Top 10 Medical Equipment Affiliate Programs To To Kit You Out With Amazing Earnings

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The best medical equipment affiliate programmes include companies that provide large pieces of medical equipment such as hospital beds, lifts, and wheelchairs.

The best medical equipment programs include big-ticket items such as patient lifts or hospital beds, as well as smaller equipment like CPAP machines and general medical supplies. If you’re interested in getting involved in this industry, read through the following list of the top 10 medical equipment affiliate programmes. I’ll share some ideas at the end of this article that could help you determine how to use these programmes with your affiliate websites.

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The need for medical equipment to use in the home as well as in office settings is real, however, it’s expensive, too. By 2022, global healthcare costs are expected to reach about $10 trillion. Many families struggle to find medical equipment that meets their needs and fits within their budgets, and this is where affiliate marketers can help.

Medical Equipment Affiliate Programmes


1. Health Products For You

This screenshot of the home page for Health Products For You has a white search bar, a green navigation bar, and a white main section with a row of photos representing different categories such as wound dressings, urologicals, and hot/cold therapies.

Health Products For You is an online health product store that carries items ranging from respiratory care to special needs.

Health Products For You carries health care products and home medical equipment, with the goal of making these products accessible to everyone and keeping them affordable. This company mostly sells items that would be used in long-term care facilities or hospitals, such as hospital beds, bed pans, and wheelchairs.

The products are sorted into categories such as urological issues, wound care, incontinence, respiratory problems, women’s health, rehabilitation, and mobility. Customers can shop by the type of products they need or use the search bar to find something specific.

Health Products For You runs its affiliate programme through ShareASale. Affiliate marketers can promote more than 20,000 products from this company on their websites.

Reasons To Promote Health Products For You: Health Products For You works to make home medical equipment affordable, and that could attract or convert customers. This company also runs occasional cash-prize contests for affiliate marketers, too.

2. Medical Supply Depot

This screenshot of the home page for Medical Supply Depot has a gray background, a white central background with a blue navigation bar, and a selection of featured categories to shop from with small photos of sample products for each category.

Medical Supply Depot carries a wide range of medical supplies.

Medical Supply Depot carries healthcare supplies and medical equipment for use in the home. Products include hospital beds, walk-in bathtubs, bath safety products, diagnostic tools, wheelchairs, and walking aids. This company also carries smaller items such as supplies for wound care, urological issues, orthopedics, and skin care.

These products are designed to be used by customers who require in-home care, as well as friends, family members, and nursing staff who take care of them. Medical Supply Depot works to deliver orders quickly, be open and honest in all their dealings, provide excellent customer service, and keep product prices affordable.

Reasons To Promote Medical Supply Depot: Medical Supply Depot has a tiered commission structure, so the more referrals an affiliate marketer brings in, the more money the affiliate can make. Although the products are priced fairly, some of them are still big-ticket items that could boost affiliate income, as well.


This screenshot of the home page for has a red and white header, a blue navigation bar, and a white and gray background with a central section welcoming visitors and displaying small photos of a selection of bestselling wheelchair options. focuses on providing basic wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, scooters, patient lifts, walkers, beds, and lift chairs. provides several types of wheelchairs for customers who need mobility options. The products include basic wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and scooters. The company also sells other types of medical equipment, such as walkers, beds, lift chairs, and patient lifts, as well as accessories and replacement parts for the equipment. These can range from wheels for the wheelchairs to armrest pads.

Prices for the products have a wide range, but several of the items are big-ticket purchases that can cost hundreds of dollars. For example, an airline-ready power wheelchair can cost $1,900, which can bring in over $100 in affiliate earnings.

Reasons To Promote This company offers a wide range of mobility options, and depending on the product, affiliates have the potential to earn more than $100 in commissions.

4. 4MDMedical

This screenshot of the home page for 4MDMedical has a white background and navigation bar with red and aqua-colored elements, above a photo of a CPAP sanitizing system behind aqua-colored text that describes it and a 'learn more' button in aqua.

