45 High Paying Affiliate Programmes Worth Your Valuable Time

is wealthy affiliate a scam or can i make an income online as an affiliate marketing blogger

To do well with affiliate marketing, you need to choose good programmes; ones that are going to convert well and earn you decent commissions. Relevancy is always key, but even within a group of relevant products, I always aim hardest for the high paying affiliate programmes.

Usually you might hear the phrase “high ticket”, but that’s not what I’m focusing on here. I’ve designated these high paying affiliate programmes as companies that have a higher commission percentage. In other words, they pay a high percentage, meaning you may get as much as 75% or sometimes 100% of the sale price of the item, regardless of the item price.

In this case, I tried to find companies that pay at least 50% commission for the first sale you make to a customer. Some companies may even pay 100% or even more! (This is often because the company is selling a recurring service, but affiliates only earn from the first month.)

There’s a decent mix of products below. Some are regularly priced $20/month services, while others are truly high ticket items (large price!). Another very popular category for affiliates recurring commissions, which can pay you for years off of one single sale.

is wealthy affiliate a scam

High Paying Affiliate Programmes

One thing I love to do with these types of companies is to squeeze them into my site in one way or another. For example, if my website is about healthy recipes for college students, I could still promote the Wix website builder as a way to start your own recipe blog to earn money online.

Or another example could be if I have a niche site about traveling with kids, I could promote a VPN subscription so you could bank privately and manage sensitive accounts on shared wifi in airports. See how it’s related but not exactly within the focused niche area?

That’s a great tactic to wiggle these excellent companies into your affiliate promotions.


Wix website screenshot showing a background image of a busy street in a city. In the middle is a blue square with white text and a woman standing in front of it.

Wix is a visual website builder, with a hosting component. The builder mostly works through drag and drop, allowing people to create websites without any technical background or knowledge. The tool provides more freedom and flexibility than a WordPress-based site. There is also a free version of Wix. This gives members the ability to try out the tool without stress.

The affiliate program pays $100 outright for anyone who joins a premium plan. Those plans start from $4.50 a month and it doesn’t seem to matter which plan people join. The program is one of the most powerful in the industry. However, you need at least three sales per month to be active as an affiliate.

If you’re going to promote Wix, it’s important to think about the limitations too. The builder is fantastic for creating beautiful sites. But, you don’t get access to the same range of plugins that you find on WordPress. As a result, it can be tough to replicate some functions. Perhaps you might compare multiple website builders on your site? There are plenty to choose from, with their own advantages and disadvantages.


Adobe website screenshot showing the background image of an office, with a foreground image of Adobe software on a computer monitor.

  • URL: https://www.adobe.com/affiliates.html
  • Cookie: 30 days
  • Commission: Up to 85% for cloud services, lower commissions for Adobe Stock
  • Type of Product/Service: A suite of creative programs

Adobe programmes are incredibly popular, partly because they are so powerful. Their selection includes programmes like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and InDesign. Many are highly specialised and take time to learn. However, the programmes are also essential in countless settings and industries.

When purchasing online, customers pay a monthly or a yearly fee to access the various programmes. Access to a single app can range from around $4.99/month up to $20.99/month, depending on the app. Access to all apps costs $79.40/month, on a monthly plan. There are discounts for annual plans and for specific groups of people.

The affiliate programme offers as much as 85% commission for the first month (on a monthly subscription), or 8.33% of the first year (for a yearly subscription). Adobe Stock has lower rates but is still decent. The catch is that you only get paid once, even though people are signing up for a subscription.


Shopify website screenshot showing a blue background with a website on a tablet and another on a phone.

Shopify is an extremely popular eCommerce platform. It allows users to build their own eCommerce websites, where they can sell products. Shopify works extremely well because it is easy to use, even for complete novices. The service also has advanced features, giving more experienced users all the tools they need.

There are actually multiple ways to earn through Shopify. However, the basic affiliate programme gives you 200% of the monthly fee for standard plans and 100% on the enterprise plan. This can total up to $598 and $2,000, respectively. That’s an impressive level of income.

