Top 11 Yoga Affiliate Programmes To Bring Peace To Both You And Your Bank Account

yoga affiliate programmes to make money for your affiliate blog

Yoga is projected to be 11 billion industry in 2020. It continues to increase in popularity because of its mental, physical, and relaxation benefits.

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In 2020, over 55 million people practiced Yoga in the US with the numbers estimated to continue increasing. Yoga classes make up the majority of the industry’s revenue but people just learning will also need to buy yoga related products to get started.

If you have a Yoga-related business, even if it’s just a personal blog that talks about your hobby-interest in Yoga, you can definitely be making money by leveraging affiliate programmes. Do you sell Yoga products? You probably don’t sell everything, and for that reason, affiliate programs can help you increase your monthly income too. Check out these 10 great Yoga affiliate programmes to help monetise your website.

yoga affiliate programmes to make money for your niche site

Yoga Affiliate Programmes



screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Yoga Download

YogaDownload created several unique tools that allow their affiliates to better monetize their traffic. Affiliates receive 12% commissions with a 30 day cookie life.

YogaDownload is a top resource for online Yoga music and classes along with meditation, Pilates, and fitness classes. It’s their mission to make Yoga accessible and affordable for everyone, everywhere. The benefits of YogaDownload are convenience, quality, variety, and affordability. Many of their 20 minutes classes are free.

ShareAsale manage the YogaDownload affiliate programme. They offer their affiliates 12% commissions on sales. The cookie life is 30 days. As an affiliate, you will have access to an array of eye catching banners and links to use on your blog, website, or newsletters. They also have tracking tools, free coupons, notifications of sales/specials, and more. YogaDownloads created several unique tools as well that allow their affiliates to better monetise their traffic including SkimLinks and VigLink.

Reasons To Promote YogaDownloads: Generous commissions, eye catching banners, lots of coupons and marketing materials for affiliates to benefit from.

Bonus: YogaDownloads offers a variety of Yoga classes and music that you can take with you anywhere. They also have lots of material materials and tools to help you better monetise your traffic.

Barefoot Yoga

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Barefoot Yoga

Affiliates receive 10% commissions, a 60-day cookie life, and over 5,000 products to promote

Barefoot Yoga has been providing Yoga customers with the highest quality eco-friendly Yoga products since 1998. They are an innovator and leader in the Yoga industry and created the first Yoga mat bag, Bamboo blocks, and Indian Rosewood blocks. They were also the first to bring authentic Mysore practice rugs to the United States. Barefoot Yoga is well-known around the world. Over 2000 Yoga studio use and sell their products.

ShareASale run and manage the Barefootyoga affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you will earn 10% commissions on all sales with over 5,000 products to promote. Since Barefoot Yoga has been selling online for over a decade, they know how to closely monitor product availability and conversion rates to help keep their customers and affiliates happy. As an affiliate, you will also have access to a large selection of images, text links, and promotional banners to use.

Reasons To Promote Barefoot Yoga: Generous commission rate, large selection of products to promote, lots of marketing material, long cookie life.

Bonus: Barefoot Yoga is a trusted name in the yoga industry with lots of products to promote and a generous commission rate for their affiliates.

Brilliant Yoga

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Brilliant Yoga

Affiliates receive an astonishingly high commission rate of 70% and twice monthly payouts

The Brilliant Yoga Ebook is a Yoga weight loss and welling being success system. It was developed by a team of experts and yoga teachers to help you feel better without modern medicine. With your purchase you will also receive free bonus material like “How to Stop Back Pain”, “The Essential Pilates”, and “Stretching & Calisthenics Made Easy”.

It also comes with a risk free 8 week money back guarantee and exceptional after sales support to help you succeed.

Affiliates receive an unheard of 70% commission rate on every sale with a 60-day cookie life. The Brilliant Yoga Ebook and bonus materials is currently being sold for $47 so there is a huge profit potential for every sale you refer.

Clickbank oversee the brilliantyoga affiliate programme. Payouts out twice a month every time you make over $100 worth of sales. As an affiliate, you will have access to lots of helpful tips and ideas on how to best marketing their ebook and provide them with marketing materials like images and banners. payouts out twice a month every time you make over $100 worth of sales.

