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i make a six figure income as an affiliate marketing blogger

Very often our first affiliate site is a passion project, talking about things like pets or barbecue grills. After that grind, it’s real easy to figure out that making one sale which earns $100 is a lot easier than 100 sales of $1.

Selling expensive items is one of the most powerful ways to make money with affiliate marketing. With some high ticket items that net you $1,000’s per sale, you need just a single sale per month to earn a full time income online.

The biggest trouble with high ticket affiliate marketing is that many of these so-called high-ticket programmes are scams. To be honest, I haven’t listed any truly “high ticket” items here. These are just expensive products you can promote online which could earn you a good sized commission.

About High Ticket Scams And Value

I’ve done my best to list good quality affiliate programmes, which have real products, and actually provide “value” to the consumer. There are many high ticket affiliate programmes which have very little value, except to the affiliates.

Some high ticket affiliate programmes pay up to $8,000 per sale! This can be an attractive reason to promote their company!

However, watch out for these types of programmes. Many times you end up promoting a “greater fool” type of scheme, where the motive to sell is to pass down high priced BS to the next dummy in line. For example, with the now defunct MOBE program, you would pay $25,000 to purchase the course, which taught you how to “build a business”. Of course, nobody purchasing this product had a business to promote, so most people would end up promoting the MOBE affiliate programme. Rinse, repeat.

Some people make a killing doing this, but I think it’s pretty unethical. For example, I think it would be difficult to provide $25,000 worth of value for a business course, when there are comparable programmes teaching which cost 1% of that. No exaggeration.

So although these are not “high ticket” in the sense that they’ll make you rich overnight, they are some pricey product categories to consider.

High Ticket Affiliate Programmes Categories


Wedding Affiliate Programmes

Chapel of the Flowers

Chapel of the Flowers website screenshot showing a large image of the outside of a wedding chapel and three smaller images from the inside.

Chapel of the Flowers is a top-rated chapel in Las Vegas that focuses on destination weddings. The chapel supports weddings for up to 120 guests and has a staff of 75 professionals designed to meet all the needs of customers. Wedding packages begin at $495 but can quickly get expensive, all the way up to $9,00.

After all, it’s not unusual for people to spend thousands of dollars on their wedding, even if it’s just on a wedding dress.

legendary wedding packages

The company also receives good reviews and rankings on TripAdvisor, making it a reliable choice all around. Their website helps to seal the deal, with amazing photographs and compelling descriptions.

The affiliate programme is impressive, offering between 15% and 25% on chapel bookings and wedding packages. The programme also provides up to 12% commission on related add-ons, such as flowers and transportation.

House of Brides

House of Brides website screenshot showing the head and shoulders of two brown-haired women in bridal dresses.

House of Brides focuses on high-quality wedding dresses, along with bridal party dresses and associated products. The business is a long-standing one that has been operating since 1929. Their site offers deep discounts on wedding dresses and has a large variety of products to choose from.

Affiliates earn up to 4% commission on all completed sales, regardless of the product type. The 120-day cookie should help ensure you still get commission, especially as brides-to-be will take time making decisions. 4% may not seem like much but many of the dresses go for around $1,500, with some costing up to $4,000.

Jewelry Affiliate Programmes

Rockford Collection

Rockford Collection website screenshot with a black background, showing one of the unusual and customized rings from the company.

Rockford Collection focuses on men’s wedding bands, but it isn’t like any jewelry company that you’ve seen before. Their designs are highly stylised and extremely unique. Rockford Collection claims that they’re ‘changing the men’s wedding band game’. And, from looking at their rings, I think they’re right.

Many of the rings include gold and diamonds, so prices often run somewhere from $2,000 to $3,000. Even their less expensive rings cost at least $1,000. They have an average order size of more than $2,000 and affiliates earn 10% of all sales. However, they are selective in who they accept as affiliates and focus on websites that are highly relevant to their brand.


Kobelli website screenshot showing a young brown-haired woman looking at the camera and wearing a ring.

Established in 1980, Kobelli is an online jewelry store that offers many different products and styles. Their products include earrings, bracelets, wedding sets, rings and more. They also use various stones including diamonds, gemstones, Moissanite and lab-grown diamonds. There is also a one-of-a-kind piece selection.

