Top 10 Credit Score Affiliate Programmes To Help You Score High In Affiliate Rankings

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How many credit cards do you have? Do you pay them off every month, or is there always a balance? Can you make your car payment on time? What about the rent?

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All of these activities have an impact on your credit score, which is a number that represents how risky it is to do business with you. If you’ve got a high credit score, banks and other lenders will see you as a good investment and will want to extend credit to you when you need it.

If your credit score is low, it might be hard for you to find funding for getting into an apartment, buying furniture, getting a good education, or even paying for transportation to and from a job. Because of this, there are several companies that can help you know what your credit score is, how to protect it, and even how to improve it.

Many of these companies have affiliate programmes. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can help others improve their credit while making a decent affiliate income, then read through this top 10 list of credit score affiliate programmes. You might think of some great ideas for involving these programs in your niche marketing efforts.

i make a six figure income as an affiliate marketing blogger

The best credit score affiliate programmes can help shoppers find several ways to boost their credit scores or protect their financial information so that their credit score stays strong.

Credit Score Affiliate Programmes



This screenshot of the home page for Experian shows a white background and light gray header, an open laptop with dark web monitoring information displayed, and black text announcing Experian's ability to help with identity theft monitoring and FICO scores.

Experian is a 125-year old business and consumer credit reporting company with around 17,000 employees in 37 different countries

Experian is a 125-year old business and consumer credit reporting company with around 17,000 employees in 37 different countries. This company also provides some marketing services and provides credit education. Experian partners with affiliate marketers to promote credit reports and credit scores.

Among the other services Experian provides is something called the Experian Boost, which is a free service that gives consumers credit for paying their phone bills and utility bills. The Experian Boost can raise FICO scores immediately.

Experian also provides a product called Experian IdentityWorks Premium, which includes monitoring to prevent identity theft, fraud resolution, identity theft insurance, and more. This product costs around $30 per month, but the first month is free.

Reasons To Promote Experian: Experian has a solid reputation. However, without knowing the commission rate or cookie length, it’s impossible to tell how much you could make as an affiliate marketer with this company.

2. Equifax

This screenshot of the home page for Equifax has a dark red header and a photo showing a mobile device displaying a set of credit scores from three different companies, with the credit score from Equifax listing the highest score, and white text announcing the Equifax individual and family plans.

Equifax provides a set of small business products, including business credit monitoring and business credit reports.

Equifax provides a set of small business products to consumers through affiliate marketers, including business credit monitoring and business credit reports.

These products can be used to help small companies decide whether or not to do business with each other or just to get a feel for what the bank might say if they’re interested in getting a loan. Affiliate marketers get a flat-rate $40 fee for each referral that ends up ordering a business credit report, a business credit report multi-pack, or a business credit monitoring service with alerts.

Equifax’s affiliate programme is being administered by FlexOffers.

Reasons To Promote Equifax: The flat rate commission makes it easy for affiliate marketers to figure out how much money they’re making with Equifax. However, the cookie length is almost too short to promote a product around.

3. Reliant Credit Repair

screenshot of Reliant Credit Repair homepage with white header bearing the website's name and main navigation menu, a picture of a laptop with an orange background as main image

One of Reliant Credit Repair’s missions is to help people get back to financial freedom.

Reliant Credit Repair is one of the leading credit repair companies in the industry. They believe that lifetime score improvement is more than just removing negative items on your report so they help repair your credit history.

Reliant Credit Repair makes getting a good credit score simple. They will help you in achieving increase credit limits, lower interest rates on credit cards and loans, attractive mortgage rates, and more negotiation power.

Reasons To Promote Reliant Credit Repair: They offer 4 different plans that include fast and reliable credit solutions. Their offer to waive the monthly fee by using their ‘refer 3 & yours is free plan’ is also a good marketing promo.

4. Credit Sesame

This screenshot of the home page for Credit Sesame has a blue header and a white background with three examples of credit scores (bad, average, and good) and black text reading

Credit Sesame is a one-stop-shop for credit needs.

Credit Sesame is a one-stop-shop for credit needs. The services include an overview of credit history, loans, credit score, credit monitoring, financial analysis, and recommendations for savings and pre-qualified loans. The target customer is between 27-42 years old.

This company offers a wide variety of financial services, including providing credit cards for both people with good credit scores and people with bad credit scores. Customers get a free credit score and some credit counseling or education, including how to leverage credit products and protect credit scores.

Credit Sesame also provides loans, identity theft protection, mortgage purchasing or refinancing, auto insurance, and more. This company runs its affiliate programme through Commission Soup.

Reasons To Promote Credit Sesame: The free products, such as the credit score, could be a draw for some people. However, without knowing the cookie length or commission rate, it’s hard for an affiliate marketer to plan around.


This screenshot of the home page for has a blue header and footer, as well as a photo of a smiling woman with a mobile phone near her ear and white text announcing as a tool for removing negative items from credit reports. is a credit repair service marketed by Progrexion Marketing. is a credit repair service marketed by Progrexion Marketing. This company has a refined process for credit repair that has helped thousands of customers increase their credit scores. The process includes three simple steps and tools that help consumers monitor their credit.

Besides helping to repair credit, the service helps consumers reach some of their credit-centered financial goals, as well. Banners and links for promoting the service are available to affiliate marketers.