All-in-all, Shopify can be a good choice. Just be aware that there are plenty of other eCommerce platforms out there and many of them have affiliate programmes. Once again, you could always consider the comparison angle, such as pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of Shopify versus other platforms.


Volusion website screenshot talking about an all-in-one eCommerce solution with a link to getting started.

Volusion is another eCommerce platform. It provides a range of tools to help people develop and market their own websites to sell products. Features include responsive themes, a custom domain, CSS editor, rich content editor and search functionality.

There are four plans on offer, which cost $15/month, $35/month, $75/month and $135/month, respectively. These are discounted if customer pays annually rather than monthly. Affiliates earn 200% of the first payment for the plan a customer chooses. This is the only payment per customer, regardless of how long they remain a member.


SurfEasy website screenshot showing a smartphone with a map, along with details about VPNs.

As a VPN service, SurfEasy allows users to mask their own IP address. Among other things, this lets users seem like they are located in a different country. SurfEasy supports various devices and operating systems, including Windows, Apple, Android and Google.

A key feature is that they don’t keep any logs about user activity. This should help promote privacy and security. Users can also switch their IP address with a single click and all paid plans have unlimited data. The service currently has roughly 500 servers, located across 28 countries.

The paid plans cost either $3.99/month or $6.49/month. As an affiliate, you’d earn half of those fees. That mightn’t sound like much, but the low cost should mean that people remain members for at least a few months.

Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass website screenshot showing a cartoon donkey acting as a goalie.

Hide My Ass is another VPN, one that I’m particularly familiar with. This time, the commission rate varies depending on the plan length and whether it is a new customer. For 1-month plans, affiliates earn 100% for new customers and 35% for renewals. For the longer durations (6 and 12 months), affiliates earn 40% on new orders and 30% on referrals.

In this case, the plans are $11.95/month when paying month to month, $7.99/month for 6 months and $5.99/month for 12 months.

On average, the rates here end up being lower than with SurfEasy. But, you can earn 100% on that initial order (for 1-month plans), which is nice. This might be particularly important if you are targeting visitors who are only going to use a VPN for a very short period of time. For example, some people may want to watch a particular sports match.


NordVPN website screenshot showing a young woman in a gray shirt using a tablet next to someone on a computer.

  • URL: https://nordvpn.com/affiliate/
  • Cookie: 30 days
  • Commission: Up to 100% for new orders and up to 30% for repeat orders
  • Type of Product/Service: VPN

NordVPN follows a similar commission style to Hide My Ass. This time, affiliates get 100% on new month-to-month signups and 40% on all other new signups. The commission rate for renewals is 30% regardless of the duration. The plans are month-to-month for $11.95/month, 1 years for $5.75/month, 2 years for $3.29/month and 3 years for $2.75/month.

Features of the programme include military-grade encryption, a strict no logs policy and the ability to run 6 devices at the same time. The website is compelling and NordVPN does a good job at making their longer-term plans seem inexpensive, even with the substantial up-front cost.


BigCommerce website screenshot talking about building an online store with the service.

BigCommerce offers people the chance to build their own online store, one that allows them to sell physical products. The service allows for customisation, along with the ability to list products, collect payments and manage shipping. There is also a free trial that should help convince people about the merits of the platform. eCommerce is a big field right now, so there are plenty of chances to make sales.

The commission plan simply gives you 200% of the first month’s fee. Of course, this means that you don’t get any recurring payments. Customers can order one of four plans. The first three cost $29.95/month, $79.95/month or $295.95/month. If you got someone to join up on the highest of those, that’s almost $600 commission!

There is also an Enterprise plan. This isn’t priced, as the fee is based on the needs of the customer. But, it’s likely to offer more commission than the three previous plans.


Ucraft website screenshot showing a background image of a wooden table with various items on it.

Ucraft aims to help people to build their own websites. They offer various tools, including a website builder, a landing page creator, a free logo creator, an eCommerce platform, designer tools and an articles app. Users can also start off with various templates. These look nice, although most aren’t especially unusual.

