Why Making Money Online Is Getting Easier Every Year

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Running a blog in the “make money online” niche, I get a lot of insight into newbie mindsets, and one of the most common hurdles people run into is the idea that they already missed the boat. All the “easy money” is gone and all the good website ideas are taken. Anything that’s left is too complicated for them to achieve, or too small worth pursuing.

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In my experience, this is absolutely not the case. In fact, making money online is getting easier every year, and will continue to do so.

This isn’t just some motivational bullshit to get you excited about signing up to my course. This is a fact. I’ll outline my reasoning below.

  • 1. There Are Step By Step Training Programs For Every Business Model Out There
  • 2. There Are More Tools Than Ever To Help You Build Your Business
  • 3. People Trust Online Shopping More Than Ever
  • 4. Gen Z and Beyond Are Going To Get Credit Cards Very Soon
  • Final Thoughts

1. There Are Step By Step Training Programs For Every Business Model Out There

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Back in the 90’s making money online was really hard. Nobody had done it before. The people who were making money were literally inventing new business models and testing the waters to see if they worked. Many failed. Some got rich.

Think about it. Google was brand new. Most people hadn’t surfed the web, let alone build a website. Online advertising was a nascent industry. To make a profit, you had to take some risk and try something never done before.

In the 2020’s, it’s all been done before. OK, you could be on the forefront of some kind of brand new industry, but most likely you’re just an average person who wants to start a simple online business like an affiliate blog (what I teach). Maybe you have an interest in creating an Etsy shop, or an Amazon store, or some kind of ecommerce drop shipping setup through Shopify.

All of these business models have multiple versions of training courses available from a variety of teachers, at a variety of price points, in a variety of mediums (written, video, podcast, interactive, etc).

It’s all been done before and you just have to follow the steps.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I’m very open about how I make money with my blog. The steps are not a secret. I get paid advertising the tools you need and offering support while you build. The actual business model is free and open out there because it’s so obvious now, in 2021. Maybe in 2005 it wasn’t that way, but now it is.

So however you want to make money online, if you have the time and interest, you can find someone to teach you. You just need to follow through and put in the work.

2. There Are More Tools Than Ever To Help You Build Your Business

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I don’t know how to code and I run multiple successful blogs. How is that possible? You simply don’t need to know how to code to make money online. However, back in the 90’s, and probably even into the early 2000’s you needed to know HTML or CSS to get a website up and running. You had to build a website from scratch, line by line.

When I build websites I just click a couple buttons and it’s done. Image resizing? Search engine optimization? Price comparison charts? It’s all done with WordPress plugins. For $99 I can turn my website into a forum or an ecommerce hub. Paypal integration is easy.

Even in a worst case scenario where there’s no automated solution to get something done, I can just hire someone on UpWork.com and tap into a globally competitive market for coders to hire out the work. You can find great coders in India for $5-$10/hour. You can find some Eastern European guys for $50/hour or less. For easy communication and a higher standard of customer service, you can also hire American or UK coders as well (for a higher price of course).

You have your pick, but the point is that you can get it done fast, and you don’t have to know anything about code. That frees up your mind to think about other things you are actually good at, like writing expert content for your niche.

Even when it comes to getting traffic to your site, consider that social media wasn’t around back in the day. It was Google and Ask Jeeves. That’s it. No Twitter. No Facebook. No Instagram. No Pinterest. YouTube was tiny. These are all new developments in the online space.

It’s possible to make a full time income from your blog with just Pinterest traffic and not even focus on search engine traffic. You could do only YouTube, only Instagram, or only Facebook as well. Or a mix of any of the above. It doesn’t take a genius to learn any of these platforms, and they are free to use.

3. People Trust Online Shopping More Than Ever

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Do you remember the first thing you ever bought online? I guess it depends on your age. I’m 35, and the first thing I bought online was in 2012 through Amazon. I was a little nervous storing my credit cards online. What if the numbers get stolen?

10 years later I have a steady stream of Amazon products coming to the house. I have an auto-fill app that just pops my credit card information into any order form so I can speed up the process. Any fraud transactions are refunded by the credit card company, so I have total confidence in buying stuff online.

My Grandma still doesn’t trust online shopping but my mom & dad (Gen X) order stuff online no problem. What I’m getting at is that more people are shopping online now than ever before because they just trust the system more than ever before.

In part, that trust came from newer websites with more trustworthy designs and more robust security systems. In part, it’s just because there’s a bunch of cool stuff you can only get online and people were willing to take that first risk to test the waters.

Beyond my generation, late millennials and Gen Z kids have no problem shopping online. Do they even still go to malls?

4. Gen Z and Beyond Are Going To Get Credit Cards Very Soon

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Speaking of Gen Z, a lot of them are still using their parents money at this point. What’s going to happen when they turn 18? Then graduate college? Then get a job? They’re going to be doing online shopping the whole time and won’t even give it a second thought.

It’s a done deal. It’s guaranteed. MORE shopping is going to be happening online in the coming decades.

Not only will more people be shopping online, they will be buying a larger variety of stuff online. It could be everyday things like grocery shopping (like Instacart), traditional services which are now moving online like mortgages, or brand new products and services. Who in their right mind would launch a new business and not have an online presence?

More people shopping for more things means there’s a greater pool of money to go after. At least from an affiliate blogger standpoint, that means more opportunity to earn commissions publishing informational articles and doing product reviews. That’s more money in your pocket!

Final Thoughts

Making money online is getting easier, not harder. You did not miss the train on this thing. It’s still early. If you’re reading this, then you are miles ahead of the average person because you are curious and you are an action taker.

This is the best year to start an affiliate blog in my opinion. If you’ve ever wanted to make money online, I highly recommend that you take action and start learning how to do it. You could be earning some really good money within the next couple of years!

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!


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