Top 10 Website Builder Affiliate Programs For A Unique Angle On Making Money With Websites

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Website builders have made the web development process quick and easy without having to hire someone to build it for you or learning how to code. These do it yourself platforms save you time and money. So you can focus on promoting your ideas or running your small business instead of wasting time waiting for your web developer to get back to you. Here are 10 great website builder affiliate programs to check out:

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    Website Builder Affiliate Programs

    1. Wix
    2. Weebly
    3. Strikingly
    4. TemplateToaster
    5. VEVS
    6. Duda
    7. IONOS by 1&1
    8. GoDaddy
    9. MotoCMS
    10. TemplateMonster


    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Wix

    Wix offers their customers billions of combinations in their easy to use drop and drop website builder. Their plans range from Free to $25 per month

    Over 109 million people around the world have used Wix to create their websites. Wix unites beauty and advanced technology to create the perfect website. You can choose from billions of combinations of layouts, texts, images, and more with their easy drag and drop website builder. They have free website options or paid plans that range between $5-25 per month based on what features you choose.

    Their commissions are among the highest in the industry. Affiliates receive access to their high performing and regularly updated creatives. They have banners and landing pages in all languages. You can also track your traffic, create reports, and check payments on their affiliate dashboard.

    Why Should You Promote Wix: Billions of combinations to choose from, industry-leading commission rate, high performing creative

    It’s important to note, active affiliates must refer at least three sales per month. You’ll only be paid after you make a minimum of 3 sales. In order to get paid, you will need to send them an invoice.


    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Weebly

    Weebly is used by over 40 million entrepreneurs to help start or grow their online business with their easy to use platform

    • URL: Weebly Affiliate Program
    • Commission: 30%
    • Cookie: Up to 120 days

    Weebly is a complete platform that allows people to start and grow their online business with curated website templates, eCommerce features, and integrated marketing. Over 40 million entrepreneurs use Weebly with more than 325 million unique viewers each month. Plans range from Free to $25 per month with enterprise offerings as well. They are the highest-rated website building mobile app on both the App Store and Google Play.

    Weebly is supported in 15 languages and they encourage affiliates from all around the world to apply. The average EPC is a high $60+. Weebly uses ShareASale to manage their affiliate program and give access to marketing tools, tracking, reporting, and issue commission checks. They also offer regular bonus opportunities.

    Why Should You Promote Weebly: Highest rated website building mobile app, high average EPC, bonus opportunities

    Weebly encourages affiliates from all over the world to apply and offer very competitive commission rates with high average EPCs.


    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Strikingly

    Strikingly allows you to launch your website in under 30 minutes and offers award-winning responsive designs, analytics, and other features to help you grow your business

    Strikingly is trusted by millions of entrepreneurs and creatives. Their award-winning responsive designs automatically adjust to look great on any device. You can launch your site in under 30 minutes with zero code or design skills required. Features include domain names, simple stores with no transaction fee, blog, analytics, sign up / contact forms, social feeds, and much more.

    Customers can choose from Limited and Pro plans in monthly, yearly, and two-year packages ranging from $12 a month of Limited plan to $336 for a 2 year Pro plan.

    They provide their affiliates with amazing resources including creative banner graphics, links, and a friendly support team on their own affiliate management program. You can also ask for coupon codes to encourage sign-ups and increase conversion rates.

    Why Should You Promote Strikingly: Award-winning responsive designs, never expiring cookies, amazing marketing resources

    The tracking cookies never expire and there are no limits on the number of referrals on their Limited and Pro plans. They also provide lots of marketing tools and support to help you convert more leads.


    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for TemplateToaster

    TemplateToaster offers a free unlimited trial period on their software and lots of pre-designed templates to choose from

    Over 1 million users worldwide have created their websites with TemplateToaster. All you have to do is download their software, then create your website, theme, or template from scratch or modify one of their pre-designed templates, then export and upload to your CMS or hosting server. They offer unlimited product trials and their software is easy to use with no coding skills required. You can choose from the Standard Edition for $49 per month or the Professional Edition for $149 per month.