Reasons To Promote Brilliant Yoga: Astonishingly high commission rate, twice monthly payouts, lots of marketing materials and helpful information available.

Bonus: The payout potentials from their high commission rate alone make Brilliant Yoga worth checking out. However, since they only sell one ebook package, it’s probably best to join a few other affiliate programmes that sell other Yoga related products.

Healthy Moving

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Healthy Moving

Healthy Moving offers their affiliates 30% commissions with a very long 6 month cookie duration

Healthy Moving is run by Jen Hoffman, a Certified Personal Trainer- Restorative Exercise Specialist™ and a Registered Yoga Teacher. She has worked with thousands of students and clients. Jen teaches that you don’t need to “exercise” because your body is not shaped by what you do in the gym but by how you move all the time.

So to improve your health and wellness, you should focus on how you move and position your body and learn how to improve it. Before you buy, you can sign up the free “No-Time Exercise Solution” class to see why exercise doesn’t work and what you can do to improve your health. All courses come with a money back guarantee. Just send them an email within 14 days of registering for a full refund.

Affiliates receive a very generous 30% commissions on all sales besides your own purchases and community services event and programmes. The cookie life is 6 months long so you have half a year to earn commissions from your leads.

The Healthy Moving affiliate program is run on their site and affiliates are paid via PayPal within 2 weeks of month end. Each affiliate receives a unique affiliate ID and instructions on how to build your affiliate links. You also have access to lots of buttons and badges which you can use however you like. Some examples are as the featured image on a blog post, on your Facebook page, or in an ad configuration.

Reasons To Promote Healthy Moving: Very high commission rate, 6 month cookie life and a money back guarantee.

Bonus: Healthy Moving courses help people feel better without exercise. Every course comes with a money back guarantee so people are more likely to sign up which means more commissions for you. Plus the very high 30% commission rate makes it worth checking out. Like Brilliant Yoga, it’s probably best to supplement this affiliate programme with other programmes that sell Yoga related products.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Manduka

Bloggers receive 15% commission on all sales with a 30 day cookie life

Manduka was built by and for Yoga teachers and their students. They were founded on the simple idea that a better yoga mat could make a world of difference. Their quality and performance is unmatched in the marketplace.

Manduka crafts their products using natural and whenever possible renewable materials. They are still evolving and introducing new products to improve and enhance Yoga accessories. To help you decide what Yoga mat would work best for you and your lifestyle, they have a Yoga Mat Finder tool.

Manduka offers a lifetime guarantee on the Black Mat PRO®, Manduka PRO® and PROlite® yoga mats. They are guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defects and to last a lifetime if cared for and used properly.

Rakuten run the manduka affiliate programme and give affiliates access to banners and links, track sales and process affiliate payouts. Their affiliate programme is open to bloggers. They also offer partnership opportunities with Yoga studio owners and industry professionals. Bloggers receive 15% commission on all sales with a 30 day cookie life..

There is no minimum threshold for payments and they have a responsive team to help you maximise your sales. Bloggers also have opportunities to collaborate on content and receive monthly affiliate newsletters.

Reasons To Promote Manduka: Great commission rate, month long cookie life, lots of marketing materials and support to help you maximise sales.

Bonus: Manduka offers a lifetime guarantee on some of their most popular Yoga mats. Their affiliate programme is open to bloggers but they also offer partnership opportunities with Yoga studios and industry professionals.

Jade Yoga

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Jade Yoga

For every product Jade Yoga sells, they plant a tree. Affiliates receive 20% commissions with a 30 day cookie life.

Jade Yoga was created by a family whose grandfather emigrated to the United States over 100 years ago to start an oriental rug business. It just so happens that one of the first known Yoga mats was rug pad. However, Jade Yoga wanted to fix the most annoying quality of Yoga mats that they are slippery.

They are also usually made of cheap imitation plastic that can be toxic. So in 2000, Jade Yoga created the first natural rubber yoga mat. Because natural rubber is a renewable resource they also made the first “green” and non-toxic yoga mats. Jade Yoga now sells a large variety of Yoga products and continues to care about the environment and their community. For every product they sell, they plant a tree. They have planted over 1,000,000 trees so far.