Prices range considerably depending on the piece. Some are around $500 or less. But, there are also pieces that cost upwards of $20,000. Affiliates earn 10% of all sales and the average order size is more than $1,000.


The website for Angara uses a peach-colored background with out of focus lights. There are various rings from the company with bright stones and surrounded by diamonds. Text talks about captivating colors, along with discounts.

Angara is another online jewelry store. This time, they focus on gemstone jewelry. All the pieces are handmade and there are more than 7,000 individual products being sold through the site. There is even the ability for customers to design their own jewelry. The company relies on various stones, including diamonds, tanzanite, rubies and emeralds.

The affiliate programme provides 10% commission and the average order size is more than $1,100. The wide selection should help to promote sales, especially as there are many unusual styles on offer. Angara also provides a 10% discount on orders over $500, along with a gift. That approach should help encourage customers to spend more.

Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg Diamonds website screenshot showing details about their ‘The Will You? Event”, including discounts and a link to shop now.

As the name suggests, Helzberg Diamonds focuses on diamond jewelry. However, there are some other options as well, including pieces like a Lab-Created White Sapphire Ring in Sterling Silver for $99.99. There is also a design tool on the site, allowing people to create their own pieces of jewlery. As the site mentions, this can be a good way to have a matching wedding set.

This time, the affiliate programme offers between 1% and 4% commission, based on performance. There is no indication about the average order size. But, it seems likely that you’ll earn less than with the previous jewelry companies. The programme is managed through Commission Junction, so you’ll have to join that site first, then search for Helzberg Diamonds.

Mattress Affiliate Programmes

Latex for Less

Latex for Less website screenshot showing an image of a woman laying on a bed with no covers, with a man sitting in front of her.
  • URL: Latex for Less
  • Cookie: 90 days
  • Commission: 10%
  • Type of Product/Service: Mattresses

Latex for Less focuses on latex mattresses, along with related products like toppers and pillows. The idea is that latex mattresses are natural, helping people to sleep better. But, they tend to be very expensive. Latex for Less aims to decrease the price by interacting directly with farmers.

The products aren’t as expensive as many of the other products on this list. But, you’re still looking at $500 or more for a mattress. The larger sizes are often more than $1,000, as are most of the bases. That’s much better than $20 sales here and there.

Latex for Less is one of many programmes managed through Shareasale. Shareasale is a fairly reliable option for finding affiliate programmes and they have a large range to choose from. Commission rate is 10% regardless of the product. Affiliates get paid within 90 days or less after the product has been delivered (not from the sale date).

Brentwood Home

Brentwood Home website screenshot showing a young brown-haired woman against a floral background. She’s grinning and has her eyes shut.

Brentwood Home offers multiple types of mattresses. They use various names to describe them, like the Crystal Cove Mattress, Cedar Mattress and Ojai Mattress. These are all hybrid mattresses and are made in California. The design relies on individually wrapped coils, along with sustainable materials.

The site also has more related products than most similar companies. For example, there are various items for kids and babies, like a nursing pillow, crib mattress and toddler pillow. This helps you target a wider audience, although the related items tend to be less expensive.

The affiliate programme for Brentwood Home goes through Shareasale again. It provides an impressive 15% commission rate, with an average sale of close to $800. That’s a decent commission percentage for any physical product, let alone one that is fairly expensive.

Solay Sleep

Solay Sleep website screenshot showing a mattress and pillows in a nice-looking room.

Solay Sleep is another company that operates through Shareasale, although it seems like they joined recently. Their commission rate isn’t entirely clear, as one part of the page states 8% and another 12.5%. But, either way, the rate is pretty good for high ticket items.

Their main product is the Solay mattress, which uses cooling foam and full-sized springs. It ranges from $895 for a twin to $1,595 for a California king. There is also one inexpensive bed frame and an adjustable base. The latter costs from $895 to $1,790, depending on size.

The cool thing is that you could potentially promote most of these mattresses on the same site, especially as they tend to rely on Shareasale. What about comparing them to one another? There are certainly differences between them.

IDLE Sleep

IDLE Sleep website screenshot showing an image of a woman in a brightly-lit apartment waking up and stretching.

By this point, most of what IDLE Sleep offers should be obvious. They’re another Shareasale affiliate and offer 12% commission on all sales. There are various types of mattresses for sale, starting at $599 or $799, depending on the style. The average sales are between $1,150 and $1,450, to your commission potential is pretty high.