4MDMedical has one of the largest selections of medical supplies on the internet.

4MDMedical is an internet medical supply company and an authorised dealer for many top brands. This means the company can offer an enormous selection of products and pass savings on to customers.

Customers can shop from a several different categories. Where medical equipment is concerned, the products range from defibrillators to medical cabinets. There’s also a medical supply section that includes items for diabetes care, wound care, and more. Other items include physical therapy products, helpful items for daily living, mobility solutions, IV supplies, and laboratory tests.

Reasons To Promote 4MDMedical: 4MDMedical carries a range of medical equipment that could be used both at home and in physician’s offices. The commission rate and cookie length are decent, too.

5. AvaCare Medical

This screenshot of the home page for AvaCare Medical has a white header and navigation bar, a blue search bar, and a gray central section with a photo of some ordinary drug-store type of healthcare products and an announcement for AvaCare's new ePharmacy in red, blue, and black text.

AvaCare Medical sells more than 20,000 medical supplies and equipment products.

AvaCare Medical carries more than 20,000 medical equipment and supply products. Some of the larger pieces of medical equipment include walkers, bathtub lifts, wheelchairs, and hospital beds, but AvaCare also sells items like safety rails and IV poles. There are also smaller products, such as arthritis aids and adult diapers.

This company stands out because of its new ePharmacy section. Through the ePharmacy, customers can browse through the online drugstore and purchase items like over-the-counter pain killers, vitamins, supplements, and hygiene products. This allows them to shop for all their medical needs from one online store rather than have to visit several websites or go to a local drugstore.

Reasons To Promote AvaCare: The great selection of medical supplies and equipment could attract shoppers, and the ability to shop for everything at once through the ePharmacy could help convert them.

6. AeroFlow Healthcare

This screenshot of the home page for AeroFlow Healthcare has a white navigation bar and background above and around a large photo of a set of parents with a boy and girl, facing and talking to an elderly couple outside a white home with trees around it.

AeroFlow Healthcare carries medical supply and equipment items that include CPAP supplies and pediatric medical equipment.

AeroFlow Healthcare carries medical supplies and equipment, including small items such as breast pumps, CPAP supplies, braces, wound care supplies, and incontinence products. This store also sells pediatric medical equipment and mobility equipment.

In some cases, insurance policies can cover the purchases of supplies. Customers can find out by clicking the tab on the website and sending a query to the company to ask about covered products. Once their message has been received, an AeroFlow agent will contact them to answer their questions.

Reasons To Promote AeroFlow Healthcare: The commission rate and cookie length are good. The possibility to get some medical supplies covered by insurance could attract and convert customers, too.

7. U.S. Medical Supplies

This screenshot of the home page for U.S. Medical Supplies has a blue background, a dark blue header and navigation bar, a dark blue search bar and links on the left, and a white text box in the center and right that includes black text and photos of a selection of wheelchairs and lifts.

U.S. Medical Supplies sells a wide range of medical mobility supplies and equipment, including more than 800 big-ticket items that cost more than $1,000 each.

U.S. Medical Supplies carries more than 800 big-ticket medical equipment items that cost $1,000 or more each. These products include bath lifts, lift chairs, stair lifts, and vertical platform lifts. These products have a relatively high conversion rate.

The affiliate programme is run through Commission Junction, and the commission structure is tiered. Affiliates who refer sales of up to $999.99 can receive payment at a 10% commission rate. They bump up to the 12% commission rate when their referral orders total $1,000 or more.

Reasons To Promote U.S. Medical Supplies: This company has a large selection of big-ticket items. The conversion rate is good, the commission rate is great, and the relatively expensive costs of the items contribute to a nice per-sale income for affiliate marketers.

8. CSA Medical Supply

This screenshot of the home page for CSA Medical Supply has a gray background, green elements (including search and call to action buttons), a black navigation bar, an advertisement for getting back braces covered by insurance, and photos of a selection of some of the products sold through this store.