Refersion manage the jadeyoga affiliate programme and provide affiliates with links and banners to place on their websites. Their affiliate program was created as a way to say thank their community and their Ambassadors. Affiliates earn 20% commissions on every sale they refer. The cookie if is 30 days. They payout commissions quarterly or whenever a $50 minimum is reached.

Reasons To Promote Jade Yoga: Very high commission rate, good cookie life, lots of marketing materials and one tree is planted for every product sold.

Take Note: It’s important to note that instructors who teach at any Jade retailers are not eligible to join without the permission of the studio owner. This programme is mainly for yoga teachers and studio owners so you might want to reach out to them if you are a blogger who would like to join their affiliate programme.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for YOGABODY

Affiliates receive 20% commission plus 10% of all sales from partners you refer to the program

YOGABODY was created by Lucas Rockwood in the back of his yoga studio in 2007. The company has now grown into an internationally recognised nutrition and education organisation serving 81 countries. In 2013, YOGABODY Fitness was founded. It is a revolutionary yoga studio business model that pays teachers a living wage and makes the healing benefits of Yoga accessible to everyone.

Along with their wide selection of Yoga products, visitors can also listen to their podcast, download free yoga sequences, recipes, watch videos, and more.

Anyone who believes in YOGABODY’s products and has a website or social media following of yoga, health, and wellness fans can join their programme. They don’t like to spending money on advertising so they’d rather pay their affiliate partners to thank them for spreading the word about YOGABODY.

Affiliates receive 20% commissions on sales. You also receive 10% of sales from the all affiliates you refer to their programme. The tracking cookies last an amazing 1-year so you have a very long time to capture sales. Their affiliate programme has been very successful with their top affiliate making over $16,000 last year. YOGABODY uses Ultracart as their affiliate management system because it’s easy to use and extremely accurate.

Reasons To Promote YOGABODY: Extremely long cookie life, very high commission rate and referral commissions.

Bonus: Not only does YOGABODY offer great commission rates and a very long cookie life, affiliates also receive a percentage of sales from the affiliates they refer to the programme.

Wai Lana

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Wai Lana

Affiliates receive 15% commissions on sales and a very generous 120-day cookie life is home to the world’s most watched and loved yoga TV series which airs on five continents. It features Yoga’s #1 teacher and is set in the majestic places around the world. They also have the largest online selection of yoga mats and accessories along with a line of children’s yoga products and top quality Pilates products. Visitors also have access to Wai Lana’s Relaxation Club, yoga lifestyle tips, lots of healthy recipes, and online meditation.

Affiliates receive a very competitive commission rate of 15% on all sales generated through your website. The average sales amount is almost $90 and they offer a very long 120-day cookie life to help you capture more sales.

Reasons To Promote Yoga Direct: High average sales amount, generous commission rate and very long cookie life.

Bonus: Wai Lana’s well respected TV series also offers the largest online selection of yoga mats and accessories to their viewers. Their high average sales and very long cookie life makes it worth checking out.

Everything Yoga

Everything Yoga has an average order size of over $100. Affiliates receive a 10% commission with a 30 day cookie life

Everything Yoga has as its name suggests everything you need for Yoga. They are also well-connected in the global yoga community and have a comprehensive directory of local Yoga studios. All orders over $75 are eligible for free shipping. They offer same day shipping and 3 day delivery on most orders.

ShareASale manage the Everything Yoga affiliate programme. Affiliates earn 10% commissions on sales and a 30 day cookie life. The average order is over $85. As an affiliate, you will have access to a deals and coupons database and their datafeed with 1200+ optimized products.

Reasons To Promote Everything Yoga: Large selection of Yoga products, high average order amounts and generous commission rates.

Bonus: Everything Yoga has everything you need for Yoga plus a comprehensive database of local Yoga studios. They offer their affiliates 10% commissions with an average $85 order value.