Reasons To Promote Although the commission isn’t listed, the 1-year cookie length is a terrific incentive to work with this company.

6. myFICO

This screenshot of the home page for myFICO has a white and gray background with light blue headers and black text announcing the need to for consumers to know their FICO scores and stop overpaying for credit, including several facts about credit reports.

MyFICO provides credit scores, credit reports, and information about credit to consumers using the FICO system.

MyFICO provides credit scores, credit reports, and information about credit to consumers using the FICO system, which is the global standard for credit scores. Their affiliate programme is run through the Shareasale affiliate network.

This company has three products. The 1-bureau product costs around $20 per month and provides credit monitoring, regular credit reports, alerts, and identity theft restoration. Affiliates get a flat $5 commission for referring customers who purchase this subscription.

The second and third plans can serve three bureaus for $30 and $40 per month. The third plan includes monthly credit reports. Affiliates earn $10 for a 3-bureau product and $100 for a full year 3-bureau product.

Reasons To Promote myFICO: This company gives affiliate commissions on a few different credit scores and monitoring bundles.

7. Credit Strong

This screenshot of the home page for Credit Strong has a blue background with white text announcing the ability for people to change their lives with strong credit and savings, along with a mobile phone with the Credit Strong app showing a great credit score on the screen and a green call-to-action button for applying for a Credit Strong account.

Credit Strong offers flat, fixed commissions for referrals sign a contract with Credit Strong.

Like many other credit score companies, Credit Strong offers flat, fixed commissions for referrals sign a contract with Credit Strong. Although the exact commission rates aren’t listed, the amount an affiliate can make is dependent on the product that the referral purchases.

There are three products consumers can choose from to help them build their credit: a loan with payments of $24 a month, a loan with payments of $48 per month, and a loan with payments of $96 per month. All three loans take either 12 or 24 months to pay off.

Credit Strong is a division of Austin Capital Bank.

Reasons To Promote Credit Strong: The cookie is a decent length, but without knowing what the commission rates are, affiliate marketers can’t get a feel for how much they could make with this company.

8. Credit Rent Boost

This screenshot of the home page for Credit Rent Boost shows a partial photo of a woman sitting at a desk, apparently paying rent, behind white text announcing the ability to increase credit scores by using rent payments and three text boxes with green headers that contain statistics and other information.

Credit Rent Boost provides a specific credit score boosting service of reporting rental history to the three largest credit report companies.

Credit Rent Boost provides a specific credit score boosting service of reporting rental history to the three largest credit report companies. A history of rent that’s been paid on time can bump up a consumer’s credit score.

The results take about two weeks to appear on credit reports, and the service costs around $2-4 per month. The product that reports both rental histories for the past two years and ongoing rental payments can bump up credit scores by 30-100 points.

Reasons To Promote Credit Rent Boost: The low price per month for these services could convert some shoppers.

9. The Credit People

screenshot of The Credit People homepage, with white header bearing the website's name and main navigation menu, with a top view image of hands holding a tablet and a cup of coffee

The Credit People is recognised as one of the leading credit repair service companies online.

The Credit People offers affordable credit repair programme services – full customer support, regular email updates, online client portal access, and powerful results delivered throughout a customer’s entire programme. They also offer an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee which means you’re only paying for results.

The Credit People is the only company that includes all three credit scores at the start of every new client’s service. They have proven results that show an estimated credit score increase of 53-187 points and almost 1.5 million credit issues removed on their client’s credit reports.

Their affiliate programme is being managed by ShareASale.

Reasons To Promote The Credit People: They can vouch for their more than 15 years of proven track-record along with thousands of satisfied customers.

10. My Credit Jump

screenshot of My Credit Jump homepage with white header bearing the website's name and main navigation menu, showcasing an image of a smiling black woman against a blue background

With My Credit Jump, you pay only for results – pay per deletion credit repair.

My Credit Jump offers affordable credit repair services such as free credit review, cheap credit repair, credit audit, and more. The credit audit shows an overview of the client’s credit enlisting the items that are negatively affecting his credit scores and also explains their impact on the credit file.

My Credit Jump will obtain clients’ credit reports from the three major credit bureaus, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. They will collect specific information regarding the client’s particular circumstances and will work with the credit bureaus and creditors to challenge the negative reporting items that affect the client’s credit scores.

Reasons To Promote My Credit Jump: Most of their clients see results within 35 days or less with an average credit score increase of 35 points.

Affiliate Website Ideas:

Now that you’ve read about the top 10 credit score affiliate programmes, can you think of some ways that you can use them on your niche websites?

A niche website that focuses on home décor and furniture could feature high-end sofas and stainless-steel appliances, but it could also discuss payment plans for fine art investments. This could include promoting personal loan programs and credit score repair companies. Houzz is a great affiliate programme for these home decoration-type items.

Likewise, a website focusing on tiny homes could bring up home plans, real estate companies, personal loans, and credit score companies. It could also feature storage solutions, landscaping companies, and businesses that allow you to rent clothing rather than own it.

What about a website that focuses on how to pay for college? Temporary staffing companies, resume companies, and student loans could be featured, as well as credit score businesses. Books, online textbooks, and even online learning institutions could also be promoted on a website like this one.

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