There are two main plans, along with a free one that lets people create a landing page. The first paid plan is for website building. It costs $8/month on a month-to-month basis or $6/month when paid yearly. The other plan is for eCommerce. This time, the costs are $16/month and $13/month.

The 50% commission is recurring. So, you get that for every sale and renewal, not just the first one.


3dcart website screenshot showing a laptop, tablet and phone with online stores on them.

With a commission rate of 300%, 3dcart is a seriously impressive affiliate programme. In terms of pricing, the plans range from $19/month to $229/month (when paid month-to-month). Even the lowest plan would give you close to $60 commission – and it just increases from there.

3dcart promotes itself as having a unique approach, called Strategic eCommerce. This angle involves four key components: reach, engage, convert and nurture. For each of these, 3dcart highlights various challenges and goals, along with related solutions that they provide.

The company also focuses on three overall areas: store owners, search engines and shoppers. All-in-all, it is an appealing eCommerce platform and is marketed exceptionally well.


eHarmony website screenshot showing an image of a couple moving in for a kiss.

eHarmony doesn’t really need an introduction. Most people will already know about this famous dating site. The commission rate starts at 65% and can even increase beyond there. You can earn as much as $188 for a single subscription, which is pretty amazing. There’s also a 45-day cookie, so you have plenty of chances to get a sale.

The affiliate plan is run through Commission Junction, so you can find out more details by heading over there. Alternatively, eHarmony offers an email address that people can use to get additional details.


Match.com website screenshot showing background images of many men and women.

While we’re on the topic of dating affiliate programmes, here’s another well-known company. The site isn’t quite as visually impressive as eHarmony but it still gets many signups. The commission rate means that you can earn somewhere around $134 per subscriber. There are also bonuses of up to 25%.

There are two versions of the affiliate programme, one through Rakuten Marketing and the other through Commission Junction. Of the two, Rakuten Marketing pays the best, so it should be your first choice. Match.com sometimes offers trial offers and promotional discounts as well, which can help increase your conversions.

David Wygant

David Wygant website screenshot showing a black background with David Wygant himself standing on the left-hand side.

David Wygant is still in the dating field but follows a very different angle. The site offers a range of courses, modules and reports that focus on helping people be successful in dating. For example, courses for women include What Men Desire, Comment with Him and The Commitment Switch Secret. Courses for men include Men’s Mastery Series, 7 Second Seduction and The Life Blueprint. Some of the courses are eBooks, while others are audio or video-based.

Product prices vary considerably. Many of the individual items are less than $10. But, there are also some more expensive products. For example, the Men’s Mastery Series: Playing for Keeps costs $169.97. Affiliates earn 50% commission on all sales made through the site. Sell a few of the expensive products and your income could increase fast.


CougarLife website screenshot showing a young woman wearing striped swimwear with a similar hat.

The name alone gives away what type of dating site CougarLife is. According to the site, they aim to connect ‘modern, confident women with energetic younger men’. The company has been around since 2008 and is a popular choice for this particular target audience.

The compensation plan offers as much as 80% commission, which is more than most other sites in this field. There are plenty of different ways for affiliates to promote the company, including banner displays and contextual ads. The site is also very well-designed. It looks professional, modern and exciting, which should encourage signups. Of course, you are targeting a narrower audience than with some other dating sites.


CougarLife website screenshot showing a young woman wearing striped swimwear with a similar hat.

Sugardaddie is also exactly what the name suggests. The site focuses on millionaires, sugar daddies and the women that would want to date them (AKA sugar babies).

There is a strong emphasis on relationships that benefit both parties. The site offers few specifics but the implication is that they pair attractive women with rich men. How well this works in practice isn’t clear but the site (and the underlying concept) seems to be popular.

This time, affiliates earn 50% commission on all memberships. The programme runs through Commission Junction – and you can find all of the details there. Affiliates would typically earn between $12.50 and $78 per subscription, depending on what visitors sign up for.

People Media

People Media website screenshot showing details about creating relationship and connecting lives.