The mattresses that they offer are two-sided. This gives users the ability to flip the mattress over, increasing its lifespan. The mattresses also use what the company calls Cool Support Buoyancy Foam, which is meant to stay cooler and provide improved pressure relief.

Nolah Sleep

Nolah Sleep website screenshot showing the top of a bed against a cream wall.

This is the final Shareasale mattress programme that we’re going to highlight, although this one is a little bit different. Nolah Sleep doesn’t pay a commission percentage. Instead, they pay a flat rate, regardless of the specific product that you sell. This starts at $105 per sale and increases based on performance. Unfortunately, the performance metrics are monthly. For example, to reach their highest tier of $160 per sale, you need at least 70 sales each month.

As for the mattresses themselves, Nolah Sleep relies on airfoam. This is meant to provide a cooler sleep that is more durable than latex and more comfortable than memory foam. Their pricing is similar to the other companies. But, that’s not so relevant as you’re earning a set fee regardless.

Lifestyle Affiliate Programmes

Golf Simulator Store

Golf Simulator Store website screenshot showing an image of a golf course with trees and a green.
  • URL:
  • Cookie: 30 days
  • Commission: 10% (some variation depending on the product)
  • Type of Product/Service: Golf simulators

The Golf Simulator Store highlights an entirely different type of expensive item that you can promote. Golf simulators are pretty much what the name suggests, they allow people to practice golf in a simulated environment. There are various types, including complete systems and individual components.

The prices vary depending on the price of the product. For example, full systems easily cost $20,000 or above. More basic products, like swing analysers, still cost at least $400. The commission rate is 10%. However, a few items will give you 15% commission instead.

Golf is really not my thing, however, golf is super popular, and a big money maker online.

1st in Coffee

1st in Coffee website screenshot showing a complex espresso machine with silver and gold.

Not surprisingly, 1st in Coffee is all about coffee. As such, they have a range of items, including some inexpensive products. But, don’t let that stop you. 1st in Coffee also has various high ticket items that you can promote, including coffee makers and espresso machines. Some of their machines go for $3,000 or more, so there is certainly money to be made.

The affiliate programme provides a flat 7% commission on all sales, regardless of the product. The range of prices may mean lower average commission per sale but it is also a useful style. It means that you can sell to people with only a little money, as well as to those who want more expensive products.

Positive Parenting Solutions

Positive Parenting Solutions website screenshot showing a young family sitting on the counch. There is various pieces of text talking about having a happier home.

A parenting course doesn’t sound like it should be a high ticket item. And, in fairness, other companies on this list have more impressive sales prices. But, Positive Parenting Solutions is still appealing for anyone in a family niche industry. The company sells a single product, which is a comprehensive parenting course. The course comes highly recommended and has a return rate of less than 1%.

Unlike many other parenting books, courses or resources, Positive Parenting Solutions appears very professional and is marketed well. The course itself sells for $299. It also has a 25% commission rate and 180-day cookie, which is better than many other companies.

Plus, the course targets a different audience than many of the other options in this list. There are some other high ticket options in the parenting niche but not a large number. That aspect alone makes this one worth considering.

GDF Studio

GDF Studio website screenshot showing outdoor furniture, a lounge suite and a set of cushions.

Their selection includes indoor and outdoor furniture in a range of styles. Buying furniture online might seem a little odd. Still, there is growing interest in the idea. It does give people the chance to choose exactly what they want. Plus, online stores have a wider selection than physical ones.

As you might expect, the items vary considerably in price. The selection is also large, giving you plenty of different products to promote.

The affiliate programme gives a base commission of 10%. That’s unusually generous for a company with many high ticket items. High performing affiliates can earn 13% instead. The company is also open to making changes and working with affiliates, suggesting that the programme might improve over time.

Mountain Hard Wear

Mountain Hardwear website screenshot showing an outdoors scene with various mountains and low clouds.

Mountain Hard Wear has a narrower focus than the other outdoors companies. As the name suggests, they focus on gear associated with mountain climbing. Many of the products are suitable for other outdoor situations too, like camping and backpacking.

The product selection includes a range of clothing for men and women, along with equipment. Some of the clothing items are on the expensive side, like $300 or more for a jacket. The same is true for some of the equipment. For example, expedition tents cost from $650 to $5,500, while cold weather sleeping bags cost from around $140 up to $630.

