Top 10 MMA Affiliate Programs That Help You Fight To The Top

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You’ve probably heard of the UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship. It’s not the only arena for mixed martial arts fighting, but it’s one of the best-known promoters of fights that allow mixed styles. It’s one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.

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With so much attention on the UFC, businesses that provide gear and training have also become popular. By 2022, the industry for mixed martial arts gear alone is predicted to reach $565 million. That doesn’t take into account mixed martial arts schools or online training programs.

The boom in popularity of mixed martial arts also leaves room for affiliate marketers to make money. It’s interesting, fast-paced, and fun. If you’re interested, read on to find out about the top 10 MMA affiliate programs, and how you can put them to work in your own niche market websites.

The best MMA affiliate programs can cover everything from sparring gear to online gaming.

    MMA Affiliate Programs

    1. Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association
    2. Elite Sports
    3. FIFE
    4. MMA Overload
    5. MMA Tycoon
    6. The Fight Hub
    7. Diamond MMA
    8. CSW Association – Erik Paulson
    9. Everlast
    10. The MMA Locker

    1. Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association

    Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association offers an online certification program for people who want to become a certified MMA conditioning coach.

    • URL: Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association Affiliate Program
    • Commission: 30%
    • Cookie: 90 days

    Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association is dedicated to helping passionate martial artists become MMA conditioning coaches. The association offers an online certification program with more than 70 hours of study, a manual of more than 300 pages, and a final exam. The certification is good for two years. Students are accepted from all around the world.

    The cost of the certification course is $379. There are also certification courses for Muay Thai, sports nutrition, battle ropes, sports psychology, personal trainer, kettlebells, and a specialist certification for speed and agility training.

    Why You Should Promote Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association: The 30% commission applies both to sales of the certification programs and the monthly membership fees.

    2. Elite Sports

    Elite Sports has a conversion rate of 3.75%.

    • URL: Elite Sports Affiliate Program
    • Commission: 10%
    • Cookie: 60 days

    Elite Sports sells apparel and gear for mixed martial arts. This includes specialty gear and apparel for MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, judo, karate, tae kwon do, and Crossfit training. Products range from gloves and sparring gear to tee shirts, spat pants, and even sleepwear.

    Elite Sports has a conversion rate of 3.75%, and around 75% of those who buy gear here become repeat customers. Affiliates can get commissions from return customers. The average order value is $100.

    Elite Sports affiliate program is being managed by ShareASale.

    Why You Should Promote Elite Sports: The store runs regular sales, which could help convert customers, and offers free shipping for orders of $39.99 or more.

    3. FITE

    FITE is one of the leading digital streaming platforms for combat sports, with over 1,000 live events every year.

    • URL: FITE Affiliate Program
    • Commission: Unlisted
    • Cookie: 28 days

    FITE is the premiere digital network for global sports and entertainment. They’re the global distributor for the industry’s marquee events, live PPV, and subscription sports featuring MMA, Boxing, Pro Wrestling, Soccer, Motorsports, Music, and more.

    They have subscription packages and thousands of hours of live and on-demand free programs delivered how you want it – online to mobile to TV and OTT. New special events added daily.

    Affiliates can signup for free for the FITE affiliate program either via Commission Junction or FlexOffers.

    Why You Should Promote FITE: Users can access FITE through mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, Apple TV, Android TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, and more. The program offers a 28-day cookie duration.

    4. MMA Overload

    MMA Overload has an affiliate program for eBay and an affiliate program for ShareASale.

    • URL: MMA Overload Affiliate Program
    • Commission: 7%
    • Cookie: 30-60 Days

    MMA Overload is a fight-wear company with products for Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, boxing, and MMA. The products include sparring gear, spat pants, hoodies and tees, pants, gloves, grappling dummies, speed bags, shoes, and even training videos.

    This company carries around 24 big-name brands, such as Adidas, Reebok, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, American Fighter, and more.

    One interesting thing about MMA Overload is that there are two affiliate programs. Affiliates get 30-day cookies with the E-bay program and 60-day cookies with the ShareASale program.

    Why You Should Promote MMA Overload: Having two affiliate outlets means you can choose the program that best fits your preferences.

    5. MMA Tycoon

    MMA Tycoon is an online Sim MMA fighting game.

    • URL: MMA Tycoon Affiliate Program
    • Commission: 80%
    • Cookie: Unknown

    MMA Tycoon is one of the most unique martial arts companies I’ve seen yet. Instead of offering training, certifications, fight gear, or retail apparel, this company is an online video game.

    If you’re registered, you can play for free. Players create their own fighters and train them in the game gyms. When they fight, the game compares the stats and acquired skills and provides movement-by-movement commentary to see who wins.

    Affiliates make money when players who reach this website through an affiliate link sign up as VIP members. Players pay a minimum of $10 a month to be able to start fight clubs or own gyms, nutrition shops, and bookmaking shops inside the game. There are rankings for these things beyond the fights, so it’s a full Sim game with some interesting expansions.

    Why You Should Promote MMA Tycoon: The game is a unique way to make money through an MMA passion, and the 80% commission is nice, too.

    6. The Fight Hub

    The Fight Hub allows martial arts studio owners to set up affiliate programs and get commissions when their students can buy gear, without having to physically stock any items.