Dating sites are popular choices for high commissions and People Media is yet another choice. This site is a sister company to Match.com. and is associated with a range of niche dating sites. These are sites that target specific groups of people, such as seniors, single parents and Christians.

The niche angle is particularly useful and may increase your chances of making conversions. The commission rate appears to be 50% on all new memberships and is hosted through Commission Junction. However, I have seen some reports of a 100% commission rate instead. Either way, you’re making decent commission per sale.


Flywheel website screenshot showing a light blue background with a laptop that appears to be sitting on a desk.

Flywheel is a hosting company that isn’t talked about enough. The service focuses on VPS and cloud hosting only, rather than using servers for hosting. There are three single site plans to choose from, as well as three bulk plans. Each can be paid for month-to-month or yearly.

The affiliate plan just offers a single commission – so there are no recurring payments. But, you can earn up to $500 for each referral. There aren’t many companies that offer that much. The service also looks high-quality and is more modern than many other hosting companies.

There are more hosting affiliate programmes out there, so pick the company you trust, not just the one that pays the most!

Brilliant Yoga

Brilliant Yoga website screenshot showing a young woman in white stretching.

Brilliant Yoga offers a single product – an eBook called “How To” Yoga. It’s sold through Clickbank (which isn’t ideal), but it does appear to be legitimate. The book is designed around using yoga for weight loss and comes with a handful of other eBooks as bonuses.

The commission rate of 70% is impressive, especially as the eBook sells for $47. The site also offers a range of banners that you can use to promote the product, along with marketing advice and sample articles. The product would never be something to center an entire site around. But, it is relevant to many fields, including weight loss, wellbeing and health.

Yoga affiliate programmes are very popular in general.

Swing Man Golf

Swing Man Golf website screenshot showing a paused video that talks about how a golfer found that his drives were getting less powerful.

Swing Man Golf offers various impressive training programmes that are designed to increase swing speed significantly. The products sell particularly well to males above the age of 65 and have a return rate of less than 1%. The commission rate is product-dependent but the Swing Speed Programme pays a generous 75% commission.

The site also has a comprehensive sales pitch, with various testimonials and evidence. As a result, simply getting a visitor to the site may be enough to generate sales.

Golf affiliate programmes are well-known as big money makers and an evergreen niche

Market Health

Market Health website screenshot showing a background image of grass with a stylized skin brightening cream in front of it.

Market Health promotes more than 200 different health and beauty products, operating in more than 100 countries. The site is a little different than most on this list, as it hosts multiple different affiliate programmes, rather than promoting products directly. Still, they are associated with many popular products, including Garcinia Ultra Pure, Green Coffee Bean Max and Bowtrol Probiotics.

The commission rate varies depending on the product and the individual offer. But, most are at least 50%, while some provide more than that. The rate is extremely unusual for physical products. There is even the potential for a higher rate again if you can get more than 20 sales per day.


Singorama website screenshot showing a background image of a concert, with various details about the service and a video of a young woman.

Singorama focuses on teaching people how to sing and includes various products and tools. The best income comes from promoting the digital version, where you’re earning a 70% commission. The physical edition doesn’t pay nearly as well but it is still more than many physical products. Just be aware that this is a Clickbank product. So, it’s best as a side affiliate project, not as the main product that you promote.

Rocket Piano

Rocket Piano website screenshot with a white background and text that talks about learning to play the piano.

Rocket Piano is another Clickbank product and it follows a similar style to the previous example. Once again, the best commission rate comes from the digital edition, where you’re earning 75%. But, the physical edition isn’t so bad either, as it sells for $199.95 (versus $39.95 for the digital). So, either way, you’re earning a decent amount per sale.

The website also mentions that Rocket Piano has never gone past a 4% refund rate. That means most people love the product. Honestly, a return rate that low is pretty good for a Clickbank product.

WP Engine

WP Engine website screenshot showing a galaxy-like background image with bright colors.

  • URL: https://wpengine.com/affiliate
  • Cookie: 180 days
  • Commission: $200 or 100% (of the first month’s payment)
  • Type of Product/Service: Managed WordPress hosting

WP Engine is a particularly interesting service to promote. They offer you $200 commission or 100% of the first month’s payment – whichever is higher. So, you’re going to get at least $200 per new customer, no matter what they buy.