More Lifestyle Affiliate Programmes

  • James Allen
  • BowFlex

Shopping Affiliate Programmes

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates website screenshot showing a selection of fashion items from the company, along with their Echo products.

The affiliate programme from Amazon doesn’t actually pay all that well. You only earn 4% at the beginning. This can increase up to between 8% and 15% if you get enough sales, although the commission rate does depend on the type of product.

Despite that, Amazon has key advantages. The company has an extensive range of products and people already trust them. You can also earn from the various programmes that Amazon offers, like Amazon Prime. Amazon is exceptional at making sales too. If you can just get people to the site, they’ll often buy something – even if it’s completely unrelated to your topic.

Many of Amazon’s products are inexpensive. But, there are plenty of big ticket items too, including tablets, exercise equipment, the latest video game consoles and even vehicles. Sick of Amazon? Try Walmart, eBay, Etsy, or Alibaba.

Hammacher Schlemmer

Hammacher Schlemmer website screenshot showing a white underwater scooter in clear blue water.

Hammacher Schlemmer is a very unusual and impressive company. They use the tagline ‘offering the best, the only, and the unexpected for 170 years’, which is an apt description. For example, the featured product right now is an underwater scooter. The products cover a variety of areas. Some are gimmicky and downright absurd, like The Levitating Light Bulb for $129.95. Others are genuinely appealing (to the right audience), such as The Virtual Pinball Arcade for $2,500.

The affiliate programme is run through Commission Junction, so it’s super easy to sign up for and get started promoting. You earn 8% per sale, regardless of the type of product. For some of the more expensive items, this could be a decent percentage. And, if nothing else, you’re promoting unusual products, including some people will have never seen before.

Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops website screenshot showing information about their Star Spangled Summer sale, along with images of various American-focused products.

This is another cool programme for anyone interested in outdoor activities. This time, the commission is simple – 5% of all sales, regardless of product category. Once again, there are plenty of products to choose from. Some are inexpensive, while others are high ticket.

Companies like this often work well for affiliate marketing because you can promote to a wider audience. In contrast, companies that have expensive items only will be out of the price bracket of some potential customers.

Travel Affiliate Programmes

Sandos Hotels & Resorts

Sandos Hotels & Resorts website screenshot showing a top down image of a beach and surrounding landscape.

Vacations always make powerful high ticket products to promote, as people often invest a considerable amount. After all, staying in a hotel isn’t cheap and customers often want their holidays to be as memorable as possible. Sandos Hotels & Resorts offers all-inclusive vacations and resorts, with a large range of options.

Some of their hotels include Sandos Monaco Beach Hotel & Spa, Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort and Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf. The company also strongly focuses on sustainable development and providing high-quality services.

The affiliate programme just offers 7% commission. But, with how much people can spend on a holiday, you would still make a significant commission from any sales. Here are more resorts to promote as well.


Agoda website screenshot showing a background image of a treeline, along with three resort images.

Agoda is one of many companies in the travel industry. They allow people to book for accommodation and flights, focusing on many different destinations. Bookings can vary dramatically in price, so it’s hard to predict how much you’ll earn through Agoda. But, there is the potential for high sales.

The commission rate starts at 4% and increases based on sales success. For example, more than 50 bookings per month will give you 4.5% commission. You can earn the 7% maximum at 1,000 or more bookings each month. That figure might be unrealistic for most but it isn’t impossible.

Agoda also provides affiliates with gift cards, ranging from $10 to $1,000 for hitting certain booking numbers within a year. The affiliate rates are pretty typical for the industry (many other companies are at around 5%). But, the gift cards are a nice little addition. website screenshot showing a bar with the ability to check in, along with details about’s approach.

Speaking of travel, is another option for a booking company. This time, they support accommodation, flights, car rental and airport taxis, making them pretty flexible.

The commission rate is interesting. You earn between 25% and 40% commission, which sounds amazing. But, this isn’t a percentage of the sales price. Instead, you’re earning a percentage of the commission that makes. The amount will vary based on what is being booked, making it difficult to estimate income.

The biggest limitation of is payment. You need to hit 100 Euros in commission before you can withdraw. It can also take around two months from the sale before you receive credit. This seems to be to allow for any cancelations. But, the style means there is a significant delay before you get any money from them.


