousands of iconic clothing options and accessories to suit every taste. They offer worldwide free shipping and 30-day unconditional return policy to make sure their customers are happy with their purchase.

Affiliates can sign up with a variety of affiliate networks including ShareASale, Commission Junction, AvantLink, Webgains, Pepperjam, and Rakuten Marketing. Rosegal offers high-quality banners, the hottest deals, the latest data feed, coupons, and more on all of their affiliate programmes.

Reasons To Promote Rosegal: Great selection of vintage styles, freedom to choose what affiliate programme you want to join and tiered commission rates for affiliates to profit from.

Bonus: They offer a tiered commission structure of 8-16% to reward their top affiliates for their hard work.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Chicwish

Chicwish creates unique, chic fashion pieces inspired by chic retro styles

Chicwish is a retro fashion brand that caters to modern women with chic style. They base their high quality, affordable designs on vintage styles and handmade collections. All of their products are hand-selected to ensure their quality and uniqueness. Their indie designers work together in the fashion community to exchange and create unique fashion ideas.

They have a higher than average conversion rate which they want to share with their affiliates. Chicwish uses ShareASale to manage their affiliate programme. They provide banners, product listings, and text links for their affiliates to share on their website. Affiliates can sign up to receive free samples, go to exclusive events, and enter to win monthly competitions.

Reasons To Promote Chicwish: Inspired by handmade vintage collections, great conversion and commission rates and lots of affiliate incentives to benefit from.

Bonus: Local influencers and fashion bloggers can also reach out to be considered of brand collaborations.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for THE GREAT

THE GREAT is a women’s clothing collection inspired by vintage American classics

THE GREAT is a vintage-inspired luxury women’s fashion brand. Their clothing line is filled with classic American styles you wish you could find in vintage stores. They offer a playful, nostalgic take on American classics. Their collection includes dresses, shirts, shoes, jackets, denim, shorts, sweatshirts, and more to create the perfect wardrobe.

Their average order value is $430. THE GREAT has partnered with ShareASale to run their affiliate programme. They provide all the marketing materials and tracking tools on their easy to use affiliate dashboard.

Reasons To Promote THE GREAT: Luxury fashion brands, updated American classics and a very high average order value for affiliates to benefit from.

Bonus: Affiliates can also promote individual products from their data feed of over 300 items.

Heart of Haute

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Heart of Haute

Heart of Haute manufactures classic, vintage style clothing and accessories in the US

Heart of Haute has been creating retro and vintage-inspired clothing in the US since 2005. They are best known for their colorful cotton prints and fit n flare a-line dresses. They’ve been a fashion hive for vintage fashion enthusiasts, bombshell babes, mod girls, dapper beauties, trend setting fashion bloggers, and even crazy cat ladies.

They are looking to partner with fashion bloggers, brand ambassadors, and other retro style websites who love vintage style as much as they do. Heart of Haute uses Refersion to manage their affiliate programme and supply their affiliates with creatives and reporting tools. They have an average order value of $125.

Reasons To Promote Heart of Haute: Vintage lifestyle website, known for their flattering dresses and free products to review.

Bonus: Fashion bloggers can request garments to review on their website and generate more sales.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Etsy

Etsy connects people from around the world to buy and sell vintage and handmade items

Etsy is the global marketplace for one of a kind items. Their platform connects artisans and shops with one of a kind vintage pieces to customers from all around the world. Customers can explore different shops to find unique vintage apparel and accessories that fit their needs and taste.

Their affiliate programme is hosted on Awin. Etsy offers products that appeal to a large range of customers which increases your potential customer base. Their easy to use affiliate platform lets you share your affiliate links to your favorite Etsy products with your viewers.

Reasons To Promote Etsy: Well known global marketplace, one of a kind items, easy to use affiliate tools.

Bonus: Additional benefits include exclusive promotions, newsletters, and helpful advice from their affiliate team.

Pretty Attitude

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Pretty Attitude

Pretty Attitude is the top online destination for Rock’n’Roll inspired fashion

Pretty Attitude creates Rock’n’Roll inspired looks for extraordinary girls with a sense of adventure and Rock’n’Roll soul. They offer two unique collections of clothes, accessories, and home decor. Their Black Label is for Rock’n’Roll nights and their White Label is for wild gypsy days.

Their average order size is $60. Pretty Attitude uses ShareASale to provide their affiliates with state-of-the-art affiliate tools. Affiliates have access to compelling offers, text links, and monthly updated banners to share with their readers.

Reasons To Promote Pretty Attitude: Rock’n’Roll inspired fashion label, perfect for blogging trendsetters and optimised marketing materials for affiliates to make good use of.

Bonus: Affiliates earn a free goodie just for placing a banner on their blog or website.

HOT MILK Vintage Clothes

screenshot of HOT MILK Vintage Clothes home page

HOT MILK Vintage Clothes represent an active lifestyle clothing from the 80s and 90’s fashion

HOT MILK Vintage Clothes is an online vintage sports clothing shop based in Northern Europe. They offer handpicked branded and authentic street fashion and vintage clothing from the 80s and 90s. They select the best quality second-hand clothes which are cleaned, disinfected, and washed carefully.

HOT MILK Vintage Clothes affiliate programme is run in house. They grant a 15% commission on links that are automatically tracked and reported by their system. Cookie duration is as long as 60 days and payment is scheduled monthly as long as the affiliate earnings are over 10 euros.

Reasons To Promote HOT MILK Vintage Clothes: Great selection of vintage styles, free worldwide shipping and featured top brands for affiliates to promote.

Bonus: Affiliates can earn a high commission along with a 60-day cookie life. Particularly appeals to street fashion bloggers.

Retro Stage

screenshot of Retro Stage home page

Retro Stage is your go-to site for vintage clothing from the 1950s, 1940s, and 1920s

Retro Stage is an online fashion-forward platform that offers timeless retro clothes from the 1950s, 1940s, and 1920s. From dresses with intricate beading to gorgeous accessories. You can find the most stunning look from head to toe on their website.

Retro Stage offers a 20% sales commission to tier-one partners. If you recruit more than 5 people to your group, you will have the permission to create Tier-Two accounts – the commission rate will be under 20%, the commission difference of tier-one, and two will be yours.

Reasons To Promote Retro Stage: High commission rate, great selection of vintage styles and tiered commission rates for affiliates to benefit from.

Bonus: Covers a wide selection of vintage clothing in different eras, also include plus sizes.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you have had time to check out these 10 great vintage clothing affiliate programmes, it’s time to pick a niche to target. You could focus on vintage-inspired clothing. UniqueVintage sells retro apparel from the 1920s to the 1950s. Affiliates earn a 6% commission rate.

Another idea is retro a-line dresses. Heart of Haute is known for their fit n flare a-line dresses. They offer 8% commissions on sales.

You could also target Rock and Roll inspired clothing. Pretty Attitude created Rock’n’Roll looks for girls with Rocker souls. Affiliates receive a generous 10% commission rate.

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