The service itself sells managed WordPress hosting. This approach is similar to regular hosting, except the company is much more engaged in helping and supporting customers. In contrast, traditional hosting companies leave clients to their own devices, which can often be confusing.

Prices for the service range from $35/month to $290/month and customers can also have a customized plan built for them. There is plenty of flexibility. WP Engine also does a great job at appearing professional and reliable every step of the way.

IX Web Hosting

IX Web Hosting website screenshot showing details about how the web hosting grows with the user.

IX Web Hosting offers Linux and Windows hosting plans. They have various common features, including VPS hosting, a site builder and an eCommerce SSL certificate. Their pricing is also competitive and it is nice to see a host that features Linux and Windows plans equally.

The compensation rate is also appealing, at up to $150 for each new customer. But, there’s no indication about how you get the maximum rate or what the minimum is. I also have a few concerns about the company. Recent reviews haven’t been favourable and the company misses some key services.

Personally, I’d recommend another company. But, IX Web Hosting might still be worth promoting if you plan to compare hosting companies to one another. If nothing else, there’s plenty to talk about.


Lunarpages website screenshot showing an image of a desert on the right-hand side, while the left-hand side has a background image of space.

In some ways, Lunarpages is an unusual web hosting company. They focus on providing a large amount of support, including a managed hosting plan that offers 2 hours of design time each month. The regular hosting plans are pretty typical for the industry, although some customers feel that they are a little overpriced.

From an affiliate perspective, the largest advantage with Lunarpages is the compensation. You can earn up to $300 per sale. There’s also a second tier commission available. Details are limited, so it’s not clear what the minimum commission is or the rate for the second tier component. Even so, the company offers more per sale than most other hosting affiliate programmes.


Zygor Guides website screenshot showing a background image from WoW that has plenty of green fire.

Zygor is an interesting company. They produce strategy guides in the form of add-ons for World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls Online. The guides are designed to make gaming much easier, helping people to level and get good gear faster. This is actually powerful, as both games are complex with a large number of quests, which can sometimes be confusing.

Zygor offers six different guides for World of Warcraft and one comprehensive guide for Elder Scrolls Online. They also have a membership plan that costs from $7.17 to $7.99 per month, depending on the frequency of payment.

The commission plan offers 50% on all sales. Zygor estimates that if you sold all 6 guides, you would make around $155 per customer. That’s impressive. And honestly, the guides are popular, particularly for World of Warcraft players.


TrainPetDog.com website screenshot showing an image of a woman with two dogs and various details about the site.

TrainPetDog.com is a more obscure choice and it doesn’t have the same quality level than many other items on this list. But, it is particularly interesting as a way to make money.

Affiliates earn up to 80% from selling any of the digital information products on the site. That’s a pretty good start for a pet affiliate programme!

This can increase to 85% by hitting certain targets. There is also a 25% commission on anyone who joins their membership site programme. That programme costs $37 per month, so you’re earning $9.25 each month per subscriber.

But, there is one limitation. To earn the monthly fee, you need to refer one or more new customers each month. Thankfully, you get that initial 80% no matter what. Oh – and there’s also a 5% second tier commission. This gives you 5% of any sales generated by people you recruit.

Movie in a Month

Movie in a Month website screenshot showing a red background gradient with copy about writing a movie script in a month or less.

Movie in a month is a pretty simple product, but it’s an interesting one. The company basically sell a course on writing screenplays for $97. Affiliates earn a 50% commission, which would be just under $50. Not too bad for a single sale.

Of course, I can’t say whether the course is any good or not. I suspect it isn’t amazing, simply because the sale page relies on so many common techniques. Despite that, this could be an interesting product to promote and it does come with various bonuses to help encourage sales.

If you’re in the entertainment niche, here are actual movie affiliate programmes I gathered up.


SEOPressor website screenshot showing a background image of a laptop with various books. It is overlaid with images from SEOPressor.