TripAdvisor website screenshot showing a background image of a beach on a sunny day with people sitting under umbrellas.

TripAdvisor is another travel company that offers revenue share, rather than commission on the total price of the sale. In this case, you earn anywhere from 50% to 65%, depending on your total sales amount. The conversion rate is impressive, at more than 40%.

TripAdvisor is also the largest travel site and is exceptionally popular. This aspect makes the company very trustworthy and should help to promote sales. But, as with other travel companies, cookies aren’t retained after a session. This means you have to make a conversion immediately. You don’t get anything if the customer leaves and comes back.

Travel Payouts

Travel Payouts website screenshot showing a top down image of a beach and ocean with a plane flying over it.
  • URL:
  • Cookie: 30 days
  • Commission: Varies. Can be up to 80% but is often less than 10% (revenue share).
  • Type of Product/Service: Travel

Travel Payouts is a slightly unusual site. They’re specifically focused on being an affiliate programme – rather than acting as a travel booking site. To actually promote the travel, you install the various apps and widgets onto your own website and customers book that way.

The overall style is basically a white label approach to travel affiliate marketing. It allows you to promote your own site and brand more, rather than sending customers somewhere else. This is also one of the few travel options that has a 30-day cookie. But, of course, customers may find this style less trustworthy than services like TripAdvisor.

The commission rates vary dramatically and Travel Payouts isn’t entirely clear about how these are determined or how people can optimise their income. And, once again, you’re earning revenue share. So, you’ll only ever get a proportion of what Travel Payouts itself earns. Try promoting luxury travel and make more per sale.


Cruisedirect website screenshot showing a background image of people on the deck of a cruise boat, along with details about free drinks and tips.

The commission for Cruisedirect is 3%, which sounds horrible. But, this isn’t a revenue share commission. Instead, you’re getting 3% of the total price. As cruises can easily cost thousands of dollars, the income potential is huge. Cruisedirect also has a 45-day cookie and promotes more than 13,000 individual cruises.

The site is comprehensive, with many details and plenty of ways to filter the cruises. The cruise emphasis is also something that other companies don’t focus on as heavily and it is an appealing approach.

G Adventures

G Adventures website screenshot showing a Central American temple against a cloudy sky with forests on the left hand side.

G Adventures focuses on travel from an adventure and experience perspective. The company emphasizes small group travel, giving people the chance to experience the world at a much more personal level. The unusual nature of the company makes it stand out from all of the other options in the travel industry. You could also promote them in many different niches, such as a site that’s focused on living life to the fullest.

The affiliate programme is promoted as running through Commission Junction, although links go to the Rakuten Affiliate Network. Either way, affiliates earn 5% commission. The average order is around $2,600 – making this a decent source of income. G Adventures also has many tools to help promote sales, including display ads, promos and copy.


Sandals Resorts website screenshot showing a young couple lying in a clear blue sea and grinning, with palm trees in the background.

Sandals focuses on the idea of ‘luxury included’ vacation, which should offer some indication about the commission potential. The company has 16 different all-inclusive resorts, located on beaches in the Caribbean. The resorts have various selling points, like a private cove, butler service, swim-up bars, scuba diving and much more.

There is also a strong focus on the affiliate programme and Sandals provides many creatives for affiliates to take advantage of. Sandals also has a dedicated manager for affiliate marketing and various incentives to encourage affiliates.

More Travel Affiliate Programmes

  • Meditravel
  • VIPCars
  • TripAdvisor

Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures website screenshot showing a man and two women posing for a photograph while a third woman takes it.

Urban Adventures is another tour-based company. But, as the name suggests, this one emphasizes tours within cities. The company boasts more than 1,200 unique itineraries and a similar number of local guides, for groups of 12. There are many different locations to choose from, although some are represented better than others.

With 10% commission and a 6-month cookie, Urban Adventures has a particularly impressive affiliate programme. Urban Adventures doesn’t offer details about the average order size, but it is likely to be significant. The company’s style is also unusual, which is always good for affiliates. You could even promote this and G Adventures on the same site.

Finance Affiliate Programmes

Regal Assets

Regal Assets website screenshot showing a background image of a gold bar against an orange background.

Regal Assets promotes itself as supporting gold and silver IRAs (individual retirement accounts). The general concept is that gold and silver is more secure than traditional methods of saving, as they cannot be devalued in the same way that currency can. This is a debatable idea, with some people supporting it and others refuting it. Still, many visitors will be fascinated by the approach. There are various other reasons to invest in gold and silver too.