Yoga Direct

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Yoga Direct

Yoga Direct offers their customers weekly deals with huge savings. Affiliates receive 10% commissions on all sale with a 30 day cookie life

Yoga Direct has been in business since 1999 and offers the lowest prices guaranteed. They are the largest direct importer and manufacturer of high quality Yoga mats, apparel, balls, accessories, and hundreds of other yoga products. Orders are shipped within 24 hours and they offer international shipping to 27 countries.

ShareASale run the Yoga Direct affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you will earn 10% commission on every sale. They have a 30 day cookie duration and a high average order size of $100+. Affiliates also have access to their datafeed with 1100+ items, deals and coupons, a monthly newsletter, and an extensive keyword lists for PPC campaigns.

Reasons To Promote Yoga Direct: Lowest prices guarantee, fast shipping, generous commission rates and a high average order size.

Take Note: It’s important to note that affiliates can bid on PPC campaigns, but they can not bid on any trademark keywords.

Book Yoga Retreats

book yoga retreats affiliate program

URL: Book Yoga Retreats Affiliate Program

Commission Share: 35-50%

Cookie: 14 days

BookYogaRetreats by Tripaneer is the largest yoga retreat platform in the world. The website now lists more than 7000 retreats, is working with over 3000 retreat organizers, and is promoting retreats in more than 70 countries. From yoga & fitness retreats in Bali to yoga teacher trainings in Rishikesh, from surf & yoga retreats in Costa Rica to meditation retreats in Ibiza, there are retreats to be found for every type of holiday, yoga style, and level of practice. We believe true wellness comes from a healthy body, spirit, and mind, and with BookYogaRetreats holidays you’ll find the holiday best-suited for you.

The affiliate programme is built by Tripaneer and designed for bloggers, magazines, digital nomads, and influencers focused around yoga, detox, meditation, yoga teacher training courses and the overall wellness industry. The programme could be easily implemented into destination guides, ‘top things to do’ articles, and personal recommendations of life-changing retreat experiences. You’ll receive a unique affiliate code and a login to the Tripaneer Dashboard, in which you can find a link builder, image database, and recommendations widgets to help you create your content.

Tripaneer was founded in The Netherlands in 2013 as the world’s first yoga retreat marketplace and has been steadily growing along with the yoga and wellness trend over the years. is one of Tripaneer’s 13 satellite websites, each focused around wellness, adventure, or cultural multi-day experiences.

Reasons To Promote BookYogaRetreats: with the largest selection of yoga retreats worldwide to choose from, BookYoga Retreats are also known for their happy customer base. As an affiliate, you will be able to help your readers find the perfect retreat, with more than 40,000 customer reviews – of which 93% recommended to book through us, rather than direct with an unknown retreat abroad. Book Yoga Retreats have helped more than 140,000 travelers to find unforgettable experiences, making the BookYogaRetreats affiliate programme the go-to programme for those who have an affinity with travel, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve had time to take in the positive Yoga affiliate programmes, it’s time for you to decide what Yoga niche you would like to focus on.

Yoga is such an expansive industry, so it would be hard to compete if you were just using Yoga as your main keyword. Therefore, it’s better to focus on a more targeted Yoga niche like Bikram Yoga. Bikram Yoga features a sequence of poses done in a sauna like room to help release toxins. A great affiliate programme to promote would be Jade Yoga because they carry Yoga products that can hold up even it hot Yoga classes and offer a high 20% commission rate.

If your yoga style of choice comes from a specific place, you could promote things like travel affiliate programs, including airline tickets.

Alternatively, you might like to focus on a type of person, such as a busy yoga enthusiast. A great product for them would be online Yoga classes. Many people don’t live near a studio or don’t have time to visit multiple times per week. You could promote the world’s most watched Yoga programme, Wai Lana, which offer 15% commissions and a 120-day cookie life. Another great online Yoga classes affiliate programme is YogaDownload which offers 12% commissions for 30 days.

Regarding types of people, lots of people try yoga for exercise and weight loss, so your website doesn’t have to be about Yoga in order to promote this type of affiliate programme. A great affiliate programme for this niche is Brilliant Yoga with their Yoga weight loss ebook package. Affiliates receive an incredible 70% commission rate on every sale with a 60-day cookie life. Yoga for health is another angle, especially as there are various ways to earn while writing health articles.

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