With SEOPressor, you’re not just earning 50% commission on sales – you’re earning 50% recurring commission. The service itself focuses on SEO for WordPress. It gathers key pieces of information on the customer’s website and provides all the details on WordPress itself. This allows users to easily see where there are issues, such as pages with 404 errors or ones with no meta title.

There are many benefits to a plugin like this. It can save users time and help them earn more money. After all, good SEO is a key part of being successful online. The programme simply costs $9 a month. 50% commission on that mightn’t seem like much. But remember, the plugin is designed to be used long-term. So, you might be earning commissions from some people for a year or more.

Another great company to look at for big commissions is SEMRush.


FanPicks website screenshot showing a basketball game, with an audience and a young man running toward the camera holding a basketball.

  • URL: http://afp.fanpicks.com/
  • Cookie: Not stated
  • Commission: 50% initially, then 35% for repeat referrals
  • Type of Product/Service: Fantasy sports

FanPicks is a daily fantasy sports league site that allows members to play NHL, NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB and MCS. FanPicks claims to be the only site in this field that offers college games and point spread. There are more than 250 open contests and thousands of entries into those contests. There is also an app for the site, allowing people to access it on the go.

The best affiliate payment is 50% for anyone new that you refer. So, you would want to focus on getting as many new referrals as you could. Still, the recurring commissions could add up too, especially for people who are passionate about fantasy sports.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison website screenshot shows an image of a brunette woman with her finger to her lips.

Ashley Madison is a dating site with a twist. Of course, you’ve probably already heard about it, as the company has received plenty of media attention over the years. Basically, Ashley Madison offers a discreet dating service for people who are married. I’m not personally sure about the income potential, but there is clearly demand for the service.

The affiliate programme provides various rates, including 70% on purchases and $200 for signups in some situations. Either angle offers considerable income potential, even if you just make a few conversions.

Perfect Match

Perfect Match website screenshot showing a black background with red yarn hearts. Text overlaying the image talks about meeting your match.

Perfect Match is a less controversial dating programme that emphasises conventional dating. Of course, individual members may have different priorities. The affiliate programme is impressive, offering up to 100% commission on initial orders, along with reorders. There is also a signup bonus of $0.05 for men and $0.10 for women. These commissions seem to only apply for premium memberships, which can cost up to $149.95 per member.

There is also a tiered membership programme, which offers from $55 to $100 payment per order, depending on performance. This sounds like less, but you’re getting that payment regardless of what membership people sign up for. In theory, you could earn $100 when a customer signs up for a one-month Gold membership, which costs $29.95.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder website screenshot showing a young brown-haired woman sitting outside looking at the camera and biting her finger.

Needless to say, Adult Friend Finder is another site in the dating niche. The site is also somewhat morally debatable. This time, the emphasis is on sex and the swinger community, not on dating itself. But, of course, there will be plenty of demand.

The affiliate programme for this site is particularly interesting. First of all, there are four different options. They offer payments based on percentages, per order, by country and per lead. The programme is also promoted as the top payer in the industry, which may be accurate.

Perhaps the most powerful option is the percentage model. This allows you to earn 75% on initial orders. That’s impressive on its own. There is also a recurring part of the model, which gives as much as 55% commission. It’s rare to even see recurring commissions in the dating niche, let alone ones this high.


PicMonkey website screenshot showing a man diving off a rock into the ocean.

PicMonkey is a fun programme, offering people the ability to edit photos, make collages and design graphics, even if they’re never tried to do so before. The programme is very easy to use, which is one of the appealing factors. There is also a free trial and various tutorials to get users started.

There are two memberships to choose from. Basic costs either $5.99 and $7.99 per month, depending on whether it is billed annually or monthly. Pro costs either $9.99 or $12.99 per month. At 50% commission for the first month and 25% afterward, the income per customer isn’t amazing. But, the wide appeal of the programme should help to promote sales.


Grasshopper website screenshot showing information about getting a business phone number.

Grasshopper is an interesting programme. The idea is to get a business phone number, one that can be managed remotely and supports an office. For example, the system allows for calls to be forwarded to cell phones and also provides multiple extensions, which is perfect for a team-based company.