At 3% commission, Regal Assets doesn’t seem like a good choice. But, the company estimates their average sales are in the region of $20,000 to $80,000. They also state that a commission of $3,000 from a sale is ‘normal’. In some ways, this isn’t surprising. After all, people who buy silver and gold often do so as an investment.

More Finance Affiliate Programmes

  • Plus500
  • Personal Capital
  • Capitalist Exploits
  • Credible

Plus, check out debt settlement affiliate programmes for commissions up to $750 per sale, plus recurring commissions.

Medical Affiliate Programmes

Mountainside Medical Equipment

Mountainside Medical Equipment website screenshot showing a nurse in a hospital, some soldiers saluting a slide and surgeons in an operating room.

Mountainside Medical Equipment offers an entirely different angle for high ticket products. They specialise in items related to health and medication, ranging from the simple to the complex. Many of the items are inexpensive, such as bandages and toothpaste.

But, there are also some interesting higher priced items in the mix, including commodes, walkers and transfer benches. The product range would be particularly relevant for fields like caregiving or safety. Most of the items aren’t things that people would get excited about, but there is a clear need for them.

Medical Supply Depot

Medical Supply Depot website screenshot showing various products for promoting safety and health.

The commission rate at Medical Supply Depot varies based on sales. If you can sell more than $2,500 of product in a month, you earn 6% commission. You get 7% for selling $7,500 or more. The average order size is just $125, so you’re not always going to get large commissions.

Even so, Medical Supply Depot does have some high ticket items that you can promote. For example, their furniture section includes recliners, some of which cost around $800. There are also various patient lifts, which often cost in the range of $2,000 to $5,000.

Medical Department Store

Medical Department Store website screenshot showing some small images of products, along with various menu links.

Medical Department Store is another site that focuses on medical equipment. As with the similar options in this list, there is a range of products to choose from. Some are simple and inexpensive, while others have higher price tags. There are also some more unusual products available, including hospital beds, which cost $2,099 or above.

With a 5% commission rate and many inexpensive products, this company might not seem like a good choice. But, it would still work well for the right audience.

Fitness Affiliate Programmes

Total Gym

Total Gym website screenshot showing Chuck Norris and a woman posing in front of the Total Gym system.

Total Gym is a single piece of exercise equipment that is equivalent to an entire gym. It is promoted by Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris, which makes the product seem even more appealing. There are variations on the machine, along with a small selection related products. The commission rates are based on the specific product with the full machine earning the maximum 7.5% commission.

The company’s website intentionally avoids talking about the price. But, discussions online suggest that customers pay anywhere from $1,200 to almost $5,000, depending on the model. Thankfully, there are payment plans. Those should also help to increase conversions.

The high price and decent commission rate mean that you’d earn a decent amount from even a single sale. Total Gym would be a natural fit for a site about weight loss, exercise or physical fitness.


Pro-Form website screenshot showing an image of one of their treadmills, along with information about efficiently powerful workouts.

Pro-Form offers the chance to earn by promoting fitness equipment. It’s easy to see how this is a profitable field, as gym equipment for the home will often cost upwards of $1,000. More comprehensive and powerful pieces of equipment can easily cost $4,000 or more. Pro-Form does also offer financing, which should help to promote sales.

One cool thing is that the site simply feels high-quality. It is well-developed, with a strong emphasis on details and images. Customers get to see exactly what is on offer. It’s also very easy to compare products to one another. The commission rate of 8% to 11% is decent, especially for the more expensive items. website screenshot showing a blue background and one of the machines from the company with some models. offers a 10% commission rate, which is decent, especially for the fitness industry. Their products are what you would expect, including various exercise machines, along with smaller pieces of equipment like dumbbells and stability balls.

The commission rate is, by far, the most compelling thing about the company. Unfortunately, the website for simply looks old and the company doesn’t seem as high-quality or reliable as many of the other options. Still, it’s one more company to consider and they may have some items that their competitors don’t.

Life Fitness

Life Fitness website screenshot showing an exercise bike in a brightly lit room on a wooden floor.

Life Fitness promotes two types of equipment – items for a fitness facility and items for the home. The company strongly focuses on innovation, creating tools that have some unusual feature and angles.