    The Fight Hub is an online martial-arts training and retail products store. There are several free video training sessions to watch, as well as a full training library with 29 DVDs and 27 downloads available.

    Other products this store carries include uniforms, sparring gear, hand wraps, and gloves, as well as personal body care products, belts, throwing dummies, and punching bags.

    One of the nice things about this program is that martial arts studio owners can set up affiliate programs that their students can buy gear through. This way, the studio owners don’t have to stock uniforms or sparring gear, and they make a commission when their students make a qualified purchase. You don’t have to be a studio owner to be an affiliate, though.

    Why You Should Promote The Fight Hub: This store combines retail with training capabilities, and it caters to coaches as well as to independent affiliates.

    7. Diamond MMA

    Diamond MMA creates groin protection specifically for MMA fighters.

    Diamond MMA creates and sells groin protection items that are specifically made for MMA fighters. The products are worn by professional UFC contenders and world champions, MMA champions, NFL professionals, law enforcement officers, and others.

    Because these groin protectors were designed specifically for MMA fighters, they’re comfortable and durable. Products range from about $30-$90.  They’re used in North America, Australia, the UK, and many European nations.

    Why You Should Promote Diamond MMA: The 50% commission is nice, and the products are getting worldwide attention, which could increase the chances of affiliate sales. The protection is being used for law enforcement officers, too, so promoting a product like this isn’t confined to a website for athletes and fighters.

    8. CSW Association – Erik Paulson

    CSW Association is a professional coach association that was started by a mixed martial artist named Erik Paulson.

    CSW Association is a professional coach association that was started by a mixed martial artist named Erik Paulson. This website focuses on online training programs for students and coaches, especially for studio owners who want to bring CSW techniques into their schools.

    The store includes DVDs and downloadable videos, books, and clothing, while the online university membership gives members access to more than 4,000 videos. Membership plans are around $30 a month for students.

    The affiliate membership program costs $200 a month, and it automatically enrolls members in the Coach Development Program. Potential coaches train for and learn how to teach combat submission wrestling and kickboxing. With this membership, members can attend three live training sessions a year for free.

    Why You Should Promote CSW Association: This is unusual as an affiliate program, because you are given the license to market yourself as a coach rather than selling the program or products themselves. It could be used as a springboard for a niche marketing website with a strong authority presence, though.

    9. Everlast

    Everlast is an online retail store for MMA gear.

    • URL: Everlast Affiliate Program
    • Commission: 5%
    • Cookie: 30 days

    Everlast is an online retail store that carries a wide variety of MMA gear, including gloves, hand wraps, punching bags, protective clothing, and training equipment. The store also carries novelty items, fan gear, rings, accessories, yoga products, activity trackers, and fashion apparel.

    Some items, such as the boxing kits, are sold in bundles. There’s also a spot where customers can shop for deals. Everlast has a flat rate shipping fee of $6.95.

    Its affiliate program is run via FlexOffers.

    Why You Should Promote Everlast: Everlast supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through donations. Many Everlast fighters wear pink gloves or other fighting apparel during the month of October to show their support.

    10. The MMA Locker

    The MMA Locker’s goal is simple, earn the respect of their customers.

    • URL: The MMA Locker Affiliate Program
    • Commission: 5%
    • Cookie: Unknown

    The MMA Locker offers premium brands of martial arts and fitness training gear and equipment. They have a selection of gloves, protective gear, training equipment, and accessories. Some of the brands they carry include Fumetsu Combat Equipment, No Stink Deodorisers, PunchTown, GR1PS, Top Ten, Venum Fightwear, Tatami, and more.

    They provide their customers, that come from all sectors of martial arts and fitness industries, with superb quality and outstanding value gears. They use their expert advice, reliable services, and relentless innovation to provide the best customer experience possible.

    Why You Should Promote The MMA Locker: Although the company is based in the UK, they deliver worldwide. The commission rate of 5% is pretty decent plus they carry top martial arts brands.

    Affiliate Website Ideas

    There are some definite trends toward gear and training in these top 10 MMA affiliate programs, but that doesn’t mean your niche market websites have to be boring. There are a lot of unique things you can do to zero in on target markets in the sports industry and make money.

    For example, a website that focuses mostly on self-development can utilize an MMA approach. MMA gear and training programs could be promoted alongside sports nutrition products, home gyms, and conditioning equipment. A website like this one could also promote coaching services, books, videos, and training courses like those provided by John Maxwell and Tony Robbins.

    What about a website carrying fashion apparel for women UFC enthusiasts? Fighting gear and training equipment that has a definite feminine appeal could be promoted here. A store like this could also carry a wide range of hoodies, tees, workout clothing, and even MMA-inspired jewelry.

    Another interesting approach would be a nutrition website that focuses on conditioning and fitness specifically for MMA fighters. Besides MMA training programs and fitness equipment, a website like this one could feature meal planning services, body-building supplements, and online education courses for sports nutrition.

    Boost Your Affiliate Earnings

    These 10 affiliate programs are just the beginning of what’s possible. There are hundreds of ways to earn affiliate commissions with your website, including product reviews, top 10 lists, how-to guides, and more

    But what about traffic and conversions? How do you make sure your affiliate links get clicked?

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