Grasshopper claims to have more than 350,000 satisfied customers. However, the service would only appeal to some audiences. The commission plan is simple. Affiliates earn $100 regardless of what people sign up for. There is also a VIP affiliate program and quarterly promotions, which could boost income over time.


Wrike website screenshot showing a cartoon illustration of a man using a laptop and creative concepts flowing from it in the form of colors and symbols.

Wrike emphasises online project management. Their system provides team members the ability to collaborate and plan using cloud-based approaches. The style can be a powerful way to get teams working effectively over large geographical distances. Wrike also presents itself well, making the service seem reliable and appealing right from the very beginning.

The affiliate programme offers between $100 and $300 per sale, depending on which subscription your referrals sign up for. The paid subscriptions cost from $9.80 per user month through to $34.60 per user month. As such, you’d often be earning more than 100% of the initial subscription price.

The main limitation is that the commission isn’t recurring – you just get a single payment.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes website screenshot showing a white background with various thumbnails of the themes from the company.

WordPress themes play a large role in the success of any website and there’s always demand for new and better options. Elegant Themes currently offers 87 different themes to choose from, along with a small number of specialised plugins.

A key feature is their Divi Builder plugin, which can work with any theme. This allows drag-and-drop page building, something WordPress doesn’t inherently offer. Elegant Themes isn’t the only plugin with the functionality (Thrive Architect has something similar). But, it is still an appealing feature. With this and the quality of the themes, it’s easy to see why people sign up to Elegant Themes.

Affiliates earn a straight 50% commission on all sales, which includes yearly renewals. Customers have two purchasing options. They can pay $249 once for lifetime access. Or, they can pay $89 per year. Either option allows them to use all of the themes for an unlimited number of websites.

Pinch of Yum Tasty Food Photography

Pinch of Yum Tasty Food Photography website screenshot showing a vertical tablet with an image of the cookbook.

Pinch of Yum is an incredibly popular food blogging site, run by Lindsay Ostrom, who is a full-time blogger. The affiliate programme allows you to promote her Tasty Food Photography book, which teaches people how to take food blogger quality photographs of food. It would be a popular product for anyone in the food blogging niche and is reasonably priced at just $29.95.

Affiliates earn 50% commission per sale, which would be roughly $15. That mightn’t seem like a large amount. Still, a $29.95 sale would be relatively easy to make – and the eBook is presented professionally.

Law of Attraction for Kids

Law of Attraction for Kids website screenshot shows four kids grinning at the camera.

This is a collection of products, which are designed to teach children the concepts of goal setting and the law of attraction. It includes 3 eBooks, an audiobook and 9 videos, along with a selection of games, guides and activities. The programme is sold through ClickBank for $27 and affiliates earn 50% commission.

As products go, it’s not the most amazing choice. But, it would still be very relevant to the right audience. After all, parents are often looking for new ways to educate their children and give them an advantage in the world. The product might also work well as something extra to promote, not as the key product for a website.

Start Potty Training

Start Potty Training website screenshot shows an image of a cartoon background with a sun rising.

This product aims to teach parents how to quickly and easily potty train their children. The affiliate programme offers 75% on the initial product and all associated upsells. That can lead more than $100 commission if customers purchase all upsells.

There are also many tools to make promotion easy, including custom banners, keyword lists, Facebook ads and blog articles. There are also some extra chances to earn, including a $100 bonus for making 15 sales and monthly prizes for affiliates.


Answerbase website screenshot showing a desktop computer, tablet and phone, which all demonstrate the software in use.

Answerbase offers software that focuses on questions and answers. The approach is meant to help build search engine traffic, while keeping website audiences engaged. For the right niche, this type of tool could help to save time and increase income.

The website is also highly professional, offers many features and provides users with a free trial to let them see whether the service does what they’re looking for. These approaches should all help promote conversions.

Answerbase is priced at either $15/month, $39/month or $199/month when paid yearly or $19/month, $49/month or $249/month, when paid month-to-month. Affiliates earn 50% of the initial month’s commission, then 15% recurring after that. This makes the service a nice consistent source of income, especially if customers choose one of the higher plans.