A particularly interesting aspect is their Active Office selection. This is something that most fitness companies don’t feature. There aren’t many products here, but Life Fitness does have a standing desk and a treadmill desk. The unusual nature of these may make them easier to promote.

The affiliate programme provides 8% commission or more per sale. But, there are no details about how you increase the rate beyond 8%. The average order size is upwards of $3,000, so you’re likely to get high commissions with most sales.

Camera Affiliate Programmes

Lorex Technology

Lorex website screenshot showing a hummingbird feeding on a red flower against a gray background – with text saying Experience Dramatic Video.

Lorex Technology is another technology-based product. This time, their emphasis is heavily on security cameras. They offer systems that vary in their complexity and quality. There are three main styles:

  • 4K HDIP Security Systems – Starting at $899.99
  • 2K HD MPX Security Systems – Starting at $249.99
  • HD Wireless & Wire Free – Starting at $269.99

Those prices are all the initial options for a category. The categories have various options in a range of prices. Some of the more comprehensive systems cost thousands of dollars, which is great news for an affiliate.

The main commission rate is between 5% and 10%. In some cases, affiliates can earn up to 20%, but Lorex Technology doesn’t state how the exact rate is determined. The average order is $419. That’s on the low end for a high-ticket site but it’s still decent.


Canon website screenshot showing three waterfalls on the left-hand side and two camera lenses on the right of the website.

Canon doesn’t really need an introduction. But, you probably didn’t know that they have an affiliate programme. The commission rate is tiered based on sales. So, you start out at 2.5% and can increase your earnings per sale over time.

Canon has a wide range of photography products that you can promote, including cameras, lenses, printers and camcorders. Some of these are inexpensive, like printer ink or camera bags. But, there are plenty of expensive items too. For example, digital SLR cameras are often more than $3,000. Even camera lenses frequently sell for more than $1,000. The product variety means that you have plenty of angles to consider. Plus, the brand is well-known and trusted.

Cyclops Gear

Cyclops Gear website screenshot with a gray background and white text that says Record Life.

Cyclops Gear focuses on cameras, but they also have a unusual focus. Their goal is to help people record life as it happens. To do this, they have various camera products, including goggles and sunglasses that function as cameras, an action camera and a 360 HD camera. Cyclops Gear also has an app that can be used to control the cameras remotely.

The products aren’t as expensive as other high ticket items – often around $200 to $300. But, the unusual style should help to promote sales. Many of the items also have optional accessories that can increase the price.


SJCAM website screenshot showing two people standing on a balcony overlooking a city at the end of the day.

The cameras from SJCAM aren’t as high priced and impressive as what Canon offers. But, they’re still a viable option to consider. In this case, the company focuses on cameras that can be used in rough environments, such as recording sports. Many of them also support recording underwater, down to a depth of 90 feet.

SJCAM has various advantages for affiliates, including a library of creative resources, an up-to-date product feed and a 90-day cookie. Top affiliates can also earn up to $250 in bonuses. However, there are no details about what defines the precise commission rate or what the initial commission level is.

Digital Product Affiliate Programmes


SEMrush website screenshot showing a starry background, with white text that promotes the SEMrush marketing toolkit.

SEMrush is an incredibly popular SEO tool, one that allows website owners to learn a lot about their site and their competition. Many people find that it gives them an edge, especially when they’re developing an online business.

This is also one of the few high ticket options that offers recurring commissions. Affiliates earn 40% commission from each month’s payment. There are three main plans, which cost $99.95/month, $199.95/month and $399.95/month, when paid month-to-month. The tool is designed for ongoing use, so the commissions could be considerable.

But, there is a limitation worth mentioning. SEMrush uses a 10-year cookie, where the first person (not the last!) to refer someone gets the credit. Because SEMrush is so popular and widely talked about, it might be difficult to find a potential customer who hasn’t clicked on SEMrush affiliate link at least once.

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  • Instapage
  • LeadPages
  • ConvertKit
  • SEO Power Suite
  • WP Engine
  • Kinsta
  • LiquidWeb
  • BigCommerce
  • 3D Cart
  • Wix

Boost Your Affiliate Earnings

These affiliate programmes are just the beginning of what’s possible. There are literally hundreds of ways to earn affiliate commissions with your website, including product reviews, top 10 lists, how-to guides, and more

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