    TemplateToaster uses the Avangate Affiliate Network to run their program and give access to marketing materials, affiliate reports, and issue monthly commission checks. You can share your links on every promotional channel you have like your website, newsletter, and more.

    Why Should You Promote TemplateToaster: Unlimited free product trial, pre-designed templates, long cookie life

    Affiliates can earn around $25 commissions for their Professional Edition with a long cookie life to give affiliates 4 months to convert leads.


    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for VEVS

    VEVS offers businesses a complete website solution. They have websites templates based on industry to make building your website even easier

    VEVS is an all in one business website solution complete with web design, hosting, domain, CMS, and more. It was created to help small and medium-sized companies get online quickly and start providing services to their customers right after they launched. You can search for website templates based on your industry and try out all their features with a one-week free trial.

    VEVS uses their own affiliate management program and gives their affiliates access to banners, links, and tracking tools. It’s easy to sign up for and there are no conditions like monthly targets. They also offer a partnership program for freelancers and companies who offer web development and digital marketing services. You can earn commissions on subscription fees and charge a setup fee when you offer their services to your customers.

    Why Should You Promote VEVS: Complete business website solution, no monthly targets, partnership program

    Affiliates can earn get commission fees with no monthly target. Web development and marketing freelancers and businesses can join their partnership programs to earn commissions on subscription fees.


    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Duda

    Duda is an award winning website builder platform that is optimized for speed and efficiency

    • URL: Duda Affiliate Program
    • Commission: $28-$50/sale
    • Cookie: 60 days

    Every 17 seconds a new website is created using Duda. It is the fastest website builder around and is optimized for speed and efficiency. It’s cutting edge features allow small businesses and web professional to create amazing websites. Features include professional templates, dynamic content tools, website personalization, one-click conversion, comprehensive site analytics, and much more. Over 5 million mobile websites are hosted on their award-winning platform.

    Duda uses ShareASale to manage their affiliate program. They provide affiliates with creative banners and text links, tracking tools, reporting, and issue commission checks. Affiliates also get newsletters, coupons, and other deals they can use to promote their services. They also offer a reseller program that allows web professionals to white label their service and purchase sites at discount rates. However, it is important to note sites purchased with discounted rates do not qualify for commissions.

    Why Should You Promote Duda: Award-Winning Platform, optimized for speed, affiliate, and reseller programs

    You can join their affiliate or reseller program to start earning great commissions/discounts on their award-winning services.

    IONOS by 1&1

    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for 1&1

    1&1 has everything you need to create a website including a website builder, domains, hosting, and more. You can launch your new website in just a few minutes

    1&1 MyWebsite provides you with everything you need to create an online presence. Features include a website builder, internet address, high-quality images, business web apps, and more. They have high sales conversions because of their innovative products and great product awareness. Plans range from $6.99 to $29.99 per month.

    1&1 Affiliates earn up to $15 million commission each year. 1&1 uses Commission Junction and Awin to manage their affiliate program. Both programs provide affiliates with a wide selection of advertising media including text links, standard banners, and interactive media. They also have attractive offers for your viewers to increase conversion rates.

    Why Should You Promote 1&1: High sales conversions, two affiliate programs, lots of marketing materials and attractive offers

    Both Commission Junction and Awin have the same cookie life and commission rates so you can pick whatever program works best for you.


    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for GoDaddy

    GoDaddy has over 17 million customers and offers domain services along with hosting, a website builder, eCommerce, email marketing, and more

    GoDaddy is the world’s top domain name registrar and powers the world’s biggest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures. GoDaddy has 17+ million customers and manages 73 million domain names. Along with domain service, they also offer hosting, a website builder, eCommerce, email marketing, and more. Their easy to use website builder allows users to build a website in under an hour with 1000s of design to choose from. You can try it out for free for one month with no credit card required.