Big Marker

Big Marker website screenshot with a white background, showing blue text about activating your audience.

Big Marker offers the ability to host webinars and online events – making it particularly relevant to modern websites and businesses. The website provides details about various ways to use the tool and advantages that it can offer. This includes the ability to host online classes, to create a webinar series and to develop an online summit.

Every aspect of the site appears professional, including the presence of a demo, a free trial and multiple ways to contact the company. There are three plans to choose from. Pro supports 200 attendees for $119 per month. Elite allows up to 500 attendees and costs $199 per month. Finally, Summit allows 1,000 attendees and costs $399 per month. Each plan is discounted if customers pay annually, rather than month-to-month.

Regardless of the plan, affiliates earn 50% commission from the first month’s payment. This isn’t recurring, so you just get paid once. There is also a $2 payment for every trial that visitors start – even if they never join the paid programme. Big Marker also mentions that they are flexible with payment and will consider better rates for their top performers.

Talking to Toddlers

Talking to Toddlers website screenshot showing a blurry background image that looks like outside. Text talks about the free presentation and what the company offers.

As the name suggests, Talking to Toddlers teaches parents how to effectively talk to their kids. The audio course includes a strong focus on dealing with behavior problems and understanding that behavior is typically driven by emotions and not by logic.

The affiliate programme offers an impressive commission rate of 75%, which applies to all products from the creator. The Talking to Toddlers programme also has an upsell that converts at a 40% rate. Affiliates earn 75% on the sales of that upsell, as well as from the program itself.

Language affiliate programs are also very popular.

My Theme Shop

My Theme Shop website screenshot showing an image of payment history and talking about how people can earn by promoting the service.

My Theme Shop offers around 121 different WordPress themes and 32 plugins, with a catalogue that should expand over time. Many of the themes are focused on blogging, but there are also some business and eCommerce options, along with a magazine-like style.

The themes have a live demo, allowing users to see how the theme performs in practice. Some even have multiple demos, along with discussions about the various features and options that the theme provides.

There are two paid pricing options. The first is to buy themes individually, which cost between $29 and $59 per year. The second is to purchase and overall membership for $19 per month (paid annually). This option gives access to all of the themes. In either case, affiliates earn 55% commission.

WordPress plugins can also be a great source of revenue for any website that might promote this company.


CSSIgniter website screenshot showing a blue background with a theme image at the bottom.

WordPress theme companies are often a good choice for affiliate commissions and CSSIgniter is no exception. The company boasts more than 80,000 happy customers and 92 quality themes. More themes are released monthly. Themes can be used on an infinite number of sites.

There is also a strong emphasis on niche themes. This means that themes are often targeted at specific uses, such as a hotel, WooCommerce, beauty, job and blogging themes. As always, each theme has a demo, so customers can see what they are getting.

This time, there are three pricing options. Users can pay $49 for a single theme or $69 for lifetime access to all themes. Alternatively, there is a $249 Lifetime Club. This last option gives continued support and updates for all themes. In contrast, the $69 version just gives one year’s worth of updates. In all cases, affiliates earn a straight 50% commission on sales.


Zigzag Press website screenshot showing an off-white background and a link to join the theme club.

  • URL: zigzagpress.com
  • Cookie: 60 days
  • Commission: 50%
  • Type of Product/Service: WordPress themes

ZigzagPress is one final WordPress theme company that’s worth highlighting. Once again, the commission rate is 50% and this includes 50% commission on all recurring payments.

This theme company is a little different. All of their themes are built on the Genesis Framework, which is a reliable and popular theme base. They have fewer themes than other companies and many are similar to one another. But, the themes do appear high-quality, suggesting that they’d be popular.

There are two membership options to choose from and both give access to all themes. The first is an ongoing membership, costing $89 per year. The other is lifetime access, which has a one-time fee of $249.00.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve learned about these great affiliate programmes, it’s time to start thinking about what niche you want to target.

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