CSA Medical Supply has several categories of medical equipment and supplies, including tens units and ultrasound machines.

CSA Medical Supply offers medical supplies and equipment in several categories that customers can browse through. Products include mobility aids, hospital beds, lifts, breast pumps, diabetic supplies, and more. This company stands out because it also offers electrotherapy options, which isn’t a common offering on any of the other websites I’ve looked at.

The section for hospital beds carries several types of beds ranging in price from $695-$1,248. Because these are big-ticket items, affiliate marketers can expect to receive commissions of up to around $84 per bed.

CSA Medical Supply runs its affiliate programme through Refersion. The base commission rate is 7%. Shipping generally takes 2-3 days, and customers get free shipping on all their orders.

Reasons To Promote CSA Medical Supply: The electrotherapy section, free fast shipping, and the ability to get large items like hospital beds could draw in shoppers.

9. Medical Department Store

This screenshot of the home page for Medical Department Store has a blue and red elements on a white background, a white navigation bar and link section on the left, and several small photos showing searchable categories such as oxygen options, lift chairs, and CPAP machines.

Medical Department Store carries a nice selection of large medical equipment such as wheelchairs and lifts, but it also has basic medical supplies.

Medical Department Store sells large medical equipment such as wheelchairs, patient lifts, and lift chairs but it also has basic medical supplies for issues like internal nutrition or wound care. Customers can get free shipping on most orders that total $100 or more.

Medical Department Store prides itself on excellent customer service and strives for a constant customer retention rate of 20%. Customers who are interested can sign up to receive announcements for close-outs and other sales.

Reasons To Promote Medical Department Store: Medical Department Store offers free shipping on some orders, has excellent customer service, sends updates about sales to existing customers, and carries large medical equipment as well as smaller supplies and equipment pieces.

10. Lift Chairs

This screenshot of the home page for Lift Chairs has a blue background with yellow elements, a blue side menu with white text, and a white main section showing a column of blue text windows, a column of yellow text windows, and a column of black text with images of separate lift chairs for sale.

Lift Chairs carries lift chairs, bath lifts, toilet seat lifts, walk-in bathtubs, and other mobility solutions.

Lift Chairs carries lift chairs, bath lifts, toilet seat lifts, walk-in bathtubs, and other mobility solutions. This company has been in business for the past ten years and sells products across North America. Customers in the continental United States get free shipping on any lift chair.

The lift chairs range in price from around $400 to $2,780. The other products are high-ticket items, too. For example, a walk-in shower and tub costs nearly $4,900, and a bath lift costs around $1,000-$3,995.

Customers can shop for items by price, size, position, or manufacturer. This company also provides a lift chair buying guide and information on lift chair measurements.

The base commission rate is 10%, so affiliate marketers can make $40-$278 on the sale of one lift chair. Lift Chairs carries around 100 different products to choose from, as well as a 30-day 150% low price guarantee.

Reasons To Promote Lift Chairs: Lift Chairs carries mobility solutions such as lift chairs and bath lifts. While these are high-ticket items, the company also offers a 150% low price guarantee. For affiliate marketers, the 10% commission rate is great.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve read through this list of the top 10 medical equipment affiliate programmes, it’s time to look at how to integrate them into your affiliate websites. There are several ways to do that. I’ll mention just a few here.

For example, a website for children’s outdoor activities could feature scooters, bicycles, trampolines, and soccer cleats, but it could also include medical equipment such as wheelchairs for kids who get hurt playing. Kid’s furniture, toys, and fan sports apparel could also be promoted here.

Another idea is a website for baby boomers. This type of website could include medical equipment, nutritional supplements, and online pharmacies. It could also feature travel packages, genealogical subscriptions, internet TV, and comfortable furniture such as recliners.

A final idea is a website for martial artists. While medical equipment could be promoted for those who get hurt competing, other featured items could include sparring gear, practice equipment, home gym systems, and uniforms.

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