    Affiliates can earn commission on a wide selection of products and services. Be sure to check out their terms and conditions to learn more about each commission rate. Their great brand recognition leads to high conversions and more money for their affiliates. Godaddy uses Commission Junction to run their affiliate program and was voted Commission Junction’s Technology and Services Advertiser of the Year in 2017.

    Why Should You Promote GoDaddy: Well known brand, lots of other internet services to marketing, high conversion rates

    Godaddy offers their affiliates lots of different ways to earn commissions. Be sure to check out the special terms and conditions to learn more about each commission rate and flat fee.


    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for MotoCMS

    With MotoCMS you can create all types of websites like blogs, business websites, and eCommerce stores. Their new software makes your website load even faster which helps increase conversion rates

    MotoCMS’s Website Builder has all the tools you need to create a website. Features include a drag and drop editor, built-in admin panel, responsive web designs, widgets, social integration, SEO integration, and much more. You can create all types of websites like blogs, business websites, and eCommerce stores. The newest version of MotoCMS loads in a blink of an eye which will boost trust in your website and help increase conversion rates.

    They provide their affiliates with a ready-made template shop and all the tools and content you need to promote it. Affiliates also earn an extra 5% commission for new affiliates they refer. MotoCMS handles all the tracking and gives their affiliates access to banners, text links, affiliate shops, and other marketing tools.

    Why Should You Promote MotoCMS: Ready-made template shop, lots of marketing tools, fast loading websites

    MotoCMS provides their affiliates with lots of marketing materials including a ready-made template shop. You can also earn an extra 5% commission for new affiliates you refer.


    screenshot of TemplateMonster web page

    Affiliates get 30% referral commission plus tier 2 commission of 5%

    TemplateMonster has been in business since 2002. With TemplateMonster, you can build and customize a new website by working with a template or to build anything else using high-quality design details. They managed to build relationships with clients by ensuring that their inventory consists of high-quality digital products while constantly adding more. They want everyone to be able to get professional digital products easily whether you’re a newbie or web savvy individual.

    Their affiliate program gives a 30% referral commission for a product and/or service sale. For this referral to be eligible, the customer must click-through an affiliate link to their site and purchase product and or service within 365 days following the customer’s initial click-through. They also provide a Tier 2 referral fee of 5%. Payouts are made if the sum of commissions exceeds the minimum transfer amount of $100 and are payable via Paypal, MoneyBookers, or Webmoney.

    Why Should You Promote TemplateMonster: High commission rate, Tier 2 commission, long cookie life

    TemplateMonster offers their affiliates a great base commission rate plus tier 2 commission as well. The year-long cookie life is also a plus.

    Affiliate Website Ideas

    Now that you’ve discovered 10 great website builder affiliate programs you can promote, it’s time to pick a niche to target. You could focus on small business website builders. GoDaddy would be a great program to target because of their brand recognition. Plus affiliates earn commissions on all the other great services they offer.

    A mobile-friendly website builder is another niche you could target for people looking to edit or create websites on the go. Weebly has the highest rated website building a mobile app on Google Play and the Apple App Store. They offer their affiliates 30% commission with a 120-day cookie life.

    You could also focus on website builders for specific industries like Real Estate since new real estate agents might be looking for an easy way to start marketing their services online. VEVS allows you to easily search website builder templates based on industry. Affiliates can earn $96 per website for life.

    Boost Your Affiliate Earnings

    These 10 affiliate programs are just the beginning of what’s possible. There are hundreds of ways to earn affiliate commissions with your website, including product reviews, top 10 lists, how-to guides, and more

    But what about traffic and conversions? How do you make sure your affiliate links get clicked?

    I used the affiliate training here to turn my brand new website into a six-figure income generator in less than two years. Build a business, not just a pocket